Nik Kershaw - Save The Whale Lyrics

In turquoise inner space
the giants live with grace
At peace with peace,
at peace with god and men

Their spirits rise and fall
much greater than us all
They trust too much
to see their bitter end
"Never in a million years", they say
"it could never come to this, no way"
You should never trust man, my friends

So as I stare to sea
the salt winds call to me
And as they call
I hang my head in shame
any other world would call their bluff
but any other world would scream enough
The ocean cries louder to me

Save the whale... save the whale... save the whale
Save the whale... save the whale... save the whale

To never kiss and tell
their factory ship farewell
With every scream
a piece of conscience dies
lying in a crimson resting place
crying with a smile upon his face
the giant dies trusting in me

any other world would call their bluff
but any other world would scream enough
the ocean cries louder to me

Save the whale... save the whale... save the whale
and jesus christ almighty
save the whale... save the whale... save the whale
for all our sakes... save the whale

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Nik Kershaw Save The Whale Comments
  1. lapamful

    "At peace with peace, at peace with god and man." ❤️

  2. Jon Aanensen

    "The giant dies trusting in me".

  3. Danny Jourdain

    Such a master piece, just like every song he ever made ♥

  4. KEVIN1965ish

    I`ve just heard that the Japenese are restarting whale hunting...DISGUSTING...

  5. bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    I remember the very first time I heard The Riddle album. It was a very enjoyable experience.

  6. Dariusz Rosolak

    końcówa końcówa....arena arena...

  7. Raihan Ahmed

    One of greatest and precious song of Nik

  8. Melissa Miller

    This song does me in. Listened to it over and over as a teen.

  9. musixpression

    Good musician. Everyone who could come clean, should sang somehow the same.

  10. Lkaysha91

    At the 2:35 mark, is he singing "con su voz, balena"? As in, ""with your voice, whale"?

    Far Queue 2

    Lkaysha91 I always wanted to know what those lyrics were. Thank you, I now assume you’re right.

    Nnelg Drahcir

    Only now after learning Spanish do I understand that bit yes sounds like it.

  11. ❤Bless His Soul❤ Mjfangirlgal45

    so powerful

  12. Ben Champion

    Nik goes prog! Cool tune👌🏻

  13. Thomas SHARONIARD

    HURTS (with Theo Hutchcraft) have to do something with it !!

  14. Thomas SHARONIARD

    MASTERPIECE so moving i'm deeply moved to tears :')

  15. Brent Crude

    Nik's darkest and most haunting song. If you're listening to the album in sequence, it has such a sobering effect coming right after the playful "Wide Boy". I always stop whatever I'm doing and stay still for all six minutes.

  16. Raihan Ahmed

    Plz get 'Save the whale' orginal song.

  17. Billabob

    Nik's weakest song, in my opinion... It's nice, but I just feel it goes on for too long.

  18. Piotr Matuszczyk

    mr. Kershaw is a real genius!

  19. StoryOfMyLifeBruv

    this song gives me chills

  20. SkyScenery

    03:34 onward... Oh my god, soundorgasm for me ;)

  21. john bee

    green peace has done it...we have done it.....i cry for the whale and the planet...such a long way to go.

  22. keithfrmcov

    It certainly hits the spot emotionally.


    Its a very powerful and emotional song,makes Nik Kershaw an even better musician in my opinion

    Drew Layton

    Everything he ever did was both powerful and clever. He's important.

  24. Ese Callum


  25. cjackson1022cj

    I heard this tonight for the first time in years and it made me cry.

    Raihan Ahmed

    cjackson1022cj true

    Steve van Velvet

    Same here!

  26. Paul Lavan

    How great are you, Nik? More than 30 years now.

    Omri Arbely

    still great..2016

  27. Electricshrock


  28. Stefan Wilke

    even after 25 years after this song was pubslished no one was able or willing to stop the killing of the whales. The population has not recovered since then and we have so much to learn and listen from the whales. Nik Kershaw is a prophet,

  29. dean whyte

    love this song

  30. sgtgrash

    I'm glad I am not the only one. Perhaps more than any other this track demonstrates just how consummate a songwriter Nik is... ;)

  31. ronald2394

    Even at 63 this song makes me cry.......another H bomb on Japan please.

  32. anthony wall

    the 84 live version of this is one of the most amazing pieces of music i have ever heard. the studio version is great too mind. dont miss the great man on his accoustic tour this year coming to a town near you, maybe, see his website for dates.

    philip rose

    26th December 2018 the Japanese Government announces its to begin slaughtering these gods of the sea. My heart breaks as it did 34 year when I first heard this song. Shame on us.

  33. joroma77

    I had a hunch that he was of the Faith. He sings about the dark forces behind the scenes, in Faces. And The Riddle is another clue.

    Kathy Smith

    joroma77 I've been hunting on the net trying to find if he was as his album this was off brought me great peace in my teens I would play it to go to sleep. Your right he declares Jesus as God Almighty which is proof enough he was ministering to me the Holy Spirit through the song! That's why it effected me so. I think it was the only cassette I had.

  34. Khalid Al-Muharraqi

    Love it...

  35. lassielaughs

    this reminds me of my anger as a teenager, justified

  36. Spillikin

    one of my favourite songs from my early teens - thanks for posting