Nilsson, Harry - The Beehive State Lyrics

Since you're the delegate from Kansas
Will you kindly take the floor?
And tell us what is Kansas thinking
And what is Kansas for?

Kansas is for the farmer
We stand behind the little man
And we need a firehouse in Topeka
So help us if you can.

I see the gentleman from Utah
Our friendly Beehive State
How can we help you, Utah?
How can we make you great?

Well we gotta irrigate our desert
And we gotta get some things to grow
And we gotta tell this country about Utah
'Cause nobody seems to know.

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Nilsson, Harry The Beehive State Comments
  1. Ed Sanders

    My dear friend Allen Zentz mixed this album with Harry- I heard some amazing stories about those sessions!!!!

  2. Marc Buehre

    'Nilsson Sings Newman' - One Musical Genius Interprets Another Musical Genius' Work = Sheer Brilliance ! Why Does This Only Have 1,392 Views ??? Listen Up ! There Will Be a Pop Quiz Tomorrow.......! Lol !

  3. sad cat

    How this clip can just have 444 vues !

    Henk de Tank

    It's almost a little criminal.