Nine Inch Nails - Sin Lyrics

You give me the reason.
You give me control.
I gave you my Purity.
My Purity you stole.
Did you think I wouldn't recognize this compromise.
Am I just too stupid to realize.
Stale incense old sweat and lies lies lies

It comes down to this.
Your kiss.
Your fist.
And your strain.
It get's under my skin.
Take in the extent of my sin

You give me the anger.
You give me the nerve.
Carry out my sentence.
While I get what I deserve.
I'm just an effigy to be disgraced.
To be defaced.
Your need for me has been replaced.
And if I can't have everything well then just give me a taste.


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Nine Inch Nails Sin Comments
  1. Вълю Петков

    I see people commenting they were very young when they heard this song. Well I am 24 now and I've just found it. WELL IT ROCKS AND THE LYRICS ROCK HARDER!

  2. Ruben smith

    When I heard this song back then I thought was David lee roth

  3. Clément H

    Great song i like it it was pure Nin creativity at there Beginning

  4. Sulfuric Eyedrops

    Damn the talking heads are pissed

  5. pinky winkyy

    incredible intro

  6. HelloKittyHellFire

    So fucking good.

  7. Edward Lewis

    damn i love this song

  8. josephskiles

    For anyone who wasn't aware the lines " Stale incense, old sweat, and lies" is from Clive Barker's 1st book of blood

  9. Susan Kinnan

    Love nine inch nails.....hmmmmm👿

  10. Linda Perks

    Nine inch nails has been the bomb since the early go guys.!!!

  11. Luis Paulo de la Rocha

    Great song..

  12. kedyrd

    my favourite song off the album. so damn catchy.

  13. Raven Williams

    Literally have feelings for a girl and she just told me she was getting with a guy.

    Relating a lot to the lines
    "If I can't have everything, well just give me a taste"

    To be honest I'm really relating to this song atm.


    Sorry to hear bro. Best of luck finding someone

    Raven Williams

    @ParadoxDg2 thank you man. This may have been a month ago but it still plays true

  14. Brian Donnelly

    Hellll yeaaaaah

  15. Peyton Brahl


  16. Richard Roberson

    Best song on the Album in my opinion.

  17. Paweł Be

    1:27 - "I'm just an Al Pacino"

  18. ROCKaholic

    At the beginning of the song, I can't help but hear "Shots, shots shots shots shots shots!"

    Makes me think of an episode in American Dad.

  19. Jim Jones

    666K views....sin!

  20. Jaclyn Sara


  21. The Jawgz

    "Stale incense, old sweat, and lies..." -Clive Barker, In The Hills, The Cities (From The Books of Blood Vol. I)

  22. Anthony Bailey

    My playlist just got bigger

  23. Chris Johnson

    I saw them in New York at the New Music Seminar in 89 and they handed out a TVT sampler cassette with Sin on it. There were about 100-150 people in the audience. The show had to be stopped after TR was swinging by a noose and brought the audience on the stage. It turned into complete chaos as I remember it. I got back to Boston and told everyone I knew about NIN and that they were the greatest band ever. I bought the PHM CD and became obsessed with it and his music. By this time, they had to put a metal screen over the drummer so he wold not be killed by flying microphones stands. I saw them on the 1st Lalapalooza and by this time they were getting a whole $12,000 a show to play - and they completely stole the show - they tore the audience and the stage to shreds (literally and figuratively). It was violent and aggressive in a way that I had never seen from a thrash or metal band - it was beyond beautiful. I got sober years later and suddenly NIN didn't fit into my life... So sad... Then TR got sober and completely articulated once again exactly how I was feeling. I couldn't fucking believe it. Someone told me he was looking for an engineer who could program and I had a connection to go to New Orleans - But I was recently sober and was hearing stories that were completely insane (nothing more than you'd expect from TR at the time of course). I love this music the film scores stand as beautiful works of art on their own and I still will make time to listen to an entire album uninterrupted when he releases new music. He and Atticus are a perfect pair :-)

    Gold Leader

    Just for reference, what's your opinion on Manson?

  24. soulminer 1970

    Holy shit what a track!

  25. dopesicko

    this whole album makes me feel like i'm on speed

  26. Bakewelltart92

    I love this song, it’s actually my favourite nin song and I’m 26

  27. magasitc

    What's sound in 0.08-0.10? Please answer me if who know.Thank you

  28. Tatag Mutaqin

    sin not shared

  29. lukusr

    Trent Reznor is a sonic genius!

  30. Adam Barker


  31. Kunzkunz

    What a fucking banger.

  32. mary motts

    Love TRENT ❣️
    My daughter had the CD she played it constantly

  33. Mel Profit

    I have followed Trent for nearly the entire span of his career and this song is still a top 10 song from him. I ebb and flow with his various projects but always see him as vital and inventive (see: HtDA. Some of his best work in years). This song aged incredibly well and remains one of his best of any era. I always remember this song as being played at a particular goth club I frequented. The rush to the floor was always fun. The lights would turn to nothing but colored strobes. Even sober it was like being in a surreal movie (to say nothing of having a few drinks...or...)



  35. Smiling Wolf Media

    Great song, owing influence from SP, who he, im guessing, saw in Pittsburgh in 87' and other influences. If he wasn't inspired by an actual human relationship, atleast he was having sex with his synths.....bravo. Good mix of pop and industrial styling. In my opinion, after he had blown his load with this release, the albums were not interesting like this one. Classic stuff.

  36. JJ Mickey Ryder

    Imagine being a poor guy with a 2 and 1/4 inch erection-- if I was twice the man I could be I'd still be half of what you need.
    Imagine being 18 inch T--if I was half the man I should be I'd still be big enough to make you bleed.

  37. mpearson1987

    When Reznor was so full of angst and anger he did his best work. This is likely my favorite cut from PHM. Love all his work but this period was epic!

  38. Małgorzata Zapert

    Trent Reznor is a visionary and one of the most eclectic artists of all time...

  39. Trevor Corcoran

    Sounds like what would happen if EDM required talent.

    And the good kind of New Wave, but more electronic.

    Even sounds like something that would fit in geometry dash tbh.

  40. Eberhard Müller

    Hallo, many greetings

  41. Batboy999

    I was only 8 years old when this album came out-- But if I was 10 years older, I imagine myself as a cyberpunk art school type and I'd be much further along in life at a younger age. Or something.

  42. aaliyaht36

    I can't stop listening halp mi

  43. ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ


  44. Laet Nore

    Fucking christ this guy said everything in feeling in 1989

  45. Riah

    I want to fuck when I listen to this... lol

  46. Jeffrey Cliff

    > UMG, BicycleMusicCompany (on behalf of The Bicycle Music Company); Bicycle Music Co. (Publishing), CMRRA, ASCAP, and 7 music rights societies

    the fuck


    You give me the anger, you give me the nerve, cary out my sentence for I get what I deserve.. You give me the reason & you give me control; I gave you my purity but my purity you stolen, did you think I would sacrifice my ignorance my innocence my sin, I give in SIN take away all that I sacrifice and that which I deserve give away to my sole, within, taken, every piece that I know..

  48. M.C. Too Tall

    The music of my people. 🤘🏻

  49. max paterni

    pezzo molto synthpop....

  50. Spoon

    this song really give off some Command & Conquer vibes, i like it

  51. glynna schmehl

    I never sin.

  52. Fritz Rivers

    still a favorite

  53. Firey Jenkins

    This song kicks ass

  54. Clint Brannan

    Great dance song! I loved this entire lp such raw energy and emotion!

  55. Enrico Franchi

    I fucking love this song !

  56. mark winyard

    I’m getting some serious new order vibes from this tune! Not that that’s a bad thing, they’re my favourite band!!

  57. Mike Chad

    One of the best albums from my childhood he did this. By himself and the lyrics are on another level especially for this time in music my friends older brother took us to lalapalooza 91 and I saw them live for the first time and I can still remember it t this day

  58. Monica Carpenter

    I am named after trent reznor

  59. Jake Fields

    Submit Bitch

  60. M.C. Too Tall

    Wazzy wazzy woo woo! Alright!!?

  61. Idiot Son Of Donkey Kong

    Nine Inch Nails took the banal pop of Depeche Mode and mixed it with......

  62. ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    ad for anger management classes at the bottom as i scream away to nin...

  63. ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    the moan and weird monster orgy noises at the end

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    trents getting diddly done by tentacle demons 😈


    @ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ nin hentai

  64. Mobius F15SMTD


  65. Brendan Parker

    fucking one the best ever songs ever!!!!!!!

  66. Cristeen Oliva

    this album is written for me. every single song, and every line is to me. one of my top 10 albums of all time

  67. MrCannibalpsycho

    20yrs ago having a bad break up and this was the track that got me through it

  68. Desiree Mendez

    I love you Trent ❤️

  69. comrade hermit

    This is what eighth grade at Catholic school sounded like for me. Salience, soul-sweat and lies, lies, lies.

    Amy Minze

    Stale incense, soul sweat and lies, lies, lies

    Amy Minze

    NIN fan, forced to go to Catholic school, announcing your rebellion - So cliché!! Anything for a little attention and hopefully some comments, I guess. Idiot!

    Gold Leader

    @Amy Minze He's not wrong.

    pinky winkyy

    the things i got from those years..disobey and fear no unicorns!

  70. Levi Ackerman

    How did i get here

  71. Nino Falletta

    This song and also ''Terrible Lie'' should be on that show Cheaters.

  72. Eric harris

    anyone here feeling gary numan 😝😝

  73. Google User

    Damn it I miss the old days, why can't we go back to the time of good music. I saw them in 2000, during the fragile tour, but I had been listening way before that. Great concert too, only like 200 people showed up lol I guess people have no taste.

  74. Kathryn Sauerhage

    awesome song

  75. Tranquilino Padilla

    The strain of man is for man to do think he can do something on his own outside the will of God. It started in the garden when Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves onto themselves

  76. Danny Goldstein

    Still kicks immortal ass!!

  77. mpearson1987

    if you loop this its great for...

  78. Dr.Dandy PhD

    My favorite thing...

  79. Mr Happy

    comes down to this!!!

  80. Josh Taylor

    One of my most memorable moments in life. I stumbled on some tickets, not knowing what I was in store for. The Bomb Factory Dallas, Texas, 1993. A venue that held less than 400. WOW! I never knew how special that day was. Two years later, it was at Fair Park with 40,000.

    Kevin Carroll

    cool story, ty

    Naru Kami

    We don't care.

  81. james emeny


  82. Bruce McKinnon

    The legendary David Bowie in 2011was asked what his favorite album all time was,he said he considers "pretty hate machine" by Nine Inch Nails to be the greatest album ever recorded. Coming from Bowie, if that isn't the highest of high praise? Nothing Is!! btw I agree with Bowie.

    Raven Williams

    @Connor McCartney people's favourite albums changed 🤷 the point is he endorsed them and that's why they're one of the best bands of all time end of.

    Richard Roberson

    @Raven Williams But he said in a interview with Trent that he picked up PHM and though it was cool. But the Downward Spiral was a masterpiece to him.

    Raven Williams

    @Richard Roberson exactly he said it was a masterpiece.

    Laet Nore

    Let alone it was trents god after his album (bowies monsters) said this thats the biggest praise ever

    Jeff Spangler

    Lmao. This is not true at all. However Bowie was a very big fan of NIN.

  83. Robert Rogers


  84. Connor McCracken

    when you search up lyrics

  85. Dustin White

    this whole fuckin album is ridiculous I fuckin love it

  86. Rugerman71

    Soundtrack of some great sex and drug fueled nights in 91. Fuck yeah.


    worst song on the album but okay.. still better than most today.

    Connor McCartney

    Nowhere near the worst

  88. caeg8925

    If i cant have everything, just give me a taste.Enough said.

  89. Luca Scavolini

    the best of NIN

  90. Ninjalo Killa

    god i miss real music

  91. Marem Bonucci

    so stronggg

  92. The Sun the Moon and the Stars

    It's erotic because of the honest bare bone enthusiasm Trent personally reveals. Who knew.

  93. ProtossX


  94. Halo Eight Productions

    The original Closer

    Halo Eight Productions

    You don't get it.... I know it's the wrong song


    you don't get it.... I know you like your own comments

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    Halo Eight Productions ;)

    big guy

    The Only Time is the original Closer

  95. Vasco Santos

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate


    i get "shots shots shots shots"

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    Vasco Santos jesus.. now i see


    I hear "chalk chalk chalk chalk"

  96. brandon madden

    henry ur gay for not knowing no offense im a huge dm fan but trent took that sound and style to a whole new level,texas im with ya" tear it all down"

  97. That GUY

    1994 Molson park Barrie no one knew these guys that opened up for sound garden except for me and a few others. Poor sound garden didn't even like they showed up.

  98. Amy O

    super 90s album cover 💖

    Halo Eight Productions

    Its 1989 actually