Ninja Sex Party - Danny Don't You Know Lyrics

Hey little Danny, don't you cry
I am you from much later in your life
I know your hair is wild, I know you have no style
You're still a virgin and you will be for a while

Danny, don't you know that you are hot as fuck on the inside?
Everybody knows the best bananas will be ripe with time
Danny, don't you know that you kick so much ass on the inside?
Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know...

Hey little Danny, don't be blue
You had a growth spurt and you're suddenly 6'2"
The girls are steering clear, you walk like a newborn deer
You sent birthday invites, and now all your friend is here

Danny, don't you know that you are cool as fuck on the inside?
You're just going through an awkward phase from 12 to 29
Danny, don't you know that everyone feels weird on the inside?
Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know

Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know
Danny, don't you know...

Close your eyes and you will see
A window into your destiny
Now you're on tour, and they want more!

You step on stage and they come alive
No one cares that you're 35
You're a rock star, on a centaur!
(Where do you get a centaur?)

You're still a nerdy kid inside
But now you've finally found your tribe
Hear the crowd roar!
Give 'em what they came for!

All right, let me hear you!

D-A-N-N-Y, he's a super awesome guy!
D-A-N-N-Y, he is not afraid to cry! (What?)
D-A-N-N-Y, he cries almost all the time! (Uh...)
D-A-N-N-Y, he cries and cries and cries and cries!

(Okay, thanks guys! Very helpful, thank you. Shake it off, shake it off...)

Danny, don't you know that we're all rad as fuck on the inside?
Now it's time to rock the show, come on you are a star tonight
Danny, don't you know that you're a spandex butterfly for life
Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know

Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know
Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know
Danny, don't you know, Danny, don't you know...

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Ninja Sex Party Danny Don't You Know Comments
  1. Galiad_exe

    As much as this song is about the life of Danny, I like to see it as a way for everyone to think about the idea "What would you tell your younger self if you could go back to meet him?"

  2. frost 2163

    Such an amazing song with an even more amazing message keep rocking on Danny and brian

  3. nicholas bullen wwe

    Lasercorn is in this video



  5. Blue Yoshi Memer

    Is fin wolf hard that kid from stranger things

  6. Katsuki. Kirishima

    I don’t know why but I cried listening to this

  7. Kain Of Legends

    god this song is awesome
    "and all of your friend is here!!"

  8. Kayleigh Haines

    So much fun!

  9. PrincipalCellist

    I wish this song had been around when I was in high school

  10. Kaira Springer

    goodass shots:

  11. NB&C Productions

    imma just say this now, danny looks awesome in that spandex suit, god da-

  12. roman dabney

    I could see markiplier as a sentar

  13. SaveMeMoon

    Man how I wish I'd had this song to listen to in middle school...

  14. neoblaze

    "Shake it off, shake it off!" This line means so much to me. Don't let stupid shit get to you, you're better than that! <3

  15. Kayleigh Haines

    so heartfelt, funny and catchy. i downloaded it on my phone and i listen to it when im sad. my name is certainly not dan or danny but i enjoy listening to it XD

  16. the package_dealer

    Dan looks like my Spanish teacher

  17. Ekalawesome

    What happen to the Star of David on his suit

  18. Noob gamer

    oMG iTS miKė

  19. space bear

    This implies that brian was a part of Dan's class when he was like 12

  20. Danosaur

    Where was this song when I was growing up?

  21. Rebecca De Marco

    I love this song so much, like it might be their most popular song but this song has a meaning for me. I used to get bullied a lot when I was younger, luckily as I’ve gotten older the bullying has stopped but it left me with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. But this song makes me feel amazing, I love it so much. Fuck the bullies man, you are awesome and you’re gonna get through this. Ily all :,)

  22. ennochii

    this was fucking amazing guys. cant believe i havent watched it until now. absolutely wonderful

  23. gazulsilverclaw

    i thought that the centaur was markiplier lol

  24. Grace Milke

    it threw me off so much seeing mark lmao

  25. Intro Wifi

    Imagine having a growth spurt in the middle of class

  26. Intro Wifi

    This is actually a good moral

  27. Jon The Doodle Guy

    Yeah it’s goofy, but the message really hits close to home for me. It hurts knowing none of the people around me see this song the same way I do, but I guess it’s just one more reason to get out there and find my tribe

  28. Jared and Friends

    I feel what everybody is saying in the comments but is nobody gonna say how funny arin's look is @ 1:49

  29. Larry Wolf

    "...all your friend is here."
    Cut close to home there, Danny. Cut too close to home....

  30. Tiller 514

    Am I the only one who thinks that Danny sexbang from ninja sex party looks a lot like Daniel Avidan from game grumps

  31. Relicrider62

    In this video, Danny is explaining/flaunting to his younger self how amazing he's gonna be when he's older. This leads me to believe that Danny is extremely pumped and getting off a major adrenaline high. Knowing this, I have deduced that this must come right after The Downfall Of The Dick Elders (seen in 6969) in the timeline of the Ninja Sex Party Alternate Universe, since Older Danny had to have some way of traveling through time. In this essay I will

  32. content gaming

    This song is fucking great

  33. Evan Patipa

    This is a song that so many kids need to hear. I think a lot of us know what its like to feel out of place and lonely. This ballad nails the message that things get better. Great job NSP

  34. torta1811

    How Danny would stay virgin, I would fuck him if i weren't a man

  35. Max Well

    Like it love it rewatching it

  36. MikeTV

    wish they had done this song when i was a nerdy 13 year old , , you guys are lucky as fuck to have this now :)

  37. moogle_mama

    I can never get over how beautiful the visuals are in their videos <3

  38. Lucifronz

    Aww, Danny was a cute kid too.

  39. Jacob K

    Who else just had the sudden urge to rewatch/listen to this?

  40. Lihl

    Honestly, All kids at that age are awkward. And if they’re not, they’re fake af

  41. Remix Phoenix

    Amazing song & video! I love it!

  42. Kazoo My Doods

    It's weird seeing finn at this age cuz it's in between season 1 and 2 of stranger things and ha didnt have that much social platforming

  43. Andrew


    So I got another 10 years left before I'm no longer awkward. Huh. Can't wait!

  44. Jay Blake

    This was an excuse to sing to finn wolfhard

  45. Cryptic Rhea

    It's time to draw

  46. QueenZiaBoss


  47. QueenZiaBoss

    “Music today is no good”

  48. Manalor6955

    So does this mean Mark and the Game Grumps are cool now?

  49. whittery27

    I'll be 29 in's to hoping my awkward phase ends then as well 😂😭😭

  50. Megan Duncanson

    0:20 I'm hard

  51. Alessio Vidal

    Fuuu I love this song!!!!

  52. Sigmario

    Why can I not stop listening to this song... ffs, I have it on repeat...

  53. Connor Shaw

    3:55 gets me to tears every time

  54. The STARnes

    Yo... THIS IS MY ANTHEM NOW. LMAO Being a Danny, who’s unpopular, no style, hard as fuck on the inside, 6’2, and a virgin.. i mean, definitely not that last one... cough. I LOVE THIS SONG 🤣

  55. Daniel Garcia

    Thank you CJ

  56. Austaryx the Last of the Sane

    *Screams in major confusion*

  57. Allan Hardy

    18 months later, and I still get choked up at "12 to 29"

  58. wyatt judkins

    Uh YouTube, there's an issue.. there's a dot between the 9 and the 1

  59. Kyle Long

    I wish i could go back and talk to my younger self

  60. IvyJoe

    This is such a tasty jam

  61. Sparrow Soldier

    This is now my favorite song it's just beautiful

  62. Adam Hyde

    9 million views... 3000 are mine.. Love you, NSP

  63. Adam Kennedy

    This song is how I start the day off every day

  64. Gonk Droid

    Why would you dislike this!?

  65. c f

    My song for 2020

  66. Dead meme

    Ages between 12 and 29 gang rise up

  67. Nilas JunkYard

    I love you, Dan!
    I love this song. Thank you for this!

  68. Lucas Novack

    Dude I’m in 2020 and this song is still the freaking best! It’s helped cheer me up on so many occasions when I’m not feeling 100%

    Erik Trademark

    Lucas Novack “Come on, you are the star tonight!” Gives me the frickin chills every time I hear it. God damn amazing song

  69. Jake Jordan

    I had to a song analysis essay for a class once and this song was a no brainer. I aced it

  70. Taika Tohveli rewamped

    Arin looked so confused.

  71. Aaron Crowe

    The scene with Dan holding up the mic and the Starburst of colors and the silhouettes of his profile should definitely be a poster! I'd buy it!

  72. Shai N.

    I was actually arguing with myself in my head about whether or not it was Finn Wolfhard playing as Danny because he looked so young in the video.

    Literally me:

    Me: Wait.. Is that Finn Wolfhard??
    Me: Pffft nahh it’s not him..
    Me: Wait... yes it is???
    Me: No it isn’t!
    Me: YES IT IS!!! Ahhh no that kid looks too young to be him

  73. The Dark Child

    Danny dont ever leave us you majestic middle aged rock god your fuckin fantastic love you comedy hope one day ill get to make tons of people laugh

  74. Rachel Larson

    Build up to last refrain...
    *turns my sound ALL THE WAY UP*

    This song seriously gets me through all my hardest days. Saved my life a few times. Stay awesome, Danny.

  75. Michaela Ward

    A year later, Danny was the only one at around birthday party

  76. matthew cash

    My friend only listens to rap I don’t see why would not like it(I love though😀


    That always makes me sad. There's so many good genres of music...

  77. ZaneMahan XboxOne

    Danny I appreciate what you do and see your effort but check the messages on your fan pages prob lots of lovelies in there waiting. I love this video too

  78. Emily Tucker

    idk how i feel about mark being a centaur

  79. nicejobm8

    wait is that the kid from stranger things

  80. Ink King

    I love how Nathan Sharp plays the bully!!! Lol

  81. Bread Boi

    sad i cant like this twice

  82. The Grounded Gamer

    Wait is the drummer alphonse?

    The Space Of Ades

    No, it's Havve Hogan, the drummer for TWRP.

  83. catpuns :3

    Future Danny: Hey little Danny don’t you cry.

    Little Danny: 😐

  84. ツDoopyJulio

    Brian looks just like Audrey as an eleven year old

  85. Tinrib

    Is there any way to get a karaoke version of this?
    My best bud's bday is coming up. Guess his name.

  86. bbdaweeb quazzoo

    is it me or is mark strait up hot as a centaur

  87. RavenWingedFox

    still one of my favorites just because everyone has that niche they love that makes them into a unique person, weird, awesome, and cool as f*ck on the inside.

  88. Jackson Byrd

    This song has gotten me through a lot of hard days

  89. Jonathan Yuenkel

    Its 2020 and this song still slaps.

    Hell yeah.

    Alston Harris

    Well duh the year doesnt matter this will be good in 2163

    How to not Suck at things

    Same bro

    i_wiil_yeet_your_nan !

    Jonathan Yuenkel boy you’d better believe


    @Alston Harris And 6969

  90. Escarabajo Pincha Corta

    Come to México! ;-;

  91. Big Wiggly Miller 101

    I luv wholesome content with amazing messages, and when NSP does one....fuhgetaboudit!

  92. Fapalapagus

    As someone with the name Dan/Danny this song has really helped with my low self esteem at 24. Thanks Danny Sexbang. And Samurai Dave

  93. MidgetGaming

    Plot twist: Finn dropped acid right before class so he's just having a trip at his desk

    Dope song btw love it

  94. Kennedy Taylor

    Yeah sex is cool but have you ever heard of NSP?

  95. CharlotteMorbid89

    This video is absolutly amazing!!....everytime I watch it I get blown away by not only the song the the video......amazing.....time to re watch

  96. jack brosius

    As one of the world's nerds this is actually something I really needed

  97. Ashley Ellis

    What that's finn wolfard

  98. crimsonking440

    This song is why Danny is one of my personal heroes. He isn't perfect and hell I don't even watch game grumps anymore but he was always REAL and sincere and made me feel like maybe just maybe things aren't as bad as they seem and can get better

  99. TTV RoXX

    2m of these views are me.

  100. Samuel Rupe-Smith

    Here’s my theory for this video.

    This is going on inside young Danny’s head. Older Danny is his ego, trying to build him up while still being somewhat realistic. Ninja Brian is Danny’s anxiety, lurking in the background ready to bring him down.