Nicki Minaj - Last Chance Lyrics

[Nicki: Verse 1]
I could've been had fame, jump shot with a stupid ass aim
Caus' you couldn't get around the last name, so my cross-over wins the last game
And it's ill right, switched up the flow but it's still right
Go back to that, yeah I still might Imma just do me when it feel right
You could bring it anyday, natural bad ass NBA
Thats my initials, thats why officials don't blow the whistle, bang, bang, the pistol
And I'm bossy, can't keep these hoes up off me
Damn the flow nasty, coffee don't you do like the pope and cross me

[Natasha Bedingfield & Nicki: Chorus]
Yeah this is my last chance, last chance
Yeah this is my last chance
And shoot, I'm ready to shoot
I'm ready to shoot (I'm ready to shoot)
And I'm ready to shoot (I'm ready to shoot)
I'm ready, I'm ready to shoot (I'm ready to shoot)
I'm ready, I'm ready to shoot, I'm ready to shoot

[Nicki: Verse 2]
I get it in though, no sexueal innuendo
Nobody that I could just depend on, until I touch down in the end zone
And then they come out like roaches, p-p-pecking away like vultures
But little did they know, distribute the payroll, pick out the outfit, pick out the single
Sadly, I'm so business savy, similar protocol but the tidbits vary
Never been like me, ain't never been like this my flow's a crisis they screamin high pitch
Gun cock, pause, and I'm well away of the gun, yours
Tell 'em that I'm willing for the top Forbes, headed to the top, dot, org

[Natasha Bedingfield & Nicki: Chorus]

[Natasha Bedingfield & Nicki: Hook]
All the days of my life, I have been waiting for this time
Could you believe now it's right before my eyes
Anybody trying to stop me, better not fuck with me this time
Shoot, I'm ready to shoot into the sky

[Natasha Bedingfield & Nicki: Chorus]
Yeah this is my last chance (this is your last chance), last chance
Yeah this is my last chance
And shoot, I'm ready to shoot, I'm ready to shoot
Only one chance one bullet in the gun (I'm ready to shoot)
This is my life and I only got one yeah (I'm ready to shoot)
Saftey's off and I put it on stun (I'm ready to shoot)
Stick 'em up, stick 'em up

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  1. sheena barnes

    2020 😘😘😘😘 Queen 👑 she will always be 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

  2. Tseliso Mokoena

    Listening in 2020

  3. Neto Mendes

    19/12/2019. Brasil aqui disponível...🇧🇷🕪🎧😍👏👊🤘

  4. mahogany green

    This song beat all carli b songs

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  6. maria nanyunja

    Still here I love this song so much.

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    Pink print forever 🖤👑🖤👑🖤👑🖤👑👑

  15. NM5

    Happy 9th birthday Pink Friday 🦄💚

  16. V Biscuts

    Like the song should been on the radio

  17. Robert Scheid jr

    😏🤫 that day that day da OG busted it open, got shit boom just bust out question, like yo f*** the BS there ain't no hoping, Fuck you mean talking about eloping I been knew what it was so i told lil shorty I'ma eat it till she cry an bust it open, go ahead and pop a few in before Nicki go ahead and bring da rope in....

  18. it's jhostin

    This my fav song 🖤👑🦄 im crying

  19. Mriganko Saha

    Why has everyone slept on it forever? This blessed my whole life! 😭💕

  20. GIGA AL

    в моей крови вы ничего не найдете - я рыбу не ем... дебилы...

  21. bre sggus

    i love you you inspireme so much sis

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  23. TheDose 23

    This song takes me back to 2011 great memories

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  25. Darrien pennington

    all I ask is lets take things completely slow, at least until regeneration can become a reality, I hope

  26. S11 Williams19

    Dear old Nicki please come back !!!!!

  27. Darrien pennington

    Good night Beloved

  28. Darrien pennington

    No worries, Beloved I'm your Spider Man ;-)

  29. Darrien pennington

    Everything ok?? ;-)

  30. Darrien pennington

    Am I strong??? Am I mud??? Beloved you be the judge ;-)

  31. Darrien pennington

    When this drama is over, you can kiss me all you want ;-)

  32. Darrien pennington

    Have a nice sit down and tell me all about it, I promise I'm listening and engaged

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    everything is as good as it can be, have a drink, I'm being patient and loyal

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    please let me know how to make this up to you :-(

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    Its hard to gauge how much attention I'm giving you through dreams and social media ':-/

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    I'm becoming your big strong God like man, letting go of fear of you beloved; I want to be more affectionate as a man can be, never petty, I'm sorry and working on it

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    Thank you, Beloved, Please let these trials end soon; we need to be together ;-) :-D

  40. Darrien pennington

    I'm sorry for changing up the playlist so much, new meditations are made and some are combo's that do more than one thing. I only want to live out certain fantasies with you and no one else

  41. Darrien pennington

    I'm being patient and loyal, I sure hope we can hold each other when nightmares arise -_-

  42. Darrien pennington

    Thank you Beloved coming from you, it means a lot :-D

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    Thanks a bunch, we'll be together; just gonna take elbow grease

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    I don't need you to go to far, just text me, babe

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    Am I doing better???

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    I'm completely trying to be worthy of your heart, Beloved; our love is strong and I mean only the future for us. I'm trying to earn the trust back

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    Thank you Beloved, I completely think you're great and getting better, I hope you feel stimulated and happy

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    I don't really get to be proud of you, Beloved. I don't get to take you places and show you off :-/

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    all is fine now but, I can't hold you; right now things are so bitter sweet

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    Don't worry babe, when I can hold you in my arms all will be forgiven

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    I'm relieved for you to say that, Beloved. I'm in love with you to, i'm sorry for not being more talkative

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    everything ok??

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    I'm trying to help you calm :-D

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    Whats the matter?? Is everything ok?? I'm not trying to leave, I'm trying to let you rest ;-) :-D

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    Thank you babe, can't wait for the trials to end and finally be together

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    I'm sorry, is everything ok?? take your time

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    Thank you Beloved, I've been making stuff, hopefully make the same for you, when I see you, I love you and I hope i'm doing better

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    I'm gonna try to practice Martial arts today, sit and have a nice drink. I'll be listening ;-)

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    I friggin love you to, can't wait to see you, beloved 😁😁😂😂💋💋😘😘

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    thank you for your patience, Beloved. I love you with all my heart, Mutual

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    I say I bring you something from Starbucks in a nice gift basket X-D

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    everything is great :-D

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    I'm so sorry about this heat, I've been taking small naps to handle it all, Thank you for being patient, How are you??

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    I'm working on it Beloved ;-)

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    The trials are the only irritant with me, you're completely right and I'm trying to get my mind right

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    I'm so sorry, Beloved. Of course I desire and love you. I want to tell you all these things in person, when the trials are over. Good night Beloved

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    Beloved, you're the fire I wield in battle, I do love you and I'm sorry

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    I love you babe, I'm trying to offer you more

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    I'm trying to offer you paradise, I'm tired of watching everyone suffer

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    I'm giving it my all, I love you babe

  80. Darrien pennington

    I'm going all out, I love you

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    I want to stay, Beloved and i'm sorry

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    I'm trying to offer you paradise :-)

  83. Darrien pennington

    I'm still recharging, being loyal

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    Goodnight Beloved, I hope you see why we need your chest to be massive ;-)

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    No problem, babe, I hope you're making you assets massive to; I wanna satisfy the crap out of you, right now

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    I'm honored and wish, Spider Man could do more in your line of work :-/ I'm rootin for ya, Beloved

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    Don't make sense not to live for fun, very good morning :-) ;-)

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    thank you, Beloved; everything is great; lets both rest

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    Beloved, is everything ok???

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    Beloved, If I see a situation headed south; especially with you, I can't ignore it ;-)

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    Saving the day for you, Beloved is my favorite pastime. I was simply saying I'm more than just your Man ;-) Drop kick. I'm your Spider Man

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    Hey there Beloved, look over there, its your friendly neighborhood Spider Man :-D :-)

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    No complaints, beloved, good morning; I'm sorry for last night it had nothing to do with you. I got irritated with a past enemy, any way that's no excuse, Please forgive me. :-/ :-)

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    No complaints here, babe; get some rest, I'm gonna do the same. I love you

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    Yeah, sometimes it seems like a rule or complaining but, now I can actually do something about what's wrong. Don't worry, there isn't an abundance or rules with me put it that way

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    Yeah don't change a thing, actually I've been trying to calm us both. I have to relate romance to your teasing

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