Nightwish - FantasMic Lyrics

[Part 1]

Wish upon a star
Take a step enter the land
Walk through the air
Take my hand
Wishmaster's will -
Join him the quest for dream
A make-believe
Is all we ever need

Wish upon a star
No matter who you are
The second star to the right
Harbinger's gate
Beyond the boundaries
Blossom ballet
In the great wide somewhere

Wish upon a star
Believe in will
The realm of the king of fantasy
The master of the tale-like lore
The way to kingdom I adore
Where the warrior's heart is pure
Where the stories will come true

[Part 2]

A cub of the king betrayed by usurper
A girl in the rain swearing to her father's name
Belle the last sight for the dying gruesome
The beauties sleeping awaiting
Deep in a dream
For true love's first kiss

[Part 3]

Bald Mountain Night
Devilheart endures but light
A mad aerial dance
Chernabog's succubi

Black Cauldron born
Gurgi's heart forlorn
Pig-keeper or hero
On a quest of augury

Maleficent's fury
The spindle so luring
Dragon fight, dying night
Dooming might

Apprentice of Yen Sid
Conducting the galaxy
Dreamer on mountaintop
Spellbound masquerade

The Sailor an idol for the six-year-old in me
The Phoenix of White Agony Creek
Enchantress, A mermaid in a tale as old as time
A Dragonslayer, The Awakener

Wish upon a star...

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Nightwish FantasMic Comments
  1. Sakujo E-Sports

    @3:16 he says because I love her, but I can't understand the two lines before it, can anyone help?

    Dejan Rendulic

    I let her go because I love her

  2. Nick Cervenka

    I've known about this song for 20 years. I knew it was about a journey thorugh fantastical lands. I went to disney world late last year and that was when I first heard of Fantasmic, though I never made the connection until just today that the song was about the attraction. Even knowing all the disney references , I didnt think about it. Now I love the song even more.

  3. ʙᴇʏᴏɴᴅ†

    6:31 my favourite part with the drum

  4. ʙᴇʏᴏɴᴅ†

    god she has an angel voice.

  5. Draagnipur

    Opera power metal - no less no more... One of the best NW`songs.

  6. Juli Niv

    ..and the genre "Disney Metal" was created. ;-)

  7. Daelyah

    Had trouble trying to figure out where this song would fit in, with the cross-over fan fiction series I've been developing...

    ...then I remembered: Once Upon a Time is one of the fandoms I'm using...

  8. Kaador

    Dumm....dumm dumm di dumm.....

  9. Nina Porras

    No doubt, it is Tarja singing.

  10. Giliard Giliard

    esse som é o melhor da banda yes,fantasmic boooooo

  11. Gauthier Dosière

    It's too bad I can't find Nightwish's songs on Spotify


    There's lots of Nightwish on Spotify! Unfortunately less of the earlier albums that the recent ones (probably because of changing labels) - but a lot of the good old stuff is available in the Decades compilation. Or live, or if desperate in tribute acts like Minniva (who channels early Tarja rather well).
    Just FWIW. I can't get enough no matter what's there either tho

  12. Mar Panzer

    song start terminator dididid electri

  13. Matt D


  14. The Cool Mantis

    Al álbum "Wishmaster" es pura fantasía épica <3 <3

  15. Aceofhearts

    The flute solo at 5:07 is from Vivaldi's Flute Concerto in C Minor RV 441, in case anyone was wondering. Rhapsody (of Fire) uses it too in their song Sacred Power of Raging Winds.

  16. Bradlylover 105

    When people think this is the show at Disney and isn’t a song...

  17. Tenebris Angelus

    the intro sounds like the ost of bleach - quincy's craft

    Kisame Plus

    Owari no shinigami true

  18. Heikki Muttonen

    In n this song Tarjas best singing in "d eep in a dream" and all over. And flute is Great!

  19. Crystal Majestica

    Damn. This song could've been in Kingdom Hearts. That would be so perfect.

  20. 671JH

    I now realize this is a song about Disney. I thought that Nightwish just took the name of one of my favorite shows at Disney World (Fantasmic). I'm going to Disney in June and I'm gonna see Fantasmic and tape the show and put this song over it to make it more epic. It's an awesome show!

    Luna Belle

    Did you do the thing?


    Luna Belle there is a video of part 2 on my channel but I didn’t put the song over it

  21. Rosa Mendez

    3:18 love this part

  22. Pentarax

    The depth of Tuomas' nerdiness is revealed when you realize the lyrics make a reference to the White Agony Creek storyline.

  23. TwistedTKD91

    Tuomas Halopanien is an absolute God

  24. Aline Rocha

    The best song!

  25. raven strife turunen

    the best band of the World!

  26. Reiserjar Xenerja


  27. Angélica Andrade

    This song is an underrated masterpiece <3

    Angel G

    Absolutely !

  28. Ghosty Toasty

    First NW song I ever heard! I fell in love with them after that. I couldn't have been more than... ten? Eleven? Still is one of my favorites almost a decade later.

  29. Varya Kern

    amazing... if only I wasn't glued to my headphones I would dance

  30. Iris Estrada

    Amo esta canción me acuerdo tanto tanto de un ex amor 😥


    in my top 5 nightwish songs!!

    Pat Alex

    Sacrament of the wilderness
    Dark Chest of Wonders

    Shadow Fan

    The escapist
    She is my sin

    FantasMic gets 6 in my list

    Joey De Haeck

    @Jh4wk TOW missile beaty AND the beast

    Lucas Biondi

    @Joey De Haeck Beauty of the Beast and Beauty And The Beast are two different songs.


    It was the last song who loved from NW and now it is one of my favourite and I have many favourites songs from NW..... maybe i have a few who love less.

  32. Игор Ташевски

    This is the ultimate Nightwish song. Everything after this album is just poor Nightwish

    George Johnston

    Can't be that bad since Century Child was the album that got me into Nightwish to begin with.

    Anco Sarci

    Their downfall started even before Tarja left, right before Century Child , when Tuomas said: " Let's down-tune the guitars and get that crappy sound the myriad of shitty american bands already have ( Evanescence and similar garbage come to mind). Although, I must say that even after Century Child, Nightwish is a far cry from the aforementioned bands.

    Heikki Muttonen

    so what?


    George Johnston Century Child is still my favorite Nightwish album!


    Maybe the Oceanborn and the Wishmaster are in higher level i agree with you but the other two albums with Tarja century child and once was very good albums different from their first but good with great songs and after with Annette made DPP and Imaginearum two beautiful albums with different voice but had their own magic. At last album EFMB with Floor,i love it less but the GSoE is a masterpiece of all. That's the reason who i love so much NW they have 4 different eras two with Tarja, Annette, Floor three different women singers and one man singer Marco. So much beauty in the lyrics so much different music ,i never be bored to hear them.

  33. Necrolancer neon

    I listen to this every day


    qrow branwen Really? It's that where Ruby got her inspiration to be a badass fairytale-based warrior? I understand now!

    Necrolancer neon

    @SailorSaturn10 im rubin rose 

  34. Isabellen Aguilar

    i fucking love this

  35. legerdomain

    what dragonslayer what awakener

    Nicolás Díaz

    I don't know if I'm correct, but in the Disney's Sleeping Beauty movie, Maleficent turns into a dragon to fight Prince Phillip. That would make him a Dragon Slayer, and he's the Awakener because he breaks the sleeping curse with his kiss.
    But it's only my opinion.

    Michelle Jones

    Nicolás Díaz

    Michelle Jones

    Nicolás Díaz

  36. 88mici88

    This song has been my ringtone for close to ten years. I've gotten so used to it that I find my self not answering my phone if I try to change it.

    Hamster Munchies

    Lol. I made Last Ride Of The Day my alarm because it gets me pumped and instead of getting up I stayed in bed singing along

  37. Guilherme Dalenogari

    The best Nightwish Music..

  38. Sab Liath

    5:07 Flute Solo! that part makes me smile every time.


    It's from Vivaldi's Flute Concerto in C Minor RV 441! :)

    kit lee

    Aceofhearts that's great!

    Luna Belle

    It doesn't say it anymore, but I remember it used to. Don't they have to delete the whole video comments and all to change it?


    that part alone was the reason I started to listen to Nightwish :D

    tom hoffelder

    Reminds me of Jethro Tull!

  39. Draw Enidan

    anybody know what the dialogue says at 3:10? I can't hear it well

    Nicolás Díaz

    "I let her go
    because... I love her"

    Sister Mussette

    Draw Enidan That's what The Beast says after Belle goes for her father rescue.

  40. Arlax Wolf

    Ah, damn! xD I used to sit in a chair every other day and just sit quietly for hours just listening to this song on my I-pod.

    Yep. =w= Those were the days...

  41. Spheres

    Anyone knows what does the male say at 3:09 before "...because I love her."?


    +MrFishManify "I let her go, because I love her." From Beauty and the Beast.


    @fourcrippledhorses Thanks :)


    +fourcrippledhorses thank you so much I've been wondering about that long ago

  42. ltNele

    The second star to the right - Peter Pan again

    Melisa Gleriano

    n.l.t. and Tinkerbell!

  43. Byron Arnaoutoglou

    This whole repetition of the refrain creates an interesting atmosphere which after some point, by becoming louder and louder, makes me feel ecstatic.

    mario alberto

    Menos la que no esté Tarja :)

  44. Máté Ágoston

    From 5:00 to the end listen at 125% fast forward! Great fun! :)

    Bene Zoltán

    jaja :)

    Máté Ágoston

    +Zoltàn Bene  De igazából az egész nagyon jó úgy. :)

    Leonardo Barba

    Sounds even better.

    Vando Pereira

    Máté Ágoston 😂😂😂

  45. Alex Ducharm,e

    NW dedicating a song to Disney... epic!

    Máté Ágoston

    Disney on some extremely heavy steroids... LOL

  46. Parmizan cheese

    Random comment

  47. Jonki

    this song and ''end of all hope'' is best music of groupr ''Nightwish'' :D

  48. Devia Monroe

    As we were young, we failed to see the tragedy for our sight was clouded by a viel. It thinned with age, but those still looking through the eyes of an infant can appreciate fairytales on a whole new level. Those of us who lost our inner child in time are now blind in a way, but it can't be undone.


    Gleb Olkhovsky here is more music no one or two :D

    Michelle Jones

    Devia Monroe 0-0

  49. Gleb Olkhovsky

    Is it one song, or two songs in one video? 


    It's all one song :)

    Gleb Olkhovsky

    @ANIMESHADOWBUNNY Yay! Thanks! :)

    Ángela Gaviria

    +Gleb Olkhovsky NW's songs use to be kinda long but still awesome :)

  50. Arska-Inka

    3:09 :3


    Omg you were right about Fantasmic! But what did he say...? He must lie upon the dead angel's grave...


    +Roaring Moon (Kitty) "I let her go, because I love her"

  51. AsNightFalls Band

    Check out our band - As Night Falls. Greetings from Poland

  52. Paladin Leeroy

    Favorite Nightwish song!

    Ilya Kuryakin

    @Paladin Leeroy understatement

  53. Anthony Clay

    This just might be my new favorite song . . . period!

  54. Diana Grimnirsdóttir

    Stuck on repeat for the past 3 [email protected][email protected]

    Özgür Öztürk

    Stuck on repeat for the past 16 years...

    Máté Ágoston

    +kourkoumpinakis 1000RR?

    Eric Jga

    1.25 speed

    Saxy Entertainment with Stan Sax

    3 years you mean

    Greg Nikiforakis

    Thank you.

  55. Vladica Krstic

    one of the best, ever

  56. Jani SIr

    Apprentice of Yen Sid
    Conducting the galaxy.
    Nightwish saw it comeing! A prophecy of Disney buying Star Wars!

    Henry Stanley

    Oh haha


    It is actually a reference to Mickey in the movie Fantasia and the show Fantasmic

  57. Nenad Zubovic

    this is one of my favorite songs.I love part with flute it makes you powerful xD

  58. Norma Prado

    This is a really nice tribute to Disney

  59. Norma Prado

    great song

  60. VampirePrincess4jc

    ohhhhhhhh really? that makes sense thanx :)

  61. Sarah Heat

    This song sends chills down my spine.

  62. M. Murry

    1:47 :X:X:X:X:X:

  63. Ilya Kuryakin

    Why the hell does this give me goosebumps everysingle damn time im listening to it, and ive heard it a billion times already ...

  64. Kris FantasmicDreamer

    you're welcome!

  65. M. Murry

    This is OrgasMic not fantasMic

    Özgür Öztürk

    M. Murry Ikr.

  66. 121Atreius

    This song, and many others, reminds me of fantasy lands.... Fuck this world....

  67. PrettyFuckingFamous

    Me too <3 ^___^

  68. PrettyFuckingFamous

    Goosebumps where there is even no hair... :O

  69. PrettyFuckingFamous

    1 person really doesn't get it :D

  70. VanAkita

    Probably the most nostalgic thing Tuomas ever wrote
    Disney classics is a BIG part of the childhood. Any today's kid who doesn't watch disney classics is missing a lot.

  71. Dumbledoresarmy13

    Yen Sid is also the name of the sorcerer in 'The sorcerer's apprentice' portion of the original Fantasia.

  72. Kris FantasmicDreamer

    love yur comment ...>.>'

  73. RedGreenBluePig

    I love this song!! So full of energy! This song along with Crownless gets me so pumped up!!! Long live Nightwish!!

    George Johnston

    RedGreenBluePig I also recommend Nightquest 😃

  74. eternalgryffindor

    because the entire song is a tribute to disney

  75. Macka Markovic

    this is great, magical,epic fantasy.....sailing on the winds, floating under cloud, made of dreams, this song is filled with magical picture and the notion. disney is all about fantasy, so it is normal to resemble.All in all, all fairy tales remind each other.

  76. VampirePrincess4jc

    y do i keep seeing these as disney references? o-o

  77. Steven Santoro

    *sorry, I meant 5:10

  78. Steven Santoro

    3:10 the most badass, hardest tin whistle solo EVER! Love this song so much

  79. Jessy Pink

    Lol, yes, I knew that. I just wanted to see which lines referred to which Disney movies. ^^

  80. Celechon

    Nearly every line in this song is a reference to Disney, even it’s name.

  81. Jessy Pink

    That part that says "a girl in the rain swearing to her father's name" reminds me of a scene in mulan. Any thoughts?

    Jovana Manojlovic

    That's what I thought too when I heard that part! :D


    I think it's about Mulan too.


    The whole song is Disney tribute. Cub of the king= Lion King. Girl in the rain=Mulan. Belle the sight=Beauty and the Beast. The beauty sleeping= Sleeping Beauty. Etc.

    Alexander Azarov

    There's lots of Beauty and the Beast references throughout their songs, including TWO song names. In fact, the band is rather geeky, with lots of other references - Lord Of The Rings, Stargate, etc.

    Lajos Cumeláger

    @Alexander Azarov Tuomas Holopainen stated multiple times in interviews that he is a huge fan of both Disney tales and Tolkien's work and they inspired his music greatly (concerning both lyrics and tune).

  82. Dumbledoresarmy13

    I feel like this needs to be in an epic Kingdom Hearts intro or something.

  83. Dumbledoresarmy13

    And also the wizard from 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' short in the original Fantasia. So named for that very reason.

  84. Samm Smith

    Moment of orgasm

  85. ovidiu constantine

    in this song youll find some elements of disney (it appears in song as yen sid) for example the lion king

  86. odrauding2

    "a cub of the king betrayed by usurper" i can't stop thinking of the lion king when i hear that XD
    thanks for uploading :) love it

  87. oliasis

    From Wikipedia:
    ""The Phoenix of White Agony Creek" refers to White Agony Creek where Scrooge McDuck found gold in his youth."

    At first I was like "this phoenix sounds awesome. Then I ಠ_ಠ

  88. JoeMavro

    This would make one hell of an epic final battle theme for a Disney movie...maybe even for a videogame.

    Nick Cervenka

    Kingdom hearts?

    Alexander Azarov

    @Nick Cervenka Since there's a LOT of different Disney movies referenced, that'd be the best place.

  89. Purple Lugia

    Now that I read this while reading along with the lyrics, I can't unsee the lyrics being about Walt Disney, Disney(world/land), and all the fairy tales Disney turned into movies. 5:47 good grief, they even referenced The Black Cauldron?

  90. paulam97

    there's a lot of instrumental in it. But I still love it!


    paulam97 thats whats great about this song. sorry, late comment xD

  91. sirsuripu

    this makes me wanna go out on an adventure

  92. ovidiu constantine

    @JediGirl81 lol i didnt noticed that the only that i know about this song is that it was produced for some kind of Disney....(whatever).....

  93. JediGirl81

    LOL yen sid is disney backwards!

  94. InfiniteDreamMan

    @ChaticWaffles Sweet

  95. Nicholas Hoff

    @InfiniteDreamMan I'm hoping to learn to play guitar and when i do my goal is to play On Impulse by Animals As Leaders check it out

  96. InfiniteDreamMan

    @ChaticWaffles I play flute, along with piano, so... Yeah, that's the next goal, lol

  97. Princeps Tenebris

    @constantine131 Thank you very much!