Nightwish - Nemo Lyrics

This is me for forever
One of the lost ones
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass
This is me for forever
One without a name
These lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline

Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything

My flower, withered between
The pages 2 and 3
The once and forever bloom gone with my sins
Walk the dark path
Sleep with angels
Call the past for help
Touch me with your love
And reveal to me my true name

Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything
Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
Oh how I wish to dream again
Once and for all
And all for once
Nemo my name forevermore

Nemo sailing home
Nemo letting go

Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything
Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
Oh how I wish to dream again
Once and for all
And all for once
Nemo my name forevermore

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Nightwish Nemo Comments
  1. NailyWinner

    The hell she looks like Lisa Lisa

  2. Gundam Extreme

    Evanescence? Kk

  3. Hakan Ajder

    Rd tetuh vb tb

  4. Große Neger

    рузге тут?

  5. Wunder Wurst

    I literally searched like 10 years for this song

  6. Reptilian Child

    they stole this intro from Sinan Sakić

  7. martxxx.

    o saudades dela na banda..

  8. Mesut DURMUŞ

    First comment 10th year of the video. By the way, Tarja forever. =)

  9. Adam Bieliński

    Piękna kobieta piękny głos !

  10. Nicki

    1:30 trows away her necklace ,...and she's still wearing it .


    No, she's AGAIN wearing it.
    I think it means she came back to believe in Jesus even after her immense loss.


    @NewStarConstellation thank you

  11. nino chkhaidze

    This song is a legend ♥

  12. Janice Herbon

    Beautiful Song!

  13. Gudjon Runar Gudjonsson

    This is so good. Love it.

  14. Lynn Colberg

    I give her creadet she has a beautiful voice

  15. Marc Flatters

    Still my favourite nightwish song , such powerful vocals

  16. nememimnoz4

    Wortst enemy I\ve A ever meet. Now Iundesthing who is who

  17. Марина Бо



    5o cent is not even worth 5 cent compared to this music

  19. Marcela Vicentin

  20. kaashaan hussain

    the Cave brought me here



  22. Рыбалка с Фессом

    Тарья - АФИГЕННАЯ!!!!!

    Lion Good

    Не могу не согласиться с тобой!

  23. IIX XNis

    Uma das primeiras musicas que ouvi na minha vida de amante de um bom metal sinfônico. Ouvindo em 2020 XD

  24. WakingCobain

    We love you Tarja

  25. Vivien .l3

    Jmd hier von glp?😂

  26. Joseph Church

    Looks like Sasha Grey

  27. Volga Volga

    Я люблю ее

  28. doxor85

    Only one vocalist is TARJA

  29. spirtoylis spirtoyliss

    Nightwish favourite band I love it
    Check this small band if you like is very good

  30. Doug Bushey

    I love the poetry in the song..... it's like tarja is telling a story....she is also beautiful....her voice gives me chills..... Finnish beauty forevermore

  31. Grenczner Mark

    Imagine a great battle where the forces of evil and good will clash, both of the forces are gathering on the battlefield the good side have some powerful heroes, the evil side has a much larger army. They clash in the end but not before the good side's battle roar.

  32. KTN_ Kora

    🖤🖤🖤 esa mirada de odio venganza la amo ...

  33. Carsten Werner

    A good musik, sink now^^

  34. Carsten Werner

    to over the sound^^

  35. Carsten Werner

    let me a time to, ...

  36. Carsten Werner

    a time to the musik^^

  37. francisco zetina

    Listening in 2020

  38. Juan Camargo

    Essa música nunca morrerá! Ouvindo sempre....

  39. Dautro Gomes

    Procurando uma explicação para a saudade que você deixou, Albert... Queria ter te salvado.

  40. bennie de gooijer

    vinden lightbringer

  41. bennie de gooijer

  42. bennie de gooijer

  43. bennie de gooijer

  44. madelenixe

    nightwish without turja is not nightwish.


    To each his/her own.
    I like NightWish so much more ever since Floor became the lead singer


    @boefjespost sure, floor is also great but turja was the importest part of nightwish.


    los estan plajeando en bolivia un grupo chichero

  46. Bruno Olympio

    Seria o Ricardo Milos na bateria?

  47. victor ledgend

    Just listen to her voice.............Epic

  48. Fred Bruno

    Algum fã 2020 🇧🇷☠️✔️

  49. Andy Moon

    Vengo del futuro y los gobiernos destruyeron las religiones

  50. maamar 42


  51. Nameless

    Coolest voice! Music - no.)

  52. Trashmen

    fyding nemo!

  53. Вячеслав Ефимов

    Я так по энглиш нихрена, но по моему она говорит, немо её зовут, навсегда😄👍

    Вячеслав Ефимов

    Прям как в мультике про немо🤣

  54. Carlos Garcia

    Excelente tema sin duda una de las mejores en su época

  55. Nahual Zero


  56. Juha Ahonen

    Eipä oisi osannut arvata Tuomas Holopaisesta sellaista

  57. Gustavo Gonzales

    ok soy efermo

  58. Gustavo Gonzales

    como no no so

  59. Marlon Morones

    Alguém em 2020?

    Juan Carlos 27


    Marcela Vicentin

    Алекс Ник

    In Russia. We listen Nightwish & Tarya Turunen everyday. Как-то так. Братцы.



  61. Andrzej G

    Where is Nemo?
    Gdzie jest Nemo?

  62. bennie de gooijer

  63. bennie de gooijer

  64. EJ 314

    Só faltou o final épico igual a versão do álbum

  65. HÅKON Ulrich

    Oh how I weesh!

  66. Teolici Dora

    A song that never dies...still my favourite 🖤❤🖤

  67. Diego Sales

    Faltaram com respeito a vocalista


    I always listen this song when i read Obsesión by Caligo Andrea

  69. TJTheGamer

    2021 anyone still listening?

  70. Ivan Petrov

    Тарья рулит по жизни

  71. matheus torres

    2021 *-*

  72. Claudia Massola

    😍😍😍 Eterna . Lo mejor desde Argentina. Siempre Tarja!!!

  73. Kamelot19



    Rock y metal 🤘😉

  75. bennie de gooijer

  76. Felipe Jean

    Lindo demais esse vídeo. A riqueza de detalhes, as lágrimas no rosto de Tarja (03:17) a profundidade do seu olhar, mesmo as expressões do tecladista e baterista, tudo isso, faz desse vídeo uma obra de arte. A Voz nem se fala.

  77. Yoteko Jo

    Keyboards Tuomas:
    Korg Karma
    Korg Trinity Pro

  78. Владимир S

    Жаль конечно, что распались, но они классные

  79. Carlos Rocker

    what is the meaning of a woman being carried by birds?

  80. Zorgdub

    I am shocked and appalled: I had accidentally clicked on the Dislike button and I hadn't even noticed. That mistake has been rectified, but now I can't help but worry that there are other great songs that I made that same mistake on ...

    I guess that means it's time for me to go back and re-watch all the Nightwish videos.


    A worthy cause my good man.
    Listen on!

  81. Robson Medeiros

    Melhor época do Nightwish quando a Tarja foi vocalista, as outras que vieram depois cantam muito também mas não tem comparação, Tarja é única

    Geras Vilas

    This not Taria

    Paloma Oliveira

    Concordo plenamente com sua opinião...

  82. Hiawatha Goldstein

    Been reading the last few years of comments. Let's face it, it's not just 50cent or hip-hop; its also country-western, and most corporate manufactured "music". It's a wasteland out there. Metal is a form of Classical music, where composition and virtuosity count. Most people can't tell the difference, so they just go with what is easiest for them to digest. There's a reason both Classical and Metal only have niche audiences: Most people can't hear it when musicians are actually great at what they do. Just stay true to your convictions!

    Irene Mæ

    I play classical music, and whenever I listen to metal I can hear tons of classic/romantic influence. For example, I can tell the time signature and what notes are being played. I can't hear any of that in pop and country.

  83. Spiffymind AllDayLong

    Fuck I miss this time period.! So many good times listening to this awesome music. Miss Tarja!

  84. Dirty Harry

    Sleeping Sun: "I wish for this night-time to last for a lifetime."

    Nemo: "Oh how I wish for soothing rain.
    All I wish is to dream again."

    Wish I Had an Angel: "I wish I had an angel for one moment of love. I wish I had your angel tonight."

    If Tarja ever encounter a genie in a bottle, I already know what her 3 wishes will be.

  85. Tenchi

    2020 Chegou aqui !

  86. Willian

    2020 Anyone else are listening?

    Edwin Martínez

    Yoo ❤🙋

    Ravel Phenex

    Please, stop this nonsense about the fucking year. Honestly, who fucking cares? When you listen to music do you have to look at the calendar to decide whether or not the song is good? Shut the fuck up with this spam.


    Fuck yeah.

  87. I do care

    I do wonder how successful Toumas would have been without Tarja and where would Tarja be without him. They did find a replacement but not a substitute and Nightwish is alive and full of gold but I long to hear Tarja do a few new songs with them and alternate between the 2. They are so great.

  88. Corttez Videos

    Once again everyone is welcome! Nightwish World Community!

  89. I Love Sport

    Let's Go 2020 and Nightwish still rock out🤟

  90. Jeff Sipes

    I like metal and I like pretty girls. So Nightwish is great.

  91. Diptyajit Banerjee

    And without any warning, just like that, I fell in love with a goddess