Nightwish - Slow, Love, Slow Lyrics

Come and share this painting with me
Unveiling of me, the magician that never failed

This deep sigh coiled around my chest
Intoxicated by a major chord
I wonder
Do I love you or the thought of you?

Slow, love, slow
Only the weak are not lonely

Southern blue, morning dew
Let-down-your-guards, I-love-you's
Ice-cream castles, lips-to-ear rhymes
A slumber deeper than time

Slow, love, slow
Only the weak are not lonely

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Nightwish Slow, Love, Slow Comments
  1. 野猪

    jazz!!!! Nightwish!!!!! love love love!!!!! OMG

  2. Pedro

    I love Tarja and Floor, but this song just belongs do Anette! She's absolutely amazing here. Her performance let me completely speechless! 😱

  3. Janice Herbon


  4. Scarlet_Phoenix

    This song is so...intimate

  5. Chiara R.

    Paradossalmente, anche se flo è superiore come cantante, con Annette, erano ancora Nightwish..

  6. chefjohnwt

    Such a talented group - and this album was so beautifully written for Annette's voice. And as for this song- wow

  7. Dan Ellwein

    the more I listen to Anette .. the more I fall in love with her ..

  8. themetalstickman

    I love Anette’s songs. Floor is also really good, and of course Tarja is hard to beat, but Anette was the first Nightwish singer I heard.

    Tapp Morningwood

    The other 2 are great, but you never forget your first.

  9. David Archer

    Escutar essa canção quando se esta apaixonado é um perigo !
    Mano do céu..

  10. Stefan Matic

    Anyone know some songs similiar to this?

    Siren call

    Not really so close, but It's I have to go by the dark element featuring the same vocalist here, Anette.

  11. Sergio García

    Just wish to dance this song with only one person, the woman I have in mind while I listen to this song!!

  12. Rhonda Woodall

    This song makes me think of sitting on a porch of a southern plantation with the windows and doors open and playing this on a record player...

  13. David Archer

    Sexy...Listen this in a perfect Romance night with an especial Girl,Great moment

  14. Wangpai Wangsa

    Angelic voice drowning millions...

  15. Kiko C

    Interesting song for Nightwish. I don't mind it, it's cool.

  16. Aurinkohirvi

    This is probably my favorite Anette song. She should have been a jazz singer, it seems to me.

  17. chris carr

    I cant stop listening to this

  18. Carlie Griffiths

    I have a Mata Hari type feeling for this. Starts all sultry sexy and smooth....then it gets a touch of the warrior towards the end.
    She will kill you....but you will love her for it.

  19. Eliora Ben-Gurion

    Holy fuck this sounds so much like 20th century.

  20. Ephemeral Ballads

    A friend did a cover song of this and now I've fallen in love help me

    David Archer

    Give to Him

  21. Errors account

    The first thought 💭 inside my mind with this song:

    Anna Elizabeth Alexjandra Darkness trying to explain to Edgar Darkness than he’s not to be worry about Kid, while Puppet Bonnie Darkness is playing that sweet and dark melody once again... then... the Darkness’s Family join us for a sweetly, bloody and moonlight’s dance for all of us, The Darkness’s Family!

    -Miss Schizophrenia (Schizo)

  22. toddvandell85

    It's nice. Like the jazz.

    But Floor and Tarja truly are Nightwish.

    Annette? Not so much.

    For me.

    Sorry Annette fans.

    She's not even in the same league as Tarja or Floor.

    Annette's voice is just paper thin and, as nice as this song is, Annette does nothing for me vocally.

    No goosebumps like when Floor sings.

    Just meh. And barely that.

    Gabriela Pérez

    She may not have a powerful voice, but what se achieve with this album is to transport your mind to the most innocent, passionate and happy moments of the youth and childhood. She give an almost magic touch to this. Something like serious voices like Tarja and Floor ones cant and will never could achieve

    Siren call

    She's not in the same league as Floor and Tarja because she's different. It doesn't make her less talented.

  23. Silvia Luna, the girl who loves spiders

    Phantom of the Opera, anyone? Just me? Okay.

  24. Hector

    Move over, Tarja.

  25. Gerard Mourits

    Pretty saxy for a nightwish song

  26. Yannie Angerer

    Can't be the only one who thinks this song is sexy ...

  27. kely vengeance

    Porn sound

    Özgür Öztürk

    Pfff. 😂🤣😅

  28. Caroline F

    I thought "Intoxicated by a change of chord" was "Intoxicated by a change of heart". Dare I say I ever so slightly like change of heart better?


    And there, forever remains, that shift from G to Em ;)

  29. D B

    By far the best Nightwish song

  30. Ziala Gainza

    I feel a jazz tenderness there and I love it.

  31. Edgar Vinicius

    Pure class, Anette is amazing. Her music, nobody can sing like this like her.

    Wesley Rafael

    Edgar Vinicius fatou amore

  32. Dreigonix

    Sexy club jazz by Nightwish.

    Have I mentioned I freaking love this band?

  33. CaleyWarrior101

    A guy said this song makes him think of me. Idk if I should be flattered or not

  34. music_lover

    Amazing song! Miss Anette so much!

  35. Norman Roscher

    Annette excells at this; she should stick to this Jazz kind of songs!

  36. Jim Bow

    nw really fuckd up letting anette go, she had the best voice of the three singers so far, so sensual.

  37. Morticia Moonflower

    This is probably my favorite slow Nightwish song. It's so poetic. "Intoxicated by a major chord" and "ice cream castles, lips-to-ear rhymes, a slumber deeper than time" are such dreamy, tattoo-worthy lyrics.

  38. cat blue

    Beautiful 💕

  39. cat blue

    Hermosa canción

  40. Jose Santos

    Great vocals Anette I love you I miss you in Night Wish Dark Passion Play is my favorite album of Night Wish and Imaginaerum is great also 😎

  41. Ricky Krilovs

    Is that a saxophone that gives this a noir feel to it?

  42. Ricky Krilovs

    What genre would this be considered?

    the shaman of enterprise

    gothic jazz.

  43. Lidda

    I wish they would make more songs that are "outside of their genre" like this, it's great

    Jh4wk TOW missile

    Listen to "Where were you last night"


    Hezekiah Rodriguez

    @Jh4wk TOW missile That's a cover, though.

  44. kieran rammell

    what an song love it so much and love singing it lol #YOLO

  45. Jess Chan

    Dark jazz is so beautiful

  46. Yann Jac

    superbe !!!

  47. TheNightmareDistrict Fear is fun

    song always sounded to me like it could played in the Tower of terror at Disney world, lol

  48. TheSilentAngel

    There is no other gothic jazz song like it. I love this piece.

  49. A Nutshell

    So no one's going to mention how the piano intro sounds note for note almost exactly the same as the intro to Enemy Within, by Arch Enemy?

  50. Giovanni Magnus

    I envision a heroine, held captive by a villain, who forces her to softly waltz with him, just to illustrate his control over her. As the song progresses, he elaborates his plan if the hero of our story cannot get to him in time. The heroine asks, why he's telling her all this, until she feels her temperature feeling flushed, her heart racing, her hands shaking, her vision blurring. 3:55 -She's been poisoned! Our hero just gets there in time, to catch her collapsing body. The question is, will he catch the villain, or save his companion in the mere moments he has left with her?

  51. Neueregel

    Annette's Best !!

  52. Fabián Rod

    The last masterpiece of Nightwish.

  53. Isaiah Jurca

    Annette's best song.

  54. Obstinato C.G

    Extraordinaire ! Du grand Art. Bravo.

  55. Lucas Sebastián

    Best song to listen to in a rainy day while drinking a hot coffee.

  56. D1m3bagd

    who fits this song better. Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit


    D1m3bagd of the two given choices, Jessica rabbit.

    the shaman of enterprise

    jessica rabbit hands down, no contest

  57. Peter Jansen

    This song and Storytime are Annete's songs IMHO

  58. Liegn

    Shit. I miss Annete voice. She was such a great singer.

    I love her contribution to the band.

    Raigh DarkHawk

    @Der Schurkinist I could not say for this song, but Marko does the male vocals on Poet and the Pendulum.

    Luis Gomez

    @Saestrol i disagree highly this songs were made for anette, floor is very versatile but the softness and chill feelings that anette brings those songs is something floor couldn't add Or reach.


    @Morticia Moonflower I feel like she got so much hate because she was different from Tarja, and that fans weren't ready for a singer that was less operatic. However, that's only my opinion.

    Pedro Ordonez

    @AriochStarr and Amaranth!

  59. Vyhulena Veverka

    I loved this bit in the Imagenarium film, so dark and so deep....very appealing.

  60. Lance Lnce


  61. silvyadav

    only the weak
    are not lonely.

  62. thaaeroprincess87

    This was my unofficial first dance at my wedding. We had a first dance that was kinda meh but when this came on my hubby and I started dancing and it was like a movie where the whole floor cleared and it was just us for the whole song.

    Robert Allain

    thanx for sharing , it sounds so beautiful ... in  love myself and thinkin of marriage

    the shaman of enterprise

    thaaeroprincess87 yeah first dance to gothic jazz sounds interesting.


    This song was indeed featured in "a movie" as you say, its: Imaginaerum (2012), (beautifully visually rendering Slow, Love, Slow) that may initially appear to be a kids movie, however its an artsy well done adult fantasy movie, with music by Nightwish, with quite the serious scary subject matter,...set in a chilling winter storm it is a fathers' internal battle for his very mind and struggle for his sanity, life, and to remember his daughter, against the ugly behemoth monster of,...dementia!, if you haven't seen it treat yourself to it, its really good!! :)

  63. xoltarr424

    My favorite song of this album

  64. D Gabbitation

    Anyone else think of the movie scene as their listening?

    Shannen Dawes

    I always do!

    Tapp Morningwood

    With Anette vamping on Tuomas' piano? For sure.

  65. douglas miguel ribeiro

    Foi um dia perfeito com a tarja , agora ta a Floor uma tremenda vocalista tbm , mais tava mil vezes melhor ela no after , esses caras não deixam as mulheres cantar . Forevermore Tarja Turunen

  66. Marine Kee

    Gothic jazz was created rhis day :)


    Symphonic Jazz :)

    Jota Efe

    Marine Kee Nightwish never was gothic??...

    Isabel de Paiva Magalhães

    Dark Cabaret xD

    Filippo Oggianu

    it's more like Blues

  67. J.S. Day

    Does anyone know of any other songs/bands/musicians that have a similar feel to this? You know, this kind of dark, slow jazz (is the best way I can describe it) I'm struggling to find anything else like it.



    Mai Koh

    awesome. I can't stop listening to them.

    Steven Adams

    Voltaire is a GREAT suggestion for that kind of thing.

    Dan Balares

    OST of Iron Sky (2012). It's a low budget movie yet it's a great movie. I hope they release the sequel next year.

  68. Débora Raissa Mendonça

    mds, voltei no tempo.. que incrível!

  69. Legendzerox

    Shit gets real at 3:42

  70. Federica Via

    This is the best Annette-song hands down.


    I think Anette's Masterpiece was The Heart Asks Pleasure First... thought you could argue that's not a NIghtwish original but still.

    Wolf Darkheart

    This isn't Annette. it's Floor Jansen.


    It's definitely not floor. The voice isn't even similar and Floor wasn't in the band when they released [email protected] James

    Morticia Moonflower

    Devin James False. Floor did not join the band until 2013 and Imaginaerum is from 2011. If you think this sounds remotely like Floor, it means you've never even heard her sing.

    Norman Roscher

    No, it's not Floor. It's the original version from the Imaginaerum album, so it is Anette. I know, it is hard to believe, but there are a couple of songs in which she actually sounded really good! ^^

  71. Bunnyismybestie

    This is a song Amy Lee should cover! This is beautiful!


    I'd be down for that


    no, she's in quarantine for being a meme.

    Minnie Mouse



    Bunnyismybestie yeshhhhhh

    Gian S.

    spagetti001 lol

  72. Adolfo Cabarcas


  73. Elizabeth Frankenstein

    It sounds like jazz,but made by fairies...

    Alessandro Bellini

    It sounds like blues, I think

    Sergio Zamorano

    There's a scene in "Fantastic beasts and where to find them" where there's a pixie/fairy/elf-thingy singing "jazz". This song would've been perfect for that scene.

    chris carr

    @Sergio Zamorano it's perfect in the imagrnarium movie

    Enzo Iannucci

    @chris carr ecco cosa hanno perso i Nightwish una voce angelica

    Jaap Leefsma

    Devin Townsends "Casualties of Cool", for example Moon ( has a similar vibe to it.

  74. Georgia's Home


  75. The raid encounter

    This should be the new James Bond intro :O


    +Matennaai6r With Anette as the new Bond girl? I bet Marco could do a would villian laugh and all! ahahahaha I'd pay to see a Bond movie with an all-Nightwish OST indeed : )

    Alexander Sh

    +Augustus077 Doesn't Scaretale @ 5:30 sound evil enough? :)

  76. Christian Granados

    Man!!! this song is fantastic!!!

  77. Alyssa Hill




    @Alyssa Hill They did. It was excellent

    Alyssa Hill

    Yea I am going to aussie in Jan fr them

    yay floor


    @Alyssa Hill Floor is amazing. Total girl crush!

    Alyssa Hill

    Yea I know right

  78. Dom

    the beginning part the instrumental reminds me of some song featured on "feet of flames"

  79. jhl248

    Can't avoid thinking about a night club or a noir film when listening to this.

    John Shepard

    +jhl248 Probably because it's written with major cool jazz influence.

    Silvia Luna, the girl who loves spiders

    Something like Moonwalker or something.
    For some reason this song totally reminds me of True Lies or Terminator Judgment Day. No idea why!

    Avsil Nédras

    Same. A lady dressed in black dancing slowly among dim lights

  80. Alexis Fernández

    This song reminds me when with my girlfriend Evelyn and I make the love... Ohhh, I love her above all else...


    @Alexis Fernández Awww! That's so sweet :)

    Jean-Luc Cypher

    +Alexis Fernández I really didn't need to know that man, *TMI*

    the shaman of enterprise


    Muffin Fluffers

    Did u break up?

    Gabriela Pérez

    And why should we want to know that?

  81. Chase Price

    Annette is by far better than Tarja, her voice is so much more likeable. Both are good but Annette is definitely superior.

  82. Nova Verse

    I imagine a scene on the Titanic ship..

    Nova Verse

    @***** A possibility. 

    Ángela Gaviria

    +Morph Verse this song fits perfectly

    Nova Verse

    @Angela gp Indeed.

    Georgia's Home

    +Morph Verse me to💋!!

    the shaman of enterprise

    it would definitely make it a better movie.

  83. Nightwish Melody


  84. Nemo Nobody

    This song is the only one that fits her voice

    Katherine Elan

    +Nemo Nobody All of the songs with Annette fit her voice.

    Norman Roscher

    A few others do that as well, for example "Turn Loose the Mermaids" or "Amaranth" (although the later sounds better when Floor sings it).


    "The heart asks pleasure first" begs to differ.

  85. Pepe Vargas

    This is what my GF says to me when we are having sex

    Kelly Cowley

    +Pepe Vargas
    I think she is calling you weak

    Geoffrey Kiddie

    Absolutely no one wanted to know this

    Peter Petrov

    had no idea that your hand could talk 😁😁😁


    I feel sorry for your girlfriend. Wanking regularly and direclty beforehand can do wonders for the fast shot fraction though ;-)



  86. Flora lover

    This song reminds me of Esme Squalor from a series of unfortunate events, I Like the the sexy, warm, jazzy appeal. This fits Esme Squalor A-lot. :)

    Cyan Backup

    I completely agree

  87. Stephannie Alcazar

    the movie is awesome

  88. Ilya Krasnov

    Ангел мой

  89. Ilya Krasnov

    Ангел мой

  90. Erika Eclipse

    I cry when I watch this movie. I love it so much, and it's beautiful. It's a type of artwork. I love it. I think this might have been my favorite song from it. It's so beautiful, and has the sexy, warm, jazzy appeal. It's wonderful! I love Nightwish, and i'll listen to them no matter what. :)


    What movie are you talking about?


    @Bee Master I found it in a Morrison's the other week. Already had a copy, but it was there. Which was nice.

    Aquarian Valentine

    Alice Eldritch imaginarium

  91. The Metalnaut

    Norwegian Metal Singer PELEK does a wicked cover of this.

    Drew Hardin

    +Jen Dowie Thats the point... he's a metal singer and put a metal twist to the song


    @Drew Hardin I know, but it's meant to be loungey, calm...PeleK does not do calm!

    Michael Oakes

    Again: Can I get the link?


    @Michael Oakes Just type in the song title and PeleK into the YouTube search bar. It'll be right there

    Sebastian Rivera

    His vocals are good, but simply don't fit with the material.

  92. Michael Oakes

    This song has almost a noir lounge singer vibe...

    Gerald Getskow

    Yes it does and Tarja could have never pulled off like Annette did

    Michael Oakes

    Tarja is opera. Anette is pop. There is no competition. Tarja is my preferred singer.

    Marcelino Rodrigues

    @Michael Oakes
    If you truly cared for opera, you'd never say Tarja is your preferred singer. You're not actually impressing anyone, her voice is ok, but nothing out of this world.

    Richie 2257

    @Marcelino Rodrigues I don't care for opera at all. I find this song sexy and cool. Why would I care for opera? Opera is depressing sounding. This is soulful and worth listening to.

    Šneček Svítivý

    @Gerald Getskow Can we not argue about this shit again? Anette has a voice better suited for this cabaret-like song. That's why Tuomas wrote it for her and not for Tarja. Period.

  93. Sithgirl2719

    Ihmettelen, ymmärrättekö totuuden nyt? muistatko meitä? 

  94. Agnieszka holek

    I was thinking , that Nightwish cant exist without Tarja- but Annette is also awesome:-)

    Chuck Valliant

    @*****: Whoa what was the reason behind that decision now? 

    Chuck Valliant

    I'm liking gammaray4evrr's explanation a lot better than yours FlapFlap. :P 

    Chuck Valliant

    I know thats alright. I was just asking a question earlier cause I didn't hear about AO getting fire until you guys mentioned it. Not to mention I was saying gammarays's  point was better worded since he approached the topic from more of an unbiased standpoint. I'm not arguing with your point; I'm just commenting on it. ;)

  95. Danzinora Switch

    What movie is everyone talking about?

    vm gr

    @Rasmus Marttila search the movie on yify

    Rasmus Marttila

    Am i a total noob if I ask what yify means?

    vm gr

    @Rasmus Marttila it is a site that you can download movies..its great :)

    Rasmus Marttila

    @Lvalentine gr  I'll consider such illegalities ;)

    Michael Oakes

    @***** Link please?

  96. Ellashmela101

    jazzy :)

  97. MrBrownstone8881

    this song is pretty hot.

  98. Rvssel VVV

    It's Imaginaerum.