Nines - Going In Lyrics

[Fatz & Skrapz:]
They don't wanna see me elevate
Nina said it's 1A, hit them with the heavy plate
Helped me out a couple times
Thank Allah every day for my nigga Nines
Ask around, you know we run the whole residence
My brudda' Nines is like the Five Star president
And also they wanna know if my line blows
Ask Nines if I ever let my nine go

Pay for bitches holidays
Gassed hoes, turnin' living rooms into bandos
Since school days I rolled around with techs and mags
I had machines since a kid like Dexter's lab
I got the magic sticks, if I hit her hole for twenty minutes
Guaranteed she coming first like Bolt in the Olympics
I'm a boss like M. Bison
See my nigga get shot then run from the ambulance 'cause he was on license
Uh, my nigga Pebble done a key of food
Now watch them stones fly like Geodude
They ain't whippin' pies and spittin' lies
Bum nigga starin' at my watch for so long that he probably got hypnotized
Holla my man, wonder if you need haze
I just made twenty keys disappear in three days
And phone my connect like "big man, I need more piff"
Had 'em drivers picking up boxes like a forklift

[Fatz & Skrapz:]
They don't wanna see me elevate
Nina said it's one A, hit them with the heavy plate
Helped me out a couple times
Thank Allah every day for my nigga Nines
Ask around, you know we run the whole residence
My brudda' Nines is like the Five Star president
And also they wanna know if my line blows
Ask Nines if I ever let my nine go

Uh, fuck the champagne, where the Henny at
Them niggas callin' for the tin, we already strapped
Broke niggas wanna jam in my trap house
Can't let 'em see all these packs gettin' wrapped out
Plus I can't afford to have none of these bum niggas stealin'
Niggas say I'm movin' Hollywood but fuck niggas feelings
Probably faint if they saw all the bud I was dealin'
Fuck a ten, got the plants touchin' the ceiling
Been in the hood my whole life, flippin' them bricks
One day like Nucky Thompson, I live in the Ritz
Uh, I've had money on my head since I was eighteen
One foot out, how the fuck I'm meant to stay clean?
Fuck the mainstream, I'm a young rich nigga
All these stacks in my pocket 'cause I'm a big tipper
Niggas acting fugazi but this rap shit don't phase me
I just hope all of these stacks don't change me

[Fatz & Skrapz:]
They don't wanna see me elevate
Nina said it's one A, hit them with the heavy plate
Helped me out a couple times
Thank Allah every day for my nigga Nines
Ask around, you know we run the whole residence
My brudda' Nines is like the Five Star president
And also they wanna know if my line blows
Ask Nines if I ever let my nine go

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Nines Going In Comments
  1. Matak jackson

    I’m still gonna be listening to this in 2020

  2. MbdgamingYT

    Who’s here 2019!!?

  3. Jackson 1UP

    This mixtape wouldnt be the same without the hypeman you lot bare young and defo not ldn boys, you aint been no shubz or nada hypeman on a song is NORMAL and gets you pumping even more!

  4. Andrew Andreas

    blimey the mc thinks he's dj khaled with the shouting that's a put off for real

  5. Kurt Pullen

    Hazard in the game & im not belgium.

    Hardest bar

  6. Daryl Hunter

    Ahfi pull-up Rick James til sumbadi bhal!!!

  7. 100,000,000 Views

    WE fludn the power in NYC & JERSEY. BIG BETTIS ENT. WESLAW LOYAL....

  8. Nori Meshau

    i been listening to killa by nipsey for years , never i would think my favorite uk rapper would go for this tune , this the hardest album big up nines and icb


    Cleveland ohio still bangin 2018

  10. Danny c

    Still hard in 2018 🔥🔥

  11. ryan beevers

    Missed this whole mixtape out off my life cause of a four year jail sentence

  12. AL._ 15

    ❄️ but I can’t even here him with all the shitty sirens n hype man

  13. Max

    The host really a starwars fan or what ? These spaceships gunner are so annoying .. However im new to Nines and the tracklist is amazing, like everybody here i'm wondering where's the tape without soundeffects ..

  14. Daniel

    "The hook is crazy ya know" yea wish I could here it without you shouting over it and jamming the sound effects on your sound board, who tf is this disruptive wasteman

  15. Seedy Egunu


  16. klook oj

    Hardest tape by nines

  17. NasH Hash

    There is the album without the annoying dj ?

  18. Richard Daz84

    Mad props to Nines on all his music from USA... Nines music is dope for sure . But what i don't like about the mixtape is how some guy is talking over Nines music and dont ever shut the F up!!! Lol
    This mixtape would be so much better to listen to without homeboy ruining Nines sound . His voice doesnt belong all over Nines music... i dont understand why I've heard this in UK mixtapes?
    Giggs has a mixtape that i liked alot, but had Tiny talking all through out it. Ruined it...

    Im just saying, I think UK artist would do so much better and go farther if they never had anybody talking on their tracks... Considering Nines and Giggs both sound more hood , they should never have some dude with a heavey accent talking out his ass the whole track and on every damn track !!! WTF!?!? LOL

  19. James Glen

    The host is the best part

  20. Ty Arnot

    rick james sick track

  21. harif naseri

    STFU man dumb dj

  22. Bluecheese516

    T.E is SHIT

  23. Anymation

    Dese tracks get ruined cos of dese sound effects and dis annoying don

  24. Chechnyan Martyr

    I wrote a letter to nines regarding this idiot shouting nonsense in the background.

  25. Pizzacake!11 Pizzacake!11

    lifted an extra 7.5kg at the gym because of this!!! bomb!!!!!

  26. Chinggis42

    always thought it was black the ripper doing all the shout outs

  27. Gary Kane

    This is better than One foot out

  28. LiveCornn

    Back here cause its better than One Foot Out

  29. Guelli22

    host ruins it completely

    sarah mullaney

    TheFabolousG you should listen to gone till November, that full mixtape is ruined

  30. Joeey Tarentino2

    2017 💯

  31. Saeed 1hun

    Bruh did they even listen to this before releasing the DJ version without a non DJ version, all the tracks are fire tho!

  32. maurice

    every tunes a banger but im feeling grind 4 real and paper

  33. YAKKTV

    shouts to the dj makes the mixtape a proper mixtape people don't understand

  34. Kenny Nweze

    Hazard in the game, But I'm not Belgium ..... CHEEEZ

  35. fahad kham

    still listening 2016 sik mixtape, cant wait for one foot out

  36. MC Chika

    This guy should link up with Bugzy Malone and make a banger still, would be a sick thing you knw

  37. ffsBorthwick

    have some respect for the DJ. that's his cousin. he came out for a little bit last year as well just for this

  38. Daniel Eden

    Money under my mattress where i rest my head,
    So i'm sleeping on p like i wet the bed.
    Got me gassedd, Big up nines

    ôn Dåt

    you wet the bed alie

  39. Im AbuBakr

    Still listening in 2016, this goes in haaard even with that DJ in the back.

  40. Josh K

    Still play dis mixtape wavey 🔥

  41. sexy pudding

    tell this guy to shut the fuck up. Not nines the actual the random voice over lol

  42. kid mid

    big up nines this shit bang straight from augusta,georgia

  43. Juanno Juanno

    Anyone got any idea when we will get some new tunes?


    in the mixtape it was talking about an album coming out soon

  44. descendent of the occupied

    prophets, thank u

  45. RamboRN9 •

    Mixtape hittin a mill what fuckrie is dis

  46. Chilu Mwenso

    Aint tryna put him in a box, but nines reminds me of J Cole..... Maaad Bars Fam!

  47. You’re in my riz

    1 milli views!

  48. Tom Lafam

    Dis ish poppin

  49. Veteran Vetz

    This mixy is straight fireeee

  50. Big Tracey

    1 Million Views - You Maaaaad !

  51. adil zaffar

    forgot i was giving out turkeys when i was twenty if you know, you know its 1 of dem ones

  52. Brandon Geddes

    Name of the song at 28mins?

    Veteran Vetz

    +Brandon Geddes Nines - Yay

  53. Adrian Turle

    "When I shot my video I had shooters on the balcony"

  54. Marcus Parr

    Fire 🔥

  55. DJ Skinny

    Nines your fucking sick

  56. Dermot Burns

    the carpenters


    +Dermot Burns huh lol

  57. Ihbz Ali

    I played this whole mixtape on the way to Brighton

    Adgey uk

    what you doing in brighton getting bummed

  58. Prosper Boys

    I say it's Sanogo / a no go, like the striker from Arsenal

  59. Riskon1

    'Rick James' tuff - rode that beat.

  60. Hshdh Hdbdnnd

    How has he not blown up for

  61. SargeZzZ TV

    Nines went hard in every track!!

  62. Abdul Alonzo

    Nines is my long lost brother his names ninesjit singh

  63. Sam Walker New

    That host is chatting bare slap on mans mixtape

  64. YY GG

    Hypeman or no hypeman, this shit goes hard. All you bitches moaning about the hype man pipe down. You obviously don't know what a mixtape is...You didn't pay nish for this. You broke ass bastards probably won't buy the album when it drops. Entitled little pussies. Just enjoy the freeness. Nines should have sold this....

  65. jermaithundergoat1234

    Is the host on crack?

  66. Adelino Galaxy

    that fucking host man can't he just shut is mouth and let us listen to the tracks in peace

  67. Freddy G

    Nines, first and foremost I would like to say that has been a long time that I have listened to such a good mixtape. I predominantly listen to 90's rap because I find it hard nowadays to find good rap/hip-hop music. Therefore, real props goes out to you. However, as already mentioned in the comments below, the host/DJ shouting, commenting and adding disturbing sound effects makes some of your really cool songs unlistenable. For example, I cannot listen to your song titled: "Can't Blame Me" on your mixtape because of all the shouting etc. but instead have to watch the official video clip on YouTube without the shouting etc. Therefore, if you have the same mixtape without the host/DJ shouting, commenting and adding unfitting sound effects and if you are willing to upload that on YouTube, then I am sure all those that like your current mixtape would highly appreciate it and be very thankful.

  68. STACK #1

    Yes Nines My Nigga ICE CITY

  69. RubyWhacks

    Please please please release a version where the host doesn't feature on every track I actually don't listen to this tape because of him ffs

  70. RubyWhacks

    The DJ hosting the tape embodies everything that's wrong with UK hip hop, he's unprofessional like the annoying drunk Roadman at the party getting gassed at his mate spitting. Stop your noise! Nines goes in though.

  71. jack Stevens

    What is this shit man?

  72. brandon wilkinson

    Nines is too hard! pure fire! skraps 2

  73. Paul Wilson

    Yo nines you and skrapz should get together like krept and Konan and kill it fam

  74. Sparkz Media

    I've seen a couple comments saying "they look homeless" bitch they got more money Dan your parents have had in a lifetime pussyholes

  75. Shak Noz

    Best mixtape i've heard tbh, aint even gonna front

  76. jhon capo

    could lick a mill

  77. Red Room Gaming

    Not actually bothered about the hype man

  78. David Jallow

    Boom! These guys are rappers! mad

  79. Shoaz don

    They calling me a legend I ain't even in my prime 💯

  80. s b

    Some fucking snap that dickheds neck who keeps chatting shit over all the tracks

  81. jamie potter

    Rah this is hardddd

  82. Many

    theres places id rather b but i gotta flip !

  83. simon briand

    Sleeping on p like i wet the bed..... really?

    abs ax


  84. Fant Asm

    cream of the crop. blame me..

  85. MF STEEZ


  86. Juan Fredrick

    Imagine if he would've put this on iTunes or something 👀💰💰💰

  87. Sparkz Media

    near enough 700 000 veiws this needs about 700 000 000 veiws jheeeeze

  88. Chuck Norris

    Tell this host yute to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Fucking waffling bare shit and nonsense. "3 dis 3 dat i see bla bla. Its a madting" A beg you shut the fuck up. no one wants to hear your fucking voice

    Ali Yare

    +Chuck Norris hhahahahah i was thinking the same shit yo

  89. y0Ashy

    The Everyday Thing The Everyday Hustle !!!

  90. Moesut Özil


  91. lamar douglas

    Is Nines locked up right now? I know this drop in Aug but its oct now

  92. sosa hillz

    ric flair at the royal rumble

  93. Pablo Escobar

    This guy at the beginning of every song too much

  94. FatherKisame

    Just when I'm about to catch a wave, the host keeps coming in and fucking everything up. Allow it man, lemme hear what these man are saying