Niemann, Jerrod - What Do You Want Lyrics

Why'd you call me today with nothing new to say?
You pretend it's just hello, but you know what it does to me to see your number on the phone.
Now tell me, what do you want? What do you want? What do you want from me?
Are you tryin' to bring back the tears or just the memories?
You keep takin' me back, takin' me back where I've already been.
When we hang up it's almost like I'm losing you again.
Can't you see? So what do you want, what do you want from me?

I get so tired of living like this.
I don't have the time, neither do my friends,
To stay up at night, to pull me through,
And to find the things to keep my mind off of you.

So, now tell me, what do you want? What do you want? What do you want from me?
Did you call to say you've found someone and I'm a used- to- be.
You keep takin' me back, takin' me back where I've already been.
If you've moved on why does it feel like I'm losing you again?
Can't you see? So what do you want? What do you want from me?

What do you want me to say?
That I'm content? That I'm on the fence? That I wish you would've stayed?
Oh baby what do you want, what do you want, what do you want from me?
To come here and make love tonight cause you're feelin' lonely.
You keep takin' me back, takin' me back where I've already been.
When we wake up and say goodbye it's like I'm losing you again.
Can't you see? So what do you want, what do you want from me?
What do you want, what do you want from me?

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Niemann, Jerrod What Do You Want Comments
  1. Rae Rae


  2. just me

    I met you twice with my sister. You gave the best hugs. I got at least 4 from you each time. Best memories ever. I wanted to spit my gum out before our picture was taken and you held your hand out to take it. LOL!!! NO, I did not let you hold it! Sooooo funny! Thanks for the priceless memories! :-) Kipsap Fair, 2011, Boise 2012.

  3. Lee Wooley

    Damn cried thru entire song...what hasn't been here

  4. brandon snow

    My marriage is falling apart and she's all I think about. I miss her

    Sharon Mercer

    brandon snow
    Don’t give up. Keep fighting for her. I really hope you can get her back.

    House Full of Harringtons

    Agreed- DON'T give up!

  5. Mahvash Bukhari

    No more Glassbreaks!...Hearts all fragile!

  6. David Williams

    This song sums it up. After 8 yrs. The person i trusted the most walked out when i needed her the most.

    Izabell Miller

    After 15 yrs and 2 kids

    Sharon Mercer

    David Williams
    I feel your pain. I hope one day in the distant future your inner self will find the strength to hold your head high again. Best wishes to you

  7. Xx BarelyBlueXxX

    I learned that you got to let go and see what is out here in the world for ya!

  8. Debbie Biddix

    Totally feeling this song. Takes strength on moving on when somebody cant even have the honesty, respect, & truth to just tell a person the actual answer they truly need its as if mind games, lies, BS, leading others on to keep them around cause some just cant say No & they linger things on & on. I rather hear dont want to talk to you yet nice hearing from you rather than be treated like the number that gets around to others without the knowledge. Just because somebody messages a person on FB if you want to talk to yadda, yadda here’s there number If you dont, ignore the message & delete it. Don’t make it out to be that you dont want to talk to the person cause you think they are playing games on you, act strange making that person feel as if you dont want to talk to them. Meanwhile, Stringing them along. Causing crazyness to where this person is questioning things, then telling them dont know, no idea, when they are looking for answers as if you are covering for people. As if you are just there weaseling for information not even wanting to be a friend but more or less like an enemy.

  9. Nelson Williams

    This song speaks to me on a deep level

  10. Frankie Medina

    When she loves you one day and then ghost you!! Damn hurts. What do you want from me!!!!!! 2020

  11. Sultan

    I want no quid pro quo!

  12. rene Trisdale

    this is me

  13. Sherry Jean

    Who's the female in this video?

  14. Keith Sadler

    Going through it right now ...8 yrs she just was willing to give up on

  15. iron life

    I just want astroglide and youporn..😁

  16. Brendan Coslow

    Yes me got a broke heart and this what she keeps doing to me

  17. Kristi Blackwell

    Can someone tell me if this is Cam on backup vocals?...

  18. Kiki Diamonds777 Official

    Suscríbete and my Chanel YouTube miusic like Kiki Diamonds 777

  19. Ruth Boykin

    Love this song! Thank you, sharing to Music group!

  20. Corey Law

    Why is she using an old fashioned landline phone and not a smartphone in 2010? 😂😂

  21. Ams 2001

    The fella I was dating I broke up With Whom I was dating for over 2 years cheated on me over 14 times after I took back 2 times before hand and 2 months before our 3 year anniversary he told me that he cheated because I confronted him about what I got told
    I found out he cheated on me so I dumped him and I’m finding it so hard to get over him and I can’t move on nor am I ready but the pain is unbearable especially because he was my first boyfriend and I brought him up all my family events and put up with so much aggression and abuse from him and me soo put down , whenever I was upset or we had an argument and I’d be crying on the phone for him to sort it with me he’d just tell me to fuck off and when I got insecurities over him cheating he just says that he doesn’t care and blamed me because my body’s a disgrace and my health id shit when I was put in hospital he never came to see me but I’d see him ... he told my family he’d never hurt me a month later I never knew I’d just get up and walk and never really turn back even tho it’s so hard to stay away

    When I was bawling on the phone and told him I’m not doing good that I don’t want to live anymore he just said I know what to do
    Know one wants me
    I chose him over all my friends and family and backed him up when he was in the wrong and fought my bff for him
    Lost nearly all my friends and few family members just for a feen just because I didn’t want to lose him

    My family don’t understand how I can’t get over him and why I want to get back with him over everything he’s done but at the end of the I really loved him and he was my first love
    But thankfully there doing the thing and keeping me well away from him and making sure we’ve no contact because honestly I wouldn’t be able to grow through it
    My first love has changed my view on love for every lad I meet
    Never be able to trust lads again not even my own best friends
    But he rings me once every few weeks and he says I love you and then after I hang up because I just don’t want to get upset and he doesn’t get his own way he goes I still control you’re emotions and says he’s proud he lied to my family and especially knowing there upset that they trusted him
    Walking into 2020 finally legal (18) and single

  22. Trevor Soldier

    Hardest part to see from someone you loved is no emotion and find out they been messing around on you before you guys break up. What break my heart the most is she left me after 9 years and show ZERO emotion about it. Yet she text me about our kids even tho she know it breaks me all over again to see her number.

  23. SquishyyGhost

    This was my favorite song for a while when I was like, around 7-8. I'm 15 now, and suddenly had a part of this song stuck in my head, and decided to revisit it and I still think it's amazing lol

  24. Lee Miller

    Well played sir, VERY well played.

  25. 1Tibs1

    💘 Love this song.

  26. Lane Thomas

    I was there but in time you will forget and go on with life

    J Brown

    8 years and counting...still waiting.

  27. Bryce Wagner

    I can relate to this song. I've gone through 2 girlfriends and that they say I'm to caring. Idk why that's a bad thing i just don't understand anymore

  28. Wyoming Wyoming

    Jerrod Neimann.What do you want.09-25-2019

  29. Lacey Lee

    Baby ima want you baby I’m a need you baby I’m a love you too you r my man I have given you my ❤️ remember that dear 💝☕️☕️

  30. Lacey Lee

    What do I want still want you and still want us ever the same nothing has changed waiting for you I love you rem we been talking marriage

  31. Shannon O'Donnell

    I think this is his best song ever.

  32. Mandy Leigh

    He used to send this to me 😭

  33. Tina Goebel

    Here September 2019 still loving this song 🥰

  34. Sonny Rodgers

    Seen him April 5th in liberal Kansas he was awesome

  35. Corey W.

    OMG Jerrod; keep the music, videos & that voice.... WOW, I love it!

  36. Edward McCarver

    To spend the rest of my life with you

  37. eric 12

    A heartbreak is temporary but lost Love is forever

  38. Li Fe

    Understand sorry!!

  39. Stef Monier

    Why I keep listening to this over and over ?🙂

  40. Jeremie Smith

    I feel this same way and it fn hurts..... 😢 She starts talking, I start telling how I feel and she's gone again..... F out my life forever. Over and over again I've been through hell and she don't care.

  41. Anne Wilbanks

    It doesn't even matter anymore

  42. Nick Tomasulo

    I heard this covered from a brabo gator both are great

  43. meranda lowman

    My Frist Love was hard for me Get Over it tore me apart i looked like hell and dident care all i wanted was be with him i did what i had to do make sure he wasent with Another girl or i gonna end up in Jail. i dident want him talking looking touching another women But me thats how crazy i was with my Frist Love😕

  44. Eugene Flaspohler

    Idk how to even feel right now. It's my first marriage..had my first child, 14 months old now...i get it I have baggage. But she knew that from the get go, and for over a year now I feel like I've list everything...Idk the person I married anymore but I know it's over and there's nothing I can doabout it

  45. Monica Candice

    This is her name and she's killing me slowly.. been using this account since we got together now it's mine and I'm stuck with her name as mine. She won't move out and already has another bf. We were together 8+ years. My soul feels like it's dying but my 5 year old daughter really needs her daddy and I'm trying to be the best for her. I know I'm not perfect but she cheated over a year ago and I still took her back. Now same shit she claims we're not together. Fuck it burns I wish I never took her back but why the fuck do I still love her? Banging my head on a wall and not literally

  46. Richard Potts

    I know she is using me but my love does not have an off switch, and I meet up with her just for the chance of having a few moments with her.

  47. Deanna Lee

    Lambo baby pink.....or best of the best SUV....please pray....feet hurt. God bless...iou

  48. Mike Utah

    If I didn’t have two daughters with her..I would’ve whiskey lullaby by now

  49. David Thompson

    My husband and i have been married 29 yrs.I still luv him,but for him our marriage,is just another day

  50. Isaac Lavigne

    The first is always the worst. The rest don't get any better. Then after enough of them go, there is nothing left to cut into. Then you go numb and feel better. At least, from my experience.

  51. Genevieve Hernandez

    Damit...just now coming across this so real music video....its been 6yrs what more do u want😞

  52. Einsteinz Vice


  53. Rashida Hankins

    I don't want you.

  54. James Olko

    Shannon MacLeod

  55. Jayson T

    it's ok

  56. marsha blair

    Love this Song. 6 yrs For me. I have no feelings what so ever For my ex abusive verbally and emotionally also mentally. 28 yrs down the drain I wouldn't even think of having him again. He broke my trust and I have trust issues because of him. This Song defines me.

  57. Lashorna Washington

    Told you just causuain men just because I answer you don't mean I have changed my mind on what I want and I will follow my heart.

  58. Christina Smith

    11yrs divorced, n I still can't get over him. It still kills me every time I hear his voice on the phone. He's moved on has a new family, I'm still alone, n raising our kids alone.

    Jada Nichole

    You need therapy. 11 years and a new family? Definitely need someone to show you self love.

  59. Cameron Canoy

    Damn.... this was exactly what I went through with my ex..


    Not you Rachel RIO HERNANDEZ. He's got to much on his plate to be with his wife... Says he has nobody but me.... He will not leave me. Don't need nobody baby SB says..... I'm going to lose you in life wat he said to me just pray it's not bad.... HE FOUND A NEW LOVER IN HIS LIFE.... WALKED AWAY FROM YOU... EVER WILL GO BACK TO YOU ITS ALL ME.

  61. Gilbert Putman

    I would love to stop feeling hurt

  62. tetia69

    My Ex basically just said this to me but he didn’t understand that I’m going through it also everyday just wanting to call him to be around him feel his touch so on one of my weak days I called him and he basically said I love you but I don’t know what you want from me anymore and I said the same thing like we love each other so much even 2 years after being together for a year but we just can’t get things right

  63. donna br0wn

    We need a song where the lyrics repeat STOP 🛑 breaking hearts.A waste of hearts purpose.People seem to dwell on what need not happen. Grass green?......Usually not.

  64. billy fatbowe

    Pain hurts the MOST when you truly Care...
    But if you don't know any better then its just brain dust...;;-(,,,,,,

  65. Felicia Kr

    Check out "Love Ain't" by Eli Young band. That's love.
    Find someone who wants to plan the future with you. Not someone who hits the road when things "get too hard!" That's love!

  66. Rickey Engle

    what do you want,,

  67. Narc Snchz

    Just dam....
    U gotta sound so sexy😍

    Brandy Allen

    And why he gotta look so sexy too?!?!😍

  68. Hunter gipson

    2019 and I'll still listen to this song a lot lol

    Sharon Mercer

    Hunter gipson
    Me too and it’s December 2019

  69. Tracie Hoffman

    Mia move Arlington

  70. jobokittys

    So relatable....

  71. Glenda Sessums

    That's right, wdyw

  72. Aaron Heiselman

    When she has your heart but it doesnt matter to her when youre the option and shes the answer

  73. Boobababe816


  74. Di Bn

    If love doesn't bloom ...its better to give up...

  75. Cheree me

    Remebering every little thing more and more now😕

  76. Jason Waldon

    Dated my best friend...(girl).. didn't work...we don't talk now

  77. MrCcruth1969

    After 25 years she gets ahold of me. She was the one that got away. And I have to wonder what does she want from me. Fml

  78. Any Merino Raasch

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I love country

  79. stan1488

    women are the root of all evil

  80. Kelli Kimball

    I agree with you Angela I can love from afar and move forward I know what the light is

  81. K M

    You don't have to love me anymore. I don't even know you ever truly did? You always hid how you truly feel from people. So what do you want from me? I'm gone from social media. I'm going back to what I was doing before all this... shadows. Living life. Head down. Keeping to myself. I didn't mean to interrupt your journey or hurt you any more.

  82. Ruben Rodriguez

    She always calls and texts right in between getting over her and I still love her... smh blocking does no good. Those text apps suck. 🤷‍♂️

  83. killer9x27

    What the fuck do you want from me? To make me break down again and want to put one in my head?

  84. shy shy

    it hurts when you love someone, who dont love you back

  85. Gay Lesbain

    I done this shit to my ex. I never realized how much she would try I would keep messing up not knowing how much she loved me. I took those moments for granted and now that I’m older and more mature I realize how bad I actually messed up. I was so young and dumb mabey one day when I hit her up she will understand that I’m truly sorry and I love her. Mabey...

  86. love me leave me

    I want vegan and pot


    Let's do a show of hand midvle finger totally up to you. How many people commenting on this song have been CHEATED ON! And stayed??

  88. M M

    When someone makes their presence in your life known but they have no desire to actually be present in your life. Burns right to the core so you have to find ways to numb it out. Just awful in so many different ways and this song prefectly showcases the torture

  89. Alexis Green-Hernandez

    Such a beautiful song yet so sad. You can really feel his pain in this song mixed with her background vocals and the melody. The words are excellent in this song and sad.

  90. David Herndon

    This helps me more than ever right now. I have to let go.

  91. Rick Daniels

    U can have All the money in the world. But with out Love. All the money in the world is nothing. Think about that. God Bless