Nile - Smashing The Antiu Lyrics

Burning of the Defeated
Dragging The fettered Rebels
To the Block of Slaughter

Decapitated Headless
Naked and Bound
Captives Adorn my Shield

Arms Tied behind their Backs
Lying Bound in Agony
Fiends Hold them with Ropes
Awaiting Beheadment and Mutilation

With Contempt for the Vanquished
We Exterminate the
Dwellers of the Eastern Desert

They are Doomed to Slaughter

We stab their bodies with Daggers
We Smash their Skulls with Clubs
We Crush their Bones
And Gash their Faces
Their Necks are Broken and Severed
Their Bowels are Gored with Spears
Yeah! We Hack off their Limbs
And Cast the Phalluses
Into Pits of Fire

Smashing the Antiu

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Nile Smashing The Antiu Comments
  1. eridu Abzu

    2:08 - 2:14
    Makes me feel like my brain is twisting and combining with everything

  2. Chris Ginny

    0:55 is like my favorite part of this song

    Slayerfan 4 life

    I definitely agree. That riff is pro

  3. Natur'Mania

    Les vrais débuts de la légende. A ma connaissance ils n'ont jamais fait aussi court et expéditif que ce morceau !


    écoute Chapter for transforming into snake!

  4. sushant pandita

    Spent a summer listening to this sitting on the banks of raging ganges in India and I don't fear anything now

    Ado Podrinje

    cool dude! check out Shukran from Russia! they even have Indian influence in their music !

  5. ps box

    This is pretty amazing