Nico Vega - Jesus Baby Lyrics

Oh, it's true you are Jesus, baby, but
they won't let you stay that way.
The next time that I see your face
you may have something bad to say.

And you might be Jesus, baby, but
no one wants to tell you so,
so soon enough you'll feel stuck.
out there; you've got a ways to go.

Well I swear you are Jesus, baby, be-
cause your eyes have told me so.
They read the books that people write
with looks, and then they write their own.

And we are all Jesus, baby, but
then we change with time, oh,
but I still think you're stronger.
you're still perfect and fine.

Babe, don't let them tell you all of their truths and all of their lies,
cuz a Jesus Baby like you
could turn this world nice.

Well I bet you are Jesus, baby, but
people turn their backs on you.
You beg for understanding,
but no one wants to hear your truth.

Oh, only but a Jesus baby can see through Jesus baby's eyes
and feel the pain of another man does cry.
And, true, you are Jesus baby but
then you change with time,
but I still think you're stronger,
cuz you're still perfect and fine...

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