Nik Kershaw - These Tears Lyrics

I see the tears run down her face
Unhappy in her happy place
What it is I think I know
She's trying hard to let him go
She goes

These tears are all I have
Are all I have to remind me
These sweet tears are all I have
Are all I have

Falling gently they begin
soft and salty on her skin
She keeps them coming through the night
If I could only make it right

But she doesn't want these tears to stop
She'd rather he was there than not
And they can be his epitaph
And if she didn't cry, she'd laugh

These tears are all I have
Are all I have to remind me
These sweet tears are all I have
Are all I have

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Nik Kershaw These Tears Comments
  1. Dick Of Dade


  2. Chris Jones

    Bring Eight to the USA. All your songs need to be heard here. A late Beatles comment.

  3. jcBurton2094

    Catchy song, and he shows that he can still write nice, hummable tunes. But I feel that his music has grown a bit too conventional and predictable... I wish that he one day would try to do something a bit more interesting and not just make "yet another Nik Kershaw album"

  4. Frank Middendorp

    Great song!

  5. Lily Of The Valley

    This is such a veautiful song! Oh man, absolutely brilliant!

  6. Marion Mrochuk

    Great dance song

  7. 64214Jose

    Buenísimo, como siempre.

  8. Adam Pike

    Still brill

  9. Ivano Cogo

    Excellent song

  10. Uk Kir

    Song like an arrow - shooting right in my heart

  11. Chris Jones

    My absolute Music...after the Beatles? It was just you...I had to wait until 1984...Come to Kansas City. Please tour again. I beg you to...I have a very popular band to open for you...maybe the Uptown Theatre...Ask Mick to think about it.

  12. torra torra

    One of the best song writers of out times!

  13. Cristina Cea

    I have to recognize I will always be his fan. I cant avoid it.

  14. Mark Gould

    A Master.

  15. Ciaran Morgan

    A class act. Sounds as good now as he did in the 80s. Long may he continue!!!

  16. auralmale2012

    One of the very best. Absolutely underrated

  17. CaptainOatwright

    Klassic Kershaw this one. Great artist, hope he stays inspired to still write and perform for himself.

  18. PRnKC

    I love this song!

  19. Joachim Kauschke

    Hi ! I didn`t kow this Song - a great one. I left a subscription. Check my channel if you like ...

  20. Produkcija Z

    incredibly underrated author. superb catchy harmonization !

    Zoltán Gilányi

    Incredibly catchy!

    Mary Cosgrove

    I love his music.

  21. francesca soliveri

    beautiful song, like all the album

  22. Alan Hynes

    always makes me feel better, always keeping an eye on this guy for year's

  23. kevin McCabe

    Your the Best Heaven's Sake your the Cherry On the Cake Your AMAZING


    The man is a bloody genius! Great song!

  25. Holdsworthy

    Probably couldn't make a bad song if he wanted to.


    It´s true

    Dario Džimbeg

    The best comment. Ever!

    Lily Of The Valley

    Fab song! All his music is amazing!

    monter FM

    Nik is such a type of this man. The more he wants to be a bad man - he always is an good man/wide boy ;-) That's not a coincidence :-D

  26. Trevor Walsh

    Never get sick of listening to Nik Kershaw just gets better all the time

  27. Chris Jones

    My hero for 31 years. CJ

  28. Chris Jones

    FYI- I own every single piece of music this man has produced...Even Elton Duets and Tony Banks...He deserves my money for giving me inspiration and brilliance. CJ

  29. orfeocookie

    Hands down the best track on the album. One of his best ever.

  30. Alexander the ferret

    Hey, this is good!

  31. MrSpaceman1111

    so so amazing blown away....thanks for share...

  32. Giordano Suaria

    My Phone Rings! :)

  33. Niknutter

    Genuis x

  34. Joao Felix

    You are amazing| i prefer earing you today. You are better! Thank you|

  35. Vai Man

    Such an awesome writer and musician

  36. HeavyBertation

    This song.  This God damn song. This motherfucking, God damn song. This amazing, beautiful, powerful song.



    I am speechless. Damn. Fuck.. Damn.  Fucking guitar intro rules.  Jesus,

    Wall of sound.  Can't speak.  Mind blown.  Chorus hook is fucking wicked. JESUS. Dynamics of this song are amazing. Shit shucks fuck.  Lyrically emotional but not contrived. Lord almighty.   My foot hurts but I don't give a sheeeaht because this song... wait for it...takes my motherfucking pain away.  

    Nik Kershaw if by some miracle, you read this comment, your music has played a huge part in helping me to lead a happy life.  From one father to another, I thank you for your music, your gift to all of us. (Sorry about the swearing, I was a tad excited when I found this song.)


    Totally agree! The more baffling thing in life is so few of us seem to get it??? Best secret in British Pop for the last 30 years. I've introduced quite a few people to Nik's work and they are hooked and amazed he's not been a bigger part in their life. If Simon Cowell wants to avoid eternal in-damnation in Hell - he needs to use his influence to put Nik back in the national concious where he belongs!!

  37. linda

    Yeah, I like it !

  38. Nst

    Nik still rocks :)

  39. David Tooze

    It's like the 80's never went away...:)

  40. 45insite

    THE most under estimated singer-songwriter.

  41. merakix

    Nik is wonderful, the best!!!!!!

  42. Killlllah1

    Wow this really is amazing. Nik once again outdone himself... I have this song on repeat :)!!

  43. 303391301

    nick back at his best

  44. Kim Brazell

    just having received some sad news about a friend,this song is perfect. Nik always has a song that is just right.This album 8 is just wonderful, but as can be said of all of his music.

  45. Becki Kaze

    What a song!

  46. Gianluca Vitali


  47. Stephen Ashlee


  48. Maggie Stevenson

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!! as always.........x

  49. gal zaffern

    one of his best tracks ever!!! just love it!!!

  50. Andreas Novak

    Ja, jag hinner nog ej heller åka på båten, man blir borta 24 timmar, han spelar bara 45 minuter...

    Jo, plattan släpptes för ett år sen på ett bolag i Australien - kul att få göra,
    men försvinner lätt i mängden...

  51. Zirdalak

    Kul att höra! Tack för att du delade med dig. :) Hörde din egna musik också, spännande att du gjort ett album. Det är ju sånt man drömmer om. :)
    Fan, 4 oktober är det sämsta datumet det kunde ha varit. Jag får se om jag kan åka till UK istället någon gång...

  52. Andreas Novak

    Han lirar på Cinderella, Viking Line den 4 oktober!

    PS. kolla min min egna, enkla lilla version av en av hans låtar:

  53. Zirdalak

    VA!? Ska han spela här?? Var när hur?? Jag måste höra honom. Absolut.

  54. Andreas Novak

    Jag med! Jag accepterade egentligen bara hårdrock på 80-talet, men hans genialiska låtar fick mig på fall redan då. En annan favvo är hans "Wounded" från 2002 - spana in den!

    Hoppades på att hinna åka Viking Cinderella nu i okt när han spelar, men jag hinner nog ej...

  55. Zirdalak

    Tja, ditt alias låter rätt svenskt. ;) Roligt! Jag har också gillat Nik sen jag först hörde honom på 80-talet. :)

  56. Andreas Novak

    Ja, det är jag! Förstod du det på mitt anvädarnamn ;-) ?

  57. Andreas Novak

    Yes I am! Hur visste du det? Gammalt Nik-fan.

  58. Zirdalak

    Är du svensk? :) Kul isåfall, att det finns flera svenska fans. ;)

  59. Zirdalak

    Great song, great artist! One of the best singers in Britain really. :)

  60. Inspiring Edinburgher

    Nik Kershaw proves class is permanent and form is temporary!

  61. PrincessKetty

    I love this song!

  62. Andreas Novak

    Fantastic song!!