Nightwish - 7 Day To The Wolves Lyrics

The wolves, my love will come
Taking us home where dust once was a man
Is there Life before a Death?
Do we long too much and never let in?

Seven days to the wolves!
Where will we be when they come?
Seven days to the poison
And a place in Heaven!
Time drawing near as they come to take us

This is my church of choice,
Love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice
For the rest, I have to say to you
I will dream like the god
And suffer like all the dead children


This is where heroes and cowards part ways

Light the fire, feast
Chase the ghost, give in
Take the road less traveled by,
Leave the city of fools
Turn every poet loose

[Chorus x2]

(Heroes, cowards, no more!) [x4]

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