Nikki Flores - This Girl Lyrics

Hey hey

There's a girl livin' in this town
She's got her head up in the sky
But her feet are on the ground
There's a girl livin on my street
She knows outside her little world
Somehow ends are gonna meet
And when the road gets kinda rough
She keeps one thing in mind
The longest journey always starts with one step at a time

And this girl's seen a lot of pain
But this girl's gonna smile again
She knows that a flower grows every time it rains
And this girl's got a lot of dreams
She knows that tomorrow's ain't what it seems
She might not solve a mystery tonight
But this girl's gonna be alright

There's a girl walkin' in these shoes
And she knows that everything she's got is all she's got to lose
There's a dream right behind these eyes
And she finds a reason to be strong
With every tear she dries
Tryin' hard to fight the way things are
So she leaves her world behind
When the sound of doubt is turned up so loud
She turns the music up inside

And this girl's seen a lot of pain
But this girl's gonna smile again
She knows that a flower grows every time it rains
(Every time it rains)
And this girl's got a lot of dreams
She knows that tomorrow's ain't what it seems
She might not solve a mystery tonight
(No no no no)
But this girl's gonna be alright

Alright, oh no no, hmmm

She knows there's so much she's never seen
But time will allow her to find out what it means


And this girl's seen a lot of pain
But this girl's gonna smile again
(Gonna smile again)
She knows that a flower grows every time it rains
(Every time it rains)
And this girl's got a lot of dreams
She knows that tomorrow's ain't what it seems
(No no no no)
She might not solve a mystery tonight
But this girl's gonna be alright

Alright, alright
But this girl's gonna be alright
She's gonna be alright

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Nikki Flores This Girl Comments
  1. betty ford

    actually has to be my favorite song. it made me cry like a baby first time hearing it. anyone else?

  2. Sara Banner

    This song is so me all my hart know is pain im so sick of 😢

  3. Nevaeh Bella Marie

    2019 anyone

  4. Tiisetso Dibakwane

    This girl is me 💔💌. 2019

  5. Frenlyne Antolin

    2019 <3

  6. Noy Sabli


  7. JY Lee

    This girl is me🌹

  8. Jodie Broadhead

    First heard this at 16 fell in love with it. Now I'm 26 and listening to it still loving it


    Same I was 17 when I first heard and would have been 27 when you posted. im 28 now and its crazy how time goes by isn't it! I like seeing posts like this, so relatable. I hope lifespan's been kind to you these past 10 years!

  9. Zaria Love

    😭 2018 anyone

  10. Sarah Jackson

    2018 and still listen. Nikki’s one of my biggest role models. She’s incredible.

  11. Shannon Bia


  12. Kagamine Rin

    2018 :3 i love this lyric. It's so related

  13. Bianca Mesa

    Still in 2018 ❣️

  14. Sierra Hess

    Who's still listening to this in 2018

  15. bianca marquez

    Listening in 2018.?

  16. Zaeem Mir

    This Girl is pretty fly for a white guy give it to me baby uhh huh

  17. Aisyah Sabyrah

    Still listen to this in 2018 :)

  18. Scarlett Delgado

    Sent this song to my friend now its on her playlist

  19. pinky7809ily

    still love this-->2017♡

  20. Deanna Alexander

    I love this song

  21. Nina Shield


  22. Erin Hildebrandt

    2017 and I still come back. It's fitting to me to be honest.

  23. Christine Chiem

    Such a beautiful song!!!

  24. Nijia Johnson

    High school where did you go

  25. Yan-rachel1004

    2017 This girl got a lot of dream and this girl gonna be alright #ME

  26. Mielee Culver

    I love this song it makes me feel happy inside that other people think like I do and especially the problems I been going through

  27. Stephanie Alcocer

    Even after 11 years, this is my favorite song because I will always relate to this song. It let's me know that it's going to be okay.

  28. thegreenweirdo210

    still listening to this in 2017!!
    always reminds me of britney spears' songs 'lucky' and 'not a girl not yet a woman' for some reason

  29. Lavender Forever


  30. Audrianna Gabrielle Maugham

    I've been in through these since 2014-2017 and this year 2017 has gotten better cos I have a man not a little boy to play games with my heart and the people that I really care and played me and hurted me these few years past has made me stronger and everything.

  31. Kamaileia Ohashi'i-faiva

    2006 to this day on 2017 her songs are dope

  32. Catherine Ching

    still listen in 2017:)

  33. Casey Chan

    I Really Love This Song~!♥

  34. Aissatou Diallo

    me I can't stop listening her songs 😍😍

  35. it's Vae vae

    10 years later it's still lit

  36. Quanchelle Dampha

    my pick me up song

  37. Mrs.Tomlinson

    My best friend sent this to me ❤️

  38. ghelai agne

    aaawww ;-( it's me..
    nikki! you're the best!
    I really love this song.. favorite!

  39. Ajeen jojo jojo

    Nikki 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑and👸👸👸👸👸

  40. Ajeen jojo jojo


  41. Miss ta3yv

    Going through a rough situation but always stay strong <3

  42. sugarbabypie123

    When I'm in immense pain from my Endometriosis, I listen to this song and it helps me get through it and push through the pain.

    Island Neni

    going through that. you find anything that helps with the pain?

  43. Catherine P

    Who is listen to this in 2016

    Arianna Wheelus

    Cathy Perrier I am

    Arianna Wheelus

    Cathy Perrier I am

    Parama Aeh

    Catherine Perrier // Me.2018

  44. Lexus Doss

    I love this song perfect description :/ :) ^.^ <3

  45. Jessica Lynn

    still listening to this in 2016

  46. Jessica Lynn

    still listening to this in 2016

  47. mary joe javonillo

    I love you Nikki 💯👌👑

  48. Nikki Chantelle


  49. Grace Souza

    I love this song, it's my fave

  50. thecolorliz

    Who else listens to this in 2015?!


    @thecolorliz omg i do still!!!! lol probably everyday even lol

    Fantage Brynnღ

    @thecolorliz up here

    Alannah Cheney

    I do every day

    mary joe javonillo

    +Dolce Yong ♥

  51. Tabz880


  52. Finland Jaruttjinda

    Am I gonna be alright?

    Jennifer Gutierrez

    yes just be strong

    Finland Jaruttjinda

    +Jennifer Gutierrez thanks

    Stephanie Alcocer

    are you okay now? i hope you're feeling better.

    Finland Jaruttjinda

    Stephanie Alcocer ❤️❤️ life’s goes on. How about u?

  53. Breawna Smith

    I'm thinking about doing this song for my dance solo next year only because i relate to it.

  54. Sidney Goodrich

    love the lyric video. the only typo is that the correct lyric should be "one step at a time" not "once about a time"

  55. Mika TheSolsticeWolfe

    Describes me

  56. Poetry is love Poetry is life

    Love this song it helps me get through each day

  57. Shauna Widding

    It's as if someone went into my head and searched my heart, then wrote this song just so i could come across it.

  58. Max Balceris

    This song really makes me feel like I can do anything at the times wen I think I can't do nothing <3

  59. kianee fragiao

    Parts of these lyrics are wrong.

  60. tiffany wilber

    Love itt !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  61. M e l i s s a

    why so many hearts

  62. alyssa belcastro

    Is this song on itunes?? Cuz i need to listen to it all the time... Its my song..

  63. 5hforever

    Awww thats a cute song <3 :)

  64. Haley Frye

    story of my life...

  65. Dawn Tutor

    This is my step sisters song all the way...

  66. Sandra Ramos

    Pearly pearls feel the same about this song

  67. Jezebel Ruiz

    This girls gunna be alright :)

  68. Joylen Calapardo

    I am this girl

  69. Ferima Sanogo

    i feel her

  70. joslynn rhine

    this song is life!!!!

  71. Nancy Hendricks

    This is my song its so true !

  72. Angy Tolsen

    This girl aka me has seen alot of pain but thanks to my boy sam i am now smilimg once again thank you sam for always being theor for me thrpugh thick and thin xxxxxx

  73. alexis shaw

    This girl has seen a lot of pain <3!!!

  74. ridin low wit my wabs...

    this fits me perfectly

  75. Chloie Oliphant

    She's good :)

  76. fatzluvsyu

    It's sooooo me

  77. America Rose

    And this girls seen a lot of pain but this girls gonna smile again<3 she knows that a flower grows every time it rains<3 and this girls got a lot of dreams she knows that tomorrow ain't what it seems<3 she might not solve a mystery tonight<3 but this girls gonna be alright :)

  78. myunstorm

    This song has made me break down in tears every single time ive heard it because its my life story. from the day i lost my family to now ive kept drying my tears and keep moving forward. but even i know that you cant run forever but im gonna follow my dreams and i know im gonna be alright. :)

    Tay-James Howell

    These are the exact words in my head... x

    Stef L

    Thank you

  79. heartvhyrus cionnelem


  80. Shirley May

    I love this……♥

  81. edith Dalila

    this me

    Pedro Flores

    edith Dalila until I saved you ....

    edith Dalila

    Yes you did :) I love you

  82. Ana Green

    But this girl wanna be alright :)

  83. Marianelly Lopez

    :"") I need to get over Jairo ^-^

  84. Tessa Liquori

    i fake a smile everyday... but this girl is going to be okay!

  85. Kristy G

    I do have a lot of dreams, and I also do fake a smile everyday....

  86. PrincessFunni

    Everytime i hear this song my face is like a waterfall i dont think ill ever be alright

  87. Marianelly Lopez

    :"( my broken heart can't take it. Hope one day I get fixed up

  88. ariangarza13

    Even though I feel hurt.... I'll be alright someone will come and fix our broken pieces one step at a time **💜

  89. Steven Kriplean

    Beautiful. I feel this. I love it.

  90. Crizelle Joyce Pastor


  91. Nevi Aeko

    I keep telling myself to smile, to laugh, to fake that im okay. When i listen to this song i know that one day my life will be better and i will meet someone someday that will love me and fix me. It could be a day from now or 50 years from now but someday i will smile my smile and not feel broken on the inside. I will laugh one day and not feel as if i have to hide how i feel behind a mask. And i cannot wait for the day to come that i wont be broken anymore.

  92. Cheyanne Wolf

    I'm gonna be alright......I will smile again.....3

  93. samantha burdick

    this song...make's me believe more in myself....and every other of nikki's songs because they fit how i feel when i hide it all <3 and britt nicole <3 and demi lovato <3 only 3 people's songs i actually find that describe how i feel inside i'll smile again...i did today :D

  94. Nikki Herrell

    im about to cry:(