Nightwish - For The Heart I Once Had Lyrics

Heaven today is but a way
To a place I once called home.
Heart of a child, one final sigh
As another love goes cold.

Once my heart beats to the rhythm of the falling snow
blackened below.
The river now flows - a stream on molten virgin snow.

For the heart I'll never have,
For the child forever gone
The music flows because it longs
For the heart I once had.

Living today without a way
To understand the weight of the world.
Faded and torn, old and forlorn
My weak and hoping heart.

For the child, for the night
For the heart I once had
I believe and foresee
Everything I could ever be.


Time will not heal a dead boy's scars,
Time will kill.


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Nightwish For The Heart I Once Had Comments
  1. Joseph Sandlin

    Ok guys, everyone has their favorite singer but in honor of Annette who shines on this one, what is your favorite Annette song? Mines "The Escapist".

  2. Caifabe

    That key change at 3:19 tho. I think I'm in love.

  3. Mrs. V Hedlund

    How can you keep on hating someone you loved with all your heart and made so many promises? I can't Oli. You hurt me many times. All your words were arrows to my heart. And I can't do anything but to love you.

  4. Vitor Lucio Leal

    This song is so underrated!
    What an emotional chorus.
    Such a shame they have never played it live. Floor would kill it!

    Paradise Seeker

    Yeah definitely! She'll destroy it.

    MK 4

    Wonder why they haven't, my favourite from the album

  5. Aurinkohirvi

    All Nightwish singers are great, they didn't hire bad ones. Tarja has the most amazing voice and skill. Floor sings very emotionally. Anette's bright voice is so intense and kicks ass: it is her albums that I listen most.

  6. K Say

    Tbh I never listened to any Nightwish/Annette songs before but I really like this one

  7. ramses ramos

    i love this song much.... makes me think of somthing i did wrong...

  8. Πάνος Καπλάνης

    Never was played live. Why? It's unfair. Great song! Some notes are difficult in some points.

  9. Enzo Iannucci

    Mandando via Annette hanno perso quell alone. Di magia che li avvolgeva voce fantastica x la loro musica infatti i due migliori album con lei

  10. Klaus Klaus

    I miss you Tarja😢

  11. simile _

    This music 😍 thank you Tuomas!

  12. Joanna Tsitaki

    thank you so much for the video and the lyrics

  13. Urpo Lankinen

    This song totally should have been the final goffik™ Eddie and Ophelia kissing song in Brütal Legend, but unfortunately it got released just a bit late.

  14. J.C van Eekelen

    Thanks m8!

  15. Bernardo Ramos

    por amor se puede soñar y amar la vida en un nuevo comenzar.

  16. Helvetesleven

    my girlfriends favourite nightwish song. A version with Floor would be epic beyond imagination

  17. Chelsea Avery


  18. music_lover

    Awesome song! Full of emotions! She has the most beautiful voice! She is the best and I love her so much!!! 💖💖💖

  19. Πάνος Καπλάνης

    Very good but underrated song. It's most for Anette. Tarja maybe was good, too, in this. Floor in raspy vocals not, except if she could use soft, sweet vocals.

  20. ktvindicare

    In general this song is about heart break and to many people that means different things.

    To me, this is a song about a woman that wounded Tuomas so bad that he doesn't feel like he has a heart anymore. She stole his innocence and that is something he can never have back. If that is the case, I wonder who she was, and what she was like. What kind of person has the power to do that to the poet?

    Could be totally wrong and this song could totally be inspired by something else, but that's the question that this song always leaves me with. It's interesting to think about.


    The woman is suspected to be Tarja. As many people believe, he was in love with her. I do not know much, but I believe I've always had a gift to see and feel love between people and when I watch Tuomas in interviews with Tarja & concerts I feel pain. He was definitely captivated by her.


    The entire DPP album was pretty much written by Tuomas for Tarja.

  21. Clare Richardson

    can anyone tell me why I can't find this song on iTunes?

  22. aikbura

    This some MGS shit right here

  23. Vitor Lucio Leal

    It's sad that they never played this one live! Such a beautiful song. I think Floor would nail it!

  24. Ramnunpuia Hnialum


  25. Paulina White

    The only song I like with Anette singing

  26. Tayboğa




  27. Fabián Rod

    Beautiful voice.

  28. Chiyuki

    Bir şarkıya aşık oldum galiba..

  29. newbieisback

    Great Song !

  30. Asriel Dreemurr

    It is the best song. I like this. :)


    BattleWin Official i do too..

    Asriel Dreemurr

    @chachaoil1 Ya.

  31. Fenris pro

    oh i've heard almost all the songs but didn't know of this one. i do like Last ride and Sagan. do they have a 2016 album?

    Elka Gastin

    It's from Dark passion play album


    Fenris pro this is their best album in my opinion..

    Fenris pro

    @chachaoil1 why?


    Fenris pro realy great songs here.. the poet and the pendulum, 7 days to the wolves, this song, meadows of heavens.. etc

    Fenris pro

    @chachaoil1 oh i see

  32. Marceli Player

    Has anyone noticed that Xandria song "Mermaids" has a very similar guitar intro?


    yea they kind of do

  33. Marek Rojek

    My dearest heart. I miss you so much.

  34. Rubyx

    beautiful song

  35. Fischer Mario

    anette is nigthwish.....angel

    Ángela Gaviria

    +Fischer Mario nightwish is nightwish :)

  36. Sfefi Pinsone

    So i'm listening to DPP and i'm loving it and i think i got it figured out, but then BAM i hear this song. This does not sound like typical Nightwish, but if i had to pick my favourites from the album this song would rank high. The song's title got me intrigued and when it started i was like - yeah, this is gonna be perfect.

  37. Cristopher Virgen

    ¡Amo esta canción!

  38. victor gutierrez

    Smash cachame lento ñ_ñ

  39. Александр Шаталов

    my most favorite!!

  40. Jaska8000

    My favourite song from album Dark Passion Play. Dun-no why.

  41. Vasilissa Blues

    what's the main of the frontman? She's not Tarja....

    Sylvan Strength

    This lady is Annette Olzon. Unfortunately she is no longer with the band either

  42. Kathy Turman

    Every time I hear this song, I want to cry. It makes me think of my unborn child I lost. Rest in peace, Spencer. Mommy loves you.

    Chelsea Donnelly

    Kathy Turman Time will not resolve memory but space will.

    Urgei The Pizza Plant

    Sorry. Sounds rough.

    naresh naresh

    I had tears instantly

    MK 4

    That caught me sorry to hear

  43. エリEli

    Hahaha esta la tengo como ringtone xD me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  44. katyids

    Some of you guys are so critical and/or mean-spirited. This or that - better or worse. Just enjoy the music on YT, and decide for yourselves if you want to have another go. And stop being so nasty to each other. You can't have a disagreement about something without insulting each other? That's nuts.

  45. Alex Tenoryo

    So sweet!

  46. Patricia

    This is her song!  Anette.
    All three vocalists that have sung for Nightwish are great, and I think this one Anette does the best !   NIGHTWISH,  Best symphonic metal band ever!

    Hamster Munchies

    Yeah, they are all very different.
    I think nobody does Nemo and Wishmaster like Tarja.
    Nobody does Amaranth and Eva like Anette.
    As for Floor its a bit more difficult as she hasn't done her own songs yet. But during the Showtime, Storytime concert in 2013, she made my jaw drop to the floor with her version of Ghost Love Score. She sounded divine on I Want My Tears Back and Ghost River. Also I thought the extra aggression and power she brought to Storytime suited the song better.
    All 3 are unique and awesome. I prefer Floor in general but that may be because she is my all time fave singer and has been for many years, lol! XD

    Caetano de Libra

    @Hamster Munchies Planet Hell and Ghost Love Score with Floor is incredible!


    +Hamster Munchies I listened to Élan, a newer song with Floor, and it's wonderful


    Every vocalist is good at her album with NIGHTWISH.
    Floor is just good for the band nowadays, because she can perform almost all songs perfectly.

  47. Alex Ducharm,e

    a rather calming and relaxing song

  48. Andrew K

    For The Horde!)

  49. Λεμονιά Ιωάννου

    excellent song very good performance from Anette i love it very much 

  50. Friday the Thirteenth

    ...You know Tuomas is still there, right? Go check the members section of the band's homepage.

  51. Friday the Thirteenth

    There's things to read that aren't comments, ya know...

  52. elgemin

    I tend to listen to Nightwish with my ears, not my mouse wheel. But hey, I guess you just appreciated music a little differently to what I'm used to. No sense in arguing over it.

  53. Patricia Ricca

    Great voice and powerful instrumentals, yet beautiful. All in Nightwish are always so good!

  54. Jai Mere

    Is perfect the anette voice´s; I wish i had her voice everyday for wake me up and por go to my bed!!!

  55. Patricia Ricca

    Wow! Some of you are vicious! Can't people have a difference of opinion without spouting off like idiots?!!

  56. brose04008

    Too late, dammit!

  57. candyfloss

    Anette has a pop voice. It sounds like she's singing a fucking Taylor Swift song. Nightwish was best with Tuomas, great with both Tarja and Tuomas, but a disaster with Anette. Amazing songs, wrong singer.


    candyfloss Lol you're insane mate. Tarja was great as a Nightwish singer, but I think she's better on her solo carrier ... Anette isn't as good as Tarja, but she's better singing for Nightwish than Tarja is. And better than Floor in my opinion .. 😆

  58. ir0nsquire

    Can't listen to Nightwish without people wishing for Tarja. Gosh dang it! I hate the internet sometimes.

  59. Crusader

    Actually, she left nightwish about 8 years ago. Because she was a bitch.

    And I dont think she would sing this better. Even though I love "old" nightwish. And "new" nigthwish". And I will love "new new" nightwish when they get another singer.

  60. Mayu Rose

    OMG, imagine the old night wish singer, singing this, it's way better

    Barry Varga

    I think Anette voice fits the song perfectly

  61. Amaterasu francis


  62. Martin Havel

    To late .. :)

  63. TheatreofSymphony

    Sure, and Amaranth was written in Tarja's style... I can imagine her trying to sing that song

  64. Jula Niedobecka

    Whenever I listen to this song makes me want to cry :(

  65. Maybach 660HL

    And now im addicted to another song. Love IT! :)

  66. dominusetdeus060644

    First time I hear this song. Brought tears to my eyes.

  67. Mypainishishappiness


  68. JessyBee1313

    you have it backwards, DPP was written in more of a Tarja style because they hadn't chosen a new singer yet. When they chose Anette the album was already finished, they just needed her vocals. Imaginaerum was written for Anette's vocal range, which is why she rocks it. I love both albums

  69. Kuruss

    coke is any day better than pepsi.......if you know what i mean

  70. Nimulos Maltibos

    Good on you for saying something good instead of all the "XY is better but VW is crap"

  71. Mont T

    That's what I've been saying for a while! Imaginaerum was written with Tarja's style in mind. Annette is more "pop" so that didn't work out at all!!

  72. Altarios_Lord

    Ane. Is. Asome. And. This. Song is. Wonderful ... Ane. Was the only one that can sing it beautifull. -3

  73. Wampa842

    And Marco. Don't forget him, he wrote a couple of songs aswell.

  74. Roland Gautier

    Super super

  75. Roland Gautier

    Super super

  76. kostas Hitchens

    for the heart i once had..

  77. Petteri Hyvärinen

    i cant beleave i said that twice. best song still...

  78. RawkHawkRockin

    Too right

  79. Petteri Hyvärinen

    best song from nightwish

  80. spiffyschmoo

    As a writer, you go deep to create lyrics. As a singer, you go deep to bring those lyrics the feeling they need in order to come alive. When a work is done well you can tell.

  81. Raphmovies

    let's try this for a change: here's a comment meant to express my appreciation for the song. art for art's sake, not that of the narrow-minded internet crybaby.

  82. lilvalky

    Don't cry... don't cry.. Don't cry...

  83. ophidic

    Sound reasoning. This is gone the way of coke and pepsi, sega and nintendo.

  84. Miss Jessica

    I totally feel like I relate to this song! I love it!

  85. Carlitox b

    dat intro

  86. Nenad Rosić

    If you actually believe that shit, you should seek professional help.

  87. Ovrkyl

    It's amazing how much this song is a leap from all the rest of Nightwish's music. It has a definite '80s-era pop-rock radio feel and, even though it didn't play on the radio while I was growing up (in the '80s), it takes me back big time. Sounds like a song some heartbroken teen would dedicate to their lost love on the evening radio show. Anyone else think the same?

  88. Cate Solt

    Love the intro.

  89. KoreaxxLove

    I saw them live in September, and I have to say that Anette is a lot better than she was ever given credit for being. :)

  90. Jaakko Varila

    I think!This is dramatic album over all, becouse they have to kick Tarja out of the band, at least i can hear and feel it. That was the hardest solution to all of them... I think 9 yers doing so god music, then daramating end. Witch ghange at the end like soup opra and people still continue that issue till the end of the life. So yes all the song writers put littlebit their soul in to it, not just Tuomas. sry my english

  91. Violet

    Love this gives me goosebumps xD her voice is so eerie.

  92. Day Song

    Very underrated song. I'm not sure why though. Maybe it's too poppy and thus frowned upon.

  93. w Acidcherry II Live

    best part 00:00 - 4:03 (':

  94. Epikossumnis

    You missed the point.

  95. Axel230

    OK, I am finally aware of the whole Tarja Vs Annette deal and I have come to a conclusion...
    Who cares? Different styles. Sure, Tarja was powerful, but I honestly love how Annette nails the highs in this song, sounds so sweet n_n

  96. Daxtirsh

    One of the supidest sentence I ever read.

  97. MsAbixxx

    You are officially awesome! :D

  98. Daxtirsh

    OMG, your first sentence is so closeminded ...