Nicki Minaj - Here I Am Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Why is that you could only see the worst in me?
I swear sometimes I feel like it nurtures me
But to keep it all real, it's kinda hurting me
I could say I’m done with it, but it lurks in me
So I’m a just tell myself that it works for me
Take a real long drive in the Mer-ce-des
And I might pop a couple of them per-ca-ces
Yeah, that’ll make me transform to Hercules

Here I am, Here I am, so take me, as I am
Here I am, Here I am, so take me, as I am
Here I am, Here I am, so take me, as I am

[Verse 2]
I swear to God, man, everything in life is old
And the only thing that change is the price of gold
Even in the afterlife I’m a fight your soul
'Cause the second time around I’ll be twice as bold
So, do you take me to be who I am?
To have and to hold 'til death do us part?
'Cause if not it’s just best we both part
'Cause how am I supposed to finish what you start?
You got me thinkin’ twice to just breathe
Then you say I won’t survive if I leave
But I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve
I no longer need your attention, at ease

It’s a joke, it’s a game,
Why am I still keeping score?
I’m in pain, I’m ashamed
I’m a woman, hear me roar

It’s a joke, it’s a game,
Why am I still keeping score?
I’m in pain, I’m ashamed
I’m a woman, hear me roar

Now it’s a joke, it’s a game,
Why am i still keeping score?
I’m in pain, I’m ashamed
I’m a woman, hear me roar

It’s a joke, it’s a game,
Why am i still keeping score?
I’m in pain, I’m ashamed
I’m a woman, hear me roar

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Nicki Minaj Here I Am Comments
  1. Lexi Starr

    yeah this song has related to my life for years now and yall can compare her to whoever but tbh she gets mad respect from me.

  2. Nasim Marin

    this beat is different 💯💯💯💯

  3. Makiesha Horsley

    Why she never released this as a single is so beyond me? My favorite Nicki Minaj song. All who agree say I.

  4. Kaili Chéros

    I love and miss this Nicki so much

  5. Kobe Owens

    Top Five

  6. Jonathan Jacques

    Hey We Come~with Forces🌂.... Hey What's Up🌂.... "Talk To Me"🌂 "What We Drinking"🌂.... Hey....

  7. Dashawn Ward


  8. Kalum Doyle

    Still love this ❤️🥰 I love you Nicki 😃😃😃

  9. Melvin Kelly

    This and “Champion” are underrated songs, some of her best in my opinion.
    She’s very transparent in this song.

  10. So Sareal

    The Queen of this decade!! There will never be another!

  11. Starr Troup

    Norg FCC vvuvc TV f DDT eohgyu

  12. Travis Boykin

    #Preach Sista...

  13. Makayla Ridgley


  14. Shakira 8

    When ever I feel like no one accepts me I listen to this song xoxo

  15. Hip Hop

    Pink Friday is loaded of good songs this was sampled old school song

  16. Desha Glover


  17. Sol Art

    jump the broom before u do just to let u know i do

  18. Jerone Parkinson

    Hey jerone the artis - wild hearts drop moves on big Niki, can ignore the rap stress stand up and take an applause, and thou here I am making doe, why am I keeping score. Anuh beg friends, but them curves tempting. Why am I still saying more. Subscribe

  19. Laura van de Beek

    November 2019??? Who 🙋🏻‍♀️

  20. Jackson Wang Wife

    Mizrahi sent me here..

  21. Randomtingz Tv

    And here we are October 21 2019 and our queen is married 👰😢

  22. Jennifer Baby

    Slept on 4real!! ❤

  23. Mukwe Yengo

    My favourite 2019

  24. Shaney Shane

    Why is it that nicking song here more liyrical than now?

  25. Zoey Johnson

    Why everyone only lessons to Nicki fun stuff and non of her deep ishh i swear this women is so versatility with her music .

  26. Khris Harris

    i am who i am 😩

  27. jocelyn anderson


  28. jocelyn anderson

    Still bumping this

  29. jocelyn anderson

    This was one of my favorite Nikki songs

  30. Jaeda Waihape


  31. Raya Kelley

    *N.Y. 2∅1∅* 🙄😏

  32. Nakia McCollum

    Nikki a Beast

  33. SanSiim

    This track is 100% John B 0% Nicki Mahjong

  34. Leah Rose

    Still love this fuckin song

  35. Taylor Boyd

    Nicki you got this track Off! You brought back that old school beat with that crazy flow too it!💪

  36. Shamar Morris

    (C) 2010 Cash Money Records

  37. Mindless Blessing

    this song is so fucking slept on

  38. China Rowe


  39. franco mac

    ppl dont rap like this no mo

  40. Sianni B

    We don’t deserve her smh

  41. Passion Jones

    2019 my life now

  42. George D.E Johnson

    Yesss as I light this blunt I just wanna take the time out to apologize for sleeping on this iconic Bop I love you Queen Nicki🔥🙏🏽👑🙌🏾👏🏾💯🦄

  43. Angelina S

    Omg! Love this song!!! 2019!!!!??? Anyone?😘 if so God Bless you

    Mia Nicole

    Angelina S yes 2020!

    Dashawn Ward

    2020 now

  44. Andrew Fonoti

    If u are a real fan of Nicky... You should love the old Nicky and the Nicky now....
    #Queen of Rap👑

  45. Grimace •

    Still a banger!

  46. Katso Sekhute

    Listening in 2019

  47. M Strong

    "i swear to god man everything in life is old, and the only thing that change is the price of gold, even in the afterlife ima fight your soul, cause the second time around ill be twice as bold." Bro... This is a heavyweight pen right here

    Johnny Dick

    M Strong mannn I love that part it’s so strong

    The Shadow Dwelling Poet

    As a poet, I'm impressed. She is thee goddess of rap

    Chris Sailor

    So creepy. I started reading this comment while the start of that verse came on. Like perfect timing. Weird


    so good

  49. Darrien pennington

    I'm not resisting anymore. I can't wait till all this passes, building a relationship like this is hard to say the least 😅😅😅💋💋💋😘😘😘😘

  50. Chantell Brown

    Nicki will forever be the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  51. Brian Talbot

    Do yourself a favor and check out the song she sampled this from John B - Red Sky

  52. BabyCakes Queenintimes100

    this beat is hott

  53. Jasmine Gray

    2019 still my fav nicki song

  54. Bougie Barbie

    ❤️❤️❤️ #2019

  55. Ariana Grande's fan acc

    I love how much she talks about God

  56. andrew maduro

    Even in the afterlife I'ma fight your soul

  57. lasha brown

    I hate when people talk about how nicki only talks about sex or how beautiful she is but they don't know how much music she has talking about her depression or her bad childhood or her being poor or her popping pills... And this song proves that she talks about other things besides sex

    Sway MJ

    lasha brown EXACTLY she as SOOOOOOO much emotional songs

  58. Archie Geiger

    Y’all new bitches ain’t fucking with the queen. Wassup dreamdoll

  59. It Girl

    Who’s here in 2019?

  60. Milie G

    2019 here 🔥🔥🔥👑

  61. Keshea B

    This song n Yo Gotti-Real Shit same beat and I love both of them💕💕💕

  62. CHON JAE

    Came here from the listing of songs she wrote on Instagram

  63. Mayra Reynoso

    I know the whole song
    Idk how god sent me the lyrics in my head lol! Sojust joking lmao

  64. Mayra Reynoso

    Ilove you nicki
    Ema god 😗😪

  65. Zakariya Munye

    Rimzee killed this beat on another level. It’s his best now

  66. Misty Dempsey

    my favorite song off this album

  67. chijioke kingsley

    Nicki name you nm5 I am, who I am.

  68. stacy achieng

    Remy and the diss track should take the queen Nicki as she is

  69. Letesha Hall

    🔥 🔥 I love this song

  70. Milie G

    Incontestablement la meilleure rappeuse actuellement ! Personne ne peut lui retirer sa ! Elle est juste impressionnante 👑❤️

  71. Milie G

    Je l’écoute encore en 2018 🙌🙌🔥🔥 Queen of rap 👑

  72. Rudy Jofre

    1 year ago & I'm here again... nicki remains unappreciated by many but loved by many as well 🤷🏻‍♂️💗 A fan 4 life.

  73. joshua kanja

    2018 anyone?

  74. KOO MO DEE

    Miss this Nicki😍😩

  75. Xola K.


  76. vonna Peters

    When iwas 13 going onto 14 id listen to this song every morning before school & didnt really understand the lyrics but now that im 20 i aggreeee sooo much w.this imean ifeel literally every word she spoke in this song😟


    Omg me tooooo! I'm 21 now. This song reminds me so much of high school

  77. Lourdes Luvv

    i need the instrumental ughhhh

  78. kylie star


  79. David Bryant

    After her instagram story ??

  80. Treonna Ellington

    2018 & still love this song

  81. ShellyDgaf

    They never go main stream wit her realist shit #DearOldNickiPlsComeBack

  82. Sanyiyah Jonae' Mcclough

    Miss this nicki 💙💯

  83. DeAnna McCrimmon

    The Goddess Of Rap🧡🦄.

  84. Nicki Minaj Avakin

    This song is what I would say to my parents when I come out to them and tell them that I'm gay... Im thinking about singing and rapping this song and record it and then send them the recording along with some video edits. 😔 I hope they take me for who I am

    Jo Q

    @Mariooo Smackzz he's dead

    Mariooo Smackzz

    Jo Q wdym?? Did he- kill himself?:(

    Jo Q

    @Mariooo Smackzz yes

    Ariola Granede

    @Mariooo Smackzz no

    Julian Jacobs

    @Jo Q you're sick

  85. Harmon Harris

    I still rock this track till this year 2018

  86. Keshea B

    Same beat as Yo Gotti-Real Shit just faster. Both my favorite songs 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  87. Raymnicia Edwards

    2018 here 🙌🏾😭🗣

  88. Evan Hila

    Queen Of Rap! Maybe her best rap song !!!

  89. Dimas Musaika

    I never get tired of Nicky minaj music because she s the queen of rap

  90. The Sweetest grace

    Love you Nicki since you came out! I was in 8th grade since itty bitty piggy!
    Still amazing & undisputed 2018 💕

  91. Tevin Benton

    before it's time

  92. jackie flowers

    when me And my man fight 👌

  93. Rachel Miller

    Actually only this and Moment 4 life are her realest ones ever. Luv them😜😊😳😢

  94. GoddessNubi4nubis’ Be11a _ x

    This song sings with my Sagittarius heart
    every single line in this song
    Sagittarius mooood frfr

  95. GoddessNubi4nubis’ Be11a _ x

    This song sings with my Sagittarius heart
    every single line in this song
    Sagittarius mooood frfr

  96. Mr. Mrs. Robinson

    My shit!!

  97. You Inthavong