Nik Kershaw - The Sky's The Limit Lyrics

You could be a rider, fisherman, a fighter
You could be a jewel in the crown
You could be a leader, doctor or a diva
You could be the talk of this town

You could be designer, major or minor
You could be a game show host
You could drive your race car, president or pop-star
You could be the first past the post

You could be amazing, funny and brave
And lucky and glorious

The sky's the limit
So dive on in it
Go, fly you're colors
So high above us
Just beginning
So don't look down
cause the sky's the limit!

You could be the wise one, tougher than top gun
You could be the king of it all
You could be queen bee, bigger than the big cheese
You could be the belle of the ball
You could be inspiring or beguiling or notorious

The sky's the limit
So dive on in it
Go, fly you're colors'
So high above us

And bring me back a souvenir
The next time you're around
Now fly before there's too much here
To keep you on the ground

When you got a view so clear
Ain't no fear of falling

The sky's the limit
So dive on in it
Go, fly you're colors
So high above us
You're just beginning
So don't look down
cause the sky's the limit!

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Nik Kershaw The Sky's The Limit Comments
  1. Emily Alterio

    I remember as a young teen, seeing your video Wouldnt it be Good and fell in love with you lol. I remember the interview of how in the making of that video they had you wearing Scotchlite on your outfit and how u said it was in uncomfortable 😁 Your voice is still heavenly, and talented. Would love to know the guitar you use. Used to play Fender, but now trying Ibanez. Would love a Hagstrom Fantomen. One day lol. Thank you for making my early teenage years easier. 🥰🥰🖤🖤

  2. Adam Dawson

    His voice has hardly changed and his voice sounds very young.

  3. chertele

    Hello, Nik from Russia! I still remember your "The Riddle" on my father magnitophone in 80th

  4. themadrona

    The Album was released shortly before my Niece gave birth to her wonderful daughter Marie (my grandniece). Unfortunately they lived in the USA that time (from Germany). So I send my niece this song as a "gift" for her daughter to show, that she can be everything she want to. Now it's Marie's song and my niece allways plays it on her birthday... this year the 7th time :)

  5. Petr Groh


  6. nigelsdebbie

    Such a beautiful song, I'm still so in love with this man!💓 You are all so fortunate to see him perform today. Unfortunately, because I'm in the USA, Idon't think I'll ever see his shows again.

  7. Stefan Neureuther

    What will happen, if you perform this together with Chris de Burgh?
    Or He with you?
    You both together will rock the whole world again!

  8. anthony wall

    My daughter name after the brother lost to cancer 3 years earlier was born in 2012, the year this was released. this song was beautiful without this fact

  9. ruth le

    Love that song so much

  10. Reeve Savage

    the sky is not the limit, when there's Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism to look forward to

  11. Grant Tully

    Nice one Nik - you've still got it.Please keep them coming.....

  12. Toxic Playz

    I cant beleive you are not very popular in 2019 you are such an amazing singer

  13. gal zaffern

    nik is just the best out there :)

  14. themadrona

    Sent this to my niece after she gave birth to her daughter. It will allways be very special to us!

  15. Lisa Southern

    i'm doing this song in choir

  16. David Rathmann

    Absolutely love this song. So motivational. It is pure class, like Nik himself.

  17. Onderet Francis

    Superbe chanson !!

  18. Chess of Confusion

    2019 loving it

  19. LMA UK


  20. Ms Cheryl B

    Niks vocal cords are just so, One Of The Best.

  21. Paulo Amarante

    I had the chance to be present at Nik's concert in Coliseu do Porto with my son, who was just 18 at the time, and we both loved it. It's a beautiful song with such an inspiring message for the youngsters.

  22. Calin Alexxx

    hit it, Nik! luv u, Bristol man!

  23. D. N.

    What a great song. Nik Kershaw - still sexy and sounding good so many years later. Keep going!

  24. Siegfried Divoky

    A really beutiful and inspiring song, love it and also the new albums is a beutifull piece of musik, with interesting and good written songs that carries you through a "bad day with a big smile" :)

  25. Astria_Cat:3

    The universe gives us Nick Kershaw. We are too fortunate. Amazing gifts he brings to lift up and out and over .

  26. Daniel Ribeiro

    Música fixe

  27. K.C. Melekyan

    Where was I all this time? This is so therapeutic-- it spreads the eternal light, where the music and the lyrics are intertwined and enter your soul, inspiring to be your very best in this world. Nik, listening to your songs, I always wanted to be your friend just to chat and understand-- how do you write these fantastically inspiring masterpieces. Thank you, and please-- write more songs, and yes-- please come to the US, to Los Angeles. There were 2 melodies that penetrated my world-- this one, and... Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen... From where? to what?

  28. Ambienfinity Music

    Some musicians survive their popular "flavour of the month" periods and keep producing great music - Nik's one of them. Ace track.

    Barry Jones

    fantastic saw nic at the 02 brum and met him .great guy ace in the 80s and still the same today

    Ambienfinity Music

    @Barry Jones fantastic - he's a great musician - I've always liked him and his music. I love this song.

    Timothy Weston

    Agreed. 😁

  29. Nina Jacqueline

    Very proud of you because of your being here and this creative talent..BIG LOVE and inspiration for all the people in this universe

  30. Penni

    After years of searching for this song (or what I considered, “the song where a dude walks on mountains & sings nice things about the sky”...) I’ve finally rediscovered it.

    The reason why this song is so important to me, is this: Ever since I was a very young girl, I’ve suffered with awful anxiety. When I was in second grade, we did a project called “The Sky Is The Limit” and this would be our ‘theme song’ for the topic. I remember, as a six year old, I would sing along to this song & beg my parents to play it all the time, because it was “inspiring” and made me feel like I could be even stronger than my anxiety.

    Now, as an emo, music-obsessed & depressed teenager in high school, I’m literally sitting on my bathroom floor (don’t ask xD) crying & listening to this song, yet somehow laughing at the same time..(-Laughing because this is such a contradiction compared to my current music taste; My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots & Motionless In White..etc) But I’m crying because I’ve realised what an affect music has had on me ever since I was a small child. Music, really, has been the only thing that was always there for me...No matter what.

    As a second grader, I obviously never predicted that the art behind this very song (music) would be what saved my life when I grew up to be a suicidal teen who suffers from depression and BDD. Perhaps this song was what got me so interested & passionate about music...?

    Anywho, music is what saved my life (multiple times), so listening to this brings me back to my early years & feel extremely grateful for the amazing artists to have helped make me who I am to this day. (I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a few emo bands...😭🖤)

    So, I just want to tell you guys that, you are going to get through whatever the FUCK you’re fighting, okay?

    Your demons? You’re bigger than them. Your mind? You own it. Your depression? You can & will defeat it. Your low self esteem? You can boost that shit up, because I believe in you. Whatever it is; whether it’s some worries, stress, grief, bullying, depression, self harm, EDs, or even just a few bad days in general... You, my love, are going to get through it. Just as long as you don’t give up. I promise you. 🖤❤️

    *Music is the best drug. <3*

    ~Penni, a smol emo bean :3

    John O'Shea

    Thank you for writing this


    Music is the best.

  31. Renato Cavallero

    questo brano è di una bellezza...mozzafiato! :D...grande Nik !!!

  32. Carla Coelho

    Boa música nik

  33. Steven Atkinson

    I'm glad to see he is still making music. Hope life is treating you well Nik!

  34. lm5827


  35. robert2594

    His voice is still killin it....oh yeahh!!...Forever green 80's stars😃

  36. Dani Neilson

    I'm so in love with this man

  37. D. N.

    Little man you're the bomb!

  38. James Coleman

    Inspiring, wonderful, timeless!

  39. ruth le

    Love this so much!!!

  40. Susanneh Nilsson

    tråkig låt sorry o say but keep it up

  41. Emily Renshaw

    Will you come to my schol some time

  42. Andreas Leu

    you are one of my favs...thanks Nik and live longer please👉🐍❤🐍🎶🎶🎶☘☘☘

  43. Tut tutter

    We went to see Nik perform recently at Maidenhead and it was sad to see that most of the audience were there purely for his 1980s hits. His later work only received polite applause, but for me it's much richer and more beautiful and deserves more attention.

  44. spannamatronic

    Saw this song performed live in Worthing a couple of weeks ago and it just grabbed me. My daughter is the same age as Nik's when he wrote it. Love both this and the acoustic version.

  45. zonnyzunny

    Heard him sing this tonight in New Brighton on the Wirral - said it's about his daughter. He's great.

    Dušan Mosný

    but...he has no daughter

    Maria Martinez

    He has a daughter called Izzy

  46. Captain Crunch

    On the album Fly from the Eddie the Eagle soundtrack!!!!

  47. BK007

    Thank you for everything Nik. I bought your first album in 1984. I am 5 years younger than you and have been blessed with your talent ever since,

  48. John Christian Catalan

    I like the music so much....

    motivational music from the film "Eddie the Eagle" :) :) :)

    keep up the good work :D

  49. Dez Delaforce

    Brilliant song. Moves me every time I hear it.

  50. paramanjara

    This song will get me there!

  51. Grant P

    Let this song become a truth for all our children. That is my wish.

  52. stufaman

    This song stopped me in my tracks.
    While it's playing, I forget about how bad things can get.
    Thank you Nik Kershaw.

  53. Grazia2

    Ciao Nik!!! :D :D :D This song is AMAZING!!! :D :D :D XXXXXXXX

  54. Tut tutter

    I play this to my grown-up children (not that they take much notice), but it's so positive and I imagine Nik writing it for his own children. Love it!!!

  55. Neil Scott

    ..theres a line in Man of Steel, where Jor-El when faced with armageddon says 'Look to the stars!' to Zod, for the future of their race.. blue sky thinking, could be the way for saving..

  56. aldrin tan

    Awesome and thoughtful song, and followed by an absolutely terrific and wonderful album "8ight". I wish if I can get his another equally awesome album "15 Minutes" on Spotify.

    bonnie bianco

    We have shops .

  57. Mistysmudge1

    I love this song, saw him in concert in Jan, and he did this, 1st time I had heard it, beautiful song that he wrote for his daughter 💗😃

  58. Tum The Tutor

    love and inspired.

  59. Nina Jacqueline you so much and all what I can say is that you are some of the People that inspired me since I was young...

  60. -LYRAH- online

    Ok, here's the thing.. Some time ago Spotify threw this song at me (probably because of some older N.K.'s stuff I have in my playlists) and at first I happily ignored it. Recently however I rediscovered it and it has grown on me SO much... And today I heard the acoustic version here on youtube and it just literally reduced me to tears - I mean in a good sense, of course :-) This happens to me extremely rarely, btw... what can I say - a wonderful piece of songwriting, thank you Nik. Al.

  61. Purple Dancer

    Oh maaaannn I love this song so much! There is no age in music he will be always the best and he is still so handsome. ❤

  62. Lavalamps

    Good one Nik,  love this!

  63. Steven Reid

    Brilliant writing as always from Nik, one of those you crank up the volume, close your eyes and listen to the lyrics.

  64. ukraineme

    love the song so much.. the lyrics superb

  65. Alex Lu


  66. Dusica Kostic

    really amazing artist Nik..!!

  67. Cannibal Rose

    Love this so much. This song, this album, hell Nik period is so underrated.

  68. MissGemma 3

    this is for my beautiful 6ft 14 year old daughter that hasn't got the personality to realisewho she is yet a school refuser whom has been bullied because she is beautiful and different

  69. kevin McCabe

    This one is even more precious than all the other precious one's. ..absolutely brilliant. ....

  70. Georgina Herman

    Nik, like wine, I love his voice, his songs. It's caress your soul. I love you Nik.

  71. Chess of Confusion

    this vid needs more likes.

  72. Tramvinicyus

    Hansome, unique, exactly the same since I was 16 and he was 26. I love you Nik, I've been loving you for more than 30 years, I always will. When you came here I was in Australia, but I 'll never be able to forget you. Veeneecho from Rome (Italy)

  73. Lissaluma121

    I love this song, it's so beautiful!

  74. Joanna Dimitrova

    WoW! Well done, Nik! A fresh, positive song that we want to listen over and over again :)

  75. Matt Sf

    I've always loved his 80s stuff, mainly "Don Quixote" and "The Riddle"  but Nik has made a comeback, and it's good stuff...lots of acoustic guitar.  I wonder if he's touring again.

    Petri Lampela

    Actually he made the comeback almost 18 years ago with the album "15 Minutes" and has released several albums after that.

  76. Greta Ozerski

    Nik Kershaw is quite the talented artist, throughout his time he delivered great music, its such a shame not many individuals from this generation can appreciate the Raw talent if I could go back to the eighties I totally would.

  77. Mark Horton

    A beautiful inspiring song. Haven't heard Nik Kershaw since the eighties. I'm glad to have rediscovered him.

  78. TheCapten64

    if you ever have depression, this will destroy every last bit of it


    So true :') ♥

    Mari Rocha

    Nik's a singer, he is not a magician or a doctor

  79. 1983beebs

    Beautiful quality song  I've been a huge fan since Human Racing Rock on Nik!

  80. Trish S.

    oh wow such a breathtaking video and the words, are so touching.. I love it

  81. Lauri Alvarado

    Just want to say...I love you Nik! 😘

  82. prtnds

    Hi mr t

  83. Dorota Burzymowska

    Ignore my last comment. I wanted to say, that the title should be The Sky is NOT the limit, coz u can do wat evr u want unless u believe in ur self and the sky isnt the limit coz there is still space and stars ect.

    Btw Luv that song !!!!!!!!!!

  84. Dorota Burzymowska

    In school we are doin one of william shakespears play called romeo and juliet and we will be sinin it. So awsome !!!!

    By the way, quick notice to Mr. Nik

  85. Milena Dadak

    i love it were doing it in romeo and juliet :)

  86. Kollect-O-maniaK

    Another incredibly moving song by just about the most consistently faultless song writer of modern times and even before his time there is little to touch him, one day soon I hope he will gain the worldwide recognition he rightly deserves.

  87. Krisztina Csiki

    Wonderful song, beautiful lyrics. When things go bad, sometimes a song like this is enough to get us back on our feet again... thank you, NK.

  88. Ricardo Nunes

    Such inspiring views...

  89. ThePyjamarama

    Just discovered this song, and it's awsome! Let's hope we don't have to wait long for ni9e.. ;)

  90. aamph1999

    This Song is so Orgasmic cause its shit. fucking gay

  91. Pianodean

    Nik Kershaw wrote my 2nd favorite song of all time (Wouldn't it Be Good) and for some reason, I have never checked out any of his "recent" material and after hearing this...I'm kicking myself.  This is beautiful.  I love it!

    Greg Cloninger

    Wow, Bokka-bokka Dean-Dean. "Wouldn't It Be Good" is one of my Top Five Songs Of All Time. Do you ever play it onstage? I did a few times in Savannah, but my impression was that the audience didn't know it. I haven't played it in years, but i love to listen to the recording. Do you have the extended mix? I like that version, too.


    @Greg Cloninger Bokka-bokka chewbacca-pneumonia.  I have played it a handful of times when it "didn't matter" what we played and the only person who ever knows it is Greg Laughlin.  In fact, the only people I know who remember "Wouldn't it Be Good" at all are either musicians or DJ's.  Shame...but in a way I kinda like it.  


    @Dean Edwards I think I've heard the extended mix....if I haven't I will soon....checking now.

    Joanne Oliver

    I was a massive fan at the beginning..but only catched up again in 2012 when Nik played an intimate gig in Newcastle. I'm intervivewing him this week so i need to supress 13 year old me and be the 46 year old professional.

    Joanne Oliver

    I was a massive fan at the beginning..but only catched up again in 2012 when Nik played an intimate gig in Newcastle. I'm intervivewing him this week so i need to supress 13 year old me and be the 46 year old professional.

  92. Charles Dahl

    Who couldn't like this song? It's beautiful, and Nik Kershaw just keeps getting better!

  93. Alfie Aliligay

    wow if I closed my eyes I imagine its a a young Nik Kershaw singing as if time never goes by and nothing is changed

  94. Ian Media Video Production & TV Marketing

    Love his voice. An 80s icon who gave my generation a soundtrack and always kept creating music no matter what. So glad to see him getting more attention.

  95. SweetestCocktail

    Great song. I love it

  96. Stephen Ashlee

    You know what,this guy im gonna have too say is the most talented songwriter ever,i know thats hard too say as there is so many but this guys lyrics are brilliant,i have all of niks albums and i've got too say that this just edges 15 minutes album which i thought would take some beating,superb nik kershaw does it again.

  97. hrpuffnstuff67

    The whole album 8 is incredible . I hope you come to the States