Night Ranger - Hearts Away Lyrics

Hearts away, I cast my heart
To some romantic yesterday
When I was young and on my own
And you were blind to everyone but me

Now today, I throw my heart to some
Forgotten memory, when you were
What was meant for me, a stranger
With a place to always be

Hearts away [3x]

Cast away, I cast my heart away each
Time I think I see
Your face come down a crowded avenue
How come it's never really you
And today, I cry myself to sleep each night
I only wish, I'd wake to see you lying next to me
I know I'm sure it's killing me

Hearts away [3x]

Oh I wanna know
All the times I held you near me
Did you think I'd ever let you go now
And the time I had you with me
Did you feel so sorry for the lonely ones
Are we the only ones
Hearts away

Now today I throw my heart
To some forgotten memory
When you were what was meant for me
A stranger with a place to always be

Hearts away [4x]

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Night Ranger Hearts Away Comments
  1. Jerry Lee Kersey

    I hung out with all of them one evening in Batesville Arkansas in 2008

  2. Rikards Guitar

    This song is so damn good on the guitar🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Mister Justice

    Was Night Ranger popular in the 80s? Like compared to the hair bands like Motley Crue?

  4. Texman4268

    I was lucky enough to see them on the Big Life tour twice in 1987. Great memories!!!

    Audy Fenton

    Saw them during this tour also. The Outfield was the opening act. Great show.


    @Audy Fenton yep. Me and friend of mine drove from east Texas to Memphis to see that show. July 1987.

  5. Jason Feathers

    I've been listening to this song since it came immediately taken back to that summer and the one girl who I should of asked to date but I was to shy and she made jaws drop .when we would hang out or go to concerts tge world consisted of her and me..luckily we reconnected on face book .she is married I'm divorced and a grandpa at 47.I still think of what could of been with her .I wouldn't have my granddaughters and grandson or my sons .but oldest son listens to eighties music and occasionally says damn dad just by the music and how we dressed I must of had a rocking time as a teenager.i just tell him you have no idea lol.and he realized that when I said when your heart gets broken that's all that seems to play on the radio.when in love that's all you hear and well of course summer days at the beach that's all you hear party music and songs about summer crushes

  6. David Vitullo

    This is a great ballad written by Jack Blades, sung by Kelly keagey another good voice in rock. This song would do great now Night Ranger is a great heavy metal band Jack Blades wrote songs and sing songs that will touch the heart like I said this song really touches the heart it will be great to rerelease now people will be more interested in rock music than the shit now

  7. Emily Medler

    My favorite Night Ranger song .

  8. J Uphouse

    that song i found was located in captial of illinois is a qoute that was i was talking about night ranger the heart song rock n roll

  9. Jeff Kunesh

    Jeff Watson.....the most under-rated guitarist ever....

    Jimmy Z

    Damn right. Lots of guys talk about Brad, because he was so "out front." And don't get me wrong. I dig Brad. And he is an awesome guitarist. But for me.... it was all abut Jeff Watson. His stylings. His writing. And the heart and soul he played with. The guy is unbelievable.

  10. Tony King

    Just found out in the last 24 hrs these guys will be in Beaver dam KY July of 2019. At an outdoor ampitheater.....looking forward to that show already!!! Warrant,,,slaughter,,and autograph joining em.....WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!!

  11. Troy Kershner

    I wish there was a live version ! Anyone know of one?


    Very rare to see this song live. They only played it on the Big Life tour in 1987, I was lucky enough to see that tour and it was so great!! Wish I could see or hear a live version as well!!

  12. Stopthe Hypocrisy

    They put on a great show. Passion and worth the ticket price even at a free show they played like you paid top dollar. I try to see them once a year. 4 state area I will go.

    EddieRay VanLynch

    Yup, they throw down.

  13. am2boni

    An excellent and beautiful song!!! God bless NR!!!!

  14. Tony King

    I saw Kelly do this song live in Evansville Indiana. Years ago....he tore it up. Was just as good here. He came to the front of stage to finish the song had whole crowd standing ....awesome finish to the show

  15. Nachoman Andy Cabbage

    dude, you know how much mayonnaise I sold in 1989? it paid off my riding mower.

  16. Ted Razz

    Look.. most of you never grew up in this era.. you only see the music NOW which doesn't speak from your heart of more "innocent times" love lost" or could at least make you "think" from a broken heart, and feeling someone emotions. Todays generation see's it as OLD and out dated. Heaven forbid the day we stop dreaming with our hearts and healing the loss of loves past with wondering what "could have been or might have been" if we have chosen a different path in life..

    Jason Feathers

    Ted Razz you nailed it

    Jason Feathers

    Maybe if more of today's so called bands and musicians wrote their own songs instead of singing a song written by someone else .the only genre that gets Away with that is country music from 95 to 2010

    Joseph Miraglia

    I'm grew up in that era. I agree with you 100 percent.

  17. robert annenberg


  18. Chuck Giese

    I so agree

  19. darke812

    Songs like this were the reason Night Ranger became so unpopular.  Overproduced pop, too much keyboard.  A&R guys looking for a hit at the expense of a band.  Coupled with a shitty, souless video (that could have been so much more!) and you can see how the band starts their decent from stardom (that and a HUGE shift in music with bands like GNR, Metallica, and Megadeth).  And before you thumbs down me, know this:  I am a HUGE Night Ranger fan.  I just say them the other night (11/14/15) at this dumpy Nor-Cal casino AND THEY ROCKED IT!!!  I see them every chance I can get.  They NEVER disappoint.  If you don't have the live acoustic (24 strings and a Drummer) I HIGHLY recommend it.  The Don Henley cover of Boys of Summer totally rocks!!!!!

    Alegna McClellan

    +darke812 Night Ranger became 'unpopular' because of a few power ballads? In what country? lmao Night Ranger 'suffered' no more than other bands who jumped on the Power Ballad wagon train in the 80's. Hearts Away is one of many favorite including 'Let Him Run' and 'Sister Christian'. As for the quality of the video, I would have to agree with you there. P.S. I do have '24 Strings And A Drummer' and it DOES rock!!!! Don't hate too hard on the ballads, man.


    Thanks for proving my point. They, and other bands, suffered because of the pop ballads and as I said, over production. It killed the genre as grunge picked up where rock and fell off.

    Art Carawan

    +darke812 A good song is a good song. And this is a great one.

  20. brisun100

    I remember the original video being different. Still one of the best power ballads of the 80's

    Kevin santos

    brisun100 Of course it is! Love 80's

  21. Michael Good

    Great song.

  22. Mr. Chip

    i see why this peaked at #90

    J Toms

    I can't.  Great tune.

  23. Sistik123

    Night ranger, fucking all beautiful music!

  24. mark vetter

    think I read that is Kelly s  sister?

  25. Sam Wable

    one of my favorite  songs by Night Ranger

  26. Paul DiGiacomo

    monumental rock love song

  27. proNUB Central

    This takes me back to a time when I believed the magic. Now, I just don't know. Can't take heartache the way I used to!

    Rob Cracker

    Times are different now. I love women, but they want "everything" and if you can't give it to them then they will find some other guy who can, or who they think can. As far as I'm concerned there is no woman on this planet worth the heartache they will eventually bring into your life. I'm solo now and loving life more than ever. If I would have known what I know now back then I would have gone solo a long, long time ago. But it's never too late to be happy, so solo it will be for now on and forever. I'm a single man who is 100% debt free, I own my own home with an acre of land where it's so peaceful and quiet. Why oh why didn't I do this decades ago? If only you could see the smile on my face. Freedom and simplicity are the answer to my happiness, something you will never have with a woman in your life.

  28. uncensoredtokyo

    Awesome !!!!
    Thanx from TOKYO, JAPAN !

  29. Darin Warren

    I don't think I've ever seen Brad play anything but his Fernandes. Hmmm.

    Chris Henderson

    62 fender strat. Highly modified

  30. Rick Grimes

    Hey guys! It's me, rickerY2k9. Stacey, I am still enjoying my life knowing that yours probably sucks. I bet if you knew how well I live now, you would be kicking yourself for not sticking around. Too bad for you!

  31. Rick Grimes

    Ha ha, thanks for that! I changed my profile name, obviously.

  32. tony ratai

    so many memories!!

  33. Don Barnhart

    By far the best concert I have ever seen!!!

  34. Debbie Epperson

    Night Ranger sooooo kicks ass. I saw them just a couple of weeks ago for free and had front row at a festival in Kansas. My God what a concert! And free to boot! They still got it that is for sure!!! Thanks a million for that song!!

  35. Alegna McClellan

    Love this song too!! Night Ranger is STILL the shit!! And to rickerY2k9. Don't know ya but I HEAR ya.... YEAH! STACEY WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE! GO FUCK YOURSELF! lmfao

  36. gravano2

    Best tune on the album for sure

  37. Supermonkey22

    @rickerY2k9 LMAO...bro, you made me spit Rum and Coke all over my computer. It was worth it. =)

  38. Ray Booth

    @mikeydog64 Thanks bro

  39. mikeydog64

    @vivirty awesome!!!! Never think that you need anybody to survive! Good luck to you

  40. brisun100

    Am I the only one to remember the original video as being better and different then this one?

  41. Ray Booth

    Taylor if your reading this My life is much better then i expected without u
    So do me a favor and Fuck off

  42. Rick Stewart

    Amazing song!!

  43. Carlos Piñero

    @rickerY2k9 you're obviously not over it...if you still feel like that.. she probably forgot all about you and you're still insulting..


    @rickerY2k9 Well said my friend! Fuck her! LOL

  45. XDrummerSteve

    @rickerY2k9 Ha! That's classic.

  46. chabadoogi

    @baraboo22 Nope, it's Night Ranger's worst for SURE BRO! But Secret of My Success is my fav NR song!

    Emily Medler

    Hole in the Sun is the worst.

  47. JimHadar1

    Jack Blades wrote it, but Kelly sang it. Thats what being in a great band is all about. Whoever can do it best, although I bet Jack could sing the hell out of it too!

  48. zeman1000

    @rickerY2k9 Hi this is stacy...perhaps we could make it work again. I really miss you!

  49. Kids

    Love this song. Huge Night Ranger fan. Takes me back.

  50. Tammi Starten

    TY for posting this me and my best friend actually were in the audience for the making of this video, they filmed the live show in Berkeley at a commuiity theater by the college.. and we have only seen it once since..brings back a memory of a wonderful day...


    Tammi Starten you were there too? A friend was in their fan club and he invited me to go since I loved their music. They played this song SO many times with that one camera!

  51. kaysandesses

    I've been listening to '80's rock all afternoon here and now I have no choice but to annoy the hell out of my all weekend listening to Night Ranger, Journey, Styx, and REO.

  52. OldDobroPicker

    @mach1franco ..Hah..guess there aren't all that many old dudes who still listen and love rock and roll.Who cares.NR was sooo talented and from some other videos I've watched they still are.I was hooked from day one and that hook has just gotten deeper.Rock on NR because you can bet I will until my last breath...=:)

  53. mach1franco

    @OldDobroPicker You are my Idol man. I never wanna slow down either. Been a NRfan since 1983 when Dawn Patrol came out. Keep Rocking man! Peace & Rock!

  54. Rick Stewart

    Wow.... Brings back Memories!!!!

  55. BBKlima

    They have a lot of underrated songs. Listen to Rain Comes Crashing Down on this same album (Big Life) or Don't Start Thinking I'm Alone Tonight on Man In Motion.

  56. HomerPL

    Yeah. Love it, completely underrated song... this has got this "sth"... Like "Sing me away". This guitar and this clima... Ah.

  57. OldDobroPicker

    Igaden..many thanks for bringing this one to the light of day.Been an NR fan since the early 80's when my son turned me on to them.I suppose at 72 I should be listening to elevator music.Screw that.Rock and Roll keeps me young and I need all the help I can get....=:)

  58. snuffereet

    While it's not a bad song, it's actually decent. It just doesn't fit Night Ranger! This I can imagine being sung by Bill Champlin of Chicago!

  59. JimHadar1

    This always struck me as the ultimate "lost love" song. Even though its been 20+ years it still makes me think of a special girl from Joplin Mo. and what might've been.

  60. Jeffrey Leatherwood

    @Padarack1, Kelly Keagy sang "Carry On," which was the flip side of "Secret of My Success," back when they still gauged Top-40 singles by 45 RPM single sales. I can recall going to our neighborhood department store when "Big Life" came out. My cousin had the money, and he dubbed me a copy on cassette until I could buy my own copy. "Carry On" was my cousin's favorite song, and it was certainly not Caribbean-flavored. It was closest to their classic sound.

  61. Magnum

    havnt heard this in ages. nightranger didnt do a bad song.

  62. kyleigh3301999

    @railwayman95 I totally agree with you, however, check out Dean Castronovo (current Journey drummer). He is pretty awesome as well. He sings "Mother, Father" and it is an absolute killer.

  63. Steven J Schuler

    Great song and I can't believe the 80's are gone. Where are all the good songs gone? Even the groups from the 80's are history and it's depressing!

  64. Padarack1

    Mike - So you think Jack Blades sang "Carry On", huh? That's a straight up rock song » The one you're thinking of, btw (Carribean-sounding drums in the beginning) is "Better Let It Go", I think, which is the very next track. And yeah touring with Kansas didn't help them, no

  65. miketheblueeagle

    @Padarack1 mm i cant remember i think carry on was that kind of too me carribean/rock sounding track wasn't it on big life but i'm sure jack sang that one lol you're the same guy who commented on my videos. rock on lol

  66. Padarack1

    And in the case of this song Kelly sings like Jack ... but way to not answer my question! - Do you know which one sings "Carry On"? It wasn't a single, and I've just heard it a couple times .. but that is a great song ... vintage Night Ranger. (I think the Big Life album is unfairly ridiculed, out there, by some)

  67. Padarack1

    Hmmm, you sure? Sometimes one guy records a song, on the record, and then in the video it's another guy singing it. I thought it was Jack because Jack has sang the song live, before. Ok well you know who sings the lead on "Carry On"? That's another one of my favorite Big Life song

  68. miketheblueeagle

    @Padarack1 kelly sang lead the video shows that

  69. Eddie VanHalen Rhoads

    Brad gillis is awesome guitar player

  70. Padarack1

    I believe Jack sang lead on this song

  71. Michael Ault

    Big Life was a great album. To many memories with this album, and Night Ranger.

    Thanks for posting this video. I hope Night Ranger or MCA doesn't take those memories away. I want to re-purchase the Big Life CD after I saw this. Wow !!


    The Big Life album is so great. I used to and still play it all the way through. Great songs!!

  72. Alex Van Hagar

    Uh, no. Kelly and Jack are completely different.

  73. Alex Van Hagar

    Way funny and well put, dude!

  74. colemann76

    Why not?
    the whole cd is great

  75. journeyfan1995

    i know that but there voices are so smilarish

  76. Smelly Goat Acres

    Tell your granny I said hi. I know last time I saw her, she was busy getting gang-banged.

  77. journeyfan1995


  78. Smelly Goat Acres

    Does you're mom still give head to this song? I know she used to. Good times.

  79. journeyfan1995

    I'm so damn confused did the drummer sing every song there voices are so simalier

  80. schwartzengraber

    I forgot all about this song! I used to have this on a VHS tape of many "Headbangers Ball" that I had a friend tape for me since I didn't have cable. Just seeing this brought back a TON of memories from my teen years! Not their best song but thanks for the upload and memories connected to this!

    Mister Justice

    schwartzengraber Whats your favorite song by them

  81. HomerPL

    One of that new power-ballads. GREAT!!!


    Thanks, I'm a Drummer myself. But, it seems that WE get the Least recognition? Sure there's got to be a lead guitarist, Bassist, rhythm quitar as well as the other Musicians. But, take the Drummer out and listen to the band. Would it be Near as Good without US?? THANKS!!!!


    I definetely know the feeling!! Even though WE have been apart for yrs. There'll ALWAYS be that Special Place in my Heart for you. You know "WHO YOU ARE"! No question mark needed. We were Young. Times got a little tough. I left so that "You ALL" would/could have a Better Life. That was WHY. But, my HEART has been Broken and Bled Tears EVER Since then. So, IF you still LOVE ME as I Believe YOU DO!! You know where I am. Just call out my name and no matter where I am, I'll come running 2 C U Again

  84. Shawn Chase

    MANDY MOON, I know your out there, my heart aches every day.Its been a lifetime sine i have seen you. the 5 years we spent i treasure. I know you dont love me anymore, just hard to walk away even after all this time. My heart still breaks everyday. Time doesnot heal a broke heart

  85. Eddie VanHalen Rhoads

    i like the black symbals form the drums

  86. Ana P.

    Such a beautiful song

  87. Matthew Fein

    Does anyone have the music video for 'Sentimental Street?'

  88. Eddie VanHalen Rhoads

    Other super band with a drummer as vocals.... excellent

  89. babybluesnowden

    strange, the day after i posted this michael passed away, hearts away RIP MJ

  90. babybluesnowden

    always thought this was a brilliantly orchestrated song, should have sold millions but no, were stuck with michael, miley and brittany lol rock on night ranger, great memories from high school days!!

  91. VJC

    I love this song too. Forgot all about it until I saw it listed on here. I have always been a NR fan and used to listen to this song alot. Guess time had lost it for awhile.

  92. pfdtx

    I listened to this song when I was dumped by the girl I thought I would marry. I went away to college and she was so good looking, she went for the guy with a full staff of maids... etc. The irony is that her family thought I was a stuck up snob. She didn't marry either of us. She married the brother of someone we went to our first homecoming with. Just a normal guy. Who knew? I was full of myself back then, but not anymore. A hard lesson, for sure.

  93. Julia Shepherd

    I just LOVE this song.<3 has listening to Night Ranger sience 1996, when I was 5. Still love them, and this is one of my favourite song with them! =D

  94. Broughmo

    Keally Keagy is a BRILLIANT writer & should have gone BIG solo, alike Phil Collins. I LOVE ranger but they digressed from their hard rockin' roots.

    Brad & Jeff didn't obtain the true guitar hero status they deserved because the band got typecast as a pop-band, courtesy of their Sist Christ AOR success. Oh wel, sure the Pay checks & royalties were sufficient recompense..

  95. Eddie VanHalen Rhoads

    you said MTV, i'm said MTV 2

  96. miketheblueeagle

    i've always had my radio turned off for years i didn't like music and the reason why??? 80's wasn't played!!!! now i've found out about these great bands and they speak to me!!!! especially night ranger

  97. miketheblueeagle

    hello angry again man in motion in my opinion was awesome!!!!