Nightwish - Planet Hell Lyrics

Denying the lying
A million children fighting
For lives in strife
For hope beyond the horizon

A dead world
A dark path
Not even crossroads to choose from
All the bloodred
Carpets before me
Behold this fair creation of God

My only wish to leave behind
All the days of the Earth
An everyday hell of my kingdom come

The first rock thrown again
Welcome to hell, little Saint
Mother Gaia in slaughter
Welcome to paradise, Soldier

My first cry neverending
All life is to fear for life
You fool, you wanderer
You challenged the gods and lost

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
This world ain't ready for The Ark

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
Mankind works in mysterious ways

Welcome down to my Planet Hell

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
This world ain't ready for The Ark

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
Mankind works in mysterious ways

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Nightwish Planet Hell Comments
  1. santi labo

    I come here for meek mill - pray for em

  2. Cristina Terraza

    Que lo pario que banda!!! Este tema mi preferido😍🇦🇷

  3. Erick Camargo

    I love Tarja the best voice

  4. Vania Butron Luna

    Welcome to hell 2020.

  5. Daniel Petruzzelli

    Be funny if someone was wearing ahrims whip fire cape obby shield and a green party hat in the crowd

  6. Joao Saito

    best band of all time

  7. Big Bill O'Reilly

    2019 TARJA is better than ever

  8. Fabiano Duarte

    A banda estaaaa um lixxoooooooooooooooo Parabéns para o dono da banda lixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooo

  9. Fabiano Duarte

    Semmmm a Tarja voces nuncaaa serão o mesmoo... issso é uma praga por voces tirarem ela sem piedade !!!
    Agoraaa atualmente em 2019 a banda ta um lixo (uma merdaaaa ) parabéns para a bando de lixo que estão hoje .

  10. Cynical K

    06.06.06 Falador massacre I will never forget that day

  11. Dwane Amador

    Siempre me encantó ese intro de batería.

  12. Alejandra Olivera.

    Sublimes!!! Los amo. Tarja única. Desde Uruguay 🇺🇾❤️❤️❤️

  13. Samuel Hoffman

    Meek Mill - Pray For Em

  14. Alexander ASMR

    послышалось 2:31 печали 2:53 выпьем залпом

  15. Aaron

    That drum beginning is so freaking bad ass

  16. Jason Bentley

    My eyes are literally watering right now, and my hairs are all stood on end at how epic this is

  17. Luis Sanchez

    Nadie le llega a Tarja aunque Floor es excelente no se compara

  18. Dylan Crane

    Watching in 2019 because Tarja is the better front women

  19. Mini hotcake

    La mejor etapa de Nightwish sin duda alguna eran increíbles

  20. Arturo Perez

    Who else see the Ghost Girl?

  21. Mengueche

    Holopainen's solo part is the best

  22. Mike S


  23. Caio Patricio

    Tarja e a melhor vocalista do Nightwish 🤘👏👏

  24. галина сергеевна

    адская женщина

  25. TheOrangeFondler

    Sorry to see you go Jukka

    View This

    They got a new album coming out in 2020 -- Still no Jukka. He's gone.

  26. polo otaku

    si viste el fantasma no le des like corre xD

  27. Johnny Eayre

    These guys are some next level music. 🤘 Tarja is gorgeous and a bad bitch.

  28. L. Carpizo

    00:15 miren el fantasma al centro de la pantalla.. look at the ghost..

  29. Trance to Spanish

    00:14 se observa una mujer de vestido blanco muy ajeno a esta época que miedo...

    00:14 a woman in a white dress is seen very alien to this time that fear...

    diana lo

    Si y muy alta o algo así, su cabello larguísimo se ve algo extraña 😱

    Trance to Spanish

    @diana lo otra cosa que olvidé comentar es que la otra parte del cuerpo la tiene completamente oscura el reflejo de la luz no es normal si fuese una persona

    Ver el video de nuevo me erizo la piel es muy inquietante la mirada 😱

    Arturo Perez

    Yo la pude ver gracias a BreakMan, ya que había visto tantas veces éste concierto, y ni cuenta me había dado de que había una aparición fantasmal en ese concierto

  30. Mauricio Aquino

    can you see the blonde tall girl in the back with wite dress?????? 0:14

    Arturo Perez

    I notice that too. Actually just discover it thanks to a Ghost video, who appears in concerts

  31. AmenuhRS

    Falador massacre. 13 years later. Never forget those whom perished.

  32. D Lucy

    Like si.vienes de.breakman :v

    Jose SuperPro XL

    Sip, lo adivinaste

    Tony González

    Diablos si es cierto 😱
    Esa mujer no tiene la altura normal como la de una persona

    myrivampiress V

    Es verdad, cuando lo vi me quede sacada de onda, tenia años viendo ese DVD y nunca me percate de nada sobrenatural, se puede ver muy bien su silueta flotando arriba del público esa mujer rubia.


    D Lucy vine a comprobar si conozco esta banda jsjsjsj creo que casi todos jsjs

    Arturo Perez

    De hecho así fue. He visto éste concierto muchísimas veces, y nunca me había percatado de eso hasta recién ahora que veo el vídeo de BreakMan, y por supuesto vine a ver, así como el de Spiderman, y el de Captain America

  33. Kennedy Pennell

    I can only imagine being at a concert of theirs, this is amazing

  34. Momirka Racic

    Neprevazidjeni 😍 Tarja bog!

  35. Johannes Jonzon

    Jukka is an absolutely ridiculous drummer!

  36. Leonardo Antonio Guerrero Cheuqueman

    La voz de tarja le daba ese toque mágico al grupo👑

  37. Leevi Pekanmäki


    Kari Penttinen

    "hartwal areena, hyökkäys". niin se menee.

  38. MisterXAirsoft


  39. Alex Tacu

    Save yourself...and let them suffer!

  40. Raquel Miranda

    Speechless. My Godess will be Tarja. This song is amazing. Sorry Floor, you're good, but my Queen rocks better .

  41. dilcia martinez

    If Toki and swisgar from metalocolyps were real and had there own band. Lol.

  42. Alexandru Florin Tacu

    Mankind works in mysterious ways... Lovely

  43. IPK- International Punk Kings

    Hell Yes !!! love this song they rock !!!

  44. Gabriel Adrián


  45. Jason Beetham

    if it wasn't for the 6/6/6  runescape  Massacre would this song even matter to anyone?!...."NOPE" lol but thankfully it still holds strong today :)

  46. Kathy Rundell

    I freaking LOVE this band!!!!!!!

  47. ArcaneSiren

    Nightwish is a pop band without Sami :(


    ArcaneSiren How the FUCK is this pop?

  48. loblit05

    Marco's guilty face when she sings "my only wish", as if saying. we'll miss you... kinda

  49. DutchNewbJr

    Falador massacre 2006 Runescape

  50. Lauch _

    Великолепно. Где рускоязычные коменты. Или все киркорова слушают.

  51. Scher Hassan

    Everyones talking about Tarja and Jukka whilst forgetting Tuomas. I mean the dude wrote this masterpiece and man those fingerss 😫🤘🏾

    Arturo Perez

    They said than Nightwish is shit without Tarja, but the real genius is Tuomas

  52. Malú Hurtado

    Alguien con buen gusto musical en el 2019? 😉

    Ronaldo Alves

    Me chamou ? Kk

  53. Danger X

    Now this right here is why I never liked Nightwish. Well, not Nightwish so to speak. Because their impeccable musicianship is a given. Because I love their music and then Genius of nightwishes leader Thomas... No that's not how he spells it, but I'm sick of this goofy Google vocal typing piece of shit that don't ever put words that you are saying. Anyway, it's because of that old fogey, old school Opera vibrato of tarja. Her singing just does not meld with metal, or even symphonic metal. Therefore I could never get past her vocals. And if you have never scene Nightwish or tharja, like me you would most likely just vision a heavy-set woman with a Viking helmet with a sword, singing opera... Only Opera! So then, I noticed they have a new singer in 2005-2006. Well I couldn't get past that very much either, speaking of Annette Olsen. Like Tarsha, if you've never seen her, I just picture that high-pitched Minnie Mouse vocal Style, looking like and sounding like even more... A Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera singing Pop or top 40 shit. So, another stretch up and goes by with me not getting it as to why a band that awesome, can't seem to find an awesome singer that fits the bill. That is, until surfing the tube one day in 2014, and going holyshit who is that?! And I am speaking of, wacken Open Air Festival 2013 performance of Nightwish. Lo and behold, I heard the Thunder from above and noticed that God himself was pissed. And then I realized... The true Dutch Goddess from the Netherlands... The lovely Miss floor Jansen of after forever and revamp. And I realized God was mad, cuz now he is short 1 angel with Angelic voice and Beauty to match. I paused the video, then I thought... Nightwish has literally hit the motherload, the Golden Goose, and the fact that they couldn't have found anywhere on planet Earth or Beyond, a better fit, a better personality. This beautiful goddess floor Jansen, what can you say man that already isn't known?! Floor, she could growl or go low, she can rasp and a is the heavy Rock vocal Style with the best of them if not better like Pat Benatar or Ann Wilson of heart, she can hit Angelic eyes and sustained notes with elegance and Grace like Celine Dion or Adele as well as any classical or Opera Style. Which by the way, she doesn't really like Opera style much with that music, what is classically trained and sings it with the music to match but don't really like it with metal as much. She only has those songs to perform because of the classic tunes that Nightwish has written for tarja. As a drummer and musician myself, I know from years of gigging and playing Club and small little festivals around the tri-state area my home, that the perfect and Flawless gig is like a white elephant. Sure as the fans know or should I say don't know because they just don't hear it, everyone has something somewhere along the lines that doesn't go according to his plan and whether it's from booking, the setup, the location, the money, something will go wrong and the fans usually don't see what goes from A to Z in the process of playing somewhere and of course playing the gig itself. they are like a white elephant, very rare. But, I will say there is one thing for sure on day and that gig at the wacken open air in 2013, I witnessed one of those white elephants, and a flawless performance in every sense of the word when it comes to that show. Floor Jansen, if I had to sum her up in one word only, and believe me there's a many one words I could use. but when it comes to her, the way she Moves and expresses the song she's singing as a story with each song, everything from the way she moves her body flips her hair or head bangs, as well as being so sensuous and expressive... Perfection! That's right, one word it would have to be that... Perfection! so, to sum it all up, and after hearing floor doing all of the songs the past two singers recently have done, there's only one thing that's on so many fans mind... tarja and Annette who? and I can pretty much guess that 99.99% of all Nightwish fans... Will agree to the fact that floor Jansen is on a total different level than the past 2 singers, and our way past exceptional now and better than they have ever been. Because floor has literally no limit of range and sky's the limit as to the pallet of what Thomas has to work with. because she's strictly a Powerhouse and makes you feel the story that she's singing about making you feel like you were there at story time so to speak. there is one thing that tarja and Annette can do that floor can't... And that's hit a sour note... So, there's that.

  54. Jared Avila Music

    Tarja <3

  55. Farraz Siddiqui

    Falador Massacre

  56. BlackiPictures

    What did he say @ 0:58 ?


    Hartwall areena and i dont know the rest but its the place where they are in this video


    "hartwall areena, vittu jee" "hartwall arena, fuck yeah"

  57. pumpkinholes

    that intro is sick

  58. Miguel Angel Felipe

    Floor es buena pero tarja es una diosa por ella es que me gusto nightwish su voz es la mejor.

  59. Chilean Saurius

    Tarja rules!!

  60. A.M. Arteaga

    Tuomas' solo is hands down the best part

  61. Cornelius Antonius

    Pure Gold

  62. Lieuwe Zeilstra

    Suh dude

  63. ElKevinTrip

    The best Nightwish ever

  64. Garen Might

    Bank your items

  65. Sebastian Rivera

    Denying the lying
    A million children fighting
    For lives in strife
    For hope beyond the horizon
    A dead world
    A dark path
    Not even crossroads to choose from
    All the blood red
    Carpets before me
    Behold this fair creation of God!
    My only wish to leave behind
    All the days of the Earth
    This everyday hell of my kingdom come
    The 1st rock thrown again
    Welcome to hell, little Saint
    Mother Gaia in slaughter
    Welcome to paradise, Soldier
    My 1st cry never ending
    All life is to fear for life
    You fool, you wanderer
    You challenged the gods and lost
    Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
    Save yourself and let them suffer
    In hope
    In love
    This world ain't ready for The Ark
    Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
    Save yourself and let them suffer
    In hope
    In love
    Mankind works in mysterious ways
    Save yourself a penny for the ferryman

  66. Psyko Tron

    Si piensa que tarja llevo a la sima a Nightwish dale like

    Martineze gt

    Aunque ella no sea compositora solo era la cantante así y todo era la esencia de nightwish su fabulosa voz y su hermosura presencia

    Isaac ́s Space

    Todos eran y son muy talentosos, cada uno de ellos.

    Dwane Amador

    Creo que todos se complementaban. Prueba de ello es que Nightwish no le ha ido muy bien sin Tarja y pues Tarja sin Nightwish quedó prácticamente en el olvido.

  67. Lucas McQueen


  68. Igor Cezário

    *Qual o nome desse efeito que parece vozes? É do teclado?*
    *What is the name of this effect that looks like voices? Is it from the keyboard?*

    Juan Distel

    I don't know the name of the effect, buy my keyborad has a sound called " orchestra voice hit" that sound very similar
    And yes, tuomas is probably doing that with one of the keyboarda, and if he is not is from a sample

    Juan Distel

    Keyboards** sorry

  69. sachi retasu

    THIS is best.


    2018 but... BANK YOUR ITEMS!!!!

  71. Johan Bomholt

    He sounds like son goku so much

  72. Rikirinku

    Во! Это planet hell, а не та хуйня с девочкой вокалисткой новой!

  73. HTP - CE

    The Monsters of the rock

  74. Carlos Durango Arcia

    La insuperable Tarja.

  75. Nórdic Games

    Floor é a melhor seus viúvos insuportáveis (floor is goooodd)

  76. ruzica knezevic

    that moment when he sing welcome to my planet hell and keyboard starting, is awesome

  77. Xalaomi

    Why costume of tarja reminds me of banana?:/


    kurgan highlander nno

  78. Alin-Mihai Stoianovici

    The drum work in this live version is absolutely flawless!

  79. Patrick Parals

    Great. The real Nightwish with Tarja!

  80. andrew hall


  81. Silas Newman


    Jussi Eronen

    I never got that part. Why did she pronounce it like that?


    @Jussi Eronen Good question, I had to look up the lyrics, I thought she said "indeed" or something. She pronounces this part the same in the studio version.

    Mapz Hmar Zate

    Classical singers and opera singers shape their vowels to suit the melodies or to maximize the sound they make. It's not a new thing. It has been going on for more than 100 years. Looks like you kinda have some lyrical singing homework to do

  82. Mercedes Zini

    Tarja Es Irremplzable

  83. Suez Nora

    2018.. nightwish best metal band ever I have seen so far no one can compete them, nice lyric and meaningful one.

  84. sutejo zhen

    2018, every time I hear tarja singing, his voice makes me get goosebumps...

    Not me

    *her? But I suppose Marco's voice is stunning too. :D

  85. Anton Shekhetov

    Tarja - the best!!!

  86. Steven Bentley

    I will now give my American oppion. NIGHT WISH IS THE BEST METAL BAND IN THE WORLD

    Nafisah Mohamed

    Not Metallica ? :)

  87. Koud Vuur

    Tarja, you beautiful beautiful woman.

  88. Viking Ruivo

    Marco Hietala 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏