Nightwish - Sleepwalker Lyrics

Close your eyes
Feel the ocean where passion lies
Silently the senses
Abandon all defences

The place between sleep and awake
End of innocence
Unending masquerade
That`s where I`ll wait for you

Hold me, near you
So closely, sear you
Seeing, believing
Dreaming, deceiving

Sleepwalker seducing me
I dared to enter your ecstacy
Lay yourself now down to sleep
In my dreams you`re mine to keep


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Nightwish Sleepwalker Comments
  1. doug marcus

    debut album song - meh. not one that hinted to the epicness of oceanborn.

  2. Murat Gökhan Gökçe

    Lightwish :)

  3. mario bankov

    19 years passed and still i'm listening the same music

  4. Bernardo Noziglia

    Me acuerdo la primera vez que lo escuché el 2000 como bonus track del wishmaster y al tiro enganché con el temazo. Me acuerdo que tenía una pretendiente en ese tiempo que me mandó este video cuando era muy difícil conseguirlo. Grande Nightwish y te quedó genial el video. Se ve de lujo

  5. abbyrosenbaum

    thank you SO MUCH to whoever uploaded this video in high quality. god bless.


    😉👍 New ultra improved version

  6. Green-Lyon

    Beautiful! But what else would you expect from Nightwish.

  7. Rush 6891

    Dios santo!!! Nunca habia escuchado este tema en esta presentacion!!! Es impresionantemente magico!! Maravilloso!!! Tarja se ve mas hermosa que nunca!!!
    Lo q no entiendo es por qué Sami Vanska siempre esta algo asi como oculto. Nunca se lo ve al frente como Emppu en el escenario


    Muy pronto, nueva versión remasterizada a 4k con software fotográfico de inteligencia artificial, no se lo pierdan...

  8. mvillars

    Does anybody here know why Tarja would not sign this song in concerts?

    Juuli Eskelinen

    I believe she has a dislike for this song (or the whole experience) because she didn't initially want to sing in the Eurovision contest, but Tuomas had signed up the band before she knew. (If I remember correctly!) In other words, she performs the Nightwish songs she likes, this one not being one of them...

  9. Larissa Wiser

    She was gorgeous and this music is so amazing 😍 My favorite video and one of my favorite songs by NW

  10. Gabriel O'conner

    ohhh estos tiempos 😍

  11. Jonh MCH


  12. Shuvodeep De

    And now they are representing Finland in the entire music world! 😂

  13. michel

    Once I did a comic book about Nightwish in 2005 to evangelize the rockers of the Square, and the title of the story was "I am not nightwish anymore", in the story was the last concert with Nightwish in my town shortly after she quit because she met Jesus through our group, everyone laughed at the time and did not want to divulge... Fifteen days later she left the band. Since that day I pray for this singer in particular because I believe that nothing is by chance God has a plan and a project for all of us, regardless of who we are or what we are doing, surrender your life to Christ, only he has the power to rid us of evil, no matter what you are passing the important thing is that there is a solution to everything that is God. I dream of seeing this singer adoring God in spirit and in truth, for only he is worthy of all praise (music).

    Juuli Eskelinen

    As a Christian fan of Nightwish, this story gave me a lot of mixed feelings!! 😂

  14. Tony Montana

    This song was voted the best song ever, which did not make it to the finals...Holopainen said that he does not remember much about those times, but was still glad when he heard about the result of the voting.


    Así es amigo, por suerte subieron a youtube la versión completa del Festival de Eurovisión del año 2000, dejo el link para los que no lo vieron:

  15. LeometalV8

    Quedo muy bien este, se nota mucho la mejora. Gracias.


    Gracias a vos por pasar... en unos días estoy subiendo unos videitos de TOT del `95, joyitas...