Nina Simone - You Can Have Him Lyrics

I don't want him you can have him
He's not worth fighting for
Besides there's plenty more where he came from
I don't want him you can have him
I'm giving him the sack
And he can go right back where he came from
I'm afraid I never loved him
Sweetie he'd be better off with you
I could never make him happy

All I ever wanted to do was
Run my fingers through his curly locks
Mend his underwear and darn his socks
Fetch his slippers and remove his shoes
Wipe his glasses when he's read the news
Rub his forehead with a gentle touch
Mornings after when he's had a little too much

Kiss him gently when he cuddles near
And give him babies one for every year

So you see that I don't want him you can have him
You can have him cos I don't want him
Because he's not the man for me
Then I'd close the window while he soundly slept
Then I'd raid the icebox where the food is kept
I'd fix the breakfast that would please him most
Eggs and coffee some apricot juice and some buttered toast
Oh oh then I'd go out and buy the papers
And when they've been read spend the balance of the day in bed

So you see that I don't want him you can have him
You can have him cos I don't want him because he's not my man
I don't want him you can have him
You can have him I don't want him
You can have him I don't want him
Cos he's not the man for me

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Nina Simone You Can Have Him Comments
  1. Alicia Young

    Cool song. But she wanted him 🙄 She just didn't want the drama that came along with this man! She's a loving woman. I hope she found the real love ❤️ of her life.🙄

  2. AZIZ18691

    To many Aretha is a Queen. For me it’s Nina Simone. 💎💎💎💎💎💎

  3. beauty within

    To appreciate human contradiction. One of my favorites of Nina Simone.

  4. Glenn Surgest

    Damb i remember hearing this many moons ago so so beautiful.

  5. Marilyn Boose

    I enjoy this singer music often enough that there is one song of her music in all of my playlists. The lyrics are poetic.

  6. Nuran

    sad sad song.. reminds us the way we lost our innocence..

  7. No username

    The nigga ain't shit. 💯

  8. veiledfox

    Queen energy

  9. Matheus Santos

    😲😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 nossa que voz linda 😍

  10. Justine Lockhart

    This is how you feel about a man after he done you wrong

  11. Chocolate Thunder

    I love Nina and feel she's so beautiful! I love her skin tone so much.

  12. song serenade

    This thing called love.It makes us,and breaks us,and yet we,d rather not live without it.!!!⛅💖👑🌷👍💐📷🌍💝😎

  13. song serenade

    Men hurt women so,with their unfaithfullness,and yet some women can be so reasonable and understanding,that you have to give them credit.They have the strength of mind to endure anything.!!!🌍💐📷⛅💖👑🌷👍😎🏣🌆

  14. Latisha Street

    Are you listening in 2020?

  15. michael taylor

    Much better with Nancy Wilson

  16. Christina Escajeda

    I dont want him sweetheart you all need to disappear stay invisible take your negative energy with you

  17. Bobby Brown

    My mother use to blast this with other songs I thought was old people's music but I grew to appreciate this and other songs by her

  18. Patrick Bell

    An evening listening to Nina sing is a perfect end of the day.

  19. Portrait of a Free Woman of Color

    Never trust a man who likes apricot juice
    I don't want him u can have him

  20. MsTexas73

    I have this album. It was in my Granddad’s collection and he gave his collection to me about a year before he passed away. I play it every now and then; thankful he chose to share the music with me. Ever so grateful for both grandparents and their love of music and the arts. ❤️💫✨🕊🕊

  21. cicrule

    They don't make music like this anymore! ♥️

  22. Jermaine Jennings


  23. mrwilljones3015


  24. Day Jo

    OMG! Just wow Nina!!!


    Me and theboy next door

  26. Freda Walker

    I love Nina

  27. Rhonda Herbert

    Nina knew how yo deliver a song

  28. Tea Kell

    I liked it before listening to it. The title speak for itself lol. My momma was named after Her.

  29. lone star

    Donald Albert Gregory bye bye

  30. nicki Parsley


  31. rndm rndm

    Yup you can have him! If hes mine then he wont be yours. Nothing forced is meant to be. If two ppl meant to be it will be effortlessly.

  32. Sugarfoot. Honey

    Play this until you remember that you left and you are happy now. You won, you lost nothing ,❤️

  33. H N

    Wow. What a voice. Stunning

  34. Ms Pisces

    MANNNNNN, did this pop up in the right time. I DONT WANT HIM!!

  35. porcelain

    Favourite version of the song ever

  36. Kassandra Lord

    Why am I now hearing this sound

  37. T Williams

    Now, That’s Love. ❤️

  38. Tanisha Axam


  39. Blue Hydragnea

    thanks nina simone to share my pain with this song

  40. thembelihle shoba

    I wish Jennifer Hudson would do a cover of this song. Beautiful indeed, what a legend Nina Simone was 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️.

  41. Connie Gortney

    Nina is singing a song from her soul

  42. Lizzie

    In other words she’s basically saying..
    “I’m gud luv, enjoy”. Lol love it.

  43. delnika Payne

    Elegance 💙💙💙💙💙 truly a gem

  44. Harmony Q

    Florentino siempre ha sido mío, aunque este con otra, aunque este casado, soltero o viudo. Siempre mío, aunque el no lo sepa, aunque no lo entienda, mío sin poseerlo, sin adueñarme, sin que el tenga culpa de que sea mio.

  45. Karmen Jazbec

    no no i will fight for my man

  46. ckret7

    Irving Berlin, My Ass!

  47. Thao Nguyen Nguyen

    I feel some Chopin's vibe in the beggining 🎹🎹 it's just amazing how she could put in her songs classical vibes😇

  48. iuliana Antochi

    My God,this woman exhales talent!!!

  49. StoneCrusherJermz

    Always loved Nina’s version - she really made the argument - loved it how she captured the irony and desperation and denial and hope all at once in “so you seeeee...”

  50. Silas Cruz

    I love the elegance that women and men had in the past. The outfut, the behavior and even music talking about frivole things were elegant.

  51. Ling xoxo

    This poetry 😌🤩

  52. Bevey Dillon

    She is a talented singer

  53. Andrew Mair

    What a gal❕I was 5 when this was recorded - very happy to have been sharing the planet 🌎 at the same time 😊 Thanks Nina 🙏 XO

  54. Queen Mercy

    Such a present 🌹

  55. cindy pattana


  56. SayYesJoyes_88 _

    All she wanted to do was love him and she did that... But it wasn't what he wanted, at least not from her beautiful soul.

    rndm rndm

    He is not the right man sis if he doesnt know how to appreciate you.

    SayYesJoyes_88 _

    @rndm rndm oh absolutely! Yet she had to realize that and through her journey she felt all those real feelings that she described. And just looking at it from an outside pov, how she loved and deeply considered him was BEAUTIFUL AND SELFLESS! So amazing to only want the best for someone even when they don't give a sh*t about you!

  57. Marc3lina 1969

    Ahh Nina ..

  58. Linda Jackson

    "You Can Have Him" is from the 1949 musical “Miss Liberty.” Words and music written by Irving Berlin.

  59. Ashlyn art

    She can have him

  60. Private

    I hope in her life she did find the right man. Beautiful vocals. Thanks for true for many of us.

  61. Shininglight Joi

    Who can relate to this?...
    💝 I have but never been nor will go there again! 😃😃😃

  62. JayLeePoe

    Loving someone you cannot love, so you cannot have love. It's not for you.

  63. Avenger Nemisis

    This is for someone i remember but who no longer remembers me..

  64. ava Jackson

    Simply Beautiful. I wanted to say more. Some things in life you can't touch 💯

  65. Belmont 216

    Nina Simone- ❤️

  66. Karen Bernard

    Simply exquisite. Nina Simone.

  67. seriela

    And this video continues to delight on the cusp of 2020. I had only heard the version by Nancy Wilson, a Live Album, which was sublime. But THIS.... there are no words. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Remi B.

    I’m glad I found this song, because it helped me realize he’s not the man for me. Time to move on for good.

    Poetically Speaking

    Yes yes❣

  69. Michael Scott

    How can one woman on a piano sound like a friggin orchestra? Nina. Mic drop

    Linda Jackson

    Michael Scott She was a classically trained pianist. Her childhood dream was to become a concert pianist.

    Connie Gortney

    she is the angel that we need now

  70. Mel Jp


  71. Eliana

    Adoro Nina Simone, uma leveza, Saudades de dançar de rosto coladinho.

  72. Carrie Orser

    Wow!!! That's cold!!! He must of done something really wrong??? If he did? Good for you!


    Carrie Orser well he obviously left her for another girl

  73. Ms.Bubs4fun

    Damn. Thank you for uploading this masterpiece. Nina was ahead of her time with this song. Makes me feel better about being single. lol

  74. Just Art & Paint

    I love her💕

  75. Lore Bay

    Her voice sound great here, better than other songs, the tone is clear and sounds perfection.

  76. Latanya Temple

    Wonderful beautiful work off art Melody


    I caught her caught you bitch and ya I’ll have him he’d be a lot happier not being around a person like you you make his problems worse and really I’m tracking everything all the threats of physical violence you sent online I’m not as stupid as you think and you pretend to be someone else this is all being collected and don’t think I won’t lay harassment charges Or charges for the threats of death and violence at me your really stupid to do this publicly or at all do you know how traceable this all is ya stupid that’s what blind rage does it makes you stupid I don’t blame him for not wanting you harass women over YouTube he knows seriously your a messed up person and a bitch do not come near me and I hope he gets away safe from you


    I’m now taking screenshots your the bitch who is causing drama and harassing me guess what if I was a guy I would hate you too you have been harassing me for months now I’m screen shotting and I bet your the one who sent the death threats and threats of harm too

  79. Carrie Hubbard


  80. richard heathcock

    Only heard this just for the first time, and it’s brought me to tears. Gratitude joy and sadness rolled into one. Great music can do that. Such a simple song really but she evokes a lot in it. The words she’s not saying and her emotional tones reveal her pain. Whatever gender we all want to do those things or have them done to us. The small behaviours of a true love. I hope to find somebody again that I can offer that service too and hopefully this time get some sugar back! Love can be joy and pain but it needs to be as honest and consistent as it is necessary. Thanks Nina

  81. Regina Ervin

    Excuse me I didn't ask I took him lol


    Regina Ervin ?

  82. Nancy Benner

    Oh but she still loves him, I was there once.


    Nancy Benner So little words that I can relate to ❤️

    Créole Lady

    Still there a little. Getting better though.


    Such truth, but real love never completely [email protected] least my heart has whispered that when I pretend I’m not listening.


    Until she said ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS, I was living for this song,saying,yasssssssssssssss. Well,ai guess she couldn’t let him go

  84. L S


  85. Claire Cochrane

    Oh this makes me cry

  86. Fatima Nabat


  87. Janice Garcia

    Thank you Peter!!!! What a Talent....voice and piano skills.👍 RIP Nina😔


    You live in my heart



  90. Pariss Rees

    I have never made it 60 seconds through this song without crying. It's the most beautiful love song every written.

    Leah Augustine

    It's all good


    Nina is unmatched for her haunting ability to make you feel the song and the story. Take a listen to Nancy Wilson's version when you get a moment. It is beautiful in a different way

  91. Dom

    Blocked his sorry ass today 👋🏾 done

  92. Dorian McCormick

    Imagine being a man in love with a woman that tells another woman she can have you... ouch! Lol Nina’s songs are so powerful they hit me right in the gut such a soulful and powerful artist ...

  93. Truth Eternal

    Sing it Nina!🌺

  94. Peter Schneider

    btw..the song 'You can have him', is from the musical "Miss Liberty', composed by Irvin Berlin in 1949.
    Dinah Shore and Doris Day recorded a lovely, early duet version in 1949
    Ella Fitzgerald in 1958 and quite a superb one, by Nancy Wilson, on her fabulous 1964 album 'Broadway-My Way'
    Of course there's Shirley Bassey and many other wonderful singers, who recorded their versions of this great song by Irvin Berlin.

    K Apara

    Thx 4 giving us that history

    Arturo Peralta

    Thx very much for the valuable information you give us, i like this song also with Joey Heatherton!

    Arturo Peralta

    ...Joey Heatherton!

    Michelle Dowdy

    @The Art of LEE Absolutely the best! I love Nancy Wilson too but there is no comparison to Nina. She made this song her own.


    Peter Schneider Ms. Nancy Wilson’s version is one of my absolute favorites. No matter which decade she sang it; just wonderful. 🤗