Nightwish - Angels Fall First Lyrics

An angelface smiles to me
Under a headline of tragedy
That smile used to give me warmth
Farewell - no words to say
beside the cross on your grave
and those forever burning candles

Needed elsewhere
to remind us of the shortness of our time
Tears laid for them
Tears of love, tears of fear
Bury my dreams, dig up my sorrows
Oh, Lord why
the angels fall first

Not relieved by thougts of Shangri-La
Nor enlightened by lessons of Christ
I'll never understand the meaning of the right
Ignorance lead me into the light

[Repeat chorus]

Sing me a song
of your beauty
of your kingdom
Let the melodies of your harps
caress those whom we still need

Yesterday we shook hands
My friend
Today a moonbeam lightens my path
My guardian

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Nightwish Angels Fall First Comments
  1. Fernando Fernandes

    Minha mestre

  2. Epidarck Mods

    Vegeta's suicide uwu

  3. Benoit Guerin

    Beautiful song! 2019 !

  4. Bastian Puth

    The beginning of one of the greatest bands of all time

  5. Olivier Lehmann

    My greatest love commited suicied,& still wondering why? I cry each Time i listent this song ....

  6. Kry Kry Stott

    Tarja with that Angelic voice and Heavenly vibe I love it 😍😍😍😍💯💯💯💙💙💙

  7. Yevgeny Sergun

    лучшая песня найтвиш

  8. kar2ouche

    Some years ago I read an article on "Bluewings" The Finnair in flight magazine, on my way back to the UK from Tornio, about Tarja. I was curious. So I looked her up. I then found Nightwish and was blown away. (Finnair then sent me a copy of this magazine - after I asked them for one-). A Finnish workmate then got me a 4 CD set (not available in the UK) and sent it to me. This CD set stayed in my car for years. I know there have been many singers now since Tarja and Floor Jansen I think is good. But for me Tarja's voice is still NightWish. I love their stuff.

  9. Ricardo Martinez

    Tarja tu voz es inigualable eres unica en mi vida no me cansare de escucharte

  10. Minonian

    "Sing me a song
    of your beauty
    of your kingdom
    Let the melodies of your harps
    caress those whom we still need"

  11. Glayce Venancio

    I love very much this song

  12. Fernando Alencar

    Todos as musicas desse álbum são perfeita 🎻

  13. Solben 5

    This is serious music

  14. Учитель и Ученик

    Bury my dreams, dig up my sorrows...

  15. Nixon Angus

    одна из лучших

  16. Tarık Alp Onar

    I dedicate this song to my dead cat Sarman. I miss her.

  17. Robert Saucedo

    death of vegeta :(

  18. Magda Chlebicka

    I really hate her voice but this song is amazing...

    Ayşe Raven

    Why do you hate this angelic voice?

  19. Samuel Denby

    2019 first time i'v heard this song.

  20. Indarionnnnne

    I just realize, Tarja was 20yo for this song. I'm even more impress now.

  21. rromanichel

    first angel is the first lucifer..

  22. Ligeia Noire

    Tarja sang it acapella and it was even more beautiful

  23. Tio Freddy

    2019 ♥️ Nightwish 4ever

  24. Crisálida García

    Its 2019 almost and I love it

  25. Kevser

    Bir avukattan geldim🙄

  26. Laura gold

    The best song...bravo

  27. Jc Rochangliana

    No one knows what it's like.....

  28. Anna Yavorska

    Omg it's so nostalgic...

  29. Salomão Souza

    I miss Tarja In Nightwish... 😢💔

  30. Michał Górski

    It's easy to fall in pride when you look at all these imperfections. Angels are there to serve, help and protect, Save what you can with your hand.

  31. Fernando Alencar


  32. Marcus Knight

    Why did you fall first, Tarja?

  33. Erik Nieuwenhuijzen

    This looks like the song of limbizit behind blue eyes😉at the beginning...

    Past Of GEEBEL

    the song is from the band The who

  34. naresh naresh

    This was invented 22 years ago now 2018 !!! I was only 2 when these legends were creating magical songs

  35. EL Gamer BR7

    dragon ball af

  36. nemo skull

    nightwish tarja is best nightwish.

  37. Carin

    Oh how I miss THIS Nightwish. New NW seems like completely different band. And it's not about vocalists. I dont care who sings better, I'm not vocal critic or so.
    But I know for sure their earlier albums have a soul and they're created, that's the accurate word!
    But when they released Once they've reached point of no return. And Tarja didn't save them.
    But without Tarja we wouldn't even have Nightwish, at least as we have it now, read their biography. It wasn't like Tuomas said "Hey guys let's play some power metal with female vocals!", no, what he wanted was acoustic folk project but when he heard Tarja's vocals he has changed his mind and made music more heavy. So her voice was his big inspiration, think about it next time you said "Fl00r is better" (:
    Really why do I even see comments about Floor at this video???

    Nina Porras

    I agree completely

    Joe Richards

    Notably, Tuomas went back to that style for his solo album Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

  38. Johannes Silver

    Emppu and acoustic guitar - great !

  39. Goral XX-6

    God how I love this old Nightwish ♥

  40. Lori Suomi

    Kiitos Tarja... :'(

  41. PrizrakPrime

    Sounds similar like the intro of behind blue eyes of limp bizkit

    Mirta Yohanna Bravo Rivas

    PrizrakPrime is true

    Maurice T

    Just never again say that Behind Blue Eyes is from Limp Bizkit. Never again, or the slenderman will come for you.


    behind blue eyes is a The Who song. Limp Bizkit is a cover.

  42. Johannes Silver

    So beautiful, emotional and legendary...just imagine how young they were when created something so great than this.


    Tarja =D <3

  44. Daw

    Bin nur hier, wegen dem Buch "Junkgirl"

  45. Abd Alrhman Haj Younes

    just perfect by the way listing from Syria

  46. Evelyn Baudelayre

    tarja 💓

  47. Andre Gazola

    This is one of the first NW songs, part of the 1st demo back in 1996/97, together with The Carpenter and Once Upon a Troubadour. Wonderfull to read this history in the official biography of the band.

  48. Serban Alex

    beauty song this help me sow much

  49. Yishac Axes

    whats the tunning of the guitar? someone knows?

  50. Ahab Rutherford

    This really takes me back to some old days... Sad days filled with pain, but yet, i feel nostalgic nonetheless.
    Nightwish marked an era for me, and for that i am very grateful. :)

    Coffee Sploosh

    The era of hardcore mmorpging gaming for me. Days in and days out of my younger self.
    Would never change a damn thing!

    C. Zatara - Wind Magnet devlog.

    one one my coming of age bands, many fond memories as well :)

  51. jarosław dudziak


    Sherhan Kuanish

    jarosław dudziak Tarja


    Sherhan Kuanish Tarja

  52. Juliano Nascimento

    O final....

  53. Jug east india trading

    heut zum letzten mal gehört,was ich im winter oft tat...zusammen mit seeadler ´Europa´ FARE WELL my dear

  54. Marcelo Correia

    Tarja Turunen is Tarja Turunen !


    in the end, i recognize her enormous Value.....Nightwish is not the same band anymore... Floor was amazing while singing her songs, but lacked big way, in impressingwhen it came to original material... then i turned to the original songs from Nightiwsh first era...and the magic Tarja and the band could create is really unbeatable...

    Cristiano Pezzi

    Steve Jobs is Steve Jobs

    Kry Kry Stott

    Tarja is a angel 👼🔥💙 sent to earth by God

  55. beach plase

    22 Anette lover spastic

  56. TheRoland19111

    Is this on the slavic scale?

  57. Ses Chan

    This sounds like my life's Ost :D

  58. Mr. Jefferson

    Listening in Brazil

    Marcondis Duarte

    Its we, brother!

  59. Bruce M.


  60. Jan Tuma

    Perfect song !!! :-)

  61. jarosław dudziak


  62. elena t

    i instantly get goosebumps when i listen to that... tarja.. <3

  63. Kristo Aav

    One of my favorite songs for 15 years already.

  64. Fabiano Aparicio

    Tarja Forever...

  65. Chuck Norris

    best song in their collection

  66. Canal da beleza Yves Rocher Lucia Araujo

    i love .... miss u tarja :(

  67. Juuli Eskelinen

    10 years since her departure... Forever in my heart 💔

  68. G- Sam

    The audio is in a different tone.
    Something's wrong.

    G- Sam

    Oh. got it.


    +Geyson Samarone Glad someone else noticed too. I'm trying to play the song to guitar and this version doesn't work with my tabs.

  69. Erik Nieuwenhuijzen

    this song looks like in the beginning from limbizkit..behind blue eyes... just the rythem.. on the guitar.;)

  70. Stargazar

    Nightwish at their best times....this Album, Oceanborn and Wishmaster are for me Nightwish!!!! EPIC MUSIC!!!!

  71. Hexer Wolfherz

    Even if I do not really like Nightwish that much, this song is just incredible.

  72. Igor Barbosa Pereira

    the last minute is f*cking perfect! Tarja <3

    Mattia Torta

    @Igor Barbosa Pereira the last five minutes..

  73. Sir William Hitler

    This album was released the day I was born and its my favourite of theirs :) (oh and Tarja is so much better than the other chicks.)

  74. AlreadyLiving

    I used to listen and sing this song in my mind when I didn't know english yet. About 7 years later I'm here to listen it again. All the words sound exactly the same to me but now they are filled with meaning. It's incredible.

    Yohann Callouet


    Joaquin Hinojosa

    Lol same thing happened to me

    Duchess Van Hoof

    Same for me.

  75. jarppiko

    beautiful song...most beautiful...

  76. Kim

    why the føck isnt this on spotify

    naresh naresh

    Kim Fishe joox

    Irma Jannink

    It is 😄

  77. Linnea S

    I miss you Tarja. Nightwish will never be the same without you.. 


    Same here, also November. These guys are just amazing. ♥


    Yes me too. Early Nightwish was something special.
    Who the fuck cares if Floor can sing better? Music isn't about singing better than everyone! It's about emotions you can feel through it. And early NW is perfect for me and not only for me in that case. If you like new commerical NW, good for you but I'll go with one that has the soul.

    naresh naresh

    Karina Zaripova i stand with your answers nightwish are not ordinary bands you have to go through with your emotions to get the momentum same as edenbridge

    Michelle Veg

    Just like Tarja will never be the same without Nightwish...


    Unfortunately in her solo career Tarja has not sung metal with classical operatic style, like she did in early Nightwish. In this album too. Since Century Child Tarja has sung metal contemporary style (except oldest Nightwish songs). She keeps her classical singing style reserved for Chritmas songs and classical songs - she does sing parts of her metal songs with classical voice. To me it's sad, because I love most the early Nightwish' operatic singing style metal.

  78. Dominick Matthias Krüger Rosario

    Does no one else realize that the tone has been either altered or is way off? The first "e" that's played isn't a true "e", the tone is in between "e" and "f" and it sounds horrible to me. I've know how to play this song for a long time but forgot the title of the song now the first video I find has its tone altered? Is seems sped up so that on you for messing with the original recording.

    Hromnice Nyarlathotepová

    @Cozmonaut313 Yeah, but I actually like this version more than the original one :D

    Dominick Matthias Krüger Rosario

    Trying to sing or play along is a nightmare though. Anyone who's ear trained is cringing.

    Adil OUAALI

    @Cozmonaut313 heard it directly, you're right.


    Dominick Matthias Krüger Rosario its done this way for copyright reasons. If you change the tone copyright bots cant find this video and flag it

  79. Alex Porter

    Великолепная  песня.просто шедевр!!!

  80. Skeezu' Andrey

    Such an angelic voice :*

  81. Yo Mama

    Nearly 2 years now and not a day goes by I don't think of you. It hasn't gotten any easier without you. I wish I told you how much I love you when I had the chance. I'd need hours to tell you how much I care about you. 

  82. Izana Hoshijiro

    Rip Rik Mayall and Robin Williams

  83. Carmen Wright

    Tarja... Beautiful voice

  84. David Larsson

    This video is slightly off. The key is not right

  85. jarosław dudziak

    anielski głos....TARJA................................

  86. Tenebris Darkynia

    this song leads me to another land, to a faityland !

  87. BoletusLuridus

    You are right. I tried to transcribe it, but could not hit the proper tonation no matter how hard I tried. It is a quarter tone higher than normally - something between e minor and f minor. Tested with the tuning option on my keyboard. :)

  88. Sparkosis .s

    Nightwish me manque :'(

  89. Teresa Cristina Missopromagico

    Yes, a flute player ! This is magical.

  90. ItBeADragon

    So this one time at band camp...

  91. guillermo orlando poveda miranda

    Muy linda

  92. DarkAngel63725267

    I wish they had a hard version

  93. Tuğba Sena Düzenli

    lan ne albümdü ya

  94. kieranwolf

    To think that Tuomas doesn't like this album. It's amazing.


    Where did he say that?

  95. Abadoeba15

    Am I the only one who instantly gets goosebumps when hearing Tarja?

  96. veralone

    this is so romantic ^^

  97. Pedro Henrique Bastos

    I'm so sorry for your losses, to lose a friend is not easy :''(

  98. Ryan


  99. Edgar Rangel

    I miss flute's sound on Nightwish's music