Nines - Finally Rich Lyrics

All them dead weekends, friday nights in the trap
Stacking for a new life, I can't rely on this rap
Told my niggas save their P but they just wanna floss
I've always been a good yute they wanna label me a boss
Trust me cah I had them pagans lookin soft
I'm goin crazy for the loss
Maybe they can save me in the mosque
Cause if I pull up in that seven seater, that's your life done
Free my nigga Fundz man he deserves a nice run
All them old niggas hogging the game
I ain't them niggas if I get robbed for my chain
Niggas be dropping like rain
Need my worker, couple boxes then hop on a plane
Made a few mistakes so I would have been rich already
See my niggas hit the belly never give me a penny
It's cool though, cah now we pull up in them fly beamers
Buy nina's and press it like the dry cleaners

I had a dream about the future last night
Good thing I had my eyes closed
(Why's that?)
Cah the future looked bright
Hope you're strapped up, cah my niggas bout to take flight
(Real Life)
U see the chains bright like a breaklight
It's Nina wid da Nina better get the name right
Hittin 3 bitches in the same night
Remember when my nigga had the rucksack, doing pedalbike shifts on the strip
Look now, my nigga's finally rich

That nigga Nines needs to blow, he's so ill
I know the real Birdman I don't need no deal
It's hard to creep in these Harlesden streets
And if the stars could speak, they'd vouch for me that I barks my heat
At times my nigga Big Keyz drove me nuts
But part ways like Jay and Dame, that won't be us
Took some losses, tell them yutes that I'm on again
Last year I was buying bricks but I wanted 10
This year I ordered 20 bricks but I need 80
Like my nigga Shoogz I'm a weed baby
Every 2 weeks I change my phones
Everybody's tryna be the man It's like I'm in a Game of Thrones
All them punchlines and you ain't landed one
So much kicks you would think that I was Daniel San
You think I'm rich all this gold on my neck
And I ain't got time to rave cause I owe the connect

I had a dream about the future last night
Good thing I had my eyes closed
(Why's that?)
Cah the future looked bright
Hope you're strapped up, cah my niggas bout to take flight
(Real Life)
U see the chains bright like a breaklight
It's Nina wid da Nina better get the name right
Hittin 3 bitches in the same night
Remember when my nigga had a rucksack, doing pedalbike shifts on the strip
Look now, my nigga's finally rich

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Nines Finally Rich Comments
  1. LewysOG

    Rip nines 👑

    John Mcginely


  2. USY

    How do bare people not know what movie this is its not even that old it was released in 2007.

  3. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Upright keep dem coming !

  4. Aaron Shaw

    Wat the song at the start of this vid?

  5. Justin Tunwar

  6. TheParasp

    how you manage to upload this video without being banned for copyright????

  7. Jstyles

    Yo big up straps boom. Fuking with nines from day 1 ice city b

  8. Hollie Turnell

    Really fucking like this song

  9. Shebby Siege

    what's the movie?

    Shaun Johnson

    you being for real? American Ganster!

  10. harrison lang

    What advice would u give to someone who writes lyrics but can make beats ??

  11. Abdul Khan

    What's that song in the video intro please someone

    Reel Go-Getters

    legendary dugga - real go getta

  12. paul robbins


  13. ben wright

    Savage track. What film is it looks hard

    Reel Go-Getters

    american gangster

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    Abdul Khan

    Reel Go-Getters what's the intro song?

  15. Mohammed Saqib

    what movie

    Reel Go-Getters

    american gangster

  16. Shugz DTR

    like my nigga shugz I'm a weed baby 💯💯💯 didn't know nines knew me😂

  17. loud pack

    What film is this?

    Reel Go-Getters

    American gangster

  18. Marco Lorenzo

    nice video but to me the video seems a second out from the flow / lyrics etc.. nice concept and that though.

    Reel Go-Getters

    hi man, thanks for watching & for the feedback. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, can you explain? Please point me to a part of the video as an example. thanks!

    Marco Lorenzo

    Sure. When Denzel comes on at 48 seconds imo that scene should come on the drop when the song starts. Because it is short but powerful. I will reply more but got hands full of kids lol

  19. Pabz- K9

    It'll be nice if that sideman wasn't talking shit during the music

  20. Out Of The Box Gaming

    What movie is it from

    Reel Go-Getters

    american gangster

  21. Uk endz Media

    They can only save me in da mosque #Word

    247 •

    S Wigga what does he mean by tha?


    @247 • by praying for him in the mosque he said that because he's Muslim

  22. Green Videos

    American gangster, class film

  23. lilsolider11

    So much kicks you would think i'm danielson!!!! ayyyyyyyyyy

    H K

    *daniel san (from karate kid)

  24. Gelato Baby

    Real nines fans know this song not new

    Vdb Herres

    From skrapz his 80s baby mixtape bruv

    Tiano pearson

    Vdb Herres fuck off

    Tiano pearson

    Vdb Herres one foot in mup

  25. Carly Long


    Reel Go-Getters

    thanks 4 watchin Carly, subscribe 4 more!

  26. Abz

    Video went very very well with the song 👊🏼🙌🏼

    Reel Go-Getters

    thank u man, much appreciated!

  27. Dwareh0use

    salute from tha Fort

    Reel Go-Getters

    bless up fam

  28. Tony Soprano

    if you get robbed for your chain they drop like rain?
    go get your cheap chains back then

  29. Dan williams

    good film good rappers but not a right way of life. seen to many man stabbed and shot for the same limelight over materialistic shit. yh we all wanna buy mumzy a yard and get out. but there's only two ways ya out. dead or in jail. the clever ones who do what they do don't go and buy all these flashy things they live low key nd stack... moral is nice things get you moved too.

  30. Jordan Davis

    mad tune and ting. just saying. frank snitched doe. mad b

  31. Chechnyan Martyr

    It's that annoying guy shouting in the background again.

    Charles Pearce

    Chechnyan Martyr you a new nines fan. Mans hosting the mixtape, thats what a host does lad. You part of the new wave of nines fans.

    Chechnyan Martyr

    yh DlAMND But shouting every 5 seconds. Can't even listen to nines track calmly.

    Charles Pearce

    You're new to this whole uk rap thing if you havent heard a host on a track before. The whole of one foot out is hosted by him. The songs years old now anyway. If you were a nines fan you'd know that.

    Charles Pearce

    *one foot in


    They do it on purpose actually. So djs can't rip it... If a dj wants this song they have to get the original from nines himself.

  32. Ali Ahmed

    what film is this

    Reel Go-Getters

    American gangster

  33. alfred patrick

    jokes how nines toxic and them man look up to these movies and try talk and do shit like them smh

  34. young elz records

    How did nines get robbed

  35. Hasan Iqbal

    whats that movie called

    Danyaal Hussain

    Genium BlaZe American Gangster

    Ryhaan Miah

    Danyaal Hussain but they uk gangsters


    @Ryhaan Miah he's talking about the movie in the background not the song the movies called American gangster

  36. Beacon light shine

    Nines you chat breeze. Your chasing the wind. Your leave the world the way you came in it. Naked. Enjoy your little fame whilst you await the flames .

    Matt S.

    Johnny Big gun shut up


    Matt S. hell fire gonna bun

  37. Ayo Video blogs

    You guys killed this one , nice one

    Reel Go-Getters

    thanks man, it's appreciated. hit the subscribe button for more!

  38. Tap Water

    So much kicks you'll think im daniel sun, Jezzuss

  39. Mi Ke

    jheez mad u can call it official Nines- finally rich music video. Good work fam keep doing ya ting.

    Reel Go-Getters

    much respect for this bro, stay locked. more on the way!

  40. Charlie May

    What's the song right at the start called

    Reel Go-Getters

    legendary dugga - real go getta

  41. Big Killa

    fukin naughty collab

  42. Tierney

    l subbed boss

    Reel Go-Getters

    much respect!

  43. Blaque Gypsie


  44. simon tim

    What's the intro song? Sounds wavey.

    Reel Go-Getters

    legendary dugga - real go getta

  45. Denver Walton

    you mexican cunts i thought this was new


    yo whats the movie

    Reel Go-Getters

    american gangster

  47. Wit79 Wit79

    What's the filmed called

    Miami B

    Wit79 Wit79 american gangster

  48. Free Max B Owww

    old but gold

    Reel Go-Getters

    thanks a lot!

  49. Dawid Paszkowski

    respect, church road man u lads r like trailblazing for the rest :)

  50. delza brown

    Yhhhhh I enjoyed this still

    Reel Go-Getters

    thanks for the support!

  51. Hashtag #

    Well edited. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Reel Go-Getters

    thanks, I appreciate it!

  52. Bigdiz King

    Good video still ngl

    Reel Go-Getters

    much respect

  53. Sneaker Remix

    killed it again

    Reel Go-Getters

    nuff respect fam u dun kno!

  54. jimmy atkins 3

    I gotta a producer already. these beat are all dope.. can't work right now. A brother cleaning.

  55. Raekwon Johnson

    Once again you killed it. Great video keep it up.

    Reel Go-Getters

    much respect for the support fam!

  56. Dubchubwub

    whats the into song

    Reel Go-Getters

    legendary dugga - real go getta

  57. Nino B

    Chain bright like a break light - nines' bars

    Snap Capone

    Rico Steeze send link

    Jack Wood

    Rico Steeze hope you realise was skrapz that said it m8, not nines haha

    Nino B

    Lool look in nines fire in the booth. That's my evidence of when he says them bars...where's yours? lol

    Jack Wood

    1:50 - 1:54 there you are m8

    Nino B

    Nines made his FITB first though? So where are you trying to go with this??

  58. spotville1

    American gangsta

  59. Mr Peaky Blinder

    My nigga Nines should've been money Mitch - but this video fly though A!!

    Reel Go-Getters

    much respect for lockin in !

  60. 360WaveProcess

    What movie is that with Denzel??

    Harry Christopher

    american gangster

    K X

    360WaveProcess ur dumb, that shit even comes on itv2 fam


    He's american bro check his channel

    Abdi Mohamed

    American gangster


    American gangster, denzels depiction of Frank lucas is the best ever depiction of a gangster in a movie but not the best ever gangster movie tho there's some mob movies are better but it's definitely top 3.