Nightwish - Bare Grace Misery Lyrics

Sweet boy, come in
I am the dark side of you
Die for my sins
Like the One once did

Cinnamon bed
For your unashamed appetite
A figurante
This dance will hurt like hell

Oh, bare grace misery
Just a child without a fairytale am I
Dark but so lovely
A Little Match Girl freezing in the snow

Love lying, enticing
(Bare grace misery)
Crowning the moment
(Bare grace misery)
This is what I am
Bare grace for the end of days

Romantic scent
Spoiled Lucrece lies warm for you
There's no such priest
That can pray me to heaven

When done with me
Forget if you think I feel ashamed
A wild thing
Never felt sorry for anything

Love lying...

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Nightwish Bare Grace Misery Comments
  1. Gyro D. Zeppeli

    Que musica meus amigos...

  2. Gyro D. Zeppeli

    Goku vs turles.mp4 😓

  3. atouf atef


    Gyro D. Zeppeli


  4. walt hardy

    Escuchar esta cancion digo este album en una noche en carretera con el cielo estrellado es otra onda

  5. Serđo YT

    Goku vs Turles amv



    Gyro D. Zeppeli


  6. Leander Hobb

    Only if they had all their songs on spotify

  7. Yudi RG

    My favorite!! 😍😍

  8. Vaida Maslauskaite

    Thank you hundred of times nightwish ❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Xác Ướp

    1:37-2:35 the best part! I get goose bumps every time


    Sounds like anthem of the word of stratovarius

    Gabriel Canario

    @Kadeon Cleary influenced by Stratovarius

  10. El Nino

  11. Jeorge Morpheus

    Слепой камин!

    Artem Ray

    Jeorge Morpheus камин-камин!

    Dima Khvostenko


    Possar Gedwins

    Я ещё слышу слепой обед!

  12. paladineXD

    sooo... is this about a vampire or a prostitute? lol

  13. Zuzia W

    stupid star wars have eaten my brain... listening to this reminds me of kylo ren


    Be careful with avant-garde music lol

  14. Kenny Newby

    1:37-2:39 is the precedent that sets Nightwish's future. This is an incredible album. 

    Wesley Lobato

    This part ruins the music for me.

    SPower s

    Wow, its weird how much people's taste in music can differ


    Actually, that part is a kitsch.

  15. Jure Sinovčić

    1.25 sounds like skype xd.....

  16. Mercurialol

    I've never heard them sing this live :( Every word in this song is filled with emotions.

  17. Albopilosum

    i'm dark side of you :)

  18. kika740

    I wish I could hear Tarja sing Nightwish live someday :(

  19. MasterFhyl

    Heh.. i did a misheard lyrics to this song.

  20. marchingtrojans

    Best lyrics of any of the early stuff. Simply beautiful...

  21. Tayane Bittencourt

    Amo Nightwish


    9 años, sigues vivo?

    Gyro D. Zeppeli

    @Neufroses acho q nao..