Nightwish - The Poet And The Pendulum Lyrics

[I. White Lands Of Empathica]

The end

The songwriter's dead
The blade fell upon him
Taking him to the white lands
Of empathica
Of innocence

[II. Home]

The dreamer and the wine
Poet without a rhyme
A widowed writer torn apart by chains of hell

One last perfect verse
Is still the same old song
Oh Christ how I hate what I have become

Take me home

Getaway, runaway, fly away
Lead me astray to dreamer's hideaway
I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more
I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world
Forgive me
I have but two faces
One for the world
One for God
Save me
I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more
I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world

My home was there 'n then
Those meadows of heaven
Adventure-filled days
One with every smiling face

Please, no more words
Thoughts from a severed head
No more praise
Tell me once my heart goes right

Take me home

Getaway, runaway, fly away
Lead me astray to dreamer's hideaway
I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more
I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world
Forgive me
I have but two faces
One for the world
One for God
Save me
I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more
I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world
(Whore for the cold world
Whore for the cold world)

[III. The Pacific]

Sparkle my scenery
With turquoise waterfall
With beauty underneath
The Ever Free

Tuck me in beneath the blue
Beneath the pain, beneath the rain
Goodnight kiss for a child in time
Swaying blade my lullaby

On the shore we sat and hoped
Under the same pale moon
Whose guiding light chose you
Chose you all

"I'm afraid, I'm so afraid
Being raped again, and again, and again
I know I will die alone
But loved

You live long enough to hear the sound of guns
long enough to find yourself screaming every night
long enough to see your friends betray you

For years I've been strapped unto this altar
Now I only have three minutes and counting
I just wish the tide would catch me first and give
me a death I always longed for."

[IV. Dark Passion Play]

2nd robber to the right of Christ
Cut in half - infanticide
The world will rejoice today
As the crows feast on the rotting poet

Everyone must bury their own
No pack to bury the heart of stone
Now he's home in hell, serves him well
Slain by the bell, tolling for his farewell

The morning dawned, upon his altar
Remains of the dark passion play
Performed by his friends without shame
Spitting on his grave as they came

Getaway, runaway, fly away
Lead me astray to dreamer's hideaway
I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more
I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world
Forgive me
I have but two faces
One for the world
One for God
Save me
I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more
I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world
(Whore for the cold world
Whore for the cold world)

"Today, in the year of our Lord 2005
Tuomas was called from the cares of the world
He stopped crying at the end of each beautiful day
The music he wrote had too long been without silence

He was found naked and dead,
With a smile in his face, a pen and
1000 pages of erased text"

Save me

[V. Mother and Father]

Be still, my son
You're home
Oh when did you become so cold?
The blade will keep on descending
All you need is to feel my love

Search for beauty, find your shore
Try to save them all, bleed no more
You have such oceans within
In the end
I will always love you

The beginning

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Nightwish The Poet And The Pendulum Comments
  1. Blond Zon van

    Deze dame moeten ze naar het songfestival 2020 sturen er is geen betere

  2. Terry Breedlove

    Damn 😳

  3. Carlos Eloy Lopez

    Thanks Zeus for letting Floor come down from the Olympus and sing for us mere humans!

  4. Zebas_tian Abel

    Es increible que las 2 canciones mas grandiosas q escuche en mi vida, sean de la misma banda. Esta cancion y la otra es Ghost Love Score.
    En 34 años de vida, no he escuchado canciones mejores q esas 2.

  5. Za Zd

    Thank you so much for this great video i already have watched it over hundreds of times and everyday i listen to it but i never get enough of it!simply one of the best bands of all time and dear floor is my favorite singer and tuomas is one of my favorite composer and this is the best and most unique song i have ever heard just amazing. It took me too long to find nightwish but it
    worth it! 😄
    That was exactly my favorite kind of music which is very special rock/metal and symphonic music breathtaking this song is really really special to me when i listen to it it gives me everything which ive never experienced in any other music this shows how geniuses tuomas is in composing and songwriting and i can relate to it everytime i listen it brings me to tears no matter how many thousands time!! This song is incredibly powerful and. God bless this band and you thanks💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😄

  6. onwater3

    Floor Jansen swipes the borders between the music genres away, with her really impressive talent

  7. lord rpg

    Does anyone know where I can find this song in a lossless audio format

    doug marcus

    lord rpg the CD

  8. Dan Ellwein

    this is from Discord … thanks for reacting to this Pia … :)

  9. loeriebas

    Ik kwam bij toeval bij Nightwish via Youtube en ik ben eigenlijk geen Metalfan, maar na dit en andere nummers gehoord te hebben moet ik zeggen ongelofelijk wat een muziek, zo vol energie en zo goed, en wat een geweldige zangeres (onze Floor) wel jammer dat de kaartjes al uitverkocht zijn voor de concerten in Nederland dit jaar, groetjes uit Egmond aan zee

  10. Dimitri Koblovski

    I love how the guitarist lives his dream in every second he is on stage, and I love the badass vocals from Marco Hietala and Floor Jansen. :D

  11. Dustin

    Absolute masterpiece

  12. Linda Akhavan

    Oh my dear Holy God, this girl is a gift to NW. She continues to surprise me! NW has given us 2 former great singers, and now Floor completes the circle. We fans are truly spoiled by NW's phenomenal music and their singers interpretation of what is written & played. Never stop, ever!

  13. Ben de groot


  14. estou viajando full time

    A legenda poderia estar em português BR também, só isso

  15. Yennefer PL

    This song is beautiful !!! 😍 Floor is amazing. She has an angelic voice. Tuomas is a musical genius!!! The whole band is awesome! I love Nightwish ❤

  16. Sam Porter

    She is a literal goddess

  17. Mellobot X

    Nightwish is epic 😘

  18. Mellobot X

    The Baseplayer can sing as well, he matches her voice well 😘

  19. Gurler Türker

    who are those 230 people.

  20. adolfo fernando

    MDS... Que voz ♥️

  21. Zsolt Adorján

    There is one thing I like more than hear Floor singing! Watch her while she sings! Phenomenal!!!

  22. Eduar Vegas

    wow! this woman really sings , good lord! , and here in america listening pure crap.

  23. w1seco

    Floor is Amazing i love her voice! Goddess<3

  24. Hanzo Hattori

    que verga esta mina

    de donde concha salio

  25. KeepCalm YouExist

    The fact that Emppu and Marco go to serenade Tuomas for comfort in the last part makes me teary. And that they were all sitting by Kai at the drums before. Spontaneous or choreographed, it's very sweet and clever.

  26. mangalover0149

    Has anyone noticed that Tuomas figuratively chopped his head of at 10:02? My god this performance gets better and better

    Leon Theuws

    Did you notice that that happened EXACTLY 3 minutes after the statement "i have only 3 minutes....."....THAT'S how great this song is.....


    Magistral 👏👏👏

  28. Zoltán Tarkó

    Dear Pop "divas". Just bend the knee..bend the knee cuz here is the Valkyr Metal Queen

  29. nerion

    More than one will think it is silly but. This song saved my life. I was having a very bad time, and one day I was listening to music, in the dark in my room and I was determined to end it all that night. And this song began to sound, I couldn't stop crying, I cried until I fell asleep, all the whiskey and the weed I took helped I guess. The next day I spoke with my best friend, she accompanied me to seek help. Today, I'm still struggling to get ahead with my life, but I'am alive.

    D68 St

    Listen The Greatest Show on Earth!!!!

    jorit dekker

    Nerion, thanks for sharing and as others have said: not silly at all! As the greatest show on earth says: you are already the winner of a race of three million (give or take) competitors. But that does not mean it is easy right now for you. Keep on struggling day by day, as I am sure Floor did when she had a burn-out and one day, maybe soon, maybe not, you will find yourself getting ahead and out of this dark period in your life. Till that day I wish you strength in the process.

    Kieran Goodrich

    Glad you're still here, keep up the good work.

    Vrijbuiters Partij

    I sent it to a friend who almost killed himself. I cried too. Personally, being a poetess and an artist myself, I absolutely love 2112 by Rush. I used to sing it when I was on my way on my bicycle, to a difficult conversation in one of these ultra-ugly buildings they built everywhere. What is wrong with these people ?


    Thanks guys believe or not your kind words warms my heart. (sorry for bad english).

  30. Julian Korfine

    Dear god.... floor.....😍

  31. Jos Gisberts

    This song is clearly related to the book of Edgar Allan Poe: the pit and the pendulum


    More like an inspiration.

  32. Martin Hoffmann

    03:05 - i dare you not to bang your Head!

  33. AnnaDraconida

    ...Anette who?

  34. Claudio Rabaglino

    Find me another singer with the range, variety and power that Floor has. There is no one. She is one of a kind.

  35. victoriaturishHardy

    Ésto te rompe el corazón y te lo vuelve a unir, en fuego, para después dejarlo enfriar en las profundidades de un glaciar

  36. novihok novihok

    Не знаю о чём Она поёт. Но Знаю при их (группы) жизни, Это История. Однако!!! Очень многим Надо просто смотреть, смотреть и учиться

  37. David Galleguillos

    Ella es majestuosa de otro nivel....💕💕💕💕💕

  38. CFH 420

    Love how Annettes voice is in the intro. Beautiful.

    Diana Banana

    CFH 420 actually the voice in the intro is a child


    Boy soprano(s) actually

  39. Jacob de Booij

    By far the best rock opera ever, performed by the greatest rock band ever with Floor as the best opera singer of all times.

  40. charles johnson

    EL AMEN~Sela’| H |🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Lenn256i

    No floor, thank you. This band has been getting me through some of the toughest moments of my life, and i have the past 5 years with the time i've been listening since EFMB came out.

  42. Jason Bryden

    Who in their right mind would downvote this materpiece?

  43. Almarma

    I was just curious about how Annette sung this song live, so I looked for it and had to come back here to wash my ears after the cringe. I'm very sorry for Annette, I wish her the best in a different band or style, but she was not fit for Nightwish. It was like a metal band with a pop singer

    doug marcus

    Almarma the recorded studio version is really good. But anything live with Annette was an unknown quantity.

  44. matofako1

    Greatest band on earth!!!

  45. Germán Antonio Rojas otero

    Esta canción es una Gran obra maestra ... Letra composición y melodía . Que extremese tus sentidos . Hasta hacerte llorar de emoción cuando la escuchas . En vivo en un concierto de Nightwish es inevitable llorar . Y sentir el trasfondo de está melodía.

  46. orlando berroteran

    Holy mother of God , what a voice , what a voice , goosebumps, what a voice , damn , she say thank-you but we are be grateful for hearing you Floor , Epic Song , I don't think that anyone y this world can sing better , just pure voice , powerful, expression, headbanging that voice that voice that voice, and I never hear this band before ,how many time loss hearing evanescence, fuck. Now I follow that woman in every social media and now a big fan , as anyone that can hear she, wonderful she.

  47. Blackfield

    Even though I like Ghost Love Score and Greatest show on Earth over this, the last act of this always gets to me... I like the drummer, it looks like playing that beat physically hurts him...

  48. hans korstanje

    een hemelse stem

  49. Semi_Serpentine


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    211 idiot pressed the dislike button

  51. Mike L

    If anyone tells you they are missing something in their lives, tell them it's Nightwish they are missing. They are so amazing.

  52. jensenmekk

    She loks like the valkyrie i have tattooed on my right upper arm,shes an real valkyrie.Those women was princess out in duty,and you can never look them in their eyes,hen your lives will be ruin for ever

  53. Aep Saepulloh

    10:00 the best part of the show, when tuomas finger gesture is just like cut his throat... What a man tuomas, respect for you!

  54. Danny Fire

    They should reworked the CD Dark passion play with Floor´s vocals!

  55. Shadow John

    That "Thank you" at the end was soo sad!

  56. Лысый Жир

    Флор каждый раз не перестает удивлять! Я без ума от ее пения! Спасибо тебе огромное за твое творчество!

  57. Creepy Meow

    12:00 i am crying remembering my mother's love

  58. waiotahi52

    Human beings are amazing creatures.....

  59. gundula gaukel

    Best Live-Band on Earth.....!!!!! and I don´t want to hear something else…!!!!!!! Finish d!!!!!!

  60. HeliRy

    Who here is jealous that my wife could easily pass as Floor’s nearly identical twin sister.
    Sadly she can’t sing worth a shit haha

  61. Fernando Barbi

    Son unos animales estos muchachos y FLoor!! sos todo lo que esta bien !!

  62. Juan Hinojosa

    Freaking aye, now that is how you put on a show. I could envision the whole story playing out before me. A tale very well told. Amen.

  63. Dan Leckemby

    Genius composition from a genius composer, masterfully performed by all involved.

  64. Jc Casts

    This really close to Pink Floyd... Different but Fucking Amazing! the time When the Sirens are calling.

    doug marcus

    Jc Casts disagree I have Pink Floyd from the syd Barrett days.

  65. BastardSquad

    Words have not been created yet, to describe this band.. The writing, the performance, the perfection; oh, and the 'Floorgasm'.

  66. hellraiser

    Ive heard several renditions of this masterpiece but no one comes close to this piece with floor she is made for nightwish

  67. Karen Haggard

    Klingons appreciate a strong woman

  68. D4rKpOisOn X

    Wow! Sometimes I think on what happened to this band on how they went separate ways with Tarja! They seemed like the perfect band! And I think that maybe at a moment in time Tarja said to herself that Nightwish would never be able to replace her voice, and at first I thought that too! Annette didn’t fit imo and not that she can’t sing But Floor! Floor is just perfect! It’s like a match made in heaven! I’m so happy they found this Angel! It just seems that it was meant to be! I’m so happy that I listen to all types of music and not just stuck on one genre! But this Band will go down as one of the most Epic bands to ever perform live ever! And Toumas has to be a musical Genius! All of the band members are epic in there own way! I really hope Jukka gets well and makes a return to the band! He’s definitely one of my favorite drummers ever!

    doug marcus

    D4rKpOisOn X kai is probably a better drummer or he brings in jazzier stylings. He is the bruford to jukka’s bonham.

  69. Jeffrey Geltman

    Emppu: Did you just see Floor headbanging and kicking ass out there? Tuomas: Oh yeah!

  70. Elycos

    So glad to have a ticket for their next europe tour. It's gonna be great!

    Auke Michels

    I downvoted that because tickets in Amsterdam are sold out and I am jealous.

  71. Mence Man

    Nadie en el mundo podria cantar este tema y Ghost love score de esta forma( los dos mejores temas de nightwish) !.. nadie, ni Tarja seria capaz de cantar esto en vivo y a este nivel.. perdon pero es mi opinion.

  72. davevanden1

    ya know what I love about this group for heavy metal they dont run around making stupid faces to match the guitar , they PLAY they are pros at what they do. love them

    doug marcus

    davevanden1 they are indeed professional

  73. soundmstr

    How many actualy realize this is a brilliant composition about a suïcide (in reversed order) that in the end will not be committed by Tuomas, thanks to his parents and a new singer for the band?

  74. marcel mentink

    Zooo zoo zo mooi, in 1 woord geweldig... wat houd ik van dit nummer(deze versie), Floor... je bent een topper! Ik kan niet zonder een traan naar dit nummer luisteren, ik luister dit nummer rustig 10 keer achter elkaar!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  75. Mark Lupo

    Marcos channeling his inner Tom Arya

  76. Paralytic Angel

    I have changed my opinion.
    Floor fits better than Tarja to Nightwish.
    Sorry Tarja, but you are wonderful, and btw. without you never this unbelievable tracks ever been formed.
    But I think Floor can sing your arrangements really really good.
    I think less operatic voice is the key. Some tracks should have Floor's voice rather than yours, but some needs yours, for example Nemo.

    doug marcus

    Paralytic Angel depends on the song.

  77. guidoheuts

    Damn! This really is the "Bohemian Rhapsody" of Tuomas Holopainen, like Freddie Mercury's epic masterpiece. No one really knows excactly what both songs are about. Both tracks give us some clues, but no one really can tie them all together. A given is, that both of these epic pieces need epic end versitile singers like Freddie Mercury, and his female equivilent, Floor Jansen. "The Valkyrie".

    Leon Theuws

    If you google (or read the Youtube comments) you know what this dong is really about...... but it's very poetic......and the 3 min. reference is
    exactly 3 minutes later.....

  78. Marja Griffioen

    Masterpiece. So beautiful!

  79. Yorick Brinkman

    Tears of joy 😭

  80. Jefferson Monteiro

    I need to see this song being played live....2020, please.

  81. Patchouli von Darnassus


  82. Gambino471

    One of the most complex, deep and beautiful songs ever written in history of mankind.

  83. mike20070

    The boy soprano vocal bit is absolutely sublime.

  84. Claudio Rabaglino

    Floor is from another planet....cannot be human. She is out,of this world. I could listen to her 24/7.

  85. delta adventure

    I really wonder how tuomas can wrote this amazing masterpiece and what's inside his head. and am really amazed with this band.

  86. ReMarig00o

    "Goodnight kiss for a child in time, Swaying blade my lullaby" I swear my soul just left my body.

  87. Sophie de Vries

    12:01 till the end goosebumps ALL OVER. marco and floor toghether is like a match made in heaven, and floor is just a goddess of music on her own
    1000 maal bedankt floor en groetjes uit nederland

  88. Marty24

    I have the feeling I'm the only one in my group of friends who likes this stuff.. They don't know what they're missing!

  89. Кирил Цаков

    Тя е родена за тази музика...

  90. Carolien Roosje

    Floor wat ben jij een geweldig zangeres, een echte aanwinst voor Nightwish.

  91. Laraelo

    C'est magnifique !

  92. daniel aparecido biazi galdino

    Floor is hot as fuck.

  93. SAURON cazaputas

    floor tries to put some spirit to this song but it really sucks, the lyrics are so empty...tuomas doin it only for the money...

  94. Barto Bruintjes

    195 Sociopats thumbs down.

    Barto Bruintjes

    202 now

  95. Egon Bulten

    No, thank you!

  96. Petozzi

    Tuomas is a modern day genius musically.

  97. Paolo Lombardo

    14 minutes of chills..just WOW.