Nines - Intro Lyrics

Zino Records!
My nigga Nines
This is like a little warm up yanna
Lets go in

Trapstar lifestyle
Getting dressed in Armani, no more Nike now
Me and Jazz stepping on the cocaine
For the bricks, leave you neckless like my gold chain
I see my competition, it's looking like I'm next to blow
Walk in my room you'd think I was an eskimo
Double-O stash, got the gun by the car door
I shoot a rapper in the face, call it star wars
Soon had a mansion by the lake, Aston on the driveway, private plate
Still pull up on block, give the kids change
Gonna be rich forever cah I flip 'caine
Niggas wanna kill me, so I roll with my nickname
Bitches be staring at the Rolly when I switch lanes
I don't just flip dank
The other day I gave my nigga more pebbles than the bottom of a fish tank

Thinking should I wear the Rolly or the AP
Cut a nigga twice, no cake free
Billin' blue cheese, distribute keys
Most the olders are washed but there's still a few G's
Even before I been the pound, I wouldn't start a new team
I swear I never snitch Wallahi hudeen
I lost a lot of P, but I never give up hope
Now I turn a bills into a mill off of whipping coke
So I ain't gonna have to trap real soon
For my chain in the sky, brighter than a full moon
Never rate a nigga cah they got the latest whip
I'm doing major flips, I need eighty bricks
Too much P's for a Nike box
Pull out the strap, make you freeze like my ice watch
Fuck a freestyle, connect on speed dial, you should see the crop
Looking like a green mile
The smartest trapstars look broke
I don't know how to make dinner but I can cook coke
Decided to rap, they implied I was wack
Now I'm like a train crashing, straight fire on the track
I wasn't intending to spray the Nine
Just before I hit him, he saw my bracelet shine
That nigga Nines got a brave heart
All I do is grind, never been to a skate park

The Church Road Saviour you know!
Niggas act like they don't know
Shout out my nigga AC mains
Productions mad (One Arda)
Mech, Info...

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Nines Intro Comments
  1. ELZ

    In my whole 3 years at uni I don't think I would of got through it without listening to Nines

  2. Daytona Williams

    Iz Nines

  3. designn choice

    What Ferrari is that?

  4. designn choice

    This video is perfect

  5. designn choice

    Church road is blessed

  6. Tai 101

    What’s the instrumental?

  7. Junior Junior

    Better come back with 3 albums in a year🤧

  8. M Iqbal

    Still goes hardddd

  9. Himselfish

    3nines x100000

  10. Bxcsss

    Skyping niggas in cell *how u do that* held a mirror out of cell

  11. Shamba Chandler

    Nines does it officially on a boss level & he different 🔥🔥👑

  12. Pluviophile Ambience Asmr

    hope nines is recovering well. my guy

  13. Lewin Scaife

    2019 anyone???

  14. Conner Kararhatan

    3 years later nines get stabbed he really spits his pain

  15. BIG RICH

    Best Guy

  16. Dailycollection

    Make a quick recovery!!!

  17. Anne Marie Jones

    Wht are we feeling sorry for this guy when he raps about selling hard drugs and grooming kids in his video by giveing them drug money....disgusting


    Anne Marie Jones what u mean grooming kids lol?🧪???

    got cane for the cane sniffers

    Get the fuk outta here

  18. Gooner 71-04

    Best UK rap intro, no one will ever top it! New music asap pls

    93 til infinity510

    Best nines song ever

    LS KN

    Trust, there is loads of intros but this is the one

  19. E J

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Ess Bee

    People can we come back to this In 2019 and appreciate that Beat. Please


    Still on fire in 2019 BOOM

  22. Auba Sanchez

    Nines keeping in touch with politics

  23. Duval T

    Fucking Legend🙏🏾🥶

  24. Sumaiyah K

    cr 4 lyfe

  25. PlayStation Gamer

    0:53 I swear that’s Q2T

  26. Karen Clark

    proud to british

  27. avon barksdale

    If she dont fxk me tonight there wont be No n3xt time!

  28. avon barksdale

    1:51 the wire refrence

    LS KN

    avon barksdale how

  29. Genaro Conte98

    Song starts at 1.22

  30. Genaro Conte98

    1.52 the girls getting gassed to see nines ahaa I ain’t gonna lie if I meet nines I gotta take a photo wig man he is da real boss

  31. Genaro Conte98

    Can’t believe this song is gonn be almost 3 years old rah I remember this like yesterday coming out bumping dis in my Vw polo ahaa boots love nines speak real truth 🔝🔝🔝💯💯💯‼️‼️

  32. Azharul Haque

    0:53 what glasses is that?

    Karen Clark

    versace or dita

    Liam Themen

    Still looking

    Azharul Haque

    @liamthermen yes

  33. Six Stonks

    Even Deezer dosent censor parts and remove it

  34. Sean Lloyd

    Still jammin🔥

  35. Ryan Axel

    Hardest Track.🔥🔥Classic

  36. David Daukoru

    It's 9s

  37. lucia leguizamo

    The beat is amazing and dreamy. I love it. I have this on reapeat everytime before i go sleep

  38. Raw-E

    Still fire🔥

  39. Liam Harrison

    Tune big up nines 💯💯

  40. Declan Pritchard

    Nines one of the best ever done it real UK struggle

  41. Abijah Foundation.

    It was like living in Hell.

    Heart felt. 💔

  42. KidWidd

    Such a sickkkk track!💥

  43. Alnazer Mohammed

    Summer song

  44. Macmill

    This intro is the best intro to an album i think i have heard

  45. Glider 01

    These silly guys fighting over stupid ends like are u gonna be in the ends once you leave the earth ?

  46. Investor Hirsi

    Found you on Spotify in my drake mix. Seriously best song I never heard. If the album sounds like this it’s a smash hit

  47. Beatman100

    But my pens gonna take me out this trap like 007.

  48. sweeny_ todd22

    What’s with sbtv censoring? Can say whatever they want but only cut out the n word wtf

  49. Kuzi

    Whats the song in the beginning?

  50. NHB Rxllin 20z Rell

    Stay In Detroit And Fucks With Yall Heavy

  51. joe bellamy 10

    Zino would be proud !

  52. Brad West


  53. Funny Vids

    Nines from dem Blocks making P$

  54. philipp plein

    ''Couse i always pay my debt like a lannister'' second time nines mentions GOT :)

  55. The Regular Reactor TRR

    hella wavey

  56. Too Wavy

    Nines is hands down my favorite UK rapper. I put all of my bro's on ya over here in the US!

  57. Ryan Giddings

    I held a mirror out of cell hahaha u no that


    the piano on this song is so beautiful and warm. I could imagine usher singing to them chords. awsome!!!

  59. Tommy Robson

    check out this cypher much appreciated

  60. Trap Suit

    Make Sure You Follow The Instagram: @TRAPSUIT_LDN ✔️

  61. Loren Alleyne

    Looks like labour dident win the next election

  62. Mr S

    Nines never dissapoints 🔥

  63. RoseOrRam

    i'll pay you if you can make a full instrumental of that bit at the start


    type in youtube 'nines intro instrumental' i think its still there.


    ZaBaHD im talking about the lil instrumental bit at the beginning

  64. Nicholas Jackson

    Real talk he speaks what's necessary

  65. Steven Cullis

    one of the best intros i have ever heard

  66. Jmalmal93 sg1

    This needs more views! Straight 🔥🔥🔥

  67. Sam CFC

    If Labour wins man pray they don't tighten up the border

  68. Free m4nn

    whats the name of that first tune

  69. ThatFlyPigeon

    Best intro I've heard. Prefer this version to the albums though.

    Modest Smith

    ThatFlyPigeon meeks intro the best u've heard

  70. Alan Serifovic

    The Cars are peng asf, want it too B :P

  71. Suhaib Chaudhary

    Labour #GE2017

  72. Tanim Ahmed

    Where can i get that top from 1:24 ??

  73. Genaro Conte98

    1.50 that girl got sooo gassedddd wen she recognised nines numba plate aha big up nines he is da hardest

  74. Genaro Conte98

    dis is styl a bangaaaaaaa

  75. Aj John

    some how this is motivating me to get a million £

  76. Rustled Jammies

    Anyone know where I can get a clean version of this? I need a radio version.

  77. Aaron Skippings

    too much

  78. alomgir hussain

    Nines hardest in the uk hands down

  79. Nikita Nerush

    Nike air tracksuit at 0:55?

  80. Z6N3

    Anyone know the instrumental name? Found it a week ago can't remember that name?

  81. Geedup Gb

    Is my favourite track but Why does the beat sound crap on the album does anyone else agree? 😟


    the beats slightly different and i prefer the album version now after listening to it so much. The audio of nines voice is better on the album

  82. Riskee

    One foot out is out right now let's go

  83. Bartek Felski

    1 year later still not out


    Bartek Felski its out now g

    Bartek Felski

    Dub what did it come out on?

    Bartek Felski

    Poohead 0161 yh i got it now

  84. mark brookes

    trapped in the hood lol.. get a job!!! easy way out man

    PeakEdits -GhosT

    hes self made


    mark brookes its hard for him to get a job because of his criminal record and he cant buy a house because his money he earns is dirty and tax free

  85. mark brookes

    he sooo monotone!!

  86. BradleyThornhill

    What's the neon effect font used in this video? Anybody know?

  87. Cons piracy

    Nines Should Make A Movie FFS this guy is typicall Nino

  88. 2stepppa

    One foot out... is it ever comming out?

    aron Smith

    2stepppa I think it's out in summer time


    This needs to be on Spotify

  90. Easy Company

    come on nines. release the next track. we're missing the epic videos

  91. damien alan