Nines - Yay Lyrics

[Tigger da Author:]
I know her young and she grew up all alone (oh no)
Had no money so she had to earn her own (oh no)
And she never had no angel on her shoulder (shoulder)
Even though everybody want her, she don't

She fell in love with the yay
Fell in love with the snow
Fell in love with the yay
Fell in love with a blow
She fell in love with the yay
Fell in love with the snow
She fell in love with the yay
Now she can't let go

It's been a while since I seen her smile
I was thinking why, I hope she knows it's a nigga style
Cah I liked her from school days, felt embarrassed to move to her
Cah its 2015 and I still move haze
She wasn't what I thought
Most things she could've bought
When her squares came through
But all she wanna do is snort
All this money got her acting greedier
She anti-social, but shes always on her social media
Showing off her new shoes, and italian cloth
Snapchat her whole lifes a reality show
When she's in trouble that's the only time she prays
She just want to buy more yay, she's high all day
Every weekend, always partying with the wrong crowd
Used to be quiet, now she gone loud
Always got a new set of friends
Knows niggas are from every ends
And she don't mess with guys with corsas
You need to get a benz

[Tigger da Author:]
I know a youngen and she grew up all alone (oh no)
Had the money so she had to earn her own (oh no)
And she never had an angel on her shoulder (shoulder)
Even though everybody want her, she don't

She fell in love with the yay
Fell in love with the snow
Fell in love with the yay
Fell in love with a blow
She fell in love with the yay
Fell in love with the snow
She fell in love with the yay
Now she can't let go

To the stars is where she said she was going
Should be in uni instead of hoeing
Probably calm down when her bellys growing
She starts acting moody when she needs a gram
Always crave attention probably why she can't keep a man
She still look pretty when I seen her
To me she's a queen, but a nitty to a dealer
She said she never trust a guy so I must be high
Thinking I can turn a caterpillar to a butterfly
She used to have big dreams
But gave em up by the time she turned 16
She needs to get away run away like mary j
Even when she had job she still sniffs everyday
Hollas her sugar daddy when her purse is low
Reminds me of a story brook she curse for snow
Just a story about a younger who run away
That fell in love with the yay

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Nines Yay Comments
  1. Rau Met


  2. Jay Boi

    Dam almost everything in this song I can relate to I knew a beautiful girl who went down the same path Lord knows I tried so hard but u can't help nobody who don't wanna help themselves even thou it hurts

  3. Louis Woodland

    More life 2020

  4. Jubair Ahmed

    Three years on it still bops

  5. The North Face

    This tune is mad underrated! Best in the U.K. for me 💯

  6. Jodie Marle

    she fell in love with the yay fell in love with the charlie now she cant get away

  7. Toby Maxwell

    Good oll courtney

  8. Omarr Koroma

    whats Dalston anytime fitness sayin?

  9. Manjot

    Who's here after pride

    Good to see my guy back


    Manjot cmon

  10. Genie

    2019 gang

  11. Aadil Aneam

    Hard tune 💯💯

  12. Renato Adestrador

    Monster man god blessed you Nines legend G

  13. ACW Stars

    That stroy rar I swear

  14. Momin Ali

    Still 2019?


  15. Kieryn Slater

    Mad these clowns think they as good as Akala or lowkey haha

  16. Nathan Jones

    That guy in the hat looks like Ian Wright

  17. Evan Parker

    2019 who's still here

    Cas Ghostman

    I want this! I’m Hungry, Fatboy Cas Ghostman… Do I not go hard?


  18. Max Robo

    Rate 9ns fully them tramps done him dirty

  19. Codyhuman

    Anyone in 19

  20. Anglo-Saxon

    I miss the times this first come out now lifes fucked

  21. Ryan Thompson

    If You really listen you can tell ninez is moisted

    Team Onemillion

    Ryan Thompson nines would nank u and not even stress u potato

    Ryan Thompson

    @Team Onemillion moist white boy

  22. Vm888

    what happened to icb tho

  23. James k

    imagine chillling outside a shop your whole life
    definition of wasteman

    Adam Rafiq

    crusty k24 imagine being broke tryna violate a successful man in YouTube comments... what a wasteman

  24. ddo bidoobi dibidooobido


  25. cosmicryda G

    I think people are more in love with his lifestyle more-so than the music as a rapper I don't find him moving at all, its a very lazy, shallow flow with a monotone voice,....Makes me feel tired for him. I guess it's just down to tastes.

    Manaul Hoque

    its his wordplay

  26. Touy Samphanthamit


  27. Rahat Zakariyya

    this is haraam from the halal police - abu khadeejah

  28. Sami Ahmed

    Snow White 😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  29. Surfing Tangents2

    🏆💕 @Nines #2019

  30. Surfing Tangents2


  31. WAHDANism

    the same music as in an arabic track.. in this link..

  32. Jesse McLoughlin

    “She fell in love with the snow”

  33. Out Of The Box Gaming

    Who keeps sending Nines to da shops 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  34. rubyy

    i literally lived there, they were in morgans in that red shop ahah

  35. Lizzz Pugsandpecial

    Ok I was looking for what does yay mean even though I know what it means like. And got this. 😂

  36. Sentience

    fell in love with the yayeet

  37. Shaydon Mckenzie


  38. UK Pulse

    Let's hope nines has a speedy recovery ❤️🙏

  39. Xenon Games

    1:01 0:56

  40. whamajam

    Who’s here after he got arrested 🤦‍♂️

  41. Reuben George

    Nines talking about ' wrong crowd ' lul

  42. Alil_Fuckedup

    Anyone know how nines is getting on , zero updates anywhere on whats going on , Hope your well my G


    Lukaz _ICB he’s in hospital not in a great way but he’ll survive


    @Czllvm respect for that

  43. Raza Ramzan

    Nines is the realist 💯

  44. Kester Elms

    Keep yuh head up G 💯💪🏼🙏🏽

  45. GlazeFN


    Fredo R6

    He aint dead g he in hospital he gonna survive

  46. HumidSniperFN

    Who's here after he got stabbed ?

    Amie Casey

    Me brutal someone stab him jealous a bad thing

  47. Killaman 404

    Get well soon g ❤️

    got cane for the cane sniffers

    @Javendeep Patel lol why u laughing  javendeep

  48. AdamS

    Who’s hear after hearing about nines? This song still fucking bangs 💥

  49. AFCB Dan

    Hope your good nines didnt deserve this ❤🥶

    Kayla Barnett

    HumidSniperFN AND HES ALIVE

    R D

    AFCB Dan how? U don’t know what nines has done u beg

    Javendeep Patel

    He got what was coming to him boss

    DeViouS z

    He only sold drugs he wasnt a bad man like that lol

  50. Big ass Baby

    Is he dead? 😭😭😭😭

    Syeda aktar

    no he is in stable condition atm

  51. AndroidGaming HD

    Wich snow liaaar

    AndroidGaming HD

    Buy yaay

  52. Sym 10x

    What’s the EA7 jacket he is wearing


    this song speaks truth

  54. SensorNoODleYT

    2 may 2019 anyone 🤷🏽‍♂️‼️

    Wondering Lions9

    SwaySensorYT send it


    Wondering Lions9 warg1 for dat den you neek

  55. Astar LonDoN

    Nines is a drug dealer because she fell in love with the yay she fell in love with the snow.

  56. Frog Boy

    RIP nines 💔💔

  57. Maz Zlat

    Still bangs

  58. dunkno

    this will still be a banger in 20 years

    Different Guy

    dunkno man said 20 years

  59. Elora Rainbow

    3.19 somebody tell me where to search for these trainers. I’ve looked everywhere!!!

    kenny Piff Town

    Elora Rainbow I got em

  60. nayma kay

    You think Wilmer Valderrama ever sings nines yay to himself whenever he misses Demi? 😪

  61. Steven Nines

    am the nines

  62. Rodi Ebakpa

    Dis tune on point 👈🔥🔥🔥🔥!

  63. kaiya ._.morong

    My guy “must be high thinking I can turn a catapilar into a butterfly “ 💜💜btw this is not my acc so air the fact that this bio says 8 k k ty

  64. Chris Spiers

    Call her persil..

  65. Shel Hellewell

    NITTTY “To
    Her dealer “

  66. Shel Hellewell


  67. Zahoor Uzy


  68. Junaid Sheff

    Anyone know the instrumental🔥

  69. Shel Hellewell

    Queen to me but nitty to a dealer 😂🤧

  70. Darren Barkhodaee

    Wants to be Craig David

  71. S alami

    Imagine rating this annoying monotone fassy. Not a single ounce of charisma in his entire body. No clever wordplay or metaphors anywhere in any of his work, ever. The most boring UK rapper to ever exist. Crown the kid.

    no name bruv

    Ur hating in him for a song that came out 2 years ago

  72. Rahim Miah

    this song to the girls i try nd link but all they wanna do is beat

  73. Dr. Andrew, Sp.P.

    I gotta rate this. Painful but true.

  74. Ryan Hamilton

    She fell in love with the yeyeeee alyways partying in the sun 🏖🏝😎😎🍺🎶

  75. Lexi Neale

    she fellll in lovveee with the snuowwwwww

    George Soar

    .fucking weirdo

  76. Lexi Neale

    She fell in love with a yetiiii

    George Soar

    Fucking weirder I

    Lexi Neale

    @George Soar You're just jealous because you're not her yeti, soz fam better luck next time

  77. Cotton Dribbless

    Can't stop laughing idk why???

  78. mei woo

    My yay is different from your yay

  79. Teagan Laws

    Still love this song 🤷🏼‍♀️💞💝💓💗💖💘💕

  80. V Cam Tv

    nice concept fire

  81. Omarr Koroma

    Italian clothes

  82. O J

    This song is amazing

  83. ghost fox

    it is a banger

  84. Saif Khan


  85. ToastOnToast

    2018 and still a banger

  86. IsA

    14 mill come on

  87. IsA

    mad ting

  88. Rory Gilchrist

    She's anti social but she's always on the social media

  89. MAN LIKE T

    this is a 10-10 production :)

  90. Half a Brick

    "Reminds me of storybrooke because she's cursed with snow "

  91. SBTV: Music

    Making a film with O2 Go Think Big, get involved here -

  92. Ruhul Amin

    Chip ft Nines will be a smash hit!