Nile - The Chaining Of The Iniquitous Lyrics

The Slayers of Geb
Reckon up the Immoral
After the Weighing of the Words in Amentet

Tem saith unto the reapers
Keep Ward over the Wicked
And Bind ye Fast Those who Are to be Smitten

The Neniu Profane Apostates
The Depraved who when on Earth Cursed Ra
Shameless were their lies in Words and Deeds

The Inquitous Cannot Escape
Condemnation according to the will of Ra

Ra hath Issued Decree for their Doom
Which Shall be wrought upon Them in the Great Hall

Drive Stakes to Fetter them
Weigh them down with Heavy Chains
Bind their Arms behind their Backs

Bow Them down and Make them Prostrate
Reduce them to Helplessness

In your Hands take Knives and Hack them
Make Gashes in them
Slit open their Heads
Hack Into Pieces their Chained and Helpless Bodies

Great Suffering shall you cause upon The Immortal

The Chaining of the Iniquitous

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