Nico Vega - Easier Lyrics

I've seen the way that you reach when you're all alone
Somebody should tell you if you reach then you'll never grow
I let you lean on me I am an enabler I have to go
You take a rain check maybe you can cash it when you're on your own

Listen to me

Brace yourself
It's gonna get easier
You've got to hit the ground
Before you can turn around

I've seen the way that you dig when you're in your head
Somebody should tell you if you dig then you'll end up dead
I let you hang on me I am a provider of the drugs you take
You come around in the night when your greedy little smile is fake

Listen to me

Brace yourself
It's gonna get easier
You've got to hit the ground
Before you can turn around

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Nico Vega Easier Comments
  1. Анна Бондаренко

    The best

  2. tomblueforest


  3. Rast1k Mome


  4. mechonson

    I've discovered this band 6 years ago and i tought that they had potential and will be something great in the future

    Now i've rediscovered them and kind of make me feel sad that there is no new songs or nothing

  5. Michael Gracey

    Imagine dragons ft Nico Vega 👌😍

  6. You Sora

    J'ai cliqué parceque j'ai cru que c'était cadillac sur la miniature :D
    Vous imaginez un feat stupeflip nico vega :)

    Robin CREMESE

    Ce serait du très lourd :p

  7. Nick Sheldon

    Fuck yeah thanks Bioshock for exposing me to this band.

  8. Lucas Czarnecki

    Easily one of the most underrated bands I have even had the pleasure to listen to. Glad I discovered them. Shame they are on hiatus.

  9. Forgettable Guy

    Play "Easier"

    I've seen the way that you reach when you're all alone
    Somebody should tell you if you reach then you'll never grow
    I let you lean on me I am an enabler I have to go
    You take a rain check maybe you can cash it when you're on your own

    Listen to me

    Brace yourself
    It's gonna get easier
    You've got to hit the ground
    Before you can turn around

    I've seen the way that you dig when you're in your head
    Somebody should tell you if you dig then you'll end up dead
    I let you hang on me I am a provider of the drugs you take
    You come around in the night when your greedy little smile is fake

    Listen to me

    Brace yourself
    It's gonna get easier
    You've got to hit the ground
    Before you can turn around

    Fra Ne

    Forgettable Guy Few months late but thanks

  10. kevin hunter

    I wish this band got going! It had so much potential!

    Gerald Fraggle

    lol the band was 11 years old when they went on "indefinite hiatus", this wasn't their first rodeo. besides I know at least 2 of them have kids and aja has a solo thing going on, this album was honestly a departure from their earlier work and speaks more to aja's art as she currently is, go find her if you really like this song :)

  11. J Kilroy

    "Too many synths, I have superior musical tastes."

    Karim Abdel Hamid

    +J Kilroy I thought you were referring to Fallout 4 :P "Damn Synths!"

    Sorry if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

  12. Ready, Aim, Firebreather

    Aja is too cute ahh

  13. Pat Borka

    I dig this. It's like a nod to The Sundays. Harriott Wheeler take note!

  14. Ian Randolph

    This reminds me of the "trips" on Far Cry 4.

    1972 fp

    Holy shit i never thought of that but its so true

  15. Maria Paula TOVAR GUZMAN

    Alguien podría escribir la traducción, por favor?

  16. Karo

    Honestly this band hath ruined themselves. Go back to 2009 where less synthesizers were used. Don't get me wrong, she has an amazing voice but their style has conformed to the rest.

    Karim Abdel Hamid

    +whynotiamhere Do you really expect them to stay the same? People say the same thing about Coldplay, but just imagine if they did the same thing again and again. While I love earlier Coldplay, I would hate if it was all the same. And also, they DO have Beast and Fury oh Fury for example, both of which just radiate badass. :/

    ian krazy-monster

    chinga tu reputamadre, de parte de todo el pueblo latino hijoputa, carechimba

  17. Yury Vorobyov

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    If you do not know good directors: in Russia we have Yury Bykov.
    He is independent movie maker.


    +Yury Vorobyov In Mother Russia, DIRECTOR FIND YOU!

    And he normal.

  18. bRamMeRsss

    Wow i just can't describe how great thuis band is!

  19. BraninT

    So basically that guy's the Vanilla Ice of mariachi

  20. Lawrence Abbott

    seriously this song is so up lifting, I was like literally droning out in the sound and didnt realize how much better I felt and realized how many times she possibly was saying its gonna get easier... I was like wow.. Thank you.. I felt so humbled by it.

  21. Joseph

    The hopscotch game that changed his life...

  22. Tritono Radio

    epale los mariachis...

  23. Slappy Dogg

    Bioshock Infinite got me into this band.

    Or Tarazi

    +Slappy Dogg no regret for a moment

    Ian Randolph

    +Slappy Dogg Me TOO!


    A year too late to the thread, wanted to say that Bioshock got me into the band as well, but they deserve all that they get. They're pretty damn amazing.

    Vruto Garcia

    me too this band is so good

    Edivaldo H

    Slappy Dogg me too my friend. Congratulations from mexico

  24. Rain Wolf

    All of her songs are so oldschool. It is just great, it is not a softcore porn unlike other modern songs.


    You mean *their* songs. Also, just because the songs don't sound like the generic mush that is the mainstream doesn't automatically mean it sounds old school. Especially from the *NICO VEGA* Album.


    Rain Wolf when I heard Beast I thought it was from the 90's, and now here I am... xD the other songs are very different from Beast though

  25. davidaleman777

    heck yeah do the dance Charro!!

  26. Xavier Garcia Pedraza

    Un mariachi güero? 

  27. anicaes1

    i have just become a fan of Nico Vega and am buying all of her songs!!!!!! 


    @Karel Künnapuu
    I love how people say its a "her" and think her name is Nico Vega....


    lol. whatever. who cares? i made a noobie mistake??? a LONG time ago???? 

  28. Winny Han

    awesome vocal
    awesome song
    just love it

  29. MrWashu12

    my plans with games simple hold nothing back

  30. MrWashu12

    if you were going to make your own video games how would you sell them well with great effort people fans music work trust.

  31. MrWashu12

    games music great medicine. thanks bioshock infinite indeed.

  32. babsygirl1

    Happy Cinco De Mayo

  33. Emily Kemp

    Anyone else like the guitar solo at 2:36

  34. JJTellem

    cant wait for her complete new album ^.^

    Bullen Mabior

    Their...Nico Vega is a band

    Ian Randolph

    +Bullen Mabior There*?

  35. 2gay4you

    this is the greatest song ever

    Ian Randolph

    It's good. I tie it with Trying To Catch Up With the World by Saint Asonia.

  36. Elena Jakob

    OMG I loooove that song!!! <3

  37. Donjosue

    saw them in concert with Imagine Dragons. These guys are Effing AWESOME!!

    Ian Randolph

    Was Nico Vega the first band or the main one?

  38. ShinobiGaming

    Thank u bioshock infinite??? [email protected]#^¥ that!! Nico vega was awesome before bioshock infinite!! Just saying


    Bioshock was great, this song is great. What's the issue?


    A lot of people found out about Nico Vega thanks to Bioshock Infinite, so if anything, thanking Bioshock infinite is GOOD for Nico Vega :)

    Monkey Grenadier

    Many times in games, i have found awesome songs that i wouldn't have found in any other way.. So yeah.. Thanking to game, for showing what is really awesome - is necessary.. 


    @Justinas Vaikšnoras Well said. 

    Ian Randolph

    Well, duh. It would have to be, otherwise no one who was introduced from the game would have listened to this band.

  39. Ian Konitzer

    Just saw Nico Vega live last night opening for Imagine Dragons. I was able to get a Nico Vega poster signed by all band members. It was amazing being able to meet them, there just so nice.

  40. Yanique Michaud

    Channeling the 80's, are we. I love it!!!

  41. love will prevail

    How is this band not as big as it gets? Btw, Aja's voice is literally divine.

    love will prevail

    @Jake Milliken Definitely, but It seems like Nico Vega doesn't want to blow up that big. There is software that can get much more exposure just through generating the most searched tags or keywords, and there have been books written on how to reach the largest youtube audience possible.
     I can tell that NV doesn't do much networking either. Seems like they just rely on word of mouth. Look at their youtube activity on their own channel; There is precious little activity, very little uploaded, and they don't even add a bunch of tags to the video descriptions so they can be found by people browsing youtube for good music.
    There are tried and true ways to reach a huge youtube audience, and people much less intelligent than the individuals in NV are reaching hundreds of millions of people.

  42. Eduardo Severo

    I love this girl <3

  43. Canal Do Avestruz

    Bioshock infinito obrigado além de ser um jogo incrível me apresentou essa banda :)

  44. Doomsker

    Thanks bioshock infinite...




    Oh this was on Bioshock as well? I love Beast.

    Jason Kane

    @theborderlineffect No i dont think it was...
    But the Bioshock Infinite probably introduced him to the band ;)

  45. Natali Trevizo

  46. Jack Hurst

    She's so beautiful

  47. Reisyan

    this group deserves more view

  48. ali kızılkaya

    she's like dolores o'riordan.

  49. Furianax

    Awesome... I got used to your sound from Beast and Fury but this is really really good. Looking forward to hear some more and crossing my fingers that you'll make it to Europe and pass by Copenhagen on a tour some time :)

  50. Tanya Potter Reynolds

    México *u*

  51. Geoffrey Gouez

    I would not like be her taxi driver :]

  52. luckystarharehare15

    Yeah man, she has such an awesome gravel rock tone to her voice, very earthy. I love her singing because of the imperfections in her voice. It is nice to see that in music these days honestly.

  53. thirdeyechakra69

    Shes very pretty

  54. General Rainbow Dash

    True. It's not like it's some poppy shit.

  55. Luis Arturo Palacios Uribe

    I dont know how but bioshock brought me here! :DD

  56. JC Fennec

    I think this has more of a 90's sound to it. I think of something Alanis would have sang, or something on that order.

  57. Sambo_Harbie28

    At the end: "I'll take the white one"

  58. Eric Medina

    For a rock singer, Aja is so beautifully attractive.

  59. himmler s.s. heil

    great video

  60. Gergő Molnár

    I'm sorry to say that, but you really are wrong. Just listen to one of the acoustic version of their songs. She has an incredible voice and an impressive personality, too, that's for sure.

  61. Dennis Serraarens

    Alternative rock

  62. MuTe Ys

    She's hot

  63. MyCat DoesMeth

    What genre would her music fall into?

  64. JustTumbln

    This band is amazing life.. She's a great singer and amazing performer.

  65. TheIan273

    She sings beast ya dumb bum

  66. Sean Whit

    she cant be the girl that sings in beast, right?

  67. Supershinygloss Shiny

    Thank you Bioshock Infinite, thank you

  68. Nomadic Dmitry

    same here, Bioshock infinite brought me there

  69. Ataberk Ateş

    Bioshock İnfinite brought me here !

  70. MrSpiderman1288


  71. MrSpiderman1288


  72. David Somers

    Same here, same here. Great games and great music, what's not to love about that?

  73. Brent Zaguirre

    And yes Bioshock brought me here ^_^
    And yes Irrational Games have given me another great band :)

  74. love will prevail

    Aja has an otherworldly talent! Prepare to be awed!

  75. Chris Brooks

    I feel the same way. I've played with the same cats for the last 14 years. When we started it was just fast simple punk band, my how our sound has changed. You grow, different things catch your interest. Simply being a musician these days seems to be selling out =/ This song reminds me a bit of Electric Youth, great song.

  76. kashi294

    Dude have you heard any of her other songs? Listen to Fury oh fury or Gravity... She is one of the most amazing artists I have heard in recent years. So few bands can sing in many music style so well!

  77. TheBallsKicker

    Anyone else feel like this similar to that Blind Melon video?

  78. MlunguX

    Aha! Gina Bellman! That is who Aja Volkman looks like!

  79. Arizona Striker

    2:25 Didn't Creed do a music video here once?

  80. Jordi, The Creator

    nicee 3

  81. Aleksey Akmolov

    Нужно толкать в массы их творчество!

  82. Riley Presley

    @blackdeathwish Heeeeey! Way to nail just what I was trying to say =) without, you know, spelling errors and such...

  83. DeathBlackWish

    You guys, she is a great singer, so much so that she is showing her multiple talents. She can sing like in Beast and Million years, and she also shows she can sing like this and in We are the Art. If you don't enjoy it you can leave. Why does everyone hate when bands test themselves, show you what they can do and evolve with music? It is like Metallica all over again.....GET OVER IT! All that aside I love this band and this song included.

  84. Riley Presley

    Son of a bitch... Fuck it, I quit.

  85. Riley Presley

    Fuck that last comment two. *AHEM (again)* Music isn't about portraying a message (although it helps). Music is about how it sounds.

  86. Riley Presley

    Fuck that last comment. *AHEM* Music isn't about sound nice (though it helps). It's about portraying a message. The message of this song is, if you let it be, quite powerful.

  87. Riley Presley

    Music is about how it sounding nice (although it helps). It's about portraying a message.

  88. narcotic1011

    thanks bioshock infinite

  89. Dufoth

    I was so hoping that was Martin Short Dressing up like one of the 3 amigos!

  90. limzykenneth

    why are people saying this song isn't good? I can't get it out of my head!! :)

  91. Bruno Carvalho

    She's so damn hot in this vid

  92. missmissyphotography

    Not what I'm used to...I feel like all my favorite bands are changing their sound...She's one of the most powerful singers I've ever witnessed and this song does her voice no justice..:(

  93. Yorutamashi

    look for the songs Beast or Gravity and you'll see if she can't handle singing... there's also a lot of live performances you can check on youtube

  94. HuntingComedy

    I disagree, I saw them live when they opened for Imagine Dragons and her voice was very powerful.

  95. MephisCZ

    Best sound and vocal.


    not what im used to from you but you still make my day wonderful Nico, not metal but it rocks my head :) p.s. its not metal but still rocks my head could be your new song!

  97. adamchrome

    I have seen them live and you are wrong. Extremely powerful vocals.