Nightwish - Rest Calm Lyrics

I went to die in a seaside hotel
Lanes of memory paved by sweet frozen moments

Deathbed memories of home
Never let me go

Every little memory resting calm in me
Resting in a dream
Smiling back at me
The faces of the past keep calling me to come back home
To caress the river with awe
Within there's every little memory resting calm in me
Resting in a dream
Smiling back at me
The faces of the past keep calling me to come back home
Rest calm and remember me

You are the moon pulling my black waters
You are the land in my dark closet
Stay by my side until it all goes dark forever
When silent the silence comes closer

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Nightwish Rest Calm Comments
  1. Phillip

    Love the intro on this one, comes in with a nice hit and rolls over you.

  2. Rachel Jackson

    My first time listening to this song by them holy wowsers 😳

  3. C Shaver

    I really like this song and you did a good job at singing it (smiles with a thumbs up)

  4. Maryalee Scarlet

    Greatest. Band. Ever.

  5. conjured_up_skeletons

    I'm new to this band... I see all this "floor-anette bickering" bullshit from hardcore fans. Fk all that, all I wanna know is the name of this amazing voice and where she's from.

    Irene Mæ

    Annette Olzon! I don't know where she's from but she's cool.

    Irene Mæ

    I'm tired of everyone fighting over the singers, they're all awesome.

    Ann Waychoff

    She is from Sweden. She is with a new band Dark Element. They are good.

  6. nightcore wolf 13

    This songs rocks I listen to it everyday



  8. Ggdivhjkjl

    Rest calm and remember me.

  9. 野猪

    To me, I love every Anette's song, I am not a Nightwish fan until one day I've heard a song named bye-bye beautiful. I did not like Opera stuff at that time and I listened to a few songs from Nightwish. But now, I love every NW song and all vocalists. I am so lucky, I know somebody does not love them all. they don't even know what are they lost.

  10. Irvin Gish

    Annette sang my heart away...beautiful girl...sing to the heavens I say...

  11. GodIsJamesMason

    Jag hade glömt hur bra den här låten är

  12. Francisco J

    This song is so good that i should be punished for unknowing it earlier. SHAME ON ME

  13. Alan Metz

    Love Anette !!! Marko & Anette's Voice's compliment each other so well. It's a shame they couldn't have made it work longer. The Dark Element JAni Jani Jani

  14. Silviu Hentea

    Superba trupa! Felicitari!

  15. mamma mia

    i dont like it, i miss tarja

    Antonio Fiorillo

    go away

    Macarena Sáez Guzmán

    mamma mia no one cares about your opinion

  16. Maria Mincheva

    An incredible song, magical, mystical and sharp at the same time.

    When i heard its tune in the "Imaginaerum", tears started to flow down my face.
    So touching melody and tex.

    Julieta Lores

    Maria Mincheva If you love anette works give a listen to The Dark Element. Great project of her and Jani Liimatainen!

  17. Maxim Dimitrov

    2019??? FOREEEEEVERRR❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. TheFiresloth

    I don't know many songs who have a 2 minutes long climax ending.

  19. eMBo twentyfour

    Epic song!

  20. Sarah Azul

    Éste álbum es pura belleza, energía, potencia y magestuosidad. Les conocí con Tarja en sus filas, Floor la conocía de After Forever, ambas son estupendas, pero este álbum estaba hecho a la medida de Anette. Su voz era tan melódica, suave y armoniosa... 3 reinas y 1 rey (Marco) con un director de orquesta y compositor sublime como Tuomas Holopainen 💙, un guitarrista virtuoso como Emppu, un batería poderoso como Jukka. También un buen bajista como el antiguo Sami ( espectacular en Oceansborn, Whismaster...)
    Desde Angel Fall First 96 amando cada composición e interpretación musical ✨✨✨✨✨🌠🌠🌠🌠👌LARGA VIDA NIGHTWISH💕 🌹🌹🌹🌹💐🌙🌌

  21. Suhendra Tiara

    Nightwish the best

  22. Suhendra Tiara

    Nightwish the best

  23. sultanic

    My nervous system collapsed at the end of this song.

  24. Moonja RCA

    Dieses Lied wird auf jeden Fall mal auf meiner Beerdigung gespielt

  25. J McDaniel

    Love the main guitar riff of this song!

  26. User Samsung


  27. DeadlySting

    Best song ever, one of them at least.

  28. Noémie Petit

    Daaaamn I just realized the intro's melody's quite similar to Hunter x Hunter's "Emperor Time"

  29. Tristan N

    resting calm in me

  30. Venom

    I was in the shower hearing this then suddenly the song paused then after 1 minute i was done showering and it Said Wanna unpause it and continue hearing umm yeah but why did you pause it. Lol

    Jmz Haz

    Did you ever figure out why it paused?


    No i didnt and it happened again

  31. Aurinkohirvi

    Oh man the audio so breaks! Just not good audio quality. The "HD" apparently is for the subtitles, the audio source sucks.

  32. Hamina Q

    It motivates me

  33. SandmanDZ Khalil

    3:36 ahh eargasm

  34. Yoru Kuroshima

    love this song

  35. Constantine Chirva

    0:30 So much power...Do u feel it?!

  36. Unknown User

    Upon listening to this after a long time I've remembered why it's been so long; ended up putting it on repeat lol.

  37. Victorbrine Cassini Act 2

    For some reason this entire album makes me think of Finland (except "Arabesque"). It truly makes me wanna go there

    Hamina Q

    Victorbrine Cassini Act 2 let's go to Finland! :D

  38. Ivison Danxer

    SOMEONE IN 2019???

  39. chris carr

    "Deathbed memories of home" .... that's actually a terrifying line alone

  40. P Z

    all videos with "overload" on the sound on this channel or what? bass chokes. I only found one video for this song with a normal sound and it is as 240p.

  41. Sono2

    The children's choir turn this song from 9/10 to 10/10

    Dobre Geo

    Wrong, mate. The song was already a 10/10

  42. Wang Bruce

    2019 yeah

    Julieta Lores

    Wang Bruce Yeah. And loving The Dark Element as well ☺

  43. Наташа Шашкина


  44. Lauren Hall

    Marcos voice though

  45. S.poppies

    Love empu vourinen.... 😍

  46. Izayoi Higurashi

    this song helps me with my anxiety, a lot :)

  47. Ken Nakimi

    so beautiful song. it was amazing instrument and now is the full song,

  48. Luke Lopes

    2019 anyone?

  49. Meshkat Zaman

    86 people are horny af and can't feel the music

  50. Elizabeth Clampitt Clampitt

    Where is the music video I saw a few years ago?

  51. Kenan Ekinci

    15.12.2018 Azurizm tanrıçam önermişti bağımlılık yaptı #Rez alıyım da ilerde bakar gülümserim artık :)

  52. -CFH-ArcHitectoR

    0:55 Metallica - Eye Of The Beholder

  53. Adasena Cojocaru

    I made half of the hits:)))! per expected from metal🤘❣️🤘🤘

  54. simona mihaila

    I just discovered this song but i think it's Great! I listened 10 times already! Good job Nightwish!

  55. Hella D.Altar

    i came here 3 years ago because of a sonadow comic and until today i'm in love

    Audrey Hernandez

    SAME. I've read the sonadow comic about 5 years ago.

  56. Suicidal Seagull

    Annette is a brilliant singer and the song is amazing, though I can't help noticing in songs that she can sometimes appear to have quite a quiet and "weaker" voice.

  57. Mimoji

    Anette is anything but a bad addition to the history of Nightwish.
    She wasn't Tarja kind of good. But she was simply amazing. I love listening her songs as much as Tarja's

    View This

    T arja A nnette R ejected J ansen A ccepted ....spells TARJA The history events of Nightwish shows Tarja will always be here.

    Alejandro Bedoya

    Awoohu then it wasn’t a bad addition to Nightwish she just appeared in a bad moment and to remplace someone like TARJA


    @Alejandro Bedoya when i first listened to her songs i didnt like her at all. I thought she was the bitch who replaced Tarja.. sadly it was only the other members to blame for kicking Tarja out..

  58. George Kobaidze

    There is just one and only thing about this song that I don't like - it ends.

  59. Octavia Natalia

    The end of the song is so epic!

  60. Dimo the God of Nothing

    such a pure song, love it!

  61. Natu Franco

    i love this song

  62. Chelsea Avery


  63. CT-301 Legobuilder3190 The Elite


  64. Teed Epefanio

    The most invigorating song I've ever heard. Oh, love...

  65. Jimjimjimin

    This is so perfect omfl

  66. Nurgul Os

    Omg. I am speechless. Just❤❤❤

  67. Night Hart

    2018 anyone? :3

    Smiling Advocate Animations

    2019 anyone?

    Nathan Williamson

    Always and forever listening to this song when I am not listening to other music. :)




    @Bert de jager, what's the price of Bitcoin?

  68. Nelson Cerezo


  69. tomskads17

    Every little memory resting calm in me
    Resting in a dream
    Smiling back at me
    The faces of the past keep
    Calling me to come back home
    To caress the river and awe
    Within there's every little
    Memory resting calm with me
    Resting in a dream
    Smiling back at me
    The faces of the past keep
    Calling me to come back home
    Rest calm and remember me

    Truly magnificent. I love this song! <3 <3

    Octavia Natalia

    These were also my favorite lyrics from this song! They remind me of my evolution from a child to an adult!😊


    her sweet, haunting voice make it so much more memorable.

  70. Teed Epefanio

    Perfect positive vibez! We are so fortunate. . . We few who dance on the strings of NIGHTWISH!

  71. Teed Epefanio

    Such a beautiful song.. it once touched me, months back, and every time I hear it I smile, with utmost sincerity. . goosebumps.. thx, Nightwish.. for reminding me of the heart I'll always have.

  72. R. Troy Peterson

    For whatever reason, this reminds me of "Colors of the Wind".

  73. Amy Pedley

    Which album is this off

  74. Jimena Jimenez

    and the best Nightwish's singer is...MARCO
    I love this band

  75. MStorebra

    A MA ZING!!!! Headbang till my head falls off... Big Thx for the share

  76. Cheyenne R Seciwa


  77. X Critic

    Disclaimer: all 6 nw singers are good.

  78. Dego Mua

    porque diabklos esta cancion tiene menos visitas que la porqueria de despacito?

  79. Wicked Crypto

    Is it me or does the intro of this song sound like Crimson Deep by Tarja for a few seconds. Anyways what and amazing song. It take you from point A to point B. I can’t make up my mind but Anette was amazing and Marco voice is epic just look at I wish I had and Angel and planer hell. Marco has only gotten better and better

  80. CreepyNightcoreDemon

    2017 and I still enjoy listening to this song. ^.^

  81. Trandafir Dorin

    0:55 - that riff

  82. Grosu Cosmin Ionut

    It is a great song but waaaay too long. I do not uderstand why Holopainen felt the need to make it 7 minutes long. If the song had ended at 5:10 it would have been perfect because there's nothing worth listening to after that point and just make the song boring


    I disagree, the song intensifies after 5:10. Not only does it get slightly heavier, but the orchestra kicks in, and Marco starts singing. 5:10 is where this song becomes great

    Grosu Cosmin Ionut

    yeah, the orchestra kicks in and the song gets heavier but that doesn't compensate for the fact that 2 minutes of the song consist of the same chorus repeated for about 6 times.

  83. berni2905

    4:07 Anette's lyrics:
    Every little memoreeEEeeeeee...
    Resting in a dreeeeEEEEeeee...
    Every little memoreeeeEEEEeeeeEEeeeeee
    Resting in a dreeEEeeeeEEeeEEEEEeeeeeeooooooooEEEHHHYEEEEEhhhyyyeeeeeeaaoooooooooOOOOOOouooooo

  84. Heidi E


  85. M. Evripidou

    Im not a big fan of Nightwish but I love this album

  86. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    This is so beautiful im in love <3

  87. IIX XNis

    This song is a delirium !!!AWESOME

  88. blakitarm Rm

    what a wonderful sincera is anette

  89. sniper x channel


  90. Katya Se


  91. Gabriella

    *best Nightwish <3*

  92. Peppermint Scorpion

    this song was the first nightwish song I listened to and is still My favorite today

  93. SpaceTrucker

    My favorite Nightwish track... Beautiful chorus and hard verses... Love the combination of a chugging guitar riff and an orchestral accompaniment

  94. Tajchi123

    one word: M A S T E R P I E C E

  95. Ale Pucci'98

    I love This song

  96. Pierre Dyonet

    This song is amazing ! And I love Imaginaerum the movie ! Why not a DVD release in France ? :'(

  97. Jian Guan

    The begining sounds like an Iron Maiden song

  98. the chaos SLOTH

    27 DISSLIKES why??? How could that happen????1


    @Smiling Advocate Animations 125*

  99. hank augustine

    If the past and the future are linked, then wisdom is a key to salvation perhaps?