Nightwish - The Forever Moments Lyrics

The ticktock of time allows me to see
An authent to an echo
New butterfly to a cocoon
The swan to ugly duckling
The lake to an ocean

The deep times awake
As I can calm myself to yesterday
The flower has fallen its petals
Out of the petals a cradle I will

My cradle rocks with the waves of time
The time of beauty will never be the same
Falling again has no man's knowing
Please take me, take me with thee

Now I hear my mother from the deep
Sing me a lullaby of eternal sleep
With thou replant the plaster call
This and silence we seek to reborn

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Nightwish The Forever Moments Comments
  1. Андрей Фирсанов

    The best & lovely singer for me💟💝💟💝especially in Nightwish

  2. Ola

    Beautiful. 😍

  3. metal12priest

    Primadonna assoluta

  4. G Go

    Where all begins. 4:20 symphony starts

  5. Johannes Silver

    I think they did this around 1996. They were almost underaged ( < 18) to by beer from a supermarket ; )But with this Demo they took the first vital step and soon "Angels Fall First" album came. At this time they were not sure should they make fantacy and movie music or heavier stuff. Emppu plays acoustic guitar and the mood of the song is not so heavy. Tuomas, Jukka, Emppu and Tarja  - the fundamental group !

  6. Varya Kern

    Music... my heart's desire that will never be fulfilled... my thirst for song is eternal... the guitar bit made me twitch my fingers...

  7. Varya Kern

    Just amazing... heaven on Earth... the Gods come down to bless us with white pearls of voice...

  8. Anita Lüthi

    I this song so much!!!!

  9. Leonardo Barba

    They all look so young!

    Ángela Gaviria

    yeah! Tuomas is almost unrecognizable

  10. Ignacio Ruda

    The old Nightwish, music from the stars. Only a legendary sound for my ears...

  11. brightmansarah1

    Nightwish by nightwish and this track are not rare its perfectly populated its on the Angels fall first album both of them just saying a song cant be rare ! if its been on a album especially when that album and all are so very well populated to the highest extremes. Something that bugs me here on yt is when ppl call a track rare and its not really true. Like i saw this dude post a Theatre of Tragedy track from the album Aegis called Siren very well known song off a very legendary album thats again well known for their career he named it Within Temptation Siren very very rare song which was not true I wish ppl would research their bands rather than simply listen and then blurt out facts they honestly have no clue to. Not being mean its just screams poser to me. And I hate posers. lol


    С октября по декабрь 1996 года музыканты записали демо-альбом. В альбом вошли три композиции: «Nightwish», «The Forever Moments» и «Etiäinen» (фин. «Лесной дух»), название первой из которых определило название группы.

    Joelma Rod

    This track it´s not from "Angels Fall First" album. It's from a demo tape called "Nightwish". Yes, this is a rare track guy. No discusses, just a fact. ;D


    Я знаю ;)

    Joelma Rod

    @MegaHELL87 you're totally right!

  12. Valtamerisielu

    This makes me cry.. but what is with 3:17?


    Нервничала Тарья или кто то из музыкантов, так бывает. Ведь вторая песня демо альбома.


    No, there's just something wrong with this uploaded video... other versions don't have that. 


    Так тоже бывает. У Metallica в песни Fuel почему то во многих местах встречается помеха как на cd плеерах без функции анти шок, при тряски. ;)

  13. Dâma Zombie

    The OLD Nightwish.
    I miss this sooo much!

  14. DiegoSnip

    Love this

  15. Tommyleini

    Wow this must be their most emotional song ever. I love it!

  16. Black Dragon

    pierwszy film bez żadnego hejtera :D

  17. Arcanua the Red Mage

    They had to be young when they did this given if Wiki is right about Tarja being 35. They did their demo in '96/97

  18. Jan Deniz


    Johannes Silver

    Yes...Tuomas collected this four member group of childhood friends from Kitee for Demo and they gave it to record company wishing day and night it to fly.   -  And it did  !!!

  19. Colin Haynes

    Oh my God! They look so young (especially Tarja) Is that Tuomas next to-behind her? I liked them better once they began to add more metal elements to their songs, but I think this is still better than their new stuff. Not that I especially hate Anette, I just prefer the group with Tarja. The first taste I had of them was Wishmaster. Seven years later it is still my favorite album.

  20. AyeeMorgenstern

    Awesome and beautiful ♥

  21. JhonPsych

    OMG, nice pic! they all looks too young and full of hope and dreams!

  22. Nina Ninche

    @SweetDeath777 Yes, but she IMO ages like the wine. :)

  23. Martina Massimiliani

    Tarja's voice is so divine.

  24. Nephelim

    @HellYeahhhhhh I didn't know that though. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing.

  25. Nephelim

    Hey!! Tarja was chubby!! O_O

  26. Speedy Low

    so sad..

  27. NightoExorcisto

    I agree cape snow....

    For me this song is like an hymn.Nightwish is my favorite band and i truly know the value of this song

  28. Lucas Henrique

    thx for you post ur songs!