Nightwish - Scaretale Lyrics

Once upon a time in a daymare
Dying to meet you, little child, enter enter this sideshow

Time for bed the cradle still rocks
13 chimes on a dead man's clock,
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

The bride will lure you, cook you, eat you
Your dear innocence boiled to feed the evil in need of fear

Burning farms and squealing pigs
A pool of snakes to swim with, oh sweet poison
bite me bite me

"Ladies and gentlemen
Be heartlessly welcome!
To Cirque De Morgue
And what a show we have for you tonight!"

Restless souls will put on their dancing shoes
Mindless ghouls with lot of limbs to lose
Illusionists, contortionist,
Tightrope - walkers tightening the noose

Horde of spiders, closet tentacles
Laughing harpies with their talons ripping,
sher-chrisss, per-vizzz

The pendulum still sways for you
Such are the darks here to show you, child in a corner,
fallen mirrors, all kingdom in cinders

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Nightwish Scaretale Comments
  1. 10torquemada

    Is there a version without the middle part (Marco' part)? I don't like that part, I only like Annette's.

  2. aldocarmine

    My favorite NIghtwish song ever!

  3. Mr Tecnologia

    Mi canción favorita en el mundo 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🎉🎉🎉🎉

  4. Zael Heimricht

    My mind: *''Crawlers, Spiders, Crows and Tentacles~"*
    Reality: 6:12
    *Sad noises*

  5. Простой Человек

    i "cum" lol

  6. Tiago Santos

    1:38: Zamasu Gatai - ''SON GOKUUUUUUUUUUUU!''
    2:02: Vegetto Appears
    2:31: Vegetto - ''This is Vegetto Blue''
    4:24 Zamasu - ''I'm God mortal!''
    4:54 Vegetto punches Zamasu
    5:40 Vegetto - ''Final Kamehameha''

  7. Tiago Santos

    4:53 Master Piece

  8. Tennislovingcoffeeaddict

    She was the perfect choice for this album, and to date I still think it's their best. Officially a member of the love all three singers club.

  9. HarvesterOfShadows

    I love this so much. Nightwish is fucking genius for this.

  10. Korra Fey

    Just when i think ive heard all the songs youtubes like heres another one. Thank you youtube

  11. Joseph Cunningham

    Halloween 2019:.listening to this album as I make dinner. Still rocks.

  12. Hillel Merkin

    The beginning of the song used to terrify me so much that I couldn’t listen to it. One day I forced myself to listen through the beginning and was rewarded with the rest of this amazing song

  13. Nemanja Živojinović

    Mnogi me prave ludim kad kazem da sam bio u koprvovu, ono se medjutim nalazi na savanovcu, na pruznom prelazu prema krnjevu.

  14. Jose Serrano

    Best intro I´ve heard. Absolutely loved it, can´t stop replaying it.

  15. Light Visored

    I love this song!

  16. dentist linguist

    the band at their peak. I love her singing.

  17. Nemanja Živojinović

    any question?

  18. Sonnenkind

    A nice rip off of „A little piece of heaven“ by Avenged sevenfold

    Dan Griffin

    What? The two songs aren't even remotely alike...

  19. Dave Whalen

    This is without a doubt one of the weirdest songs I've heard

    Still a good one though, great instrumentation and shows both Annette's and Marco's insane versatility

  20. Zebas_tian Abel

    Es tan horrible la forma de cantar de Anette en esta cancion, q me animo a decir q esta es la cancion mas inescuchable de Nightwish.
    Escucho cantar a esta mina de una manera tan ridicula, que me cuesta entender en qué pensó Tuomas al momento de designarla vocalista d Nightwish

    roddy ruiz

    Si tuomas la hizo cantar asi, para que suene como una bruja, pero como solo bates la cabeza y no te da para entender el concepto de la cancion, estamos mal

  21. Samuel Slash

    Alguém do brasil em 2019?

  22. Julian Martinez

    So creepy.. but I love the circus part, lyrics, that one riff before the circus part and all the string parts

  23. Çlåwstrîkë


  24. Vekurus

    An album to play for Halloween.

  25. Ares Apolo

    Fucking nice sing yeah baby 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Michael Vedal

    And they say Anette sucks.. oh well...

  27. Fairy Girl

    Love Floor’s take on this!

  28. Derek Warr

    This is actually my first time hearing this song...I love it!

  29. Dave Millet

    One of the band's finest moments. And I agree with other fans - it's all about personal taste, but I thought she absolutely soared on this album!

  30. Ivison Danxer

    Anette is completly wronged! She is a great singer! she had the misfortune to replace Tarja! only that

    doug marcus

    concert wise, a crap shoot

  31. Adam Steele

    Beware the snowman...

  32. sdsdaddas

    Exactly, don't compare Annette to Tarja. There is a clear winner, in terms of actual singing capability.

    Gabriela Pérez

    Yep. Anette is awsome i know :)

  33. Pi Emute

    didn't like annette at first but she's so fucking good here i warmed up to her

  34. Junior

    There's always my way

  35. The Fireline

    A song full of curious ingenuity!! Chapeau

  36. ArmedRagnarok

    This is exactly what i think you would hear near a Rakdos Gate, if you get me.

  37. Çlåwstrîkë

    5:30 is when you think the song can't get any better and it does


    Opus Magnum Mr. Holopainen.

  39. Rafael Montagner

    This song is not sung, its voice-acted!

  40. Dawid Ślusarczyk

    WoW.. Dear God, Anette very good job 👌 Love her voice in this song💖❤️💕

  41. Coralie Duquenne

    Anette sounds so weird :o

  42. Lassi Rullo

    Floor will sing this song better, because her voice is so heavy and clean 👌😁

    Gabriela Pérez

    Her generic metal voice lacks the magic touch Anette give to this

    ja mv

    she already tried to sing it and killed it in the process

  43. Dreadrat

    Literally my new favorite song

  44. Hozzie Hozzbourne

    I love the circus part <3

  45. lucho ewe

    awesome owo

  46. Sarim Faruque

    I like Annete's voice technique here

  47. Herr Doktor

    Anybody remembers Medievil? This really fits thematically.

  48. Jordan Winders

    Almost sounds like something that belongs to Disney. Love it.

    Adolfo Salinas Pérez

    Tuomas is a Disney fan

    Zvezdana Majstorova

    Omg same feeling 😍😍

  49. J.C van Eekelen

    I got this album as a present, was going to bed and turned this album on....Man..that night ive been dragged trough a adventure trip and also my emotions went... In case this sentence makes no sense, english is not my first language.

  50. Oceanblue

    Am I the only one who dies laughing at the Lalalala part? This song is more funny than scary. hahaha


    It's so bizarre!! And the hu! ha! xD

  51. Coleybutagoodie

    I don't know why but the orchestral parts of this song (1:02 and 6:03+) and the beginning of Song of Myself reminds me of Doctor Who...

  52. Duncan Buchanan

    Anette is SCAREY. In my mind there are two NW songs where the original singer is still better than Floor. Tarja with Wishmaster. Anette with Scaretale.

    Hooda the Antagonist

    Watch out, you might trigger someone's nostalgia bomb

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    @Hooda the Antagonist nope...he is right

  53. Emil Filipov

    I get a carbot League of legends ad on the video... :-(((

  54. Nirmal Babu

    Still waiting for Tarja/Floor fanboys to come balls blazing with claims that they can outdo Anette singing this song.

    Emil Filipov

    We will never know for sure haha. Annete is not going back to Nightwish and neither is Tarja :-D

  55. George Chiqovani

    did they made deal with Disney? :D it sounds like a song that a villain could sing :D

    Adolfo Salinas Pérez

    Tim Burton

  56. Yasuo Kai

    A Tim Burton style, i like it!

  57. Chelsea Avery

    Gothic & Jewish

  58. dentist linguist

    Fuck, there are more talented folks in this world than me. I've played music for more than 40 years but I still don't have a clue how they pulled this off. Of course a good song writer and the best producers, but still...

  59. dannydarknessx

    Published on my birthday!!!!! 😜

  60. TheatreofSymphony

    Dimmuborwish ❤️

  61. Tashiko Weinstein

    Tim Burton on steroids

  62. victoriaturishHardy

    Es genial y cagado de risa al mismo tiempo.!!!

  63. Michael Collins

    Somehow it reminds me of Dream Theater.

  64. Nocturnal

    This has a haunted-Christmas vibe to me.

  65. dentist linguist

    I love Skåne. One of my best friends was a singer in a band from south of Sweden and they played huge arenas. It was surreal but god I was proud. And I'm Finnish.

  66. David Strife

    i just realized its not a tent in the back, its just a tower with a rail lin going under it, fuqoff miles away, and a bridge way in the back.

  67. Pedro

    Even though I love Floor Jansen, she's not able to sing this song like Anette to. OMG, so many emotions and feelings on this song, it always makes me speechless.

    Anders Magnusson

    Toumas Holopainen have a way of writing songs designed for the different singers of the band. Using the full potential of Tarja, Anette and Floor

    Cveta Georgieva

    @Anders Magnusson Except Tuomas is yet to use the full potential of Floor Jansen. It is shown in her other bands and projects, plus in Arjen Lucassen's albums.

  68. Steve Jones

    Of the three Nightwish singers Annette is my least favourite. Not as good as either Tarja or Floor. Here though, this song is Annette's. She nailed it to perfection. My favourite piece by Nightwish is Ghost Love Score from Once, and sung by Tarja. Since this album there has been Endless Forms most Beautiful with vocals by Floor. Yet, for me, as a whole, I find Imaginarium featuring Annette is Nightwish's best work to date. From Angels fall First to Endless Forms... not one bad album among them.

  69. fernanda canales

    Tuomas Genius!

  70. Bruna Carvalho

    mind blowing

  71. Jess Chan

    Reminds me of the movie The Devil's Carnival.

  72. Hozzie Hozzbourne

    1:02 <3 <3 <3 <3

  73. wish i could make a better name person

    Does the start up make anyone else think of A Nightmare on Elm Street?

  74. Juan Huertas

    Man, I can´t stop listening to this shit. My favorite nightwish song♫


    Oh yeah!!!!!! My first, heard it on a "dragonformers" video. So epic

  75. Peachyy Sweet

    Wow. This war... uh... very interesting. Did not expect this. But I like it.

  76. Elton Kur

    A story song time for bed huhah huhah huhah i like the sound system, rock your song Nightwish \m/

  77. Czar Sacro

    Som foda da porra! ! !

  78. Scott Boggs

    Flippin awesome!!

  79. bilmiktre

    Qualche italiano fan dei nightwish??

    Matteo 01

    Ciao zi

  80. Dell Brandstone

    Nice one, it's like Disney meets metal!!

  81. Madigan0895

    Absolutely Brilliant composition! Love this whole album.

  82. Ni-Mo Phi!

    Somehow reminds me about American mc'Gees Alice and Alice Madness Returns :p

  83. Heidi Waffles

    3:23 why the heck did I find that so funny?! δωδ

  84. Chouju X

    Perfect song to listen to around Halloween.

  85. Silvia Luna, the girl who loves spiders

    Alphabetical order of characters appearing in the drream i had listening :
    Buck from Ice Age
    Laughing jack from creepypasta
    Michael Jackson
    Nifflers from Harry potter


  86. Jess Chan

    Anyone else find this reminds them of The Devil's Carnival?

  87. xXThe Baroness Annabelle LeeXx

    I love how insane she sounds!

  88. online games PS4 mac

    Like music my favortie

  89. Mikosch2

    Kinda reminds me of Nuka-World :-) Alternatively, the fun fair in Prypiat.

  90. Lunar Haze

    Can anyone tell me which Instrument was playing between 2:03 - 2:07?

    Emily Elizabeth

    My best guess is a harpsichord.

  91. Thempest7

    American Horror Story - Freak Show :))

  92. Sarah Henry

    if they make a horror movie about disney villains, they should use this song.

    Adolfo Salinas Pérez

    I read you and I'm thinking about a witch

  93. Game Doctor

    I Love the scene in "imaginearium by nightwish" where the Band played this Song and Thomas was in the middle of the show😍😄


    One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the movie tbh.

  94. Ness lopez

    LOL :D sounds like a perfect soundtrack for 2 new Tim burtom movies :3 by disney new century

  95. A. Staff

    First time I heard this, I thought it went "SCREEEEAM BITCH!!" not "squealing PIGS"

  96. Dave B

    7 mins and 32 secs of sheer brilliance from the best band on the planet.