Nightwish - Whoever Brings The Night Lyrics

We seduce the dark with pain and rapture
Like two ships that pass in the night
You and I - a whore and a bashful sailor
Welcome to a sunrise of a dirty mind

All your love is a lie
You're one-night butterfly
Hurt me, be the one
Whoever brings the night

The Dark created to hide the innocent white, the lust of night
Eyes so bright, seductive lies
Crimson masquerade where I merely played my part
Poison dart of desire


Choose a bride tonight
A fantasy for a zombie
Hurt me - I love to suffer
Your harem's a dream for free

Suck from us and live forever
Rotten beauty
Will haunt you for a lifetime

Come with me under water
And drown to despise me no more
Unholy, unworthy
My night is a dream for free

[Chorus x2]

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Nightwish Whoever Brings The Night Comments
  1. kaykay nah

    dark passion play, such a good album

  2. Aneesah Ajam

    13 year old me: *Looks at the word "instrumental" for the soundtrack ingame* Hm I wonder what the original lyrics are...

    Me now: *Finally discovering the lyrics and learning the song is about a siren* Damn

  3. Trashy Artificial Intelligence

    Creative mod is all shits and giggles until that one random player flies away and this starts blasting

  4. Indiana Liam

    Me: So... what level we playing?
    Friend: Just wait and see...
    *level loads, this goddamn music starts playing and we are on a boat*

  5. Karen Mejia

    This song (with no voice)apears in lbp2


    That called instrumental also I love LBP :D

  6. Gato da Batata Frita

    LBP anyone? This one is lit💯👌

  7. Meme Shorti

    Me: Oh god,no more robots! X(
    Susan: Chillax…this one has a *_MASSIVE_* upgrade!
    Me: meep 0_0 …

  8. Wendra Torrenz

    Dander 1493
    Thanks for putting this on your channel. I love 😍 this song. Itsuwari No Daishou brought me to here. They used the beginning of this song to the beginning of the manga. In the comments section of Itsuwari No Daishou a person gave me this song & artist to come here.

  9. Edvil53


  10. Dmitry XDSIB

    Such a great guitar riff!

  11. Dmitry XDSIB

    The riff kicks ass!

  12. Fluminox5284 -

    Lbp2 was EPIC

  13. Thiccen

    This is the perfect soundtrack for a kids game such as LittleBigPlanet.

  14. Gold's Gym: Cardio Workout

    Damn it, the lyrics have ruined my childhood. Also, until I clicked on this video, I thought that train(?) was a tiger. I miss my innocence. Back before I was 6 and that older kid taught me the birds and the bees (and the bubbles), back when my dad would walk into my room and NOT care that my favorite stuffed animal was right beside me... What? Why are you looking like that?

  15. Jacob Nehr

    When you realize your favorite song from lbp has lyrics

  16. OscarUT

    I need it in clone hero >:)

  17. Benjamin White

    Enter Suck from us and live forever
    Rotten beauty will haunt you for a lifetime!

    I fucking love the middle part of this song!

  18. JamnEXE

    Am I the only one annoyed with the description's pointless commas?

  19. Apt23 / The Forgotten

    Whoever thought this was a good idea to put this song LBP 2 was crazy. Not cuz the song sucks but it’s way out of context in my opinion. This song is pretty awesome.

  20. Chas Larcomb

    An orchestral metal song about a prostitute, in a video game that's basically 9 (the 2009 film) except for kids.
    Who knew?

  21. Shenghan Wang

    3:11 anyone noticed that Anette hit a horrifyingly low note there?


    I know right? There are men that are unable to hit that low. Anette's low register is amazing

  22. Brad Maxwell

    Whomst'd'ever Brings the Night

    Nirmal Babu


    Hooda the Antagonist

    @cameron bayless afternoon

    Plush Candy

    You medieval madman!

  23. Talbot's Place

    I have this CD but it got all scratched up. I'd forgotten how good it is. She does a bang up job on this material. Not so much on the 'classics.' And now we have Floor who does it all.

  24. Kirbymasters87

    Oh yes the first boss of LBP2

  25. X Critic

    According to the wiki, this is the only song from the band written by Emppu. From the solo at the start I would say it holds water.

    IJN Yamato

    Who is Emppu?
    And what is so special about that?

    Nirmal Babu

    @IJN Yamato Emppu is their guitarist. He's known for his melodic and heavy riffs.

    IJN Yamato

    @Nirmal Babu

    What does he have to do with lyrics?
    Why he made the lyrics?
    Again, what's so weird about that?

    Nirmal Babu

    RFS Korolev he did not write the lyrics, Tuomas did. Nobody called it weird, it’s just a special song because it’s the only one composed by Emppu


    @IJN Yamato it's not weird, it's just different, Toumas is the one that usually writes the songs


    Pingun ADHD 😂😂😂

  27. Smashkid9

    I will always associate this song with shooting down a spaceship while piloting a bee


    SAME! From the Avalonia fight, right?

    Klet Calamity

    @Void Yep!

    Ruby Bandana

    And then your ship crashes

  28. vidaoTime

    It's hard to listen to the lyrics without laughing because it's in little big planet

  29. FlammuleFox The Hentai God

    lbp anyone?

  30. None of your Business

    This might be the most overrated Nightwish song, but idc it's fuckin great

  31. Seven Specialists of Magix

    I love this Nightwish song!!!!!!
    I one of my favorites :-)

  32. victor sandoval

    this song is in power rpg

  33. Star

    Been a fan of Nightwish since 1999.


    fuck the z

  35. Bloodstone [Bloodstone_Music]

    This Song Is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO INTENSE!!!But It's Great!

  36. Luana Vieira

    muito foda essa música

  37. Johnny Weissmuller

    Looks like the Negativitron was originally gonna suck *Other things* than sack boy.

  38. ElYellowBear

    Ains, que recuerdos <3

  39. Viviron Studios

    Does anyone else think that this is about two dirty people (a whore and sailor) on a sailing ship making love and then when it says "Come with me underwater" the ship gets attacked by a Kraken or another sea monster as they try and swim away from it? I do, with it all being by some rocks as the girl tries to climb the rock and then gets pulled down and all is left is her clothing (top, bottom piece, scarf or any other loose item).

    IJN Yamato

    I don't really see much in it.
    Nightwish' songs are either too deep to understand or I'm running low on imagination.

  40. Zorah playz Roblox

    Lol I heard this song from LBP 2

  41. Ravendark

    I fucking hate how some metal songs sometimes get flooded with people who don't actually really listens to the bands. Like this song with Little Big Planet fans, Metallica's Moth Into Flame after the grammy's got flooded with GaGa fans. Same with Quiet Riot's cover of Slade's "Cum On Feel the Noize" that got flooded because of people who played GTA.

    WE DON'T CARE WHY YOU ARE HERE! Just enjoy the fucking song.

    tooskool forkool

    Ravendark never EVER forget call of duty, so many cod kid's flooded avenged sevenfold songs because they were on cod.

  42. Ness lopez

    take my virginity

  43. Leonardo Barba

    Listen at 125% to get some real fun!

  44. MrStrawHat

    I fap to this.

  45. Zi-Guy

    The edge is splitting me in half


    Zi-Guy why is sex edgy?

  46. Chilidragon

    how the fuck did this get in lbp2


    Chilidragon842 they ditched the lyrics

  47. Monsterican Dream

    As far as I'm concerned, this song was written all by Emppu Vuorinen. I wonder what kind of bitch made him write such lyrics, looks like he was betrayed by someone by then :P

    Spock Suchti

    Crystal De Paysant Tuomas wrote the lyrics

    Monsterican Dream

    I think Emppu did, quite sure about that, I'm sure I read that he wrote the entire song on his own..

    Spock Suchti

    He wrote the music. This is what I found about it, it's an extract from a text about the Dark Passion Play Tour in France. It's original language is German, so I'll translate it... sorry, my English isn't the best.

    "In comparison to his [Tuomas'] shy behavior during our conversation the lyrics of "Whoever Brings The Night" appear to be pretty naughty. The song of Emppu is the next one in Marseille and the blond guitarist finally is able to show that a real Power-Metal-Heart is in him. [...] Marco nods vehemently [after the author said the suspect was close that the song was about
    groupies and Jukka said he loved his family and wouldn't risk it for the "so called joy of one night"] and Emppu self-exulpates: "Hey, i just made the music, as always the lyrics had been made by Tuomas", he distracts from himself. Actually it's not until it's about the lyrics that the keyboarder begins to speak. He allows musical contributions of other band members but he insits on the exclusive rule about the words. "It's a selfish trait by me but the lyrics feel like my own world" he ruefully admits. "But I would feel raped if there were someone else's words on the album.""

    It's taken from

  48. Prop Hunt Guy 4589


    Prop Hunt Guy 4589

    Still good


    Prop Hunt Guy 4589 the lyrics are great! What is wrong with you mate!


    MrStrawHat Negativitron boss theme lol

  49. Ignazio P.

    A little bit... Disturbing.


    u mean a Little Big*

  50. Fatima Aragão

    LBP NO . is spoiler !!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck

  51. Zero Bahamut

    am i the only one who hasnt played littlebig planet?
    i used to listen to this band long time ago


    The physics in the game aren't great, but the game is perfect for creativity.

    Patricio Hondagneu Roig

    Didn't even know that game existed before I looked at the comment section. Nightwish is the reason most of us are here though.

    Cindy L

    I've been listening to them since I was in high school 😁 when tarja was still the lead singer.


    Nah I’m old too lmao

    kaykay nah

    I dunno who they talking about, been a fan for years 😂😂 so you're not alone

  52. iWander

    I never knew this had lyrics until now.

  53. Joosep Joonas

    pingu adhd

  54. I may be stupid, but

    Instrumental Version Lyrics: DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN

  55. tK Stolen

    LBP Brought me here


    I found this shit on my own, by listening to her other song, 10th man down, I was surprised when I seen the artist on LBP2

  57. LBPvsSplatoon

    just by hearing these lyrics, make think of this song a totally different way. but I still like a LittleBigPlanet 2

    Taco Comedian

    Samuel Sauceda really?

  58. PsYChO pATh

    i only just noticed the lyrics for this song..... this song..... LittleBigPlanet......this song........LittleBigPlanet.......imagine the vocals came along in the game XD


    Rated E for everyone

  59. EnderSlicer

    Wonder's why MM didn't include the lyrics in LBP2. Sees the word "Whore".

    Taco Comedian

    EnderSlicer just like Lord Raptor right?

    Bill Cosby

    EnderSlicer also wonder why they didn’t include the lyrics in the credit song sleepyhead? *Finds out the artist passion pit basses most songs on depressing subjects*

    Klet Calamity

    Seduce too


    LBP2 brought me here

    Taco Comedian

    DEUCE2CON The Tekken fan! really?

  61. Charley Wakefield

    That Singh is so awesome

    Callum Wakefield

    .... I thought it was someone else

  62. Rono

    Haha, idk if that band cares that the fans of this song mainly consist of LBP fans? I'm one myself :D


    ronobotik never played lbp, but I'm considering it


    MrStrawHat Condidering playing it? I find it fun but a lot of the fun comes from playing with friends! :D

    Eddie The Head

    Yeah i first got it in 2014 and had a blast. But finally in the past month we got another PS3 after losing the old one 2 years ago and i bought lbp2 again. Still catching up

  63. Ray Bracero

    they have this music in LBP3

    Justin Farrell

    It was originally from LBP2, but it's supported in LBP3

  64. opaopa86

    Whenever I hear this song, I instinctively get annoyed because I've only ever heard it in LittleBigPlanet whenever a random player spawns a certain widespread community object in create mode.

    Eddie The Head

    I had so many objects I copied from other players it was great but I haven't played LBP2 since before my PS3 was stolen in early 2016 *sigh*. But my PSN account still exists. If I were to get another ps3 would I still have anything from the game?

    Eddie The Head

    But fir real, what's wrong with that? It's fine... Got lbp2 again a few weeks ago... Feels good to be back

    Benjamin Barnett

    ....Yep. But the song is good.

    JG 301

    I just created something that was even more indestructible and could disable the flying robot, by spawning glitched sticker panel. Was fun showing community noobs their place

  65. destury119

    Alice in shadowland mod :D

  66. Teatrees

    Truly puts the charm in LBP2

  67. DoomSpire GMVs

    Who came here from littlebigplanet2 final boss theme song I did XD 😂

    Karen Mejia

    NOT final boss

    Hezekiah Rodriguez

    @Sebastian Lozano No way, this song is in a game? That's awesome!


    @Hezekiah Rodriguez Without vocals though

    Hezekiah Rodriguez

    @RainbowSuplex Oh, so instrumental, then? I see.

  68. Arielle Haynes

    Who came from Pingu? 😂😂

    Gay penguin named Pie




    Bill Cosby

    Wtf when was this in pingu?

    Klet Calamity

    Don't you remeber the secret alternative ending for Pingu Quarrels with his Mon where the two duke it out?

  69. mario_jr_10

    esta canción sirve para algún jefe final de algún videojuego

    Jaime Ruiz Pérez

    ya esta en little big planet 2 :v


    +Jaime Ruiz Pérez si, pero esta en el 1er jefe y en otro que ya no me acuerdo en que posición esta.

    Jaime Ruiz Pérez

    algo es algo


    Y creo que en el último, hace 2 años que no juego al segundo juego pero creo recordar que sonaba, pasé el juego sin morir y el nivel final lo repetí mucho así que no creo que me equivoque

  70. juan carlos gonzalez hernandez


  71. Aiden Call

    So this is my favorite band and one day got little big planet 2 and decided yeah the first one is good I'll play this too. Never in a million years would I expect this song to be in that game. I flipped out!! I called my dad and was freaking out it was so cool. I thought no one would ever no about the bands I do and I just sat there in awe as I heard my favorite song play. I never expected it in a game let alone a game like Littlebigplanet that was crazy!!!

    Dawn R

    I know right. it is freaking crazy but awwwwwsome!

    DoomSpire GMVs

    Now I play lbp2 and 3 forever ❤️❤️❤️

  72. Herdannu Febrian

    Syndren Teleport me here

  73. Frank Fanelli


  74. Cain Braid

    I really prefer the Instrumental version of this song.

  75. vaeltaja

    My like was the 666th >:D now the song is complete!

    ötsö th3 g4m3r

    vaeltaja hyvä vaeltaja, sun ristiretki on päätetty, olet tuonut lopun maailmalle. Kiitos sinun, kaikkien tuska on nyt poissa, koska jokainen on poissa, olemme kiitollisia tästä

  76. violentpoem

    first heard it from Synderen's stream


    holy crap me too! that's how i got here! his riki rage game lol


    @ppensen Don't forget to buy Blade Mail.

    Stephan Gels

    How saaaad, it's not gonna spaaawn. That's really unfortunate

  77. mohammed saheel


  78. goku ssj3

    I love it

  79. ShadowWolfTJC

    When I 1st heard this on LittleBigPlanet 2, I didn't expect to hear this being sung by a woman. I kind of expected this to be sung death metal style.

    Still, this is a nice music track, although I would still find this entertaining if this was dubbed over karaoke-style by a death metal band, like, say, Metallica or KISS, complete with low-pitched growling sounds and shrieks. :P


    How are Metallica or KISS death metal? The fuck man?

    Aiden Call

    Kiss is not death metal.

    Scary Jerry of Merry KerrieMay’s Prairie

    Metallica and Kiss? Death Metal?? And why Kiss??? Kiss sucks!!!! More like Behemoth.


    To me, the vocal dissonance is what made anette great. Scaretale wouldn't have sounded so... Demented if it had a growling chainsmoker singer.

  80. Rakenmaru

    Frozen dark desire

  81. Areti arctic monkeys

    lovely...but i don't like the new singer's voice :/

  82. BROKEN Soul

    Luv these guys along with Lacuna Coil

  83. nonstopdrivel

    While not a bad song, this is by no means Nightwish at the height of their writing powers. The lyrics seem only tangentially related to the tune. I guess there's a reason this is the only song Emppu has singlehandedly written for the band. 

    Juan M. Quiroga

    @nonstopdrivel I find it quite catchy and super energetic, it may have not been very well composed, but in concerts is kickass


    @Juan Q Hopefully, I get to hear it in concert someday.

  84. Lara Hughes

    Who else is here for LittleBig Planet 2?!?!?


    Lara Hughes me

    Leonie uwu

    Lara Hughes What?!


    Lara Hughes me

  85. Cheatster9000x

    Oh shit I just realised the lyrics is about sex.

    Paper Inanamate Insanity

    and this is in lbp-OH CRAP I AM SORRY I EVEN MENTIONED


    no wonder lbp took out the lyrics


    Alexandru Tacu love?

    PONY of the VILLAGE

    actually... I think it's about a siren (mermaid) and a sailor

    Coffee Sploosh

    Ha it's nothing like Nympohnaniac Fantasia. I love how heavy af this one is!

  86. Hungry Asian Guy

    I dont know why but the instrumental is better.


    I think the lyrics get in the way of the awesome music.

  87. Harrison Fletcher

    LittleBigPlanet 2 brought me here.


    it brouch me to here too :d

    AlexTheDerpyGamer 697

    It brought many of us here.

  88. Zack Zaike

    this and Master Passion Greed... I love nightwish's guitar style. one of the few bands that you can recognize just based on guitars. In fact, what's the guitarist's name? one of the few I've bothered trying to learn. Emmpu something?


    Emppu Vuorinen!

    Zack Zaike

    @OrangeMetalRock thanks bro. that guy knows how to shred. 

    Karla Estrada

    +Michal Pavlů dragonforce is amazing#

  89. Meghan Marques

    Daheck, it says 'lyrics' I see no lyrics =3=


    Have you ever heard of the description?

    Meghan Marques

    Woah, I do apologize, I didn't read the description before I commented.


    @Loki Odinson Yeah, most people just look past the description.

    Leah Snyder


    Meghan Marques


  90. Diego87

    So where are the lyrics??


    in the description

  91. Diego87


  92. Sherzong Yang

    I watched this for LBP2

  93. CinnamonDutchToast

    Just learned the guitar part for this song! SO EPIC! :D

    Bloodstone [Bloodstone_Music]

    lucky lol Cool!

  94. Mandalorian Knuckles

    I'm surprised Nightwish was on the game.
    I hope that Sonata gets treated like this some day.


    You mean little big planet?

    Hooda the Antagonist

    @natekapler likely

  95. Michael VPS

    This is the 'Ultimate Boss' music for LBP2
    There can be no other!


    all I can remember is it just being overused for completely lame bossfights that barely functioned and were no were near worthy of this song. XD

    Eddie The Head

    William oh shut up. And you don't decide if somefhing is worthy of a song or not...


    if you played user-made levels you'd know there was everything from mind-blowing beyond professional grade masterpieces to crap people spent literally 10 minutes on with like a blank theme and one material used throughout, like that's just a fact. I have no idea why you're getting offended on behalf of said vague group of creators I'm not even specifically naming.

    Eddie The Head

    William You just need to shut up, rudely deriding people's stuff. Amd it is NOT a fact. And you also don't decide how long they spent on a level. You're just another pathetic perfectionist snob. Ugh.


    name ONE part of that last comment where I talk about elitism and imply MM pick levels where the only thing in the game worth playing. there were thousands upon thousands of levels people poured countless amounts of hours into and were fun to play even if they weren't absolute professional quality. All I'm vaguely insulting are the ones people DIDN'T put effort into, or all the stolen ones that were copy and pasted from someone ELSES'S hard work with nothing but horrible mic-recorded ear rape loud dusbtep added in.

  96. Jussi Tiihonen

    Emppu's songs are cool!