Nine Inch Nails - I Would For You Lyrics

What a pathetic string of words
Just leave them lying on the floor
The warning posted on the door
Not over here, not anymore

There was a place that could have been
Step over all that used to be
Since you have let yourself come in
Some things I'd rather you not see

See, I keep lying to myself
Don't know what else there is to do
If I could be somebody else–
Well, I think–I would for you

Didn't it seem like something more
So long I can't remember when
All this has happened all before
And this will happen all again
And I only have myself to blame
And I only have myself to blame

See I keep lying to myself
Don't know what else there is to do
If I could be somebody else–
Well, I think–I would for you

See I keep lying to myself
Don't know what else there is to do
If I could be somebody else–
Well, I think–I would for you

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Nine Inch Nails I Would For You Comments
  1. Joe Glass

    the numerating 2013 seems like a joke. The slick production doesn't mean anything other than "timeless"

  2. Andrew Martin

    Words have feelings and this song has words... So yea feelings

  3. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    The saddest ending ever

  4. anthony mcilwain

    Best track on it. Beautiful and totally fucked up

  5. Ghost Medic

    Don't forget to vote NIN for rock hall of fame!

  6. dopesicko

    i was just looking up the Jane's Addiction song when i found this one, i had no idea it existed but it's definitely my new favourite

  7. Lex

    This album is fucking gold

  8. Kostas Amarantinis

    Great song.Perfect perfomer mr.Reznor

  9. Francis Côté

    The solo

  10. Kostas Amarantinis

    Great Trent go go go

  11. dead husband

    I would for you B

  12. king cold

    Purple people eaters...see no one really cares what we say

  13. Angelique Savard

    Kenny copenturd is a repulsive pig. Ruined a great song that someone ❤way better than you could ever dream of measuring up to... introduced me to years and years ago. From across the planet. Writing my name in the sand on some beach I've never been to ... but somehow the only nin song in your stupid corn fed tard playlist. Not obvious at all. 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

    Cool Cat

    based schitzo posting

    Angelique Savard

    @Cool Cat How would you know child molester?

  14. BobC

    that is nice. ....lololololo :)

  15. Paul S

    I do not care. I would. Waint


    Song talks about being someone else
    Don't change trent you're perfect <3

  17. Riot Jayne

    Absolutely one of my favorite albums of all time. A fucking masterpiece.

    isaac 32967

    Riot Jayne it’s amazing

  18. James Bellflower

    Right where it belongs, were in this together now etc. So many great songs nin have made.

  19. Shelby Amidon


  20. Zach McMillan

    Who would listen to this like the f u don't like

  21. Deborah Ann Frederick

    Thumbs up.

  22. J. B.

    When you give up... you give in to your weaknesses...

    Rise above it.

    I would.

    For you.

  23. Hiroki Dabar

    See, I can die into my self
    Don't know what else there is to do
    If I could be somebody else
    Well, I think I would for you


    My fiance passed away yesterday.. Thanks for helping me cope with it.

    Joshua Roby

    I was saddened to see this comment and no supportive replies. I do hope this past year has brought you peace after your loss.

  25. David Moreno

    that guitar at the end fucking wow!

  26. Chip Ford


  27. Missy Csorba


  28. Shaman 0420

    Is this anybody else this day?¿?

  29. Gill T

    41 deaf people trying to listen to nine inch nails smh.....

  30. Mike Ortiz

    Love that outro...3:05

  31. Bonnie Mcphee

    This song has saved me from the brink so many times

  32. HarryKiat Jananto

    TR...Period no further comments.

  33. dead husband

    Whos listen to this in 2019

  34. L.A. Rocker

    Some things I rather you would not see.

  35. L.A. Rocker

    Just leave them lying on the floor.

  36. L.A. Rocker

    Love this song AND this group. Trent Reznor is a genious.

  37. Rodrigo Andrade

    I love this guy.

  38. Lord EvilMajin

    one of the greatest things that could of happened to me in my life, nine inch nails.

  39. HÅKON Ulrich

    I love the music's build in NIN's music. So powerful

  40. w t

    trent baby

  41. Ysckemia

    "All this has happened all before and this will happen all again"
    is Trent a Battlestar Galactica's fan?

  42. nacho biz

    I used to love NIN but now all his lyrics are the same negative cyclic set of words that is always on a negative whining self talk about how he doesn't see himself living or how he is not good enough or how nothing has changed and everything is all the same blah blah who wants to hear this shit over and over and over again.. eventually you get tired of hearing constant negative shit..I love the instrumental part however, it is always different and awesome 👏 just my opinion


    He is speaking from his mind and making music from his heart clearly, I understand that NIN's discography can be very depressing, bleak and dark. But if Trent were to lie in his music it would come off as dishonest and it would affect his music in a negative way, his sincerity is one of the reasons what makes his music so effective.

    Jay Bennett

    Well all I can say is.. How is that same repetitive genre of Rap and R&B going for you? Or the same ass twangy commercialized Hill Billy Country Pop Bullshit? Or even the lip syncing over rated POP Stars themselves like Iggy,Mariah,Beyonce, yadda yadda.... I can go on for days about Corporate Puppets my friend. Just show a little more Respect to Trent the Trend Setter Reznor . And you will be A !!!!O.K. ! !!!!

    alejandra ochoa dubon

    I think you haven't heard his music in total. The man has evolved.

  43. zer0 95

    chorus sounds like the perfect drug

  44. mjakeli6

    the best song from the album...

  45. Pamela Ross

    Aren't they anti gov

  46. mattyboy ahoy

    bravo in your path from the old you to the new you follower of christ

    Operational Battle station

    mattyboy ahoy wat?

  47. Charlotte Bapst

    I can't burn this house down alone!

  48. Rudi Dd

    -p nice

  49. Uriah H

    This album took a bit to grow on me. The more I listened to it the more I love it. just like all the other halos.

    Sergio Lara

    Same , only came back haunted for the single

  50. Sylvana Salgado

    This album🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  51. Lotus films

    awesome song to pole dance too.. this actually might be my next song for SHOWCASE...... thanks again mr. reznor

    big guy

    A song about crippling depression is a song to strip to.

    Is being a whore fun?

    big guy

    You know what? I respect the hell out of you for owning it. 10/10. Would give head pats.

  52. Jimmy Winters

    Reminiscent of electric light by pj Harvey

  53. whitealroker

    I miss the Extra layer of drums at 3:34 my iPhone speaker misses are there without headphones

  54. Sofía Maldonado

    Es increíble cómo este hombre mantiene la calidad de su poesía y de su música a través de los años y sus diferentes etapas.

    dario presti

    Un verdadero sensacionalista

  55. Loren Fraize

    the OG of industrial. thanks trent

  56. Afterthebattle

    1:00 door creaking? (since you have let yourself come in)


    exactly what i thought.. Trent is a clever bastard

  57. Christopher Lee

    fuck i love this song
    after all this time. it feels like ive just heard it for the very first time

  58. Bird Up

    In an age of shitty rap and pop music. I am hell of thankful we still have NIN.

    snake plissken

    I agree John, & by the way, I could have helped you in Thailand, all you had to do was ask.

    Bird Up

    +snake plisskan I would have, but I dropped my damn phone in the water.

    Death Cold Beer

    Bro? Theres a seat for you here. Someone get this guy a drink!

  59. omegaweapon116

    can't stop listening to this track!

  60. Amanda Zanatta

    best NIN song

  61. TheNewResolution

    I'm disappointed of 90% of my generation not knowing this awesome music..

    Skware US

    @Brandon Sanchez Well, if you follow NIN you would know they toured with Soundgarden right before he killed himself. Unlike Chris Cornell, YOU have nothing to live for. You suck at singing in the shower, you live in your parents basement and you have a dirty sanchez pablo.

    Skware US

    oh and yeah, I was actually meaning to respond to Garret on the topic of 2014, ya know.. the year you should have killed yourself.

    Brandon Sanchez

    @Skware US lol. Right! Got a little busy that year. That reminds me hows your mom's doing?

    Brandon Sanchez

    @Skware US hey if I was more of a Cornell fan I might just kill myself. Wwccd

    Brandon Sanchez

    @Skware US all kidding aside. I didnt know that was his last tour. Thanks for letting me know.

  62. Josh Lara

    one of the greatest bands ever nin never lost their stuff like most every band that has had only one or two good albums every single album by nine inch nails are good

  63. dubseedz757

    Around the 3:05 mark...So powerful....I mean the whole song is but DAMN


    dubseedz757 oh yea. Hard to describe the feeling, but so many moments on this album that make my skin crawl and hair stand up.

  64. Clément H

    2min40 to the end, all I like with NIN :)

  65. Xanothikan

    I think I heard this song somewhere, I just can't remember where, I know for a fact I heard it somewhere, some video or a movie maybe?? It's so familiar to me!

    Mr. Self Destruct

    +Xanothikan reverse it.


    +Mr. Self Destruct what do you mean by that

  66. Hash Bro

    How the fuck are they gonna stop a 4 minute long video for a commercial? Get your shit together youtube fuck you

    Jeb Kerman

    +Hash Bro Why haven't you gotten Tampermonkey or adblocker installed? Come on, get your shit together.

  67. Jeremy Lye

    Amazing instrumental at the end !


    I absolutely love that part!

  68. Mike Morgan

    Positive song from a positive album. At least in NIN terms


    Mike Morgan Lol!

  69. Terry Hesticles

    Every word of this perfectly describes a situation I am - unfortunately - in the midst of going through right now.....

    Sean Rushford

    +revolutionday1 I think we all get to this point in our life, and I'm at it right now.

    Locust Dawn

    +revolutionday1 I 3rd that. Just wish she'd pull her head out of her ass. In time I suppose...

  70. RamrodAI

    Only good song off this album. And like much of Trent's stuff it's way too short.

    JD pitmint

    @RamrodAI the whole of the first 3 albums were amazing, the fragile had its highs (some of his best work) but a lot of songs were unimpressive

    Terry Hesticles

    +RamrodAI No way. This record is rad.

    Jackity Yax

    > 4:32
    > "Too short"
    > Wut


    Jackity Yax that's not exactly long

  71. marlaannblack

    I would for you...

  72. Cole

    favorite so far

  73. vayneknot1

    Only good song off of this Album. Imo

    Burton Kelso

    That and Satelite .... This song sounds so ... NIN ....

  74. defector antal

    I never pay attention to the lyrics but this song got my attention more than any other song I've ever heard.

  75. Arnoldismygod

    This album is criminally underrated.


    The Bolt Thrower the dubstep in Great Destroyer is better than anything in this era.

    Missy Csorba

    It absolutely os

    Chaos Omega

    Especially the last 4 tracks.

    NoLikesToYear s

    best one since The Fragile, other than the rehearals that are wesome


    And a giant step forward than the previous "slip" of an album.

  76. Barbara Wilson

    Amazing song and amazing lyrics.  Trent is still a genius when it comes to writing powerful, meaningful songs.  Every time I listen to it,  I keep screaming, "Don't end, don't end, don't end!"

    Manye Büchel

    +BebeLush2 Me too!! Haha!! Go on for ever and eve and ever!!

  77. Fart Simpson

    Couldn't believe it when I first heard this song. Best song to sum up how I work in love relationships lol.

  78. musiko97

    This song and "came back hunted" are my favorite in this album.

    Terry Hesticles

    +musiko97 I'm diggin' "While I'm Still Here" a lot!

    brendonwife (Rena Sumeragi)

    Various Methods Of Escape too

  79. zero hungrywolf


  80. MindlessSelfGuitar


  81. Christopher Pizzi

    MudTurtleVision sent me here

  82. bennyboii82

    see I keep lying to myself.. dont know what else there is to do! if I could be somebody else, well I think I would for you

  83. deadpooh

    I play this over my earbuds really loud when I am on my way to work. I ride a bike and I go as fast as I can and get the wind beating hard right at the first hook and I swear to god I am so elated I could close my eyes and just coast right into a wall and not even break my grin lol That beat makes me feel like a goddamned animal haha

    Dr. Erika González Loo Villarreal

    Just double checking if your are stil alive after 4 years of cycling + NIN

    John Morgan

    He died...
    RIP deadpooh

    Chip Ford


    celeste trzepacz

    I couldn't have said it better myself on this particular Nine Inch Nails song you have to listen to with headphones to have the impact that it does you don't get that over a loudspeaker

    John Morgan

    At least he died happy with a grin..

  84. Adamant

    perfect drug is awesome song

  85. elaine dewey

    A lyrical and melody meistro of our time.

  86. Tim Baden Johns

    Every Nine Inch Nails song is great. Trent Reznor's only weak songs in my opinion are his soundtrack songs "Burn" and "The Perfect Drug."

    Michael H

    what the hell is weak about either of those songs?

    George Hale

    Those are both very different to his other works, but they are still good works.

    Personally I love Burn. What's your favorite off of Hesitation Marks?

    Peter Freigner

    That could actually be intentional - there aint no perfect drug

  87. Monica Rockskowski

    Love it!

  88. L.A. Rocker

    There are many here I wanted to agree with, but the forces that be would not allow me to do so...Interesting I heard some more here I did not hear on my CD...My theme song, Trent...keep reaching out...we are here to grasp it!

  89. L.A. Rocker

    My very favorite from this CD...there are many more I love from this CD.  Scary, Trent knows the inside of my head......

  90. seagirltoo

    Just bought the CD last week AND tickets to see NIN (in London) in May!  That's what I call a good start to a(ny) year! 

  91. UntitledKirk

    Fantastic song. My favorite on the album alongside Various Methods of Escape.

    brendonwife (Rena Sumeragi)

    Same here. Find My Way as well.

  92. Dergenel

    Great lyrics indeed. 

  93. edward starling

    harlem shake copied off of the beginning

  94. Cristian Blas

    best song of nin of this album, like always another great hit.

  95. radiokevin

    Great song and it's probably the worst on the album

  96. Tiffany Dee

    Amazing performance live. Loved it

  97. LadyVioDMforever50

    YES! Thats exactly what I thought- Im a new fan of NIN and having listened to all NIN albums in its history Hesitation marks is the closest to Depeches music. I will be a Trent Reznor/NIN fan forever now.

  98. LadyVioDMforever50

    I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this album for me its really diverse..a real grower x