Nightwish - Shudder Before The Beautiful Lyrics

The deepest solace lies in understanding,
This ancient unseen stream,
A shudder before the beautiful

Awake, oceanborn
Behold this force
Bring the outside in
Explode the self to epiphany

The very core of life
The soaring high of truth and light

The music of this awe
Deep silence between the notes
Deafens me with endless love
This vagrant Island Earth
A pilgrim shining bright
We are shuddering before the beautiful
Before the plentiful
We, the voyagers

Tales from the seas
Cathedral of green

The very core of life
The soaring high of truth and light

The music of this awe
Deep silence between the notes
Deafens me with endless love
This vagrant Island Earth
A pilgrim shining bright
We are shuddering before the beautiful
Before the plentiful
We, the voyagers

The unknown, the grand show, the choir of the stars
Interstellar theatre play, the nebulae curtain falls
Imagination, evolution, a species from the vale
Walks in wonder in search of the source of the tale

The music of this awe
Deep silence between the notes
Deafens me with endless love
This vagrant Island Earth
A pilgrim shining bright
We are shuddering before the beautiful
Before the plentiful
We, the voyagers

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Nightwish Shudder Before The Beautiful Comments
  1. coffeebirdtree

    oh my when this album first came out, i think i was comparing it too much to old Tarja music....but now that i am listening to it for the first time in years, the beauty of this song has brought me to tears......and her voice is perfect.....

  2. swankysweller

    Damn, this opening is even better then DCOW back in 2004. Can't wait for 2020 :-)

  3. art caz

    can t wait for the next album...

  4. みり


  5. Iza Alves

    (Vocally speaking) Floor is the best thing that EVER happened to nightwish

    Alexandra Hefnerová

    Overall, not just vocally. Her on stage energy basically brightened the whole band, all on stage are smiling, which didn't happen that much (like in almost every song) back then with Tarja or Anette. Floor does wonders not only vocally. So she indeed is the best thing, that ever happened to Nightwish.

    Iza Alves

    @Alexandra Hefnerová i 100% agree... as the leader singer shes the best thing (vocally and everythint involved) i specify vocally because lyrically tuomas was the best thing lmao

    Iza Alves

    @Alexandra Hefnerová and letme tell u floor not only is the best metal singer vocally but also no one has a better stage presence... she brights up every stage she's in

    Alexandra Hefnerová

    @Iza Alves Couldn't agree more. These two, Tuomas and Floor, definitely are the best things that happened to Nightwish, without Tuomas there wouldn't be any songs to begin with, and Floor even makes them all special in her own way, in a way Tarja, nor Anette could. They are great singers, but lack the overall energy, that Floor brings in. She can steal the stage very easily. Too easily indeed. Huh, I think I'm in love. XD

    Iza Alves

    @Alexandra Hefnerová no worries it's impossible not to fall in love w floor 🤘🏽🤘🏽

  6. Rage of Hamsters

    простите,но у вас бас-гитарист поёт лучше вокалистки...может его и оставить на вокале?

  7. Maria elena Sanchez yañez

    Poderosa voz la de Floor , la mejor por lejos

  8. John Neomaster

    Amazing! Just discovered this lovely band! Wow!

  9. Алиса Петрова


  10. Raine

    I think we can all agree this song rocks!

  11. Ben de groot

    Most Divine Opening Ever 🤘💜🎼🙏🏼

  12. V Br

    Блядь, какая мощная самка! Хороша! Даст копытом и дух испустишь...

  13. Miikka Vartiainen

    Great song...thanks floor

  14. Дмитрий Павлович

    Ух-ты! Это девушка Хагрида?

  15. FrankCoffman

    Floor Jansen is the greatest singer in the world.

  16. Daenoril

    As much as I love listening to Floor, I have to admit that Marko still has the best hair!

  17. Pepe Montezz

    Jansen is beautiful 😏💗💗

  18. Fred Hefti

    Ein emotionales Erlebnis den Liedern zu lauschen.

  19. Sara Lazzeroni

    I am genuinely in love with this woman. Best singer of this generation, amazing stage presence, can comunicate so much emotion with her voice. She's beautiful, sexy, powerful, strong and I can tell, kind and positive.What a gem.

  20. Johannes Jonzon

    Everyone's here praising Floor (and rightfully so) and I just wanna watch Emppu and Tuomas' solo duel lmao.

  21. cecilia catani

    fLOoR AND MaRcO i love you both

  22. Sampo Kemppainen

    Damn, i will dream of those thighs

  23. Andrey

    достойная замена Тарьи

  24. Киреев Антон


  25. It's Melissa

    OMG I love this song sooooooooooo much.

  26. Obsolete_Enigma

    The Dutch Goddess! 🤘🏽💪🏽

  27. EUnicorn

    The live sounds wayyyy better than the studio one

  28. Alan Lentz

    Love this song but all of this group is great and all lead singers love floor Jansen beautiful black hair thanks you guys are the best wish I could see you in USA

  29. TheMightyOdin

    0:42 She’s here!

  30. Jari Laitinen

    Floor Jansen is Queen the best

  31. Xombiticus

    Great band and Floor is a superstar.

  32. mrChuvack1

    ...просто фантастическая женщина...мечта!...

  33. Wi To


  34. burak yumat

    I would like to thank Anette for doing things that caused her dismissal from the band and resulted in the recruitment of the flying dutchwoman.


    burak yumat correct, but she was extremely unwell health wise. Let’s not wish that for someone 😇

    burak yumat

    @annfender oops:/ sorry 'bout that. But it seems that bad things can end up with way better results, at least for the band and fans in this case. I respected this band with Tarja and I love this band with Floor. I dont have any feelings for Anette, as a fan of NW.


    I know! You did not mean it that way 🙂 but yea isn’t floor just amazing ? I am obsessed

  35. Enrique Quiroz

    Aparte de su musica que toca megusta y es muy sexy love 😜😎😎💝👍

  36. nathalie van dijk

    Love the 80's feel here and there on the keyboard, guitar and a little bit of Heart or is that just me?

    doug marcus

    nathalie van dijk I hear none

  37. heavy metal of the world

  38. piero lo groi

    love this fucking song 🤘

    doug marcus

    My favorite off the album

  39. KingDyllo

    I wanna give this whole band a hug for making me forget about my problems for a while and making the world melt away. They make me want to pursue music.

  40. flip inheck

    Now, that muppet could crack a WALNUT

  41. Jose Wilmer Pinilla Rodriguez

    Totalmente mágico, que poder tan maravilloso.

  42. Глупый Котенок

    Флур Янсен- красавица!


    til now it stay on 1500


    i make 2 reaction to see if the 1500 is coming

  45. goth buda

    glad to see there coming back to the uk

  46. Célio Azevedo

    Love you, Floor

  47. Raya May

    You are wonderfull! All of you. I love these kind and gentle notes inbetween all the heavy ones, I love how you play with them. This mixture of different genres coming together to one perfect piece of art. Just great!

  48. Ricky Spanish

    Dear NIGHTWISH! I'm Lucas, and I'm from Argentina! Thanks for coming to Argentina in 2020! SEE YOU THERE, It'll be amazing!!! I love you !!!

  49. mestizos indios truchos bolivianos :v

    El Power es lo maximo 😄🎸🎸🎸

  50. Витя Витя

    Найтвиш это класс!

  51. Camomille418

    0:30 There is the same part in "The poet and the pendulum" (live) x)

  52. German Falcon Ramos

    I love listening wightwish!!!!!!!

  53. Pedro Ordonez

    Emppu's playing is so weird! It looks as if he is struggling and playing the guitar with his mind only (not even tocuhing it) at the same time. Love the guy!

  54. Corttez Videos

    A banda mais foda do Universo!

  55. Megan Richards

    You guys are everything we need on this planet <3

  56. BloodTar

    We will not go quietly into the night. Understand?

  57. Richard Kalva

    I wish North America was lucky enough to see them more often. Floor is simply the best! She just flat out brings it.

  58. Viking woman

    i miss Tarja but this one is a really good fit too..

  59. John King

    Would love to lie on the Floor! 🤗😍

  60. Mrs Frye

    Who the hell dislikes this?!

    Markus Allen

    925 dumbasses.

    Xavier Serrano

    exactly wtf

  61. Jón Þormar

    Been listening to a few covers of this song recently. I thought those covers were amazing.... until i visited this video again. God damn, Floor!

  62. fitim hani

    tarja the best none can replace her


    Tarja left 15 years ago ... get over it and stop bothering here ...


    @fitim hani I am not Dutch, nor do I need to be Dutch to appreciate a good singer when I listen to her ... if you think that the musical quality of a person depends on their nationality, I think you should review your musical criteria ...

    pietje bell

    @fitim hani well fuck you, from a dutchie!


    Og well... go listen to her solo material then

  63. jean medeiros

    musica foda demais

  64. Chyko Gótyko

    ¡Hermoso! ♥

  65. Phantom Mare

    Beautiful, brilliant, powerful, what a performance, what a band, they're just awesome!

  66. Sérgio Rosa

    Awesome song!!!! Floor is killing it. Nightwish With Floor rises to another level. Brutal performance 👍

  67. 돈이짜세다

    아직도 활동하고 있구나, 12년전 초딩때부터 게임으로 알게되었는데 ㅋㅋ

  68. Korz Bro

    Heh. Still not convinced with regard to You Know Who :) Nightwish quality is still there, definitely, but... I know it's unpopular opinion... something unique has been lost.


    we dont know actually, what are you talking about?

    Korz Bro

    Some do, do your homework...


    @Korz Bro well you said you know who and i dont, beeing a fan since 2007

    Korz Bro

    @Fingers You must have not been an observant fan, then :) but that's no sin. Cheers.

  69. Qguitars Brandin Guitars

  70. Сергей Белов

    The light is awesome crappy!
    Good song and Floor Jansen really cool

  71. Hom Tolland

    The opening sounds like a Pokemon Battle

  72. JTG71

    Floor Jansen ❤️

  73. Hopespot234 Youz

    Most versatile singer in the world! Check floor out on beste zangers.

  74. G Melford

    One doesn’t simply underestimate Marco’s voice.
    Adds so much to their sound.

    doug marcus

    G Melford 2nd beet replacement was Marco for Sami. Songwriting took a big notch forward.

  75. steven clark

    Been a rocker all my life,dont worry,i wont mention my age,,,im knocking on a bit,What a breath of fresh air this band really are,nothing like them amywhere,totally blown away,,WOW.

  76. B Hills

    Love the guitar keyboard team during solo. great track

  77. alain le henaff

    i must listened this song between the songs of Beste Zangers to day.

  78. Anthony Knight

    I freaking love how she play with that crowd!

    doug marcus

    Anthony Knight stage presence is off the chart

  79. douwe bouma


  80. Nelson Kakasu

    Tarja Turunen, it's wonderful 😍😍😘. incredibly beautiful, melodious voice.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌💯💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

    Korz Bro

    Except it's not Tarja Turunen...

  81. chris sparshott

    I absolutely love the part of the song when the audience are chanting;it gives me goose bumps everytime.

  82. дор мидоша


  83. Ignacio Marzetti

    Toda una valquiria!!!!

  84. Marcus Anton

    I was thinking Floor Jansen voice sheer vocal range is like Tarja and Anette had a child and wallah you have Floor. Absolutely the best of both. I'll always love Tarja and Anette but Floor will be played at my funeral.

  85. Clumsy Turtle8

    It is physically impossible to not headbang at 3:35
    That riff is so god damn good!

  86. Ursula Saner

    Egau für mi isch floor immer die heavy queen ...und i dänk das ihre für mi niemer s"wasser länge ,

  87. Puppy Playz games

    My friend Ella loves listening to NightWish shes excited to go to the concert next year and she said she has a Nightwish t shirt and CDs I don't really enjoy her opinions since I prefer pop music its relaxing to me tbh UwU

  88. Alisson Bezerra

    Floor Jansen is a goddess.

  89. namikaze sama

    minute 3:36 woow

  90. PBS BigBossman

    This band is amazing. If your going to copy maiden, please get two more guitarists and and bassist that rips.

  91. Сергей Стрельцов


  92. SkyLight Gameuse

    Two great singers: Floor and Marko!

    Jim Haney

    1 great lead singer Floor ,then you also have Marco.

  93. Mike Breden

    Yo, im just gonna say it. The album version is soooo toned down compared to the way they play it live. I mean damn, this peeled my fucking cap back for real. I listened to the album version and it just seemed very stripped down. The guitar sound wasnt really coming through with that crunchy rough heavy sound and Floor's vocals sounded like she was singing into a tube or something. You can hear her real singing voice and the power she has along with the guitar sound in this version. Totally different. That seems to be the case with most of their songs from what i can see.

  94. Matt Underwood

    The fact that this was the OPENING song......lmfao. they are so great. i love them all

  95. Mauro S. Ramos

    Nightwish is Top!

  96. Jim Faria

    Wonderful song. Nightwish always has awesome female lead singers.

  97. Alberto González

    Is that an amazonian singing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩?