Nightwish - Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan (Edit) Lyrics

[Music & Lyrics by Tuomas Holopainen]

Kerran vain haaveeni nähdä sain
En pienuutta alla tähtien tuntenut
Kerran sain kehtooni kalterit
Vankina sieltä kirjettä kirjoitan

Luojani, luoksesi anna minun tulla siksi miksi lapseni minua luulee

Sinussa maailman kauneus
Josta kuolema teki minusta taiteilijan

Luojani, luoksesi anna minun tulla siksi miksi lapseni minua luulee

Luojani, luoksesi anna minun tulla siksi miksi lapseni minua luulee

Oman taivaan tänne loin
Anna minun päästä pois

Oman taivaan tänne loin
Anna minun päästä pois

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Nightwish Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan (Edit) Comments
  1. corec tions

    Floor has power behind her voice while barely whispering sleeping sun?

  2. corec tions

    after such a otherworldly performance, alone , Tuomas should have been on his knees begging her to stay, instead of giving in to his jealousy and resentment....this was a magical performance...yah, and she's the diva,performing for her fans while sick ....they squeezed her good and went on to complain about her greed, what a joke

  3. metal head4

    its incredible to me how two people can listen to the same performance and yet come away with polar opposite conclusions..Tarja's voice to me is sooo heavenly and brimming with nuance and reverberation here as well as in the sleeping sun...Floor's to me as she performs it is just sweet, quiet and cuddly...but i am sure that if she was to sing it on a stage without NW it would be far more potent..since that is how all her former performances prior to joining NW went ....

  4. Johannes Silver

    Only she can do this and as always NW songs touch you so much.

    metal head4

    she never fails to astound...

  5. Oscar Qbanito

    Tarja for ever man ,ur just a fan of floor which I’m also a fan ,but tarja is boss 👑

  6. SCraig 2018

    Beautiful song, incredible performance, emotional song, you don't need to speak the language to feel the emotion

  7. Johannes Silver

    No wonder the girls are crying on this video and during other songs too in the End of an Era. You also mentioned the reason for it.

    metal head4

    hell, i am a former army ranger and i cry like a baby to her performances!

  8. MK 4

    Not even close to butchering, very well & clearly pronounced
    Best regards, a Finn

  9. Miia Kesäläinen

    This was Tarja's last gig ( tho she didn't know it at that moment). She performed sick , she was having quite much fever, but wanted to do it anyway, cos it was last show after long tour. I' m so happy to whitness this !! Next Day we all heard this was her last show with Nightwish 😭

  10. timomastosalo

    Maybe what you were getting at with comparing Floor and Tarja, is that Floor's voice hits with such energy it makes your heart pump. I feel I'm ready for an adventure, after listening to her.

    Tarja's voice touches your soul, it kinda lifts you on your wings. I feel I start to fly to places when she sings. I feel I've been far away when the Tarja songs end.

    With Anette, I feel I get someone warm in my armpit, and we muse on the couch. She makes me feel relaxed, and gently cuddled :)

    Each gives me for different emotional needs.

  11. Grithron2

    The backing music seems to be entirely pre-recorded - the guys had every reason to leave the stage as they had nothing to do.
    The "music teacher" video on YouTube comments that Tarja's voice is "darker" than those of her successors.
    I'm now going to spoil this for you. As an English speaker, this is definitely a song where it's best to have the translated lyrics in front of you when you listen - and even then you may "hear" something unfortunate in this song (clue: an actor's nickname!)
    Now my usual link - another ballad, in early-modern Italian, it's best not to react to this song on camera, because one only listens to this when one is at one's most vulnerable -


    Added to the list! :)

  12. laura E

    Great video, greetings from Finland!

  13. Kallo Skull

    I feel like when they nail a song, Floor's voice is more powerful, while Tarja's is more ethereal, if that makes any sense. I guess the one downside after Tarja left is they can no longer do these occasional songs in Finnish unless it's with Marco or someone else form outside the band.

    I really enjoy this song. It sounds very unique compared to any song from any band I've heard. I guess most people would classify it as a ballad, but I think there's something special to it that separates it from other ballads and makes it different. Both musically and lyrically, it almost sounds more like a hymn. I could easily see this being sung in church or something.

  14. Mikko Laine

    This is the best performance by her that I have ever heard. This she nails without problems and hits the notes. Rest of the songs, not that well.

    metal head4

    please name one song with a slightest pronounciation flaw?.......

  15. Century Child

    React to After Forever Beautiful Emptiness

  16. Alisson Oliveira

    After Forever - Beautiful Emptiness Live At Pink Pop 2004, Please! It's a fantastic song!

  17. Julija Kordić

    You should read translation. Like it more then Sleeping Sun. Amazing words, beautiful art;

    Death Makes Artists

    Only once I could see my dream
    Didn't feel the smallness under the stars
    Once I got bars in my cradle
    As a prisoner I write a letter from there

    My Lord, to you, let me become what my child thinks I am
    In you is the beauty of the world, of which death made me an artist
    My Lord, to you, let me become what my child thinks I am

    My own heaven I created here
    Let me get away
    My own heaven I created here
    Let me get away

  18. Nightly Dreamer

    Pronunciation was close enough :D
    You should check out Poets of the Fall - Carnival of Rust. The music video was once voted to be the best in Finland. The song is great.

  19. Ann Waychoff

    I think you did good with the pronunciation. At least it is better than I could do. I understand what you are saying about the difference between Tarja's and Floor's voices.
    I really loved this song. Another good one is "Away". I really love this one........


    Added Away!

    Ann Waychoff

    Thank you!

  20. mbhenriksendk

    Yay, been looking forward to this ^_^ I think a word I would use to describe Tarja's voice when compared to Floor's more in-your-face-powerful voice (in a good way!) would be aethereal, there's just a feeling of something magical, almost angelic, to her voice which I've always loved!

    Also I don't think Marcello had much to do with her being on stage alone during this particular song of the tour (though I imagine he didn't mind it of course) I think it just works really well with just Tarja, a microphone, a spotlight and a captivated audience. Also Tarja and Marcello are still married and have a six year old daughter :)

  21. Hanna

    I agree with that Floor and Tarja are powerfull in different ways. Floor is more technically powerful, but Tarja (and Anette also) are more emotionally powerfull. They are not technically perfect, but I think that is what makes them more emotionally, "humane" and more approachable singers than Floor. Finnish is also spoken in lower tone (with chest voice ie. english is spoken in headvoice) , and as this song is in finnish it might sound more powerful cos Tarja is using her natural voice in which she also speaks (ie. those opera-parts in this songs are purer than they would be in english). You can also watch couple of Disney song dubs in Finnish and compare them to the English ones to see the difference in the way they use the voice muscles.

    metal head4

    Floor is technically better at belting...but when she sings in a classical mode she is delivers a very emotional performance....Tarjas excels at classical vocals with a vast soprano low to high range also replete with emotional impact...

  22. Pranav Kumar

    Nice reaction

  23. KekekFinn

    Pronunciation was pretty spot on, with slight accent though. :)

  24. MichellePlaysGames

    As far as her being alone on stage: I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with Marcello in this case. She had breaks where the guys performed alone and I'm pretty sure this is a pee-break for the boys :P

  25. MichellePlaysGames

    What a beautiful song. You weren't that far off with the pronunciation I believe (although I wouldn't know, I don't speak finnish either :P). I wished they had done more songs in finnish than the handful they did back then... it's such a beautiful language. The cello part is my favorite actually, I wished they had gotten a cellist on stage for that part. It's so beautiful, ugh.

    metal head4

    so are you suggesting that Tarja, born and raised in Finland is mispronouncing in HER NATIVE TONGUE ?

  26. UralinMarsu

    It´s a beautiful song and one of the best live performances from that era regarding Tarja´s vocals. Sound really fitting it well and creating epicness in a right way while still keeping it beautiful. However, would love to hear that song also by Floor with her more gently sound to see if it works as good as it did with Sleeping Sun.

    Btw, are you familiar with Moonsorrow? Finnish Folk/Pagan (or something... :D) metal band?


    We have a bunch on the list! :)

  27. juhis 1981

    WOW!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! .... and btw, the song is good too...😂


    Thank you! :)

  28. Nina F

    Beautiful ballad. Never disappointed with Nightwish.
    Can you add to your list
    Samael - Together (electro-industrial black metal)
    Death - To forgive is to suffer
    Jinjer - Pisces live
    And I know.... its on your list but... Epica reaction!! So long during the last one ;)


    Jinjer I knew it before I started the channel. Death I know for sure and I will add Samael.