Nik Kershaw - Promises, Promises Lyrics

Just one look at those baby brown eyes
And all is understood
Ain’t no stopping you falling inside
And staying there for good
She won’t go doing those terrible things
Like messing with your heart
Pushing your buttons and pulling your strings
Sure that’s true, no she’ll never hurt you

Did you ever see a face like that
A picture of peace
A vision of honesty
Did you ever see anything so beautiful
So alive with promises, promises

And there ain’t nobody would dare come by
To tear her from your arms
Ain’t nobody as mighty and high
To keep her safe from harm
But you don’t have a hope in hell
You don’t have a chance
She’ll always be your mademoiselle
Lost in praise for her clever young ways

Did you ever see a face like that
A picture of peace
A vision of honesty
Did you ever see anything so beautiful
So alive with promises, promises

She’ll never say goodbye, never fall from grace
Did you ever hear a cry

Did you ever see a face like that
A picture of peace
A vision of honesty
Did you ever see anything so beautiful
So alive with promises, promises

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Nik Kershaw Promises, Promises Comments
  1. Anastasia Ozerova

    I think this song is about Paul Young's wife when she went off to have another partner with whom she got a child, outside of the "commitment" to Paul. Yet, the couple never officially divorced and later got together again. Nik never dated anyone with brown eyes, but Paul has brown eyes. I think also from the timeframe, (Paul was essentially "single" at that point) Nik was consciously trying to get some kind of reaction out of Paul, would he listen to the album. Promises, promises of a great love affair, but it all broke apart. I believe Oh you beautiful thing to be a message for Paul too, as the first song on the album. Try to swap the pronouns and see what happen.

  2. Elvan Melike Sütlü

    This is my fav song and my taste in music is GREAT. SO WHY SO UNDERRATED WTF

  3. Daniel Ribeiro

    Winer Nk

  4. Porcz Gabi

    Have been a Nik Kershaw fan since 1983 and to this day, remain a huge fan of his and all his music, even the latter releases.
    I just wish his latter music was played on radio. Superb ear-candy and melodies.

  5. Astria_Cat:3

    From a listeners standpoint it won't get much better than this . This music hits every emotion possible it's almost impossible to describe how full I feel musically emotionally . Love the lead work its irrational but fits the controlled chaos of vocals and lyrics. 10 thumbs up NK

  6. Robert Davies


  7. David Jones

    My Favorite Musician. Yeah Nik. You beat the Beatles for me..Hard conquest. But you did it alone....

  8. LordLionelBond

    As I child I was obsessed with NK. Wrote to Jim'll Fix It asking to meet him ffs. I have revisited his music on and off through the years. But it's only recently that I discovered albums 5 and onwards. There's some real quality stuff in there. Happy to be a revitalised fan all these years later.

  9. David Ticktum

    Love Nik's melodies, a very talented man.

  10. Haley Buckles

    I listened to this song about 9-10 years ago as a teenager, and I enjoyed the song, but I didn't think it was great. Now that I'm grown, I'm absolutely blown away by the moving, deep lyrics. An absolutely beautiful song.

  11. oO Oo

    Great song!

  12. CaptainOatwright

    Ear worm song- so many great melodies in one song and awesome classic Kershaw guitar solo

  13. Ian Snyder

    remarkable guitar solo...genius..does anyone know if Nil overdubbed part of the guitar solo?...astounding work..Nick you inspire me as a guitarist. .

    Ian Snyder

    I meant overdubbed!

  14. Billabob

    Why doesn't this have a million views?!

    Simone Riemersma

    Good question!! I'm responsible for quit some views :D. Bought the CD too ... Nik has great music, absolutely love it!!

    lofthouse leo

    It's mad,isn't it,Nik is an icon of note!

  15. kevin McCabe

    l can't stop playing this another masterpiece, I'm so glad he's unleashed the guitars his style and technique are inspirational...

  16. arc stnemas

    I don't get bored with NK

  17. Vadim Ganzha

    It is brilliant!!!!!

  18. Paul Lavan

    Many thanks for this, Killlllah. At least some of us know how great this man has continued to be.

  19. skintrade

    My favorite track from the album

  20. theraggedtiger

    Nik without a doubt!!! :P <3

  21. Danny Dyer's chocolate homunculus

    Come on, the burning question. Nik and Howard Jones in a scrap. Who would win?

  22. codern

    he's not just a great talent but a really nice down to earth guy

  23. RiddleRiddle1000

    I can't describe my big love towards Nik Kershaw and his impressive music

  24. 22ndWave

    Very impressive guy especially now he's getting older

  25. 45insite

    Beautiful,deep, meaningful insightful. As usual.

  26. tommyfrogy

    I somehow like to play his music loud, makes it even better...

  27. david carral

    i didn't stop listenning it since i was to nice in france in holidays one week ego

  28. ElliS OWENN

    @kershawkrazy You're right !!! ;D So , you can SHARE THIS VIDEO ON FACEBOOK and everywhere you can for your friends ! OK ? GOOoooooooooooooooo ! ******** Thanks for NIK KERSHAW that you can also listen to on MYSPACE and on his OFFICIAL WEBSITE ! :DD

  29. david carral

    personnaly, i don't know but i think (if you deep read the lyrics) he talk about baby about innonence

  30. madeleine exley

    Brilliant Album...hes an amazing writer/performer. I play it in my car every day!! x

  31. guely55

    He is just great!

  32. trappedsoul7

    amazing song.

  33. Sinna Hill

    I´ve got tickets for his show in Bochem in Germany next´s on the same night as the eurovision songcontest...well don´t expect anything from Holland again this year, but Nik...1000 points!!!!!!

  34. sideshowlol

    Nik is a gem - rare and precious and seems to get better with age. One of the best. "You've got to laugh" is a superb album.

  35. renoma paris

    i like him and his song
    his song teach me something

  36. Brian Harkins

    I agree - Nik is a powerful song writer/performer! Needs more credit and airplay, or summink!!

  37. Stephen Ashlee

    If you havent got his latest album you've got to laugh,then why not,this must be the best album yet,so hard to say that as all his albums are genious,FANTASTIC artist,dont let anybody else say otherwise.

  38. Kev Moore

    Would've oved to have caught his solo acoustic show! I know Chesney's Dad - Chip hawkes, and he told me once a few years ago when we worked together that Nik and him had recorded an album together that never saw the light of day and just sits on a record company shelf. I guess "Jane doe" is from those sessions.

  39. Romei62

    It's sad that artists who are not fit to lace his shoes get all the plaudits.
    This album is a work of genius.Saw Nik live last month in London where he played solo acoustic.Fantastic artist and human being!!

  40. Kev Moore

    Nik Kershaw is one of the UKs greatest artists, and an underrated genius.

  41. Mike Spencer

    This is very Radiohead-y for a Nik Kershaw song in my opinion

  42. david carral

    really good song as others from the album