Nickelback - This Means War Lyrics

Climb into the ring for a battle that you can't win
Swing as hard as you can swing, it will still mean nothing
Should’ve seen it coming
It had to happen sometime
But you went and brought a knife
To an all out gun fight

And the only thing to save
Is the banner that you wave
To be wrapped around your grave

You’ve gone too far
(get up, get up)
Who do you think you are
(get up so we can finish this)
Is this what you came for
(get up, get up)
Well this means war
(get up so we can finish this)

Say anything you want
But talk will get you nowhere
The only thing you've brought was psychological warfare
Well there’s no getting out
And now you got to wonder
Who will dig you out when you’re six feet under

And the only thing to save
Is the banner that you wave
To be wrapped around your grave

You’ve gone too far
(get up, get up)
Who do you think you are
(get up so we can finish this)
Is this what you came for
(get up, get up)
Well this means war
(get up so we can finish this)

And the only thing to save
Is the banner that you wave
To be wrapped around your grave

You’ve gone too far
(get up, get up)
Who do you think you are
(get up so we can finish this)
Is this what you came for
(get up, get up)
Well this means war
(get up so we can finish this)

Well this means war

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Nickelback This Means War Comments
  1. foodlover_ Ethan

    This is probably how @Donald trump feels about Iran 😼

  2. Joe Dominick

    Theme song for ww3

  3. Enigmatic Moves

    When fcking trump deploy an airstrike..

  4. Zaine Reo

    My friend one of the hater. 2 years ago he got 2 tickets for his favourite band. The band started to perform, it was quite good untill the lead vocal started to sing 😆😆 he mumbled in anger. 1, 2 , 3 and 8 song overall. Sounds the same, a trash mumble rorcker. Arrhhhh brahhhj wrahhhhhh wruahahhhh 😆😆
    After 8 song overall, is said : bro? Stop making this idiotic mummble rocker famous. They are garbage

  5. Bheeshma palke

    Love from India 🙏 2020

  6. Dylan Gonzales

    Totally go nuts if they played this song in their concert

  7. Richard Benson


  8. Cc Jay

    Best band ever. Chad is too fine. 😍

  9. DPM

    Quite sad Chad Boomer's ego is bigger than the music, otherwise there'd more of this and less of the frat party music.

  10. Scott King

    Got someone who brought this on from me recently. When they realized it they wont even look my way now.

  11. Timothy Jackson


  12. Cecilia da Encarnacao

    2019 thank you for this song 🇿🇦

  13. lexly lulz

    no offense for nickelback, but i think this soNG would be a super hit in the hands of disturbed, David Draiman's voice in this this....OMG

  14. EOD Ace

    Elimination Chamber 2012 😉

  15. Callum

    The grunge sound is so sick from these guys

  16. Shredding Porcupine

    Not a big fan of Nickelback but this song kicks ass! Wish they did more stuff like this.


    I swear this song is so amazing and METAL

  18. Johnathon Adams

    This is awesome

  19. Mark Angelo

    this is heavy.

  20. Leighton Atkinson

    I have listened to Nickelback since high school and I am proud of it

    Travis Taylor

    I listened to them since I was 3 with 'little friend'.

    Leighton Atkinson

    @Travis Taylor nice

  21. Suzaku Katori (A7X)

    When Nickelback is more heavy than Bring Me The Horizon

  22. Mike Davenport

    No dam way

  23. Tommie Sammie

    Love this song 🥰🥰

  24. Ethan Cross

    this is my 2nd favorite song by Nickleback
    my number one favorite is photograph

  25. AXE Distortion

    Chad calls it his James hetfield outfit

  26. Night bot

    show me that lesson your teaching youtube

  27. Night bot

  28. Макс Иванов

    Why are there Marshalls in every clip that is supposedly shot in the studio?
    Maybe this is an advertising move?

  29. Martin Loota

    Still kickin the shit out of you - love it!

    Christopher LaPlante

    Me too Martin and Nickelback is a very awesome band too. 😎🤘🏻🎸💀☠️

  30. Cc Jay

    Nickelback are absolutely the best, Chad is fine as hell. It's just a matter of good taste.

  31. Paladin of Light

    me listening to is song i am playing tf2 >:)

  32. sportsboy5570

    More like this please, this is awesome

  33. Matthew Schipper

    People who hate nickilback just have not heard all of there music

  34. Ash Archer

    Why rock is still the best genre... real instruments, real singing, not overproduced or doctored... good lyrics...

    Rock 😎🎶


    Thats METAL!!! 🤘 🤘


    @METAL X FALILV X METALHEAD FOREVER yep this one has a metal influence. But in its core nickelback is a rock band... and a good indeed


    You made me upset

  35. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Sounds like a message to Trump

    The Watchmaker

    Another ignorant political rant against trump, please keep up with politics and not liberal agenda. He’s doing fantastic

  36. Steve Phoenix

    Their 2017 album is their best by far! Brilliant !

  37. b f9

    Heavy tune . They are great live

  38. Alexander Webb

    Anyone else been listening to this while playing the campaign on Call of Duty

  39. Richard Risse

    Biggest Fan and you?
    Confirm here


    Wwe Elimination chamber 2012 Theme Song

  41. Doug Wylde



    My ears enjoyed that riff so much


    This means war!!

  44. YANandYAN

    WWE/AEW book this song!

  45. Igor Golovin


  46. Back Country Pastimes

    This is how they should’ve always sounded. Why can’t they only write awesome songs like this? They have what it takes to be a metal band yet they choose to write complete trash, it doesn’t make sense to me. If Nickelback only wrote songs like this, they wouldn’t be so hated.

  47. jlomax215

    Oh shit this is badass!!!

  48. Jesus Cristo

    I saw a nickelback show , and i thought! "Please, give me my "nickel back", this band is disgosting! Kkkkkk

  49. Bradders (KnockoutCrisis)

    Nickelback is only good when they do metal and stuff like this

  50. Tomas Vreriks

    more like this, boys \m/

  51. Edzky Munozsteen

    I never understood why they were the punching bag... Solid tune!

  52. Chronos

    look at this photograph

  53. Sky delos santos

    I wish Nickleback would stay this way

  54. Geovanny Jácome

    Elimination Chamber 2012 Theme Song.

    Amazing song for an amazing ppv btw!

  55. Dangerdom13

    Average metal song. Not bad. I wouldn't mind a heavier direction.

  56. Dean Molko

    The song is cool, the drums could have been a lot better if you ask me, they are boring on this song.

  57. john simmonds

    I clicked cuz I thought this was nickelback covering avenged sevenfold

    I don't hate nickelback


    Yeah me too, damn it whatever.

    Rissa Smith


    jl mang


    The Cat In The Hat

    A7X fan here, this is version is actually way fucking better, their one was just a Sad But True rip-off


    Sounds like shit

  59. Pro - Gamer

    "This Means War"

  60. Aaron Ersoy

    This is a softened version of sevendust, and sevendust did it better.

    Aaron Ersoy

  61. Nancy Dee Beam

    Boy scouts
    Charlotte or the harlequin has twins....

  62. Tierra Robbins


  63. Mx 64

    Ahh...Now This is Nickelback
    Not that fucking *PICTURE*

  64. Nancy Dee Beam

    SUMMER OF '69

    John Denner

    Love 69😊

  65. ItsYoPal Kowalski


  66. Scottish Outdoors

    Fuuuuuck yeah! These boys bring it. Haters can eat my ass with a fucking spoon.

  67. Niccolò Valeri

    1:01 the bassist or guitarst has a motorhead t shirt

  68. Sassy Karen

    Still listening and loving Nickelback in 2019!!!!🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

    Unliving cloud33

    Did you know chad said to shove someone's dick in a metal fan

  69. Rob Norman

    if you'd ever read the Bible you'd know that money is protection and that is you and you'd know that poverty is the ruin of the poor (and their death). Get a grip on reality, you fools. I am sure you get Netflix from your high place. Watch Red Sea Diving Resort and then decide who you are or who you are not, idiots, you fools who try to tell the world the evil is only psychological and not of any consequence to anyone. Just a good movie or 20 million that disagree with your song as does the Bible, idiots. It is about death and life not all psychological.

    Il take you on if you have the balls. But in child psychology mode, I don't thnink you have the balls to object to what I wrote to take me on in front of the whole world. You can just admit I;m right not taking me on and this admitting that you were WRONG. I'd much rather take you on Bibkivaly and you will say we are not a Biblical band. No fake. You don't know shit. Youu'd say we say what we feel and that is out god. Obviously, that is the case per this song.

  70. Rob Norman

    It is war but our enemy also murders and that is not psychological you fools.

  71. Dee Anna

    I really just wanted you guys to know how much you mean to me. <3 I know you met some of my friends and they were a bit hostile. Don't take it too badly? It was from an older agenda I had that I was trying to escape with Nickelback. I thought that if I just left it behind it would never catch up. I'm so sorry. :( Please forgive me? It was just part of a bad decision I made as a teenager trying to escape a worse decision I made as a child.

  72. 903boyz

    They sound like avenged sevenfold lmao



  74. Sean Liles

    This is powerful much

  75. hugo lopera montoya

    amo la banda this mean war good excellent

  76. charlie rammstein

    This band sucks donkey dick so bad

  77. king of war

    A great war will come to change the world into a wasteland 2/1/36

  78. AJ Alonzo

    Love the drum tone, the guitar tone, the bass tone, the vocal tone. Everything about this song hits every point i like to hear in production. Everyone hates on nickelback but let's just be honest; it's not the band. It's literally just Chad Kroegar. If Chad wasn't such a douche bag and nickelback wasn't so formulaic, they wouldn't get nearly as much hate as they do.

  79. Bexspace

    This MEMES War

  80. stem50

    All You Haters sound Better with Something In Your Mouth ...........FISTS ! ....

  81. aussiegamermate

    Damn the songs he made were actually good
    They don’t fall into any category he just made his own

  82. NAPA1M Kll

    Chad as dean Winchester

  83. KingKobraJoe

    I dedicate this song to every heartless f*king bully who drove innocent and lovely kids to kill themeselves.

  84. Robert F. Gomez

    gran cancion de heavy metal de Nickelback

  85. jett harris

    Nickel backs other songs suck but this one is decent

  86. Brent Brown

    Nothing buttmetal

  87. Brad Devine

    Their best track and video 👍🏻

  88. Darren Nielsen

    They have some great songs

  89. Flames

    It's funny to see how almost all comments who aren't part of the 'debate' have way better grammar, English and sentence structure than those who are hating on the band and those who are defending the band

  90. king of war

    This world is ending in a war that will last 50 years I've seen it its true 4/5/87

  91. Dave Blakey

    best soung ever cheers nickleback

  92. Memo holic

    Girls relaxing :- *ASMR*
    Boys relaxing :-

  93. Xaiyavong Phanthavong

    U r the best

  94. Ana Carmona

    Hide my face again..... (?

  95. g c

    Excellent They know wired sound.. Is better than wireless.. You all so called engineers get clue..

  96. Movies Music & More

    Nickelback Is the greatest band of all time, let me tell you why. Chad Kroeger is not only the greatest front man of all time (Sorry Robert Plant, Axl Rose, Geddy Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Paul McCartney, etc.) but the greatest Lead guitarist of all time (Sorry Slash, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, etc.). Ryan Peake is the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time, Mike Kroeger is the greatest bassist of all time and Daniel Adair is the greatest drummer of all time

  97. Ashley Noel

    Geeeeez, his voice does it for me every time. ;)

  98. DawnDenise Wade