Nightwish - Elvenpath Lyrics

Hearing music from the deepest forest
Songs as a seduction of sirens
The elf-folk is calling me

Tapio, Bearking, Ruler of the forest
Mielikki, Bluecloak, Healer of the ill and sad
Open the gate and let me follow the uncarven path

The way to the lands
Where as a hero I stand
The path where Beauty met the Beast

It's the honesty of these worlds
Ruled by magic and mighty swords
That makes my soul long for the past

The moonwitch took me to a ride on a broomstick
Introduced me to her old friend Home Gnome
Told me to keep the sauna warm for him

At the grove I met rest-the folk of my fantasies
Bilbo, Sparhawk, goblins and pixies,
Snowman, Willow, trolls and the seven dwarfs
The path goes forever on

[Repeat chorus]

As I return to my room
And as sleep takes me by my hand
Madrigals from the woods
Carry me to neverland
In this spellbound night
The world's an elvish sight

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Nightwish Elvenpath Comments
  1. Tomasz Blo

    This song turn my dog into Night Wolf

  2. Martesa 55 Gaming

    Maybe I heard for first time nightwish at 2013 but that's truly nostalgia

  3. Adriano Lima

    Só acho q a floor deveria cantar essa música com aquele timbre dela bem grave

  4. Miguel Castillo

    This song is not that known but this is my favorite song of Nighwish :')

  5. hyleys


  6. Ola Nikorowska

    2019 and still best album

  7. I Like Videos

    The finnish accent is strong on the intro.

  8. Razvan Gabor

    this brings me so many good memories :D :D :D

  9. Lidiya Oznobikhina


  10. Slayermetallica69

    I like to stick traffic cones up my ass so it acts like a huge megaphone when I fart so the whole neighborhood can hear my asshole.

  11. István Csurgai

    First few albums were truly great. Then fame kinda ruined the whole thing.

  12. cfromchild

    What Devil cant even touch Jesus without feelingul stupid

  13. maksphoto78

    "Mighty swoords"

    Maxie Dzurnak

    Hell yes! ❤️

  14. maksphoto78

    Imagine Floor Jansens singing this live.

    Forrest Perkins

    She does!

  15. Murotiikeri


    Romeo Chaouel

    Emppu playing bass in this era

  16. Rubiat Hossain

    luv u luv u luv u...hahahahhaha!!!

  17. JnM

    So underrated gosh wish

  18. Burned And Frozen

    I love how it has, like 3 Finnish words. 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🙏

  19. Pete Raam

    How can anyone dislike this song? 19 people with no taste for real music!!! It's just brilliant old school Nightwish :)

    depressed swordsman

    No,they just don't have the same music taste as yours and that's completely fine.It's not like they are trash talking the band or something.

  20. Peter Peterson

    The discription isn't quite right.
    It should say: "Long ago, in the early years of the second age, great elven smiths forged rings of power.", and "But then the dark lord learned about the ring making and made the master ring."

  21. Illion Hilidjartský

    Elven scum! Poor Melkor..

  22. Robert Alan

    Eu amo esse album eu o escuto a mais de 10 anos ,um dos melhores,com aquelas pegadas de metal synphinic,e cantos liricos.,melhor fase,saudades desses tempos...

    Mikael Angelino

    Robert Alan melhor banda nessa pegada..

  23. L1F3 1NVAD3R

    A late '90s track that sounds like an early '80s track: who else agrees? It's still solid though. Nightwish did it first not Evanesence.

  24. Anders Midnatt

    Take a nightride with Oromë and the elves... The stars light your path, the beasts fear the might of the Hunting Vala...

  25. Alison Hawkins

    Awesome song :)

  26. Сергей Пантелеев

    It seems to me, or in the last verse of this song, there are notes "Where Were You Last Night"?

  27. Johannes Silver

    One of the greatest early era songs and lasts so well time of some 20 years now.

  28. Mia Valo Turunen Olzon


  29. Janne Viljakainen

    Have you tried to listen Elvenpath with 1.25 speed? * _ */

    naresh naresh

    Janne Viljakainen i use maple mp3 app yes i did it was dope

    Péter Herczeg

    That's the way how Dragonforce makes it :D

  30. Axl Ericsson

    "...under my bear feet, the elven bath"

    Good song though

    L Bergamini

    mighty swerds

  31. iLKanku

    While I appreciate you uploading all these videos... please note that there is something veeery wrong in the sound of each and every Nightwish song you uploaded. ;)

  32. roy schipper

    helll yea

  33. Henry Stanley

    Sounds like a Heavy-Gothic Marillion, in a good way.


    symphonic power metal

  34. Sagittarius 1

    its me or this song is pitched? (detuned)

    Henry Stanley

    +Cesar Chapa Kind of, sounds better to me.


    Sagittarius 1 It's not. It's the same pitch as on my cd.

  35. avonacolyte

    "Long ago, in the early years of the Second Age, great Elven-smiths forged Rings of power... but then the Dark Lord learned the craft of Ring-making, and made... the Master-Ring!" 

    Sends shivers down the spine!

    Henry Stanley



    I think Vitura means the animated film was incomplete, finishing after Helm's Deep. They ran out of money, didn't they?

    Henry Stanley

    Oh yeah, it was going to be a two-parter, but of course due to executive meddling.

    Maxie Dzurnak

    Gotta be careful saying that now says, elves are extremely racist 🤣


    A little annoying - even more so that it's from a movie adaptation - is that it's actually wrong. Sauron came to the Elves as Annatar and taught them how to craft the rings of power. So he didn't learn it from them, it was the other way round ;)

  36. Muzz

    Awesome. Just the kind of music that makes you want to jump on a computer and play World of Warcraft!! :D

    Justin Naujoks

    literally exactly!!!!!!!

    Justin Naujoks

    literally exactly!!!!!!!


    @Justin Naujoks:D

  37. Jossette D'Hermanni

    So cool Song!!!!!! :) Thanks sweetie☆

  38. Leandrito Arroz

    What the hell happened with THIS Nightwish?
    Where it has gone?
    I miss you, old Nightwish :(


    Artists change, people change. Their new stuff with Floor isn't that bad. But there's nothing like Classic Tarja nightwish for sure

    Maxie Dzurnak

    Leandrito Arroz they took a new direction in their sound, I’m not sure why. But it’s what they chose

    Steve Lewis

    Tarja was the only thing that made them different. Without her they're just a pretentious Kamelot.


    @ricard modo Edgelord, stfu.


    @Antall Glób Oceanborn is the best imo

  39. lahheyt

    Tarja was 19 years old when this song was recorded.. WOW

    Nicholas Cook

    I think Simone Simons was about 17-18 when The Phantom Agony was released. Impressive on both counts!

    Anders Midnatt

    And Floor Jansen with the mighty "Prison of Desire"... She was only 19 years old when "Prison" was released, and even younger when her godlike voice was recorded for this album...

    Die for Metal

    When I was 19... well I was 19... true story...

  40. Helena Gudow

    The elvenpath goes forever on...
    This song is so epic!
    I have so many fantasies when I listen to or sing this song!

  41. Reymond Torres

    Follow the ellevenbath....

  42. John Siggers


  43. DerWanderer1981

    We love Nightwish..

  44. djoleNINJA

    now only need to start to play wow and be 6th grade again

  45. kakarotandbrolly

    This song is awesome

  46. rodrigo tavares

    melhor album do nightwish

    Mikael Angelino

    rodrigo tavares top mesmo, junto com Once ..

  47. Alessia Coppola