Nile - Ramses Bringer Of War Lyrics

Wretched Fallen one of Khatti
Rise against the oppressing Sword
Encircled Abandoned Alone
I Smite the vile Hittite Foe

My Father Amon what carest Thee
For the Vile and Ignorant of God
My Father Amon what carest Thee
For these Effeminate ones
At millions of whom I groweth not Pale

Raging like Menthu like Baal in his Hour
Lo the mighty Sekhmet is with Me
I enter in among them even as a hawk striketh
I slay I hew to pieces and cast to the ground
The royal snake upon my brow
Spits forth Fire in the face of mine enemies
And Burneth their Limbs

My Chariot Wheels trample the Fallen
Cut to pieces before my Steeds
And laying
In their own Blood
I Crush the Skulls of the Dying
And Sever the hands of the Slain
I Ramses
Builder of Temples
Usurper of Monuments Slayer of Hittites
Bringer of War

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Nile Ramses Bringer Of War Comments
  1. Scargv

    Imagine walking into the pits of hell while this plays as satan himself makes his appearance.

  2. Stephen Weiler

    Nile bringer of Metal

  3. Jeremy Jones

    Imagine the intro performed with actual instruments. My goosebumps got chest hair.

  4. Digital Deathsquid

    The beginning is basically Holst's "Mars, Bringer Of War" but a bit different

  5. andy gamiz serna

    42 Souls belong to Anubis. .

  6. T_rbo

    I remember '98, 8th grade art class, the guys in the class put ManOwar in the CD player claiming that "it was metal". I put this in and managed to get this track played in full before the teacher came back into the room and absolutely freaked out

  7. Michael Thorn

    Best intro ever to a death metal band period.

  8. Sasha king crimson


  9. Sasha King Crimson


  10. Andro Manu

    this is how one should start all mornings. :)

  11. David Boucher

    42 lames disliked this song

  12. T Fries

    3:23 gerrrrrrrrrrr...! That intro... I dunno who Gustav whatsis is , but this song is some epic stuff! Admitted Nile noob , first time actually hearing this song as I'm getting into one lp at a time . Nile is not easily absorbed , got two lps under my belt Annihilation of the Wicked and .. I can't remember the other lp name cuz I'm stoned.. one song was permitting Noble dead something something .. I'll shut up now.

  13. iscariote

    abismal!! no es cualquiera quien soporta lo pesado que es Nile

  14. Fredrick Neidhardt

    I can't believe it's been over 20 years I've been listening to this album

  15. Motozappa

    Before 1:27 reminds me of Ape Escape 3

  16. Pablo Escobar

    Demokratischer Kriegs Planet. . Ramses. Bring peace

  17. Yasitaro Munenori

    Ramses II mounted his chariot and set out to attack and compared himself to the mighty Syrian God Bar aka Bel. Raging like a bull

  18. arkie74

    the intro provokes images in your mind of all out war!! army of darkness coming over a hill, to meet an army of light,
    the battle,
    and the army of light being obliterated.

  19. Ramses Bringer of War

    I still get chills on the intro of this song... then it drops!!!
    The transition at 4:09 is the best! WOW

  20. The Curious Spectator

    Let my People GO!!! $

  21. Jason Swaine

    am I evil? are you fuck!

  22. Bob Gideon

    Nile! Slayer of Gods.
    How I have missed thee.
    Forward, chariots!

  23. Eye Above All

    So much better. SO MUCH POWER!!

  24. Logan DeMott

    It's a perfect prank for history class.

  25. Ramses Donkers

    Very nice

  26. David Boucher

    look at this if those are pics of mummies? the laser cut precision on the chest and skull are clear evidence of ancient aliens.

  27. David Boucher


  28. D e T e s T


  29. Nicolás CsPl

    Im at war, I wana drive a chariot over my fu k ng enemies!

  30. Eris Discordia

    You will put your blood beside mine.... or perish!!!!

  31. David Enoch

    Dude I just bought this album on cassette bc I collect tapes and omg best death metal album I've heard other than Deaths the sound of perseverance


    Weird, bro, weird

  32. Daniel So

    I think now with this music. It is time to bop someone in the head with bundle of newspaper to crush!!

  33. Daniel So

    Alright people. Time to burn the stupid #dump #truck #head in the alter of black seeds of vengeance Yin 108 death fire Giant Yang Gate!!

  34. Daniel So

    8th ascension of Yin gate: gather your legions. ##legions

  35. David S Norman

    you are all in trouble" and prretty soon you'll be wishing you never made this stupid comments, you'll be dying without a chance to repent for your blasfemous comments wether you believe or not

  36. Ramiro Villalobos


  37. Toprak

    Even the name is a referce to Holst's Mars.

  38. Matt Majcan

    there arent any covers of this song and i really need one

  39. Felix Haimson

    Oh god those midi horns tho. *Shudders slightly*

  40. Dugi Devet

    Most boring band ever....

    Arno Burtner

    cause you can do so much better.. asshole

  41. çelikten kılıç

    *Absolutely perfect battle song!!!*

  42. Joseph Rabozzi

    They seriously need to play this live again. Especially now that they're returing back to their roots with 3 members now sharing vocal roles instead of one member handling about 80 percent of vocals live.

  43. MMA king

    Wretched Fallen one of Khatti
    Rise against the oppressing Sword
    Encircled Abandoned Alone
    I Smite the vile Hittite Foe

    My Father Amon what carest Thee
    For the Vile and Ignorant of God
    My Father Amon what carest Thee
    For these Effeminate ones
    At millions of whom I groweth not Pale

    Raging like Menthu like Baal in his Hour
    Lo the mighty Sekhmet is with Me
    I enter in among them even as a hawk striketh
    I slay I hew to pieces and cast to the ground
    The royal snake upon my brow
    Spits forth Fire in the face of mine enemies
    And Burneth their Limbs

    My Chariot Wheels trample the Fallen
    Cut to pieces before my Steeds
    And laying
    In their own Blood
    I Crush the Skulls of the Dying
    And Sever the hands of the Slain
    I Ramses
    Builder of Temples
    Usurper of Monuments Slayer of Hittites
    Bringer of War

  44. iz current93

    I love this band. My NILE forever be they NILE.

  45. TOMMY sass jr.

    killllll itttttttttttttttttttttttttt!george\m/

  46. metalmaniac05

    Usurper of Monuments Slayer of Hittites

  47. Taha Shahin

    i like the drums

  48. Gage Newman

    wait so no Dallas on nephren ka?

  49. Navid Alam

    Listening to this and watching Exodus: Gods and Kings. Epic combination

  50. Sean Eman

    This song is so good live!

  51. Intergalactic Imperialist

    The lyrics of this song are sheer brutality.

  52. Andrej Shamin

    Очень интересный стиль :-)

    Face Less

    Брутал с египетскими мотивами.

  53. Sean McGinnis

    I skipped ahead to like 1:30 when I was at 40 seconds and I was surprised...

  54. stephen sampson

    Intro is badass


    Gustav Holst's Mars.

    Lars Marten høk

    Sounds exactly like diamond head am i evil intro

  55. Fratzie Hermann

    old but gold !

  56. Benjamin Pavsner

    Do you see Bon Jovi do this? NO! NILE RULES!!!

    Anubis 666

    Benjamin Pavsner Maybe, Because Bon Jovi is a different style of Rock music and does not aim nor rely on Sheer Brutality and Technicality ?


    nor metallica

  57. GalderIncarnate

    I work with dogs and my facility plays classical music for them. I hear THIS instead of "Gustav Holst's Planets" version \m/

    Mich s

    became a shirt? thats a whole new level...

    Michael Mark

    Lol yeah and i thought I was high.... I'm trying my best to not become a Nile shirt hahaha

    Michael Mark

    But yesterday I have became this shirt \m/\m/

  58. misanthrophus misanthropy

    I fuckin´ like the intro... makes me see Ramses cheriots bringing the WAR!!!!


    Check out "Mars" from Gustav Holst's Planets - that's where it is from.

  59. Devon Kildare

    Here I was.... thinking that: Nile actually had some melodic capability, & had made a legitimate attempt to repurpose Holst's majestic 'Mars' weaving it into a chaotic riffstorm..

    Nope. Just more Cave Metal form these troglodytes.



    Anthony Sanchez

    Adûnâi u mad? Lol fgt


    Cave metal sounds majestic lol

    i just got really stoned

    man i love swinging my dick around like a helicopter as i slowly bleed out from knife fucking my self
    edit: also your a fucking idiot

  60. frederik

    fucking insane is this band, i love this band !!!! yesterday i have became the shirt from this song, it is a masterpiece

    Azazel Acheron

    I'm guessing English is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc language...


    First person to morph into an object i'm impressed.

  61. Slayer

    this snare fucking kickass!


    Obey Silence
    just be quiet

    Obey Silence

    just slay.


    Obey Silence
    ok I see you are obviously just going for a fight, but guess what? I don't give a fuck about you, so just go on with this shit, I don't care

    Obey Silence

    You care and you dont slay. Believe me and foremost, believe yourself! Do yourself a favour and accept it.


    Obey Silence
    go on

  62. Roberto Luis

    Wamses bringer of Peace

  63. bastionka bass


  64. James Wells

    how about you grow the fuck up k thanks

  65. James Wells

    the way lion lion is talking makes him sound like a fake lilttle boy

    Lion Lion

    +James wells the way you are talking makes you look like a guy who fucks priests fart holes inside church's confession rooms Lol James wells the priest fart hole buster Lol

    James Wells

    Do me a favor and grow the fuck up

    Lion Lion

    +James wells Lol life is to short to act like a pussy grown ups all the time I love the way I am Lol

  66. Rebecca Bertolini

    Egyptian Metal... who knew, right? That's great

    James Wells

    right?!,Nile fucking rules


    Actually this band is american, Scarab is a similar band from Egypt

    ena;wvn;qworv w308ing2pin5g

    Nile is technical death metal from the usa singing about Ancient Egyptian themes.


    VicariousReality7 they’re half American and half Greek I think


    Like, everybody. I don't think I was old enough to drive by a year or two when it came out, and I bought it when it dropped.
    There are other ancient Egyptian themed death metal bands, but not many are even close to as dedicated or good. Check out Coffin Texts, too. Just 'cuz

  67. bas van der tuuk

    this is egypt metal lol i saw them live i was like this is awesome and then i found out some songs are muslim i quited listening this instantly


    What a fucking dumbass.

    Martin Karlsson

    They're from Texas guy.

    Seth J. Hammons

    @Martin Karlsson They're from South Carolina


    Holy shit, what a fucking idiot... Learn something from these people,
    don't just pick up on their bad English. They just told you what you
    failed to understand about islam in their songs.
    Come to think about it, you shouldn't even listen to Nile. Apparently,
    your brain power is very low. Better use it for your day to day habits.
    Don't overheat it.

    Kreed Moins

    Nope. SC

  68. Milan Kolarski

    Listen ! Listen ! Ramses is coming ! Flee for your lives ! Flee !


    Milan Kolarski ramese was very tall (11 feet I believe) his built and height would be absolutely terrifying to witness.

  69. Samuel Hartman

    thumbs up if you came here for liquid water

  70. darkenedrose3

    I can imagine the Great Pharaoh Ramses coming out with his war chariot, with sword on hand! then as soon as the heavy music starts, he is slashing and stabbing his enemies left and right into pieces! I fu**ing love Nile!


    Yes baby, the Egyptians use to kick ass back in the day and will do the same in the future when the true sun of man comes back which is aMEN re

    Doug Golden Golden

    I only love women that love nile


    what a boring person you are...

    Lee Bryce

    They are a unique band in their melodies, harmonies and the rhythm section with George Kolias on drums is relentless


    Ok settled down....

  71. Michael Rhett Aho

    I know the the original drummer for this band personally. He's a really cool guy, and his daughter, Erika, is a cool chick as well.

  72. Inishizbablut


  73. MediumPoo

    long time lover of holst's planets, and death metal. how can there be such an epic combination!?!

  74. Carlos J. Molina Soto

    awesome intro, they must to open the show with this song


    This one or Unas, Slayer of the Gods

    Nick de Vet

    They do :)


    @Nick de Vet after oncore..... seems like thats when shit got real crazy.
    all the things I experienced and saw,
    yeah, SATAN was in the room that nite.

  75. Gianar

    du palle

  76. Tom Knot

    I wanted to like this video, but it would just be wrong to ruin such a great number of likes

  77. jfpbman

    i´m new to this band, what do you recomend me to listen to?

    Jayson Higgins1301

    +jfpbman for whom the gods detest and annilhilation of the wicked as well as idk every other album they have XD

    Dario Perisic

    +jfpbman everything dude, it's awesome!!!!

    MMA king

    everything !!

    Zack Demianczyk

    THIS ALBUM. catacombs of nephern KA is awesome. Stones is sorrow, smashing the anti, serpent headed mask, opening of the mouth.

    ena;wvn;qworv w308ing2pin5g

    Black Seeds of Vengeance. Khetti Satha Shemsu
    on volume 11 [if it goes to 10].

  78. Augusto Ricochet


    Nicolas Silva

    +MrAntichrist12 why?

    Augusto Ricochet

    +Nicolas Silva if you played Super Mario Bros 3 you would hear a theme that sounds very similar to the intro of this song, boss levels
    to be more specific

    Theo Wald

    MrAntichrist12 you mean the airship theme, both were inspired by gustav holst's mars bringer of war

    El Tuss

    Lol you are so damn right

  79. CaptKaboom

    Should acknowledge Gustav's Mars in description but then war horn blasts.  Not enough fucking war horn in music.

    James Wells

    Wow dude, learn to proof read 2 you're a fucking moron,and three you big talk behind a computer screen,what happened? Did daddy tell you you're not good enough?


    alaxandra doesn't want your ugly ass. yo! watch this guy's videos!

    Lion Lion

    +Michael prado <~~~ gets horny while changing little kids diapers
    His mom betrayed his dad for a donkey Lol


    @Lion Lion Lol fuck yeah finally got some fight clubbing talk going on up in the Joogle plus.

    Lion Lion

    +Captkaboom lol not finally my friend if you go to my Ravi profile page there I will leave a link for you in my last post you click on that link and you'll see I had nasty fight with some faggots one week ago they were 5 I was one it was 5 on one I still kicked there asss biggg timmee yes

  80. Rock&Metal Lyrics

    Gustav Holst never dared to dream that nile would use one of his planets

    Azazel Acheron

    Or that said planet would kill all the other planets. I think Pluto lost its standing in the solar system, because of Mars...


    About to write a reference to Holst / saw you did it perfectly already. Hails!

    Jeffrey Jefferson

    Mars Bringer of War = Ramses Bringer of War!!! Mind = blown o_O
    I'm glad I'm not the only one to realize this :D
    And that's how NILE made me become interested in classical fucking music, can you believe it!


    @Jeffrey Jefferson Ramses, was a servant to Mars. so yeah Ramses was the bringer of not just war, but death and destruction. ruthless killers and no mercy given to anyone, man woman or child.
    destroyer of all!!

  81. Yuri Hardt

    brutal as fuck....hands down...heaviest shit ever

  82. Raïzel鴉

    That intro...

  83. Betty A.k.a Betty

    Brieng meh teh ber and teh wyne am rede to do diz

  84. Zack Zaike

    God, and I thought behemoth was hard to understand. Still pretty good, though.


    @Nicolas Silva I don't know who Alex is either, but Dallas wasn't there for this album. Chief Spires, Karl Sanders and Pete Hammoura recorded this album.


    Bro it was jeff

    Zack Zaike

    no, it was todd.


    @Zack Zaike
    Hey whoah whoah... how do we know it wasn't Zach?


    Just looked it up its Rajeet and Pablo

  85. Nassim Alsawaf

    the beginning is Am I evil by diamond head

    Ron Kinch

    Originally it is from Gustov Holst, Mars the Bringer of War parts have been used in many places by many artists. Songs, movies and video games.

    Nick the Prick

    Nassim Alsawaf wrong

  86. Rayne Belladonna

    The war god Mars.

  87. Ángel Corona

    Good! war wasn't meant to be pretty. It is violent and brutal. Like death metal.

    Eris Discordia

    Ángel Durden THANK YOU




    Nope...this is black metal...

    Shaggy Rogers

    ratdancer666 this is more technical brutal death metal bruh.

  88. BINOMAN007

    Nile+mars bringer of war by gustav holst! god damn!

  89. Sebastien Pitek

    The intro is a plagiarism of "Mars" from "The Planets" of Gustave Holst.

    Nicolas Silva

    is more like a tribute

    Zack Demianczyk

    And better

    Alex Watson

    ... and the name of the song.

  90. Sanity Impaired Toast Man

    +johnny barbosa No Mars is in fact Roman, his Greek name is Ares. You are the one who needs to learn their history my good sir.

  91. Shadowdroid776

    I can really picture the lyrics as a piano composition: they are very poetic and beautiful

  92. Rick Von Matta

    chingona la rola!! Excelente banda

  93. Christopher McLaren

    I didn't find that the brass instruments fitted with the production of the band in this tune man.


    @Dylan Dempsey
     It is because the original song was a movement in a symphony.  Gustav Holst The Planets:  Mars the Bringer of war

    Michael Sullivan

    @Deletrious26 I thought I was the only one who got that!

    Olly Johnson

    I think what he means is it sounds like Midi brass not actual proper instruments.  Totally get that, would be loads better if it was a real recording of a real brass section.  

    Tristan Dawe

    The original was played through human thigh bone flutes by Tibetan monks....

    Olly Johnson

    Yeah that's cool, but this is a VST instrument, thankfully Nile go for authenticity these days, or at least more expensive VST plug ins!!

  94. Ooo Oooo

    The intro reminds me of super mario when you're battling bowser

    Zamnil Mattockwaz

    CERVIX CRUSHER I don't know why laughed this that much.


    The Intro reminds me of those flying ship levels from Mario 3.


    The song combines Death Metal with a 100 years old classical theme "Mars, bringer of war" by composer Gustave Holtz, which was surely known by Kondo Koji as he composed the menacing ship level theme in Super Mario Bros 3 ;)

    Note that the musical pattern ressembles another menacing themes, such as Darth Vador's theme in Star Wars, or the epic intro of "Am I Evil" by Metall... errr Diamond Head... I guess "Mars, bringer of war" became the archetype of menacing themes of megalomaniac warmongers, somewhat like how Wagner's "The Ride Of The Walkyries" became the archetype of heroic themes :)

  95. Jeanfrancois Campo

    this album is still amazing