Nines - Lick Shots Lyrics

Ay yo I gotta flip
Been through alot of shit
It's all politics
Should of had the scholarship
But I was eating porridge ridge
Couple niggas on my wing
Peeling oranges
My lifestyle, I adopted this
On twitter you couldn't follow this
It's like a hollow tip my trap names anonymous
Yo, I grind cause something gotta give
I could bill a line and get it jumping like a horror flip
Fresh from beating a drug case
Zino 1 base, Wipe the look off a thugs face nigga
It's Church Road that I'm reppin
On a James Bond ting got 2 0's and a 7
2 0's gone by 7
Now just came off the bench
Kilo gets the Lethal B, all I say is dench
Flippin out in something french
Got something for your inch chest
45's, both sides like a bench press

Nines you know we run this block
I ain't joking like Chris Rock
Say the word and I'll lick shots
Them niggas know what time it is like a Swiss watch
My nigga say the word and then I lick shots

[Youngs Teflon:]
I've been on road since star burst was obul fruits
Everybody knows tef I'm a local yute
I spent my teen years selling draws with [?]
My young ting be shooting in the air I call that Pocahontas
I'm all green in this concrete jungle
Running from columbo
Used to wear Umbro
Now its double C Chanel buckle where my gun go
Spanish long nose, eric loud like dumbo
My ace [?] cause I have the right to snort
We had a chemistry, and I call that [?]
And I don't like [?] cause I don't like pork
I like loud sticks that sound like guy fawkes
Hood chicks love me cuh I'm gangster but I'm classy
Hood pricks know not to cross me, I'm a nazi
Storming through my ghetto [?], my squad narsty
All my clothes sarcy, blow my clip barcy

Nines you know we run this block
I ain't joking like Chris Rock
Say the word and I'll lick shots
Them niggas know what time it is like a Swiss watch
My nigga say the word and then I lick shots

I just got a strap link for the smoothest p
Nines in a box like you googled me
I'm coppin like 2 or 3
I need a tranzit with all this food coming
Can't catch me sliding with this ice it ain't cool running
With all these bricks how can my stack go low
My piffs louder then a ratchet hoe
My wrist is hurting all these bricks I'm whipping
The prices are the lowest like Mrs Griffin
My YG called me asking if I had a Q
I said you need it white or pink like Majin Buu
I need a sealer cause all this weeds smelly
Turn one into 3 when I'm tap dancing like Gene Kelly
I'm out here in the jungle like Ant and Dec
Still flying birds cause I ain't got the mansion yet
Fuck the other side, all the man there are moist
Fly guy take a chick just for banter like Joyce Its nines

Nines you know we run this block
I ain't joking like Chris Rock
Say the word and I'll lick shots
Them niggas know what time it is like a Swiss watch
My nigga say the word and then I lick shots

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Nines Lick Shots Comments
  1. ahad ullah

    Still on this 2020.

  2. London Girl

    Christmas day 2019 🙋🏾‍♀️

  3. Fitzroy Melhado

    This song will live forever 💯👊🏾😎💛💚🖤

  4. mr general s

    I'm all green in this concrete jungle
    Running from columbo
    Used to wear Umbro 🔥🔥🔥

  5. nahur

    Only just found this. Had it on repeat past few days. Fuckin legendary track.


    Mans still don't know who produced this shit ehhh

  7. Donny Dank

    Till this day and this tune and this beat,mazza

  8. Snoozie

    i said you need white or pink like majin buu

  9. Morgan James 🔥🔥

  10. Manraj Uppal

    December 2018! Who's here. Forgotten banger

  11. kdotk

    U know we run this block only jokein like cris rock say the work and i lick shots

  12. HMo23

    Aint this sampling a weeknd tune?

    Aashitosh Shah

    Yeah, The Birds Pt. 2 - The Weeknd

  13. kdotk

    Who can i ask to use this inrstment for a freesyle of mine i see lots of people usein it on here ????????

  14. kdotk

    I got bars for this one

  15. Yorkie

    I’ve been doing this from when starburst were opal fruits 👌

  16. Annce Iqbal

    memories fam

  17. AHMED A


  18. Diana Fearon

    Majin Buu

  19. Yonelkis Gutierrez

    This beat is from PNL's Dans la soucoupe

  20. Brandon Martin

    I like loud sticks that sound like guy Fawkes jheeeeez

  21. JB Musique

    PNL - Dans la soucoupe

    Dylan Cannenterre

    JB Musique bien vu

    Aliya Dz

    JB Musique ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  22. The Man

    Easily one of Nines best.

  23. Benjamin Brown

    skkrrr pap

  24. nino

    snizzy did a mazza on this beat on the 7th crib sesh

    1arda media records

    NinoFrmSP you know this I heard that

  25. Ali Hashmi

    This track is soooo underrated #baffed

  26. Steven Harris

    This song so fucking underrated I hate it

  27. Brummieboi

    Crs /icb are the hardest geez In da seen , snm

  28. Dips Sahota

    What a chooone!

  29. Q dizzle

    The forgotten bangers

    Calm Trapish.

    Q dizzle truss 🔥🔥🔥

  30. R. BOOSS

    Nines you kno we run dis block say da work n il lick shots that's gang shit Fatz

  31. Sam Ludlow

    I've been on road since starburst were Opal fruits 🔥🔥

  32. Hol up Is that jdot

    I like loud sticks that sound like guyfawks

  33. Nishul

    This tunee damnn firee 💯💯🔥🔥

  34. John Dan

    feelin diss

  35. bae bae

    muaddd x

  36. Uk endz Media


    Riz Artist

    nines lickshots instrumental

    Winston Churchill

    Maestro is his engeneir

  37. Lisa Dennett

    got 2 0s and a 7 2 0s gone by 7 mwaad

  38. Lisa Dennett

    big tune

  39. Mizan


  40. ImThatGuy A

    I like loud sticks that sound like Guy Fawkes

  41. ImThatGuy A

    Hood chicks love me cos im gangsta but classy Hood pricks no not to cross me cos im narstiee

  42. Oli Haque

    this track should have 500 million views


    500k just hitting lol

    Dark Shinobi

    Better to keep this tune to the real ones

    Jeune Uchiha

    Oli Haque
    In France it have don’t worry

    Jeune Uchiha

    Oli Haque

    Capt Prsain1990

    Lowkey tune

  43. chirag shah

    the beat tho omfg

  44. MicrofundM

    what does he say "Fly guy take your chick jsut for banter like...."??

  45. Rtm00s

    The beat Brings back memories fam😢🌅

    S N

    yhyh nostalgia vibez

    Candy Kush

    Goosebumps 🔥

  46. Arfath Ahmed

    hood banger..... trussssss

  47. Road Gamer

    make video to this!

  48. delboy51590

    Lowest like mrs griffin 👌🔥

  49. maine phillip

    Running from Columbo.. Used to wear umbro.. Now it's double C Chanel buckles wear my gun goes!

    Ali Ghalani

    5 rhymes in 1 bar!!!!

  50. Rez Laso

    This is firee 🔥🔥

  51. SenszR

    Kilo get the lethal b all I say is "dench".

  52. D1431 beat is there


    Thanks bro


    MAD TUNE!!!!

  54. Dun Boys

    hardest track

  55. Micky House

    "I jus got a strap link for the smoothest p, nines in a box like you googled me"


    How I neva clock that bar till now.

  56. Mr No Name

    Nittys happy coz this song makes me drive like im off likkr!

  57. Keith Hughes

    This bad an track makes me bump my own dance, that goes with the rhythm and beat ofcourse, idc if it's around people too, it's fucking hard! And you only live once, so enjoy yourself lol.

    Muhammad Al-Ameen


  58. kurwaaa37

    Awesome tuuuune

  59. TerryMarddy

    This beat is HARDDDD. Producer goes in still, think he sampled a Weeknd track. Feelin it fam

    c martins

    wat song is the sample


    The birds part 1


    And part 2

  60. CIDDY UK

    Black Bruce Wayne-(Kanye West)-Ciddy

  61. kennedy chey


  62. Ace Skinz

    this is a bad boy tune

    Aural Uprising

    Ace Skinz yo man like skinz proppa respect Ma nigga

  63. Lu1 365

    need a vid for this 

  64. Jay R

    Best track on the mixtape

  65. USER01237

    I just got a strap link for the smoothest P

  66. 1996PURE

    Hardest tune on the tape💯

  67. USER01237

    Crs got the uk rap game locked

  68. Shiveh TMR

    NINES IS FUCKING HARD soon blow...

  69. Shiveh TMR

    i need a transit with all this food coming

  70. RealEyesRealise13

    Hands down hardest track on the mixtape THIS IS TRAP MUSIC not that American shit you can keep that. Save your comments I won't reply


    RealEyesRealise13 lool in 3 years you didn't even get 1


    +Bork Lanzar raaaaa man like bork tho 😂


    leveyManUK man like levey


    Nigga calm down don't forget where the best and most influential shyt come from

    David Sclater

    NotNancy true tho, UK up right now, bout time!!! but it's not like US had the first black gangsters. Musically their hard to touch, always will be!


    First verse deserves a mobo on its own...45's both side like a bench press JHEEEZ

    Kay Hustle

    yeah that line was sickkkkkkk


    Bench press is nines bars

  72. John Chii

    Jman been underrated hard he brings firrrreee


    Yhh Jman straight crud mode on this tune. Hes ard!!

  73. Nino Brown

    Should've made a video to this

  74. E91

    Hardest tune on the mixtape! Straight fire.



  76. Nash

    Anyone know what the instrumental for this is called? It is cooooold. I think there's a producers tag @ 1:31 but I don't recognise it/can't hear it properly.


    Serious beats


    @TheFatDoobie Saaafe found it now. Robbie Anthem + Serious Beats - Before you fuck her part 2


    Nash lick shots ft nines


    Kdotk got a 32 bar for this dropin soon