Nightwish - Cadence Of Her Last Breath Lyrics

Running for her life
The dark rain from her eyes still falls
Breathtaking butterfly
Chose a dark day to live

Save one breath for me!

A loner longing for
The cadence of her last breath.

Why do I miss someone I never met?
with bated breath I lay
Sea winds brought her to me
A butterfly, mere one-day miracle of life
And all the poetry in the world
Finally makes sense to me

Save one death for me!

A loner longing for (run away, run away, run away, run away)
The cadence of her last breath (run away, run away, run away, run away)

Put to rest all that`s not life
Drink for beauty and fill my blank page.

Sometimes a dream turns into a dream

A loner longing for (run away, run away, run away, run away)
The cadence of her last breath

A loner longing for (run away, run away, run away, run away)
The cadence of her last breath (run away, run away, run away, run away)

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Nightwish Cadence Of Her Last Breath Comments
  1. DJ Emery

    In Memory of My Organ Donor
    Lady Morgan Leigh Judd
    Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

    I breath for the memory of my organ donor and the part of her alive in my body, her kidney that is not dead. Her pancreas died in my body last year and nearly killed me. Other's carry her last breath as her living tomb, on this earth, as she is divided into pieces, and it carves up a human mind, mental.y, like mine.

    Medical science is ARCANE in the 21st Century, not all is bright, nor brilliant with medical science.

    But I am glad to be alive, some times, even in the evil of this ARCANE survival humans have created. I pray some day there will a better way to save lives than to carve up the memory of the dead. I will always be haunted by the spirit of my organ donor, Lady Morgan Leigh Judd, and it is not a bad thing, but neither is it a good thing, I survive as do others.

    Each of us carries our organ donor's last breath, that carry her living organs in our flesh.

    John 15 Verse 13 • King James Version
    “13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man (or woman) lay down his life for his friends.”


  2. Andrew Wilkinson

    This album is so beautiful, and this song is so awesome. \m/ I think Annette fits so well in this album (and the ending of Pendulum, one of the greatest, most touching pieces of music..). PS. I'm not the biggest of Nightwish fans (sorry!), but this album together with Imaginaerum ==> \m/\m/

  3. Carlos Quezada

    One of the most beautiful nightwish songs

  4. Masterschiief

    I bought the album online and somehow only got the demo version with Marcos Vocals - which is still great - but I am confused and a little sad.

  5. Juan Carlos Hernandez Monroy

    Me encanta esta canción!

  6. TheRiisingSun

    I gave Anette way too little love after Tarja left. I guess I was living in a delusional "there's only ONE Nightwish vocalist" but after hearing Floor live I gave all their albums a chance and I'm happy I did. Especially this one. Great songs.

  7. Luiza Pardut

    This song deserves more, it is so underrated

  8. FullmetalGhost

    After listening to a few songs , i realize they could work for DMC soundtrack

  9. Carlos Quezada

    I like how it starts, it reminds me of castlevania

  10. Alfredo Ambrocio

    Una de las mejores canciones.

  11. Vitaly Voronin

    Absolutely amazing. Especially 02:55.

  12. CC CC

    Its a shame they took these off spotify


    CC CC right? this album and showtimestorytime with floor jansen live at wacken were amazing to listen too and they both disappeared. can't even find them on itunes either.

  13. Tarl Cabot

    My God, Annette sounds like an Angel in the studio. I mean I love Floor the most, but I do mostly watch her do "live" performances. It makes me kind of sad Annette doesn't get more love, as I do love her voice.

    Gökay Ülker

    Jim Ward she is my favorite.. she is emotional and diverse.. but still floor is so reliable she never sucks and she is the best live and overall option that is kinda the consensus :P even though anette was so interesting im glad they have a new vocalist. I love seeing bands evolve and change. Approaching differently, exploring new realms.. And i guess in nightwish vocalist changes tuomas' approach a lot so..

    Yordan Yordanov

    Thats the thing with her .. Anette is so good in studio versions and that rises the bar for her and when you hear her live you get dissapoined.She never performs live at the same high quality as studio versions like she always is either to emotional or has a cold and cant give it all she always finds an excuse.But yea Imaginarium easy my favorite Nightwish album ever.And with Floor performing it live its even more amazing.


    She does sound like an angel. And not ONLY in studio. That's the legend toxic Floor fans repeat, in the lack of official good quality live concerts of Anette's era. You can't create a good singer in studio, I doubt you can do it still today, or go ahead make millions!
    Meadows of Heaven, sound check (live)

    I stand (home live)
    For the heart I once had (home, live acapella)
    Planet Hell 2012 (official live)


    Why all people say the same nonsense,blablabla Annette was good in studio but not in live. Annette was good in live better than Floor in her songs and she was good in some Tarja's songs in her own way, because had a different voice much brighter and no operating. Because there is no official live video with Annette, all people compare her voice with other official live video with Tarja and Floor. I find some from festival,exit Serbia,montraux and Wacken and she is perfect.

  14. Team Night Raid

    2018 \m/

    Pablito JAJA

    andrew tabuada 2050

  15. SylkaChan

    0:08 - the beginning should be clipped off the video


    and what is that a picture of? its really kool : cultures like that really should exist

    Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    The intro is the best part.

  16. Edgar Vinicius

    one of the best vocals from anette

  17. Commissar Yeetus

    This is for sure the best Nightwish Album out there. Hands down.

  18. GreeK Prince91

    Cabal Online - Siena B2F

  19. Arthur Pacino

    Siena B2F

  20. Winspector Fire

    It´s a good song.

  21. Stephen Rottiers

    one of the highlights of the album for me

  22. nightmare 1990

    this song is what got me to night wish. Anette voice is amazing.

  23. greatorder

    The second 'Save one breath for me' is apparently actually 'Save one death for me'


    Yep, because the song refers to two people, two loners, one hopeless boyfriend that the girl leaves, and the second a mysterious lover poet, who want to write the ultimate poem, you guessed it... about death.

  24. Austin Chu

    10 triggered feminists accuse this song of perpetuating rape culture XD


    no, that is feminazis ..... feminists are only a problem because they don't do anything about what is ingrained here in Universe 7 : we should go back to Universe 6

    John Roush

    I don't get it. Is there something I'm missing or is this just a random edgelord comment?

  25. LattiMonstaaa

    This has got a very different feeling to it as opposed to when Grimmie was still alive

  26. Warpig of The Power

    They should have kept Marco's vocals on this song, this is good, but demo version was better

  27. Christopher Edson

    This is the best album I like it

  28. Angelika Petrova

    Been listening to them since their first album and, in my opinion, this is the best album.

    JC GuitarRacer

    Hamster Munchies Oceanborn was the first official album, Angels Fall First was a demo album turned studio album


    wishmaster is my favorite followed by centries child


    Definitely a tough call, but I think Dark Passion Play and Once are a tie.


    @Hamster Munchies The second album after Angels fell first is Oceanborn the Wishmaster is their third album.

    Jamie Gall

    I agree 😍 i love this album

  29. Morticia Moonflower

    very nice. I love this album.

  30. HeavyCoaster

    Amazing song!
    But tbh, I like the demo version on the Made In Hong Kong CD more, sang by Marco Hietala. It was...something special I think. But still an amazing song :)

  31. Juan M. Quiroga

    One of the best songs from the cd. It's amazing

  32. IsnymetaLL

    con ganas

  33. エリ


  34. mc23243

    I have been listening to this for all evening, amazing song

  35. AnimeWolfgamer

    My friend told me about this song. Holy shit is it good. 

  36. Dan Griffin

    I love this song.

    I'm actually gonna use this as a chapter in my story when my main girl finally dies. I think it would fit the situation beautifully.


    @***** where do you live?
    Just asking for curiosity :D


    That's a place I want to visit too! :D


    @***** Cold, wet and weedy (friends suggestion :D). but there is not to much to see here. only farms and cities. :D

    Tales Oliveira

    +Dan Griffin no spoilers !!!!!

    Darek Baird

    Dan Griffin in my story it would be 7 days to the wolves....not for a death but more overall story

  37. Novavon

    its seven dislikes, keep up with the times bro.

  38. TheGreatestThing

    so beautiful

  39. fit tıbbiyeli

    amına koyum çok güzel

  40. xD Nie ma

    Now there's 7 dislikes. Seems like 7 people don't wanna save her life ._.

  41. 33drewster

    I originally got the idea from i heart radio, when i made Evanescence my personal radio station, I asked it to play music similar to Amy Lee's band and Nightwish was one of the familiar selections. After sampling cadence of her last breath, honestly there are more similarities instead of differences. That's looking at the situation objectively, not as a smart ass! Hey to each his own!

  42. Andras Zodon

    Don't you ever compare these two bands again.

  43. Fernanda Isabel Maldonado

    Justo cuando comenzaba a acostumbrarme a la voz de Anette en NW se marcha, todo es culpa del pinche de Tuomas ¬¬

    Beka Osorio

    Sorry for you.. pero no se compara con Floor y menos con Tarja...

  44. 33drewster

    reminds me of Evanescence, it has a nice dark gothic classic rock feel to it, killer!

  45. Coen Willemen

    The lyrics are in the description

  46. Coen Willemen


  47. Yueh Spurs

    the music was the same as the background music of altar of siena b2f ost from cabal online. is the music of cabal online was stolen by this band or what!?

  48. shinden teatrino

    this music plays in the background of my slasher dreams

  49. Marssela Mendoza

    Hermosa cancion!
    Y la voz de Anette! Enamora!

  50. NickelbackOwnz

    2:00-2:49 i dont even know whats being said but its an eargazim!!!

  51. Kain

    It would definitely be miles better than the usual crap they perform.

  52. Kara

    this is 1 of the closest to heavy metal bands i like. the girls can sing their asses off!

  53. ScribblyGryphon

    I found myself breathing along at the start ^^'

  54. PapillonNoir

    It reminds me the better songs of Evanescence a bit...
    Save one breath for me!

  55. Malcolm Watson

    Cabal ost aos2!

  56. Laura k

    just WAHOU !

  57. Kain

    definitely so.

  58. MsAbixxx

    Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum are just masterpieces!!!!! I would chose them anyday over Century Child and Once (Which are also very good albums)

  59. theunknownshadowish

    love this song

  60. Nadine Nabil

    Something about her gasps gives the song an urgent, frantic atmosphere which makes it even more fitting to the lyrics. And the guitar solo is just fantastic. Such a beautiful song <3

  61. King Harkinian

    Ponies brought me here.

  62. ProudTarjaholic

    AND i think it's preferable too :-)

  63. MrGrazyD96


  64. Jan Langfelner

    It's great but still, I think demo version is better than album version...

  65. Allison Arabelo

    And all the poetry in the world finally makes sense to me.

    ^ This <3

  66. jdaws901

    I did enjoy the song...thank you!

  67. Jianichie

    Lol, what lyrics?

  68. Sahara Lara

    DPP is a shit album but this song is amazing, I like it too much


    After 7 years still you think that is a shit album?

  69. Caitlin Foltz

    Just listening to this makes me feel like a powerful God :DD

  70. MartyM

    @TheWatchtower24 Janie's got a gun?

  71. xSantiiag0ox

    @TheWatchtower24 she should not lock the open door♫ XDD

  72. Reds Shark

    run away, run away, what does this remind me of?

  73. RIYANI / ChangeOfCanvas

    "Sometimes a dream turns into a dream..."

  74. sebastian gonzales

    I love it, she can sing! and i dont know why, but it sounds like dream theater! yay!

  75. Sanela Sanella

    jebenooooooooooooo \m/

  76. RestCalm

    "RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY"...But I don't want to run away!! If I run away then I can't listen to this epicly awesome song... :(

  77. 19Anathema19

    Absolutely one of my favorite songs of Dark Passion Play !
    A loner longing for her last breath !!

  78. TajemnaTemnota

    This is about Tarja?

  79. Kamekazy Shark

    ooops, someone was too eager to hit teh Like button they missed it

  80. OPELGUY Opel guy

    WTF?? 1 dislikes? F**K YOU (the one that dislikes)

  81. Claudia fIX

    La mejor canción del disco!!

  82. Lior Nachum

    I dont like Annete much but this song is amazing <3

  83. HomosexualJoltik


  84. Ev Coiler

    Filete dentro de su Album con el debut de Anette \m/

  85. FitzChivalry Farseer

    @DigitalMasacrer you're an idiot...

  86. SGMaster357

    It's seems like Dream Theater with girl voices

  87. Robert Saarloos

    love this song

  88. bananalalla

    it's os agonizing listening to her breath Oo

  89. Recca Villarey

    Music.... This is what I call MUSIC... =)

  90. Lanaris

    Awesome, no voice overs, no speed change, no effects, just the song like it is on the CD

  91. Dr Chef

    jukka is a fuckin beast. idc what anyone says.

  92. Alice

    finally the original version! I'm sick of those stupid sped up versions -.-

  93. Stein17

    The only good version I found on Youtube! Thank You!

  94. Dander1493

    @lolz4782 Thanks!