Nightwish - Meadows Of Heaven Lyrics

I close my eyes, the lantern dies
The scent of awakening, wild honey and dew.
Childhood games, woods and lakes,
Streams of silver, toys of olden days.

Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.

The flowers of wonder and the hidden treasures,
In the meadow of life, my acre of Heaven.
A five-year-old winter heart in a place called home
Sailing the waves of past.

Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.

Rocking chair without a dreamer,
A wooden swing without laughter.
Sandbox without toy soldiers,
Yuletide without the flight.

Dreambound for life.

Flowers wither, treasures stay hidden
Until I see the first star of fall.
I fall asleep and see it all:
Mother's care and colour of the kites.

Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.
Meadows of Heaven.

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Nightwish Meadows Of Heaven Comments
  1. reeffeeder

    Anyone else here after Spotify removed this awesome track?

  2. Kaan Şireli

    Such a beautiful voice! 🖤🖤🖤

  3. S Pace

    wow 4 years ago omg

  4. Victor Novaes

    Eu lembro da primeira vez que ouvi essa música e foi na época em que estava começando um novo emprego.

  5. Michal Stránek alias Vážka

    Medové louky..

  6. Fiona Bather

    Who’s the person riffing in the background?

  7. george johns


  8. yanivok

    My NW favorite song, amazing melody!

  9. Veronika Varga

    I want this song on my funeral!!!

  10. Carl Sims

    171 people are deaf 🤯

  11. Kanon G

    me encanta el tema pero megasopeda me da risa xd

  12. Jelena G


  13. Rafaela Pelegrini

    voz linda 😍😍🇧🇷

  14. blaiha imane

    Amazing song 💙

  15. Esteban Nyul

    Wow!! "super rolon"

  16. Jereponibus

    Long ago, someone on here had a tribute video to the fallen Maximals of Beast Wars/Machines, using this beautiful song. As a result, whenever I hear this song I always think of the Beast Era of Transformers (back when TFs were actually great).

    Rest in peace Dinobot, Airazor & Tigatron/Tigerhawk, Depth Charge, Transmetal 2 Dinobot clone, Rhinox, and Optimus Primal! The greatest of Cybertron!

  17. Keith Procter

    I love Floor the most But you cannot deny that this is a beautiful song by Annette...

  18. Papa Joe

    I’d love to hear this live

  19. Ameriah

    5:49 voice who?

  20. Marilynd-Elainette Aghten

    "Where my soul sleeps, there treasure shines trough darkness. Where my soul was born. Warm roses in garden of life and dead. Tree of dying souls, roots of life. 'Madness', you say. No. Its wonders and secrets of life. When human dies, soul wakes and new flower is open".

  21. Andrea Beyer

    Stelle mir vor, mein schatz läuft über die wiesen im himmel.

  22. ZAMIR C

    Listen to 6:45 till the end is the best part


    The lyrics....🎶 👼 👼I'm not one to cry over a song but damn 😢 I think of my beloved mother, gone 7 years...

  24. Thảo Lê

    Still hear to 2019!

  25. Dany Kano

    Quien dice ?? Que el metal es del [email protected]@@

  26. Victorbrine Cassini Act 2

    3:36 to 4:11 Is the best part

    As human beings we often look over the beauty of life and dont really consider it. We are born as children, free and curious, to only die as enslaved working humans for society. We have lost the ability to truly appreciate the beauty of the meadows of heaven... that is Earth...

  27. Archergod


  28. Rocko Yao

    This song was constructed perfectly

  29. Martina Wyss

    An der taufe meiner kinder haten wir dieses lied 😇🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🍼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️🌠🌠🌜

  30. Ryu Fuzen

    Makes me wanna tear up man

  31. ahmet kaya

    Anette>Tarja.this is so clear

  32. Mu el Borreguito

    Quiero saber porque está canción ya no me aparece en Spotify :c

  33. andrea cavic


  34. The EscapisT

    Who sang the outro here? Was it Marco?

  35. Zacchary Sumrall

    The ending in this song is just perfect. You either have tears at the end or goosebumps.

  36. Claudio Calbucoy

    Anette I miss you

  37. DaWulpertinger OfStarland

    How stunning. You can't help but cry with how beautiful this is.

  38. Hamed Javan

    Most irritable song that I’ve ever heard
    Annoying 🤢

    Hamed Javan

    Hearing this song is like a torture 😖

  39. not me 5

    Tears in my eyes every time

  40. quickenedspirit

    Anette's voice resembles Susanne Sundfor's beautiful voice on M83's "Oblivion" -- especially at the beginning (:58 - 1:30), and again at 2:34 - 2:45 and 4:50 - 5:14.

  41. OGsamuraijack

    I'd gladly give my life in exchange for this song to exist. Utterly beautiful

  42. SolidSys IT Solutions

    30.11.2018 with love!!!

  43. zoli1222

    Killer music

  44. T Adri P

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  45. ZgniataczGalaktyk

    This song is absolutely brilliant. The first time I heard it I was sure this was a cover of some classical ballad from 50 years back :) Holopainen is a genius.

  46. Dávid Gődér

    kedvencem nightwish

  47. Hamster Munchies

    I love the use of the Gospel choir. Amazing how well their style blends with the band.

  48. airton_gm

    espetáculo essa música

  49. Sarah Trindade

    love #NightwishAlways

  50. Wesley Costa

    Canção maravilhosa 😍😍😍 como sempre da melhor banda que existe NIGHTWISH 💓💓 🤘😎

  51. Khareema Rajack

    Annette voice is so smoothing and beautiful. All of Nightwish female vocalists past and present are wonderful singers. And Tuomas writes so beautifully and his music is just magical. Love you Nightwish from Trinidad. Also love your new band with your wife and Troy, she also has a beautiful voice.

  52. Πάνος Καπλάνης

    One of the best Nightwish songs!

  53. Emanuelreyna Reyna

    greetings from saltillo coahuila mexico of mel

  54. Sander Nielsen

    Thank goodness that they went with Floor Jansen on later albums because this Swedish girl simply doesn't have a Nightwish sort of voice, not matter how good she sings.

  55. Diego Tattooer


  56. Afik Lifshitz

    The beginning reminded me the rainbow's song, "catch the rainbow". Both are awsome

  57. Philip Marshall

    Ah downfall. I was listening to tears in heaven on mates phone too. Sorry

  58. Philip Marshall

    It is a cover but i prefer it to the original

    Cristian Nieva

    Philip Marshall What???? It's NOT a cover.

  59. Carlos Rodriguez

    Maybe Anette wasn't good enough in live but her vocal works in studio were so beautiful, i love that era of Nightwish too... <3

    Paradise Seeker

    Carlos Rodriguez Check out the live version of this song in Hartwall Arena and rethink your choice.

  60. Billy Bob Bunton

    Nightwish... wish. Finnish gift to the world of amazing music and performances.

  61. Jose Marcelino Mora

    Hermosa canta como los dioses

  62. Talbot's Place

    One of their most emotive songs. And that my friends, is saying something.

  63. Scott McPhee

    This really is a nice song. Just when I thought I had reached an age where I was past discovering new music, and liking it.

  64. Era Of Pain And Darkness

    is it wierd i want to have sex while listening to this song LOL

  65. emrecer

    Bury me to this song when I die.

  66. Sepp Gelbmann

    Wäre schön ein Teil dieser Band zu sein !

  67. Manfred Altmann

    A masterpiece! I think that the greatest moment is at 4.05. Anette sings all out of her heart! Tuomas is a genius. the only thing I don't like in this song are the female gospel singers at the end.

  68. Manfred Altmann

    Absolutely fantastic, thanks for uploading!

  69. Stefan Raskovic

    And how exactly is her voice shit? Fucking musically uneducated haters man..

  70. margarita toteva

    Can't get enough of listening to it, a great work!

  71. Scooby-Cu

    I feel like i'm drugged at the final part of this music, also, i feel a chill that runs up all my body. I feel euphoric like that i could be anything that i want. Incredible.

  72. rangevenom

    She could have done way better on the vocals but otherwise a good song.

    Andy Baalham

    You are joking, right? The singing on this song is awesome.

  73. Ro Ferreira


  74. Nameless

    this song brings me happiness !!!!!

  75. margarita toteva

    Yes, Anette leads us to the Meadows of Heaven by singing this song

  76. Gabriela Soares

    Me faz chorar!

  77. margarita toteva

    I think Anette's voice is send us from the medows of Heaven.

    Star Sun

    Agree ...

  78. Lich Forsaken

    something from this song u can find in the "misty mountains cold" the hobbit OST, with different pace and stuff but its almost a copy of it. or is it the other way around? even the humming in the OST is the "OHHH" here xD

  79. george johns



    me encanto esta cancion!

  81. Tomáš Beňadik

    3:36 Here begins the most beautiful part of this song :). Tuomas Holopainen is best composer in the world. :)

  82. d3z3zinho

    the best album forever !

  83. Mickey Akerfeels

    I like how they blatantly ripped off the melody from Jewel in the Crown by Mike Oldfield

  84. Brutux

    Vieläki paras! Still the best!

  85. Sabrina Fer

    Lindo tema

  86. angelique pruvost


  87. Chris Lemming

    beautiful song

  88. Red Stahli

    We sing this in school 😏

    Wataru Hibikini

    We do too.

    Jordan Garner

    Lucky duck. Imagine this at a regional choir/band.

  89. Shuvodeep De

    Tarja and Floor are really gifted. But I love Anette for this song. Also Last ride of the day, Scaretale and Poet and the Pendulum

    doug marcus

    @MK 4 anette's studio work was fine but her inconsistent live performances had to be an issue at times. now mind you, most audiences couldn't tell b-sharp to a d-flat, or 4/4 for 5/6 but the singer has less room to hide.

    alberta santagà

    @ch hobbs couldn't agree more


    Yeah, I love Anette's voice. "Eva", "For the Heart I Once Had", "The Poet and the Pendulum," "Meadows of Heaven," "Slow Love Slow" are very good to her voice. And if I compare to Floor's "Sahara" and "Storytime," Anette's voice is just so much more colorful and lively, Floor sounds drop dead boring compared.


    Cadence of her Last Breath and For the Heart I Once Had are pretty great too


    @MK 4 You have some right,the last albums who listen and now I love them more are the first three. when I listen the Oceanborn for the first time i knew only sleeping sun,I found them very different from the songs who i knew from NW,but now i love all the songs.Same in Wishmaster i am angry for my myself who i was late to discover that masterpieces.And finally i said i must listen at least one time the angels fell first. Now i love almost all the album. Different style but NW, great songs, strong voice by Tarja and the innocent of the time who they are very young.

  90. Anna The nature girl


  91. Fenris pro

    sleepy, like the tempo of mage pride

  92. Andy Baalham

    "Dreambound for life", one of the greatest moments in ANY piece of music

  93. Dino Falcone

    This group is fantastic thanks to great instrumentalists and the very, very best lead female vocalist, Tarja !!! Love em !! 😎

    Anastasios Papaspirou

    there is no tarja bro

    Dino Falcone

    Well I may have spelt the name wrong but she WAS the really beautiful one with the long black hair who also trained in Opera and could hit three octave's. The same one who the group Night wish made the very,very stupid mistake of letting go. And she is now on her own. A woman with a most beautiful and remarkable voice, surely and truly a Gift!!

    Anastasios Papaspirou

    check jansen floor their last vocalist and you'll change your mind;)


    @Dino Falcone
     Ignore that moron, Tarja Turunen was the original singer and was for many years.  You were right.

    Dino Falcone

    ThankYou!! I usually am if I make a definitive statement.

  94. Gio048

    One of there best😬

  95. Austin Chu

    You'd think Lucifer would have only one account but apparently he has 63... XD


    He has billions of them. But one account of God is still stronger.
    Like a light beam lit in the darkness.

  96. TastyLovedOne1

    The Gospel on the background is amazing.

    Hamster Munchies

    It almost feels like they are raising you up with their voices


    @Hamster Munchies sis they absolutely do. 🖤


    Anette is also a beast in gospel and jazz!

  97. darkmage07070777

    You think you know "Christian Rock"?

    No. You don't know the *meaning* of that genre until you've heard this.

    Amore Arusko

    Tumoas isnt christian lol and he wrote this song.


    +Drew Santagate i thought TFK or Skillit were the leaders of Christian Rock?

    Amore Arusko

    Flyleaf, red, and skillet were the leaders of christian rock in the 2000s

    Steam Punk

    how is this christian rock? the band nor the writer are christian lol.

    Anton Cross

    Nope. Tuomas went so far as to ask the choir not to mention God nor Jesus or anything else that could be taken as a sign of the song being Christian.

    Perhaps there's the intrinsic value of beauty that you, as a fan of Christian music, might relate to the beliefs, and that's pretty rad, but this is in no way "Christian rock".

  98. Ángela Gaviria

    Anette does better slow songs


    +Angela gp yeah I think so too... Slow and screamy songs r match her voice

    Ángela Gaviria

    @Szszoda just look at Slow Love Slow... she's perfect there


    @Angela gp oh yes I agree!


    She is great in jazz and gospel, it seems. In addition to ballads. I said earlier that damn, I wish she and Tuomas had had a jazz band as a side project. Apparently Tuomas can compose it, and Anette sure as hell can sing it.

  99. Melis Misircioglu

    this is the best without tarja


    This one and The Islander. The Islander is pure perfection.