Nightcore - Another Night Lyrics

Another night,
Another dream but always you
It's like a vision of love
It seems to be true
Another night,
Another dream but always you
In the night I dream of love so true

Another night,
Another dream but always you
It's like a vision of love
It seems to be true
Another night Another dream
But always you
In the night I dream of love so true

In the night
In my dreams I'm in love with you
Cause you talk to me like lovers do
I could joy
I could dream
I am still the seem
In the night I kiss and read alone

Talk to you..

Talk to you

Another night,
Another dream but always you
It's like a vision of love
It seems to be true
Another night,
Another dream but always you
In the night I dream of love so true

Another night,
Another dream but always you
It's like a vision of love
It seems to be true
Another night,
Another dream but always you
In the night I dream of love so true

In my night in my dreams
I'm in love with you
Cause you talk to me lovers do
I could joy
I could dream
I am still to see
In the night I kiss and read alone

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Nightcore Another Night Comments
  1. ENTERTAINMENT-User #357

    Ah yes. This is 1000% genuine Nightcore. I've found it. Finally after reading through the few sources on Wikipedia. That goood shit. Not at all just sped up and bass boosted like the new Nightcore! It isn't. I swear.

    I don't think we can be sure DJ TNT and DJ SOS even exist. I mean, come on! One of those guys last name apparently literally is Fiction.

    Nightcore does not take much effort, but it still sounds good. Otherwise people wouldn't like it so much.

    And I think it would be close to impossible to release Nightcore Edits nowadays with actual effort put in them, if there was some in the beginning, and be recognized for that, without explicitly stating it.

  2. ForcesNL

    Purrrrrr FACT!

  3. dragonheart 64

    I don't see the lyrics

  4. Jennifer Mcgladrey

    I love this song ever since I found this channel when they dropped it has to be right song by the right mixer not just the editor suite

  5. Classic Core

    178.936 15.11.19

  6. cesarrekt99 - Making Trance great again

    Best nightcore track ever

  7. I could extremely hear this playin' at a rave party!

  8. Ice Bear

    @maikel6311 You should do 'Automatic Lover' too.

  9. Kyle Moffitt


  10. Me Zap Rosdower

    2019 anyone?

  11. Anime Fanatic

    Funny how all of you are commenting “omg this is the original nightcore!!!” It’s not. Lmao. This is a sped up version of Remini Projects version of Another night. Lmao.


    Welp, I just learned an unfortunate truth. Thanks for the source.

  12. Callum Goadby

    I absolutely love this song, I play it and play it like a broken record, I must play it 100 times a day, its got that buzz, and kick about this song, it makes me happy, I play it that much I know the song off by heart now, I love to dance to it as well. LOL,

  13. First Lastslong

    It's weird but I'm able to listen to and understand the lyrics better as they pass when there said fast
    I guess maybe it's cuz when u know the lyrics u don't pay attention to them as much but when it's faster it's harder to keep up so u pay more attention to the words.

  14. Waynese Watson


  15. Stan Andrews

    I've smoked so much meth to this song. True story

  16. Vespirit

    to everyone saying that this is original nightcore, it actually isnt because this is just a sped up and pitched version of someone else's remix of the song, which was not originally nightcore

    Anime Fanatic

    exactly lmao

  17. Вlóshi

    About a year ago i found this song. Real nightcore! 😩👌

  18. Ryuzaki Morgoth

    Whoever made this...its the best thing ever. My teenage is being relived right now.

  19. TSMG

    Another comment... Get it?

  20. djstona

    wow as if this channles stilll up since 2011 lmao tempus edax rerum

  21. Childhood Kingdom

    Finally I found out what nightcore actually is, after 6 years.. :)

    -_- some guy

    yes this is what nightcore is supposed to be. xD


    Try dam dadi doo

  22. Hailey Orozco

    i love the beat

  23. Jesus Alessandro Ponce

    Almost 8 years listening to nightcore now.

  24. mathew smith

    this is a good song just the way it was you guys have destroyed it

  25. Elise Labonne

    But Another Night isn't an original Nightcore song...

  26. Amarie

    Another Night by Real McCoy

  27. Bibi Kurmann

    Einfach nur geil

  28. bloom winx

    Amazing ∆

  29. HKO2006

    20161107 nightcore shared the video on their Facebook page again.

    Maikel6311's Nightcore

    Haha, that explains the massive spike in view count ;)

  30. templa

    lol i love it so much


    i take back what i said, i can't stop singing this song...

    Jacob Cohn-Gell


  31. homocidal

    Thank god I've found nightcore that is actually nightcore. Not just some idiot opening Sony Vegas 5 and compressing the track and altering the pitch.

    ꧁Spice Princess Art꧂

    This is what Nigthtcore was supposed to be from the beginning. Two Norwegian guys, DJ TNT and DJ SOS as they were called started the project and had original songs that were crafted as Happy Hardcore genre songs. Of course, a lot of people ended up liking it, so much so that they tried to copy the style and without the appropriate skill set for it, they had to resort to just speeding up/pitch altering songs that were already existing. DJ TNT and DJ SOS fell out of the scene, but the massive fanbase of people editing popular pre-existing songs kept going strong and that's why a majority of "nightcore" songs are just... crap. One of their legitimately original Nightcore songs is "Hater Å Elske Deg" and if you look it up, you can definitely hear the difference.

    András Fogarasi

    Sony Vegas?

    Fucking Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.

    Anime Fanatic

    homocidal lmao funny you say that because this is just a sped up version of Remini Projects version of Another night.

  32. Lastrevio

    Finally, I hate that today's nightcore is just speed up stuff.....

    Morgan Brown

    @Kenchixx「Nightcore」 i see your point but i don't think you can call speeding up last resort nightcore. there's much more to it then the tempo. if i take any song and speed it up is it nightcore?

    Morgan Brown

    @Kenchixx「Nightcore」 but you need to add trance leads or at least a hard bass line to it. in my definition at least. but again i like the older style of nightcore where some songs weren't derived from another song they were made originally in a nightcore sound. i see your point and respect it. i feel like it should be called something else though. or the nightcore i listen to should be called something else. idk

    Anime Fanatic

    Lastrevio funny how you say that when this is a sped up version of Remini projects version of Another night. 😂😂 this person didn’t do anything else to the song lmfaooo

    Nurul Eisha

    @Kenchixx lol, i used the same profile pic like yours in PUBG and named it "MyWaifuYukino" lmao

  33. jams

    When you find original nightcore...

    \( • w • )/

    \( o w o )/

    \( o 3 o )/ < WAIT WHAT!

    Anime Fanatic

    jams it’s not “original nightcore” it’s a sped up version of Remini projects version of Another night.

  34. Alburn

    finally! some nightcore the way it should be. i wish more people would understand that nightcore isn't as easy as turning up the pitch of the song. this is nightcore, not that. Y U NO NIGHTCORE RIGHT!?!?!

  35. Yukari Yakumo

    Nightcore today is just regular songs altered in pitch usually by speeding it up, so there isn't anything left of the lower frequencies (bass) and lower midrange. Nightcore was originally produced by a small group and only the vocals were altered. Things like drums and other instruments were usually recorded separately or done in a DAW and were then combined with the sped up vocal track.


    can u subscribe to my channel

    Anime Fanatic

    Yukari Yakumo but this literally is just a sped up version of Reminis Project version of Another Night.

    Nevin Vegas

    Anime Fanatic no there’s extra production added on this

    Anime Fanatic

    Nevin Hendricks funny cuz I literally listened to em both side by side... didn’t really catch a difference.


    Anime Fanatic dude i literally see you commenting THE SAME EXACT THING under EVERYONES COMMENT. can you just list your own comment or something??? LOL

  36. Wolf_XIII

    Original Nightcore! Hell yes! *___*
    Du hast ein Abo mehr. :D
    Oh man wie ich den Sound vermisst habe. xD

  37. Music Enthusiest

    recover project not the one u have annotated there

  38. Kornee Haan

    Finally i found the Real stuff. It's so hard too find between the fan made sped up dance music.. or the German nightcore.. huray for Germans. Boohh for them not using English in nightcore..

    Lysias Leviathan

    Then learn German mate!

    Lysias Leviathan

    German is much better than English.

    Anime Fanatic

    Kornee Haan lmfao it’s a sped up version of remini projects version of Another night. 😂

  39. Alexander Schmidt

    kann man sich die lieder downloaden oder irgendwo albem kaufen?

  40. Dracoon1117

    This is what nightcore should sound like..wish more ppl would understand, its more than just speeding up the song.. uhg

    Anime Fanatic

    Patchu okay but this is literally just a sped up version of the song tho... it’s not “real nightcore”

    Elana Marie Lucier

    I agree

    cesarrekt99 - Making Trance great again



    Omg yeesss so true im glad that i found the Nightcore originals Playlist of the creator

    Cameron -

    Yep so true!

  41. beast9011

    sweet song 

  42. Uquri

    nightcore always beasty and always will be friend me on xbox

  43. inzenous

    wheres the old playlist can u reupload??

  44. Raymond Khamkong Luft

    echt nur geil richtig geile Partymuke das macht sogar ein Opa wie mich wieder fitt :-D ^^^^

  45. whisperbow

    Gahhhhhhh i want to put these songs on my ipod but i cant go through about 700 songs. Curse you first world problems!!!!!!

  46. BloodDragon

    name is on the pick its kimi ga nozomu eien

  47. Deathnaut666

    I have this on my mp3 <3 Looove it!

  48. Dont Care

    What anime is this awesome image from(if any)?
    I love your nightcore posts!

  49. smokedatpurp420

    honestly growing up i never liked music. i never owned a CD, MP3, sterio, radio, nothing at all haha but I F****ING love trance and nightcore. ive just recently started finding my taste in music in all my 20 years of life soon to be 21 on december 31st. thanks for uplading this. Its like i was deaf but now i hear. it gives me goose bumps i like it that much

  50. daniel anderson234

    if anyone disagree with maikel using your song, your an idot, he makes them better 99.9999999999999999% for nightcore fans be glad yh?

  51. Wata Malown

    too bad my nightcore has 50 songs in it if there are more i wont be able to listen to all of them >.>

  52. BlestBlehKitty

    this is amazinggg

  53. eivmoe

    Depends if you use your computer speakers, then nothing changes, but external speakers they change a lot, if a headset, if you got a high definition headset the sound will be a much better quality with a bigger sound specter.

  54. santeonia kenneth

    i think of this song every day in bord

  55. junior akakpo

    whats diffrent if i put it on 1080p because i'm usaly doing something els when listing so i don't realy change it

  56. Zatronium

    @GaijinOfDoom Hey, mind telling me your Youtube username? I can't seem to find it.

  57. sirfaryad1

    the anime is rumbling hearts:D

  58. Rene J

    luv it <3 ^.^

  59. mno676

    nice btw i have never seen you use a rumbling hearts pic did you watch my rumbling hearts amv i just put up is that why you used that pic?

  60. arcticfox04

    Everything is better in HD.

  61. Nicky-Sempai

    how HD can you get WTF ?

  62. Aaron Dingman

    Loving these in 1080p goodness.

  63. Skaden

    Another night of awesome music? Can't say no to that! dl^.^lb