Night Ranger - Love Is Standing Near Lyrics

I know it's hard
And words can never
Tell you the way I feel

I know it's like
A cold December
With nothing to hide the fear

Know that I just need you so
And I'm strung out on love with no control
And the world retains me far from home
No one's home
Expected maybe

Yes, you know inside
When it's time to shed a tear
Know in your heart and believe it
Love is standing near

Yes, you know inside
Only time will see ya clear
Know in your heart and believe it
Love is standing near

I feel just like
A lonely runner
Running the miracle mile

Or a man
Who's accidentally
Setting himself on fire

Why do I need you so
Am I fooling myself
I'll never know

And I expect to call you up
No one's home
Expected someday

Yes, you know inside
When it's time to shed a tear
Know in your heart and believe it
Love is standing near

Yes, you know inside
Only time will see ya clear
Know in your heart and believe it
Love is standing near

Oh, spin a heart
Never find the answer
Lonely nights
Keep on getting longer
I ain't sayin'
I got all the answers
Love is the hero
And that's all that matters

Yes, you know inside
When it's time to shed a tear
Know in your heart and believe it
Love is standing near

Yes, you know inside
Only time will see ya clear
Know in your heart and believe it
Love is standing near

Yes, you know deep inside
When it's time to shed a tear
Know in your heart and believe it
Love is standing near

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Night Ranger Love Is Standing Near Comments
  1. yester day

    Love is always closer than you think it is. 👍

  2. Izod Collier

    This takes me back to a time when All Night Ranger songs brought Joy, joy and more joy! All thier songs, even the ones that had sad lyrics....somehow had a vibe of happiness back then.... their music isn't really that happy anymore.....

  3. Brandon Boe

    The end of that solo... time machine that takes me back to being 12 years old in 1987.

  4. Denise Hedden

    🥀🖤🥀Amazing Love Song🥀🖤🥀🤘🎸

  5. bigboost Laser

    They have so many cool songs

    yester day

    They're amazing it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you listen to them, at least the first handful of albums anyway were super positive

  6. Craig Yamashiro

    Definitely underrated!

  7. とろーりんぐ

    Beautiful song

  8. Sharon Oard

    This is one kick ass band love them so much I wish that they would come to iola Kansas and play we just had a tribute band to the band Chicago play here and they kicked ass

  9. Oggie221

    Oh boy! Guitar asskickinggreatness right from the start. Fuck yeah!

  10. Sharon Oard

    This is one kick ass band

  11. yester day

    This was an amazing song.... these guys are so so talented...... This could have been a number 1 easily. Maybe it just wasn't slotted to be played much or at all. I don't think I ever heard this on anything but my tape player. I think it would have taken on a life of its own if they ever played it live.

  12. yester day

    I KNOW! It's an incredible shame. This is one of the greatest sing me away....songs so perfectly and beautifully can't buy or create this kind of talent...Ive seen them....SO many times since that first MN state Fair show in the 80's.....I don't think they have ever done this live. Wish they would return here (twin cities area) on tour. They stopped at the mahnomin casino mid winter but anywhere more than 45 min outside rural and not many people will brave a pm drive in the country since winter weather can turn pretty quickly the further you get out in the rural areas. I bet they could draw a bigger crowd in the city.


    Sing Me Away and this song are, well. I cant say their my favorite songs, because I love every song Night Ranger did except Sister Christian. But those songs you listed are personally awesomesauce. All I can wish is that when it's all said and done, and humans have reduced earth to a smoldering ball of ash, that aliens will get to hear Night Ranger for the first time, and experience their first ear orgasms ever.

    yester day

    LOL...🤣.....N yeah....there really is no better as far as talent and bands go.....

  13. am2boni

    A really kick ass Night Ranger song!!! Love the lyrics and Keagy on the drums!!!

  14. Simon James Bedford

    That Lead SOLO

  15. yester day

    One of a kind. They were the beatles of the eighties/nineties. These guys...thier 🎶 MADE a decade for me and my closest friends...something wonderful. Ive never stopped listening. Someone said something about how uplifting they are to hear....truer words have never been spoken. You can not be anything but positive when listening to them. They are beyond incredible live, too.

  16. bigboost Laser

    Such a cool tune!!

  17. Sharon Oard

    Please have a concert in iola

  18. Sharon Oard

    Night ranger is one awesome band I love their music they help me when Iam depressed I wish that. Could see them in concert I live in kansas keep rocking nightranger iam a fan of yours forever

    yester day

    Sharon Oard
    That is awesome... and I agree it's impossible to be in anything but a wonderful mood when you listen to these guys. they created some of the most positive upbeat happy vibe music I've ever heard in my life

  19. Jose Frederico

    why Slaughter is in this video??

    yester day

    Jose Frederico that's a good question.....

    Brandon Boe

    That's what I've been trying to figure out.

  20. Jose Frederico

    what a great melodic refreshing song like NR always did

  21. Joe A.

    Another favorite underrated song from this great band.

  22. Rogerio Bene

    Puta merda! \m/

  23. Texman4268

    I got to see them play this live in 1987 on the Big Life tour. Jeff Watson uses his 8 finger tapping technique on this solo!!

    yester day

    Yeah....miss Jeff Watson. It's a different chemistry now.

  24. simon james Bedford

    Fuck that solo classical undertones and arpeggios .... boom ...

  25. simon james Bedford

    The Solo always got me .. sounded so much like FM and KRAFT

  26. dwb9877

    Absolutely Awesome! !!! Why the Hell this wasn't a bigger hit is a crime against nature!

    simon james Bedford

    +dwb9877 AMEN


    The whole album is underrated, even by the band themselves

    yester day

    Some of thier greatest songs were so underplayed...ya gotta wonder who made those decisions. They were incredible.

  27. trainiac2005

    Holy crap.  I feel like a teenager again listening to this!!!


    Right!! :)

    Chris Trotter

    Yeah right?!
    Feel like I'm sitting around a fire at Ski Hill with hatch back open cranking this up ..wishing my Realistic amp went all they way to 11!

    yester day

    Yeah.... 😁.... the soundtrack of my youth! MAN .... how lucky were we that these guys existed when we were kids?

  28. HardNHeavyLeather


  29. pescadordedorado pr


  30. AngryAgain

    L,OVE THIS SONG! Glad someone has the sense to upload it. This is one of their best tunes. Should have been a monster hit single but MCA and the music media (radio/Mtv) wouldn't get behind this album, they were too busy sucking on Bon Jovi to give it any attention. Tragic!

  31. jose m Campo

    SUUperrRR Cancion!! Watson y Brad Gillis
    el mejor duo de guitarristas, super ffelling ,a los 2 los conosi aquí en PR...

  32. \m/ ☆ミ

  33. batman66ism

    I am proud to say I have all their albums/cds

  34. alnurtheman

    Vintage Night Ranger!!! NR ROCKS!!!

  35. alnurtheman

    Vintage Night Ranger!!! NR ROCKS!!!

  36. rockne46

    Absolute love this song. Thank you for posting

  37. awesome : )

  38. Eraina Matti

    Great Song!!! Omg..they sound like music used to be in Rock! love it

  39. Broughmo

    KellyKeagy should've had a HUGE solo career. He REEKS of talent!

  40. Mike Meier

    This song rules! I love it! Long live Night Ranger!

  41. james .bonding

    my fav. song from 1987.