Nickelback - Side Of A Bullet Lyrics

Uncle Sam taught him to shoot
Maybe a little too well
Finger on the trigger, loaded bullet
He hit the stage so full of rage
And let the whole world know it
Six feet away, they heard him say,
"Oh God, don't let him pull it."

Please God, don't let him pull it
How could you put us through it?
His brother watched you do it

How could you take his life away?
(What made you think you had the right?)
How could you be so full of hate?
(To take away somebody's life)
And when I heard you let him die
And made the world all wonder why
I sat at home and on my own,
I cried alone and scratched your name
On the side of a bullet

And in the wake of his mistake
So many lives are broken
Gone forever from a loaded bullet
And no excuse that you could use
Could pull somebody through it
And to this day so many say,
"God why'd you let him do it?"

How could you let him do it?
How could you put us through it?
His brother watched him do it

How could you take his life away?
(What made you think you had the right?)
How could you be so full of hate?
(To take away somebody's life)
And when I heard you let him die
And made the world all wonder why
I sat at home and cried alone
And on my own I scratched your name
On the side of a bullet

How could you take his life away?
(What made you think you had the right?)
How could you be so full of hate?
(To take away somebody's life)

And when I heard you let him die
And made the world all wonder why
I sat at home and cried alone
And on my own I scratched your name
On the side of a bullet [4x]

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Nickelback Side Of A Bullet Comments
  1. I don't care what u think

    How could you take his life away ? How could you be so full of hate ?

    I don't care what u think

    What makes you think you have the right ?

  2. Justus Cole

    Hard not mourn your brothers! but still Shall our percussion and Washburn brothers Live in everlasting life and play in our Lords Band!

  3. Drake Williams

    This literally the only good nickelback song rip dimebag

  4. Allen Thompson

    Nickelback my name is Allen Thompson I have a channel on YouTube the name of it is Allen Thompson's martial arts Channel can you guys subscribe like she'll and tell everyone you know to do the same and please subscribe thank you

  5. D1m3bagd

    dec8 2019 Rip Brother 15 years already dammm

  6. Janna Reeves

    RIP dimebag 🙏🏻 15 years today, never forgotten

  7. Phil Blakeston

    RIP Dime, legends die but they're never forgotten

  8. Back Country Pastimes

    I hate Nickelback, but damn this is some good shit. Who knew they used to be heavy?

  9. bandaid joanjett69

    Love the story behind this one... To dime bag ...gone but lives in our hearts and music forever!!

  10. SideVolt

    not a big fan of nickelback, but this song is pretty sick

  11. Megan Roe

    This song sounds like rock music omg one of mine favorite music

  12. malachi jordan

    One of the best Nickelback song

  13. James Turbyfill

    cant stand nickleback.. except for this song! damn right boys.. fuck that bastard

  14. zack2366

    still jamming in 2019

  15. FBI SWAT

    I remember listening to this so much song this one game doing stunts off a ski jump can you guys help me find it again it was an MXvATV

  16. Robert Murray

    The overlords of buttock made a cool song

  17. Robyn Findley

    I like this song better than rockstar.

  18. Florida Man

    A tribute to the god of all that is metal. Other bands bow before Pantera and their badassery.

  19. Lauren Padgett

    Even though this is a rock song. I cried thinking about a friend that was murdered by a gun. I saw it happen I saw him fall back in 2013.

  20. Jody Wharton

    This song fills me with an extreme amount of rage and sadness. Hits me hard. Long Time Pantera fan, Nickleback did an amazing job on this song, don't care what anybody says, will always respect them for this.

  21. Jimmy The thot destroyer

    RIP Dime // Vinnie

  22. quantumbrewer

    Great song about guns! Ted Nugent can go back to killing wild animals with a machine gun and shitting in his pants.


    Nickelback is trash to me but this is one of there only good songs

  24. Nickelback 2019

    RIP Dimebag 😵

  25. not your average gamer

    MX vs ATV memories

  26. dolphintattoogirl

    Haven't heard this song in years.

  27. terrormonster666

    I don’t know why people don’t like them

  28. Robyn Findley

    This is for my, ex friend. Samantha. Good job godsmack the perfect band to express our feelings about people we hate.

    Florida Man

    This has to be a joke or you're just trolling

  29. Jacob Myers

    I love this song!! :D
    Who else loves this song too?

  30. ValentineMainManUsa

    The nicholas cage of music

  31. Robyn Findley

    I love this better than rockstar.

  32. Tanner w

    Do they perform this live? If so, who plays the dime solo - can ole dude play it?

  33. Don't Care

    how could you take his life away

  34. Beverly Davis

    Looking for one w/o lyrics .. Dont like to be forced to read lyrics ..ruins the effect of the song for me

  35. KingKobraJoe


  36. cat' slife

    Every comment is about a different band. Am I the only one who loved nickleback by them selves????

  37. Boogaloo Bandit

    Hard to believe that’s Dimebag on this.

  38. Blue Furyy

    I can relate to this my uncle was shot so I craved the name of the man that did it into a bullet and when he got out I found him and shot and ran

  39. Too Much Sus

    Boring butt rock band, fantastic heavy ass song

  40. Martin Mcbride

    Carl and Brad brought me to here, was not disappointed

  41. WikiLover89

    Rest in Peace Dimebag.

  42. Kevin Coates

    It doesn't make sense though cuz why would you dedicate a bullet for someone who died already dude was shot on site don't get me wrong this is probably the only nickel back song I like and it's a great dedication don't get me wrong


    Chad is saying he scratched the GUNMAN'S name on a bullet cuz he wanted to kill him when he found out he killed Dimebag, you incredibly stupid Dumbass!!!!!

    Too Much Sus

    @MrParkerman6 He was asking a legitimate question and was being pretty polite about it, chill out.

  43. Scrollkeeper

    This weak sh*t supposed to sound like Pantera? No way!

  44. Kenzie MacKinnon

    Legit best Nickelalck
    in decades

  45. Chuck01

    Damn!!! A whole new respect for Nickelback - R.I.P Dime & Vinnie🤘🏼💔

  46. Three nails Ranch

    I liked it when they were heavy

  47. KingKobraJoe

    I knew the band for quite a while now, but a video game brought me this song

  48. Megan Tice

    Rip Dime bag 😓

  49. kh2866

    When your teacher don't give the better grade to your bro.

  50. J The Nerd

    Wait This Song Is About Dimebag Darell, WOW!

  51. J The Nerd

    They Usually Go Alt Rock...It Still Is But It Is At Its Most Heavy Side, Unlike This Means War Or The Entire Feed The Machine Album Which Went Full On Alt Metal.


    Música Vídeo. Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series 2019

  53. Thiago Morickochi

    It's hard to believe that this song belongs to Nickelback. It's so damn heavy and good!


    That's cuz the riff behind Nickelback's guitars is actually Dimebag's playing, not just the solo.


    Música Vídeo É Aí Iigado Mano 😎👍🎸🎤🎶📻🎧📲📢🇺🇸😇😃😍

  55. Tabitha Chastain

    Why did I find this in a playlist of dirty Christmas songs?

  56. Dylan Castle21c

    This song is loaded with motivation if you are thinking about joining the military boys.
    If you read this think really hard on what you want to do in life!

  57. Nolan Blue


  58. PreistofGHAZpork

    And I thought bls's in this river was a great tribute.

  59. Chloe Green


  60. D Ranger

    Nickelback is the best band ever

  61. Lisa Swainson

    watch this sturgis concert ..they tell me story of his life show dime bag of the screen and write this for him... read abd LISTEN TO the words. awesome

  62. Athas

    Mx vs atv untamed

  63. Jacob Taylor

    Hardest song by them 🔥 I always have loved this band since I was younger. Rip dimebag you'll always be a great

  64. Obijo Kenobi

    Song is about the guy who killed Dimebag

  65. William H. Buttlicker

    I really don’t see what Dimebag was seeing in this band... Music, lyrics, performance, all mediocre at best. Even Dimebag’s own solo is utterly lackluster! Anyway, this song will forever remains in the dark, and for a good reason!

  66. Voc

    I remember listening to this song playing in some random game...i think it was Need For Speed:Wanted,not sure tho..
    Oh,and a lil detail some people may know is that this song is talking about the murder of a legendary guitarrist who was shot dead while doing a live show...pretty sad stuff but that's a way to honor the guitarrist
    ((A little riff from this same guitarrist that was recorded before his murder is used in the middle of this song as well,just to let you know. 2:06))

    Thank you Abby for making this video.

  67. stone cold Cx


  68. Payton Huber

    The song that would've been great for Uncle Ben's death in Spiderman

  69. James Long

    Sounds like a weak rip off of Vote with a Bullet by Corrosion of Conformity to me but glad that people dig it and Dimebag can't be fucked with

  70. izaiah Padilla

    Literally the only song from nickleback I like

  71. Caleb Berkheimer

    So sad so many legends gone now especially since Vinnie Paul is gone also

  72. Matt Deshler

    Pantera is my fav band ever and this is a fuckin song much respect!

  73. Kaizuki Gaming

    And now Vinnie is with Dimebag. 2018 Anybody?

  74. Bart K

    Dimebag & Vinnie Paul forever 🎵🤘

  75. James Barrick

    I have known this song and loved it for close to a decade now - like many of you. I just listened again while reading the lyrics and something profound has come to me... Chad is talking about GOD - not the shooter. His anger is with god. Listen again and read the lyrics. Shooter was dead within 60 seconds of shooting dimebag... why would you have a bullet for a dead man?


    Which brings me to my next point! Kids.... don't do crack! ^^^^^

  76. Valkyria Vanguard

    This is actually not too bad why don't these nickelback songs get playtime on the radio. I'm surprised this is the only good Nickelback song.

  77. Punisher Snake

    iam a true 100% metal head.... metal is in my blood in my soul.... i am 38 years old i grew up with the classics.... and i say nickelback isnt the greatest metal band of all time to be honest i dont even consider them metal more hard rock.... but i like them i like more nickelback songs than i hate... so yeah the only reason they are hated is just cause some how somewhere it became cool to hate on nickelback....

  78. christa letcher

    may i ask what event this song symbolizes what happened?

  79. Vanja Kapetanovic

    Nickelback is like Panthera of gay rock.

    foros furros

    Vanja Kapetanovic shut up bootleg Jesus

  80. Mark Anthony Coleman 3

    I fucking love this song 10/10

  81. Amanda Keene

    rip dimebag

  82. Nick

    Everyone check their latest album.It's as metal as it gets.

  83. gwolfe333

    I knew Dime since "86 and he would be proud of of this song, so all the haters piss off.

  84. John Bradley Jr

    I'm a huge fan of pantera and nickleback

  85. Barbra Smith

    May I merry you nickelback

  86. steven ostander

    do you believe in sex before ...

  87. Otis Jordan

    the onnly good nickelback song

  88. Bald, Fat, Syd Barrett

    The only good Nickelback song.

  89. Winteran Warlock

    So to be clear... I witnessed this event. Then I watched a very brave, and strong police officer literally blow the head off the guy that was responsible with a shotgun. He had his name on the side of his shell that night, and closed the case instantly. Good bless you officer, you saved lives and time in a court room that he didn't deserve.


    You are full of shit! First off, it was a rifle, not a shot gun, and second, Chad is talking about himself writing on a bullet, you dumbass!

  90. monsterjambrony

    Oh, this beat!

  91. Christian York

    Omg is that Dimebag.?? 😍😍 Such a superior sound! Sounds great, amazing song!

  92. Layla Blackell

    This sounds like a charter in a book I'm writing theme song

  93. Rebecca H

    Paying my respects to Darrel Lance Abbott "Dimebag "
    One black tooth grin and some fireworks....also...buttwiper ( his name for Budweiser)

  94. Fishnfreak04

    Brings back memories of mx vs ATV untamed 😂😂

  95. Zain Akuma

    2017 baby

  96. Caleb Berkheimer

    good song rip dimebag darrel

  97. Kevin Carpenter

    If it wasn't for this song being a tribute to Dimebag, i would have to say, its trash.

  98. yalscufdupmyjordans

    dime recorded these guitar parts to be used in another nickleback song but were eventually used on this song because of his death.


    Wrong! They were outtakes not recored for any other band besides Pantera.