Nik Kershaw - All About You Lyrics

I do believe that you believe most everything you’ve told me
Incredibly, you’d guarantee the crock of shit you sold me
You still deny a single lie has ever passed from your lips
You play the game, say I’m to blame. I must be paranoid

I must be paranoid

This song is about you
All about you
All about you

You carry on like nothing’s wrong, the mother of invention
The centre of some kind of love, the centre of attention
I do declare you’re unaware you’ve even got a problem
No telling you. All I can do is try to spell it out

In case there’s any doubt
Let me spell it out

This song is about you
All about you
All about you

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Nik Kershaw All About You Comments
  1. James McCarthy

    This song really deliver's a powerfull chorusl and yet its so upbeat in spite of what the lyric's are actually about.
    Top notch from a musical maestro !!!

  2. Andulka vlnkovaná

    how the fuck this can have only 7k views?

  3. hollyyt53

    nothing to do but look at what's on You Tube I was looking on Itunes one day trying to find his hit from the 80s Wouldn't It Be Good and could not find that but did find this album mentioned and after all the positive comments about it decided to download it...what a wonderful decision. There is not a bad song on this collection.....all standouts. Brilliant.

  4. Stephen Ashlee

    What can i say,Nik Kershaw superb artist,im so proud to own all of his albums

  5. RiddleRiddle1000

    @VittellaY tu peux me tutoyer toi aussi :) moi je suis maltaise mais je parle bien le français :)

  6. RiddleRiddle1000

    @VittellaY de rien :) est-ce que vous etes française?

  7. RiddleRiddle1000

    @VittellaY i read an article saying that after the divorce, people spoke to sheri about it and she prefered not to say anything about it. poeple also said it was quite a shock they divorced since they had been a very close couple

  8. RiddleRiddle1000

    @VittellaY i think his new wife. i can b mistaken

  9. MisterKindergarten

    Love it!