Nickelback - Should've Listened Lyrics

There's clothes all over the floor
I don't remember them being here before
Smell of perfume isn't here, why's lipstick on the mirror?
And still I don't understand

No pictures left in the hall, there's three new holes in my wall
Where the hells my credit cards, why's my wallet in the yard
And still I don't understand

Well now I guess I should've listened
When you said you'd had enough
A little trick I picked up from my father
In one ear and out the other, whys love gotta be so tough?

Should see the look on my face, my shit's all over the place
Why's this happening to me, why'd you take both sets of keys?
And still I don't understand

Well now I guess I should've listened
When you said you'd had enough
A little trick I picked up from my father
In one ear and out the other, Whys love gotta be so tough?
Well now I guess I should've listened

There's clothes all over my floor
I don't remember them being here before
There are no candles in here, lipstick still on my mirror?
And still I don't understand

Now I guess I should've listened
When you said you'd had enough
A little trick I picked up from my father
In one ear and out the other, why must life be so tough?

Well now I guess I should've listened
When you said you'd had enough
A little trick I picked up from my father
In one ear and out the other, whys love gotta be so tough

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Nickelback Should've Listened Comments
  1. 2Cutie__ 4You

    Ha, me when laundry is on the floor. I don't remember doing laundry how did this happen! 🤣

  2. Ellen Roberts Jones

    I am listening in 2020

    Dina DeSanto

    Ellen Roberts Jones 🙋🏼‍♀️

  3. Alan Johnson

    Been there! I should've listened too.

  4. Mary Hofstetter

    yes, you should have listened to me.

  5. Marilee Woods

    They never listen till it's too late

  6. lisa kelso

    Love this song brings back so many memories riding around car load of us singing this . What great times💌😗🎶🎙🎶🎧🎛📻

  7. Andy man

    no perfume so fucking mad at you are doing great

  8. Andy man

    I'm fucking awesome dude wtf fucked I mean screwed dam phone ima leave it no1 will understand I should've listened... love is tough

  9. zeze do bone

    You should!...
    Too late now...
    Only 2 possibilities: or i stay here forever upsetting you and everybody with my Court claims, or sooner or later you will have to give me what I am asking!!!
    There's no other way!
    NOW YOU CHOOSE!!! There's no 3rd option!!! It doesn't exist! In your sick brain, maybe...

    zeze do bone

    Too late now.
    You lost all your resources.
    Start collecting the funds!...
    Bye bye bye

  10. Matthew Vonsande

    2019 yup

  11. Juanita Buron

    16:40 9/17/19

  12. Dylan Tucker

    Who still listens in 2019


    I have to my mom makes me lol cause she loves it lol

    Randy Cross

    Randy cross

  13. Chris William

    Nothing at all wrong with my Hearing Eye sight are train of thought I know I been imoraly FUCKED

    Veritas Aequitas


  14. Aditya Singh Rathore


  15. zeze do bone

    Too late now!!!
    £4million is the price of your apologies. No negotiation....
    Bye bye bye
    Do you like it?
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll 🎼🎸🎸

  16. JM Jedi

    Ah, the ballad of most of my relationships in my 20s. Wild times.

  17. Fawn_ Fox sin of greed

    if you a true fan you stil listening in JUNE @)!(

    (if youre on a computer or something press shift and press those numbers

  18. TheBuckeyefan12

    fist heard this by travis tritts covered and had no idea it was nicklebacks song

  19. Alma Cortez

    ❤ Nickelback ❤ oh yeah!!

  20. Maycon Sullivan

    2019 ? Meeee

  21. Jabbar Muhammad

    I like it

  22. Evelaine Fernanda


  23. Fred Sanford

    Here is why people love to hate Nickelback. "They are good."

  24. Heidi Childress

    Ducks and dimples

  25. Kat

    Should have listen to those words spoken, that trick didn’t help you only hurt you and you wonder why love is so tough

  26. Jason Victor

    Nickelback and we came as Roman's are the only ones who understand!

  27. Jonh Baros

    December 2018?🎸🎵🎶❤

  28. tiffany nathasingh

    Derek baby I love you so much

  29. Vaughan Jackson

    me...why not?!

  30. Angelgurl1455

    My favorite song from Nickelback....damn

  31. Kelly Covington

    Me and my, husband are chilling at home, listening to this music and I swear it never gets old... The only thing that’s missing is a cold one, Beach, fishing, and a campfire... I love this music... Keep, enjoying everyone.

  32. Louise Turner

    Love it Love Nickleback always have Beaverdell B. C. Canada

  33. xlxKing Carterxlx

    Who's listening to this in 2018?

    TookTwo Flites

    Boi I’m out here in 2019

    Kaylyn Davis

    2019 still listen to it

  34. Teresa Ellen Kallenberger Poole

    One of my many favorites from Nickleback.

  35. Dustin Henry

    Love this song! I’m in a great relationship but this song is still amazing today! It did help me through the hard times in my past.

  36. patrick grondines

    214 Travis Tritt fans hate this version

  37. Dustin Ranne

    Doesnt it hit the spot.. alittle trick I learned from my father , in one ear and out the other.

  38. Kerry lou

    I guess i should of listened ....

  39. Chris Stearns

    Going through a divorce right now, this is great. Because I don't understand


    It must be in the air. I am sorry you are going thru it to.


    Best song ever

  41. Kim Reed

    Great. Album and. Great. Song. Awesome

  42. Bent Halo

    Saying it should of been enough. One trick that you leave behind.

  43. April King

    Yep maybe he should of listened cause I am happy and he is miserable 😁 i never knew life could be so freaking awesome

  44. Roxie Bryan

    me and my dad used to listen to this in an old ford on the way to the trailer park

  45. Amanda Smith

    Have you ever just wanted to be with someone and just there smile makes you melt

  46. Savannah Mcvicker

    2018 🤘

  47. Amina Rosy&bom

    & its a good chitt

  48. Otis Elgato

    My ex husband should have listened....
    After divorce, he woke up and realized what happened.

  49. Leslie Nail

    Never heard this before

  50. The Phantom

    One of the best Nickelback songs

  51. The Brian W Ellis

    My story to the T sweeet

  52. James Stewart

    Nickleback purposely tune different, play different and sound like the album live. Guess Rush not the only hated and underrated band from Canada. Get a life haters. They f n rock!!

  53. Larry Smith

    4 u kids from a father-LISTEN.

  54. Larry Smith

    Maybe u shouldof listened.

  55. Larry Smith

    Us poor can't afford this life heartache.

  56. Larry Smith

    From chad 2 alanis morissete.-Sorry 4 my spelling-LARRY.

  57. L-o-v-e Music

    I miss this Nickelback so much :/ They are still good, but if they do a record in this style again.. I will go crazy ^^

  58. Evelaine Fernanda

    I love nickelback.

  59. Jhuliana Imbelloni

    Algum BR em 2017? 🙌✌

  60. Alvin Smith

    song went hard af album was ok but this sgit hit hard bruh

  61. Niki Lite

    " Should see Tha look on his face..his shits all over Tha place"🎼🎼🎤🎤😂😅💪💪👏👏👍👊✊✊

  62. Melinda Reinke

    Well said,I love Nicklebach!Respectfully,

  63. Jayda Summers

    Yea he should have listened

    Buck Fama

    I did listen and she left anyway......for the better I might add. Great tune!

  64. Kerry lou

    My shits all over the place ...
    I really know what this means 💔

  65. Rosana Magalhães

    Why's love gotta be so tought ???

  66. Jayda Summers

    Honestly I am glad I listen. Cause if I didn't I won't have the one man I got today.

  67. Melinda Reinke

    WhowQuite nice to ;hear sound.

  68. Gabreya Bradley

    Awesome song! Criminally underrated.

  69. Tombstone Tough guy

    I can't help it I love these guys lol

  70. barbara steinwinder

    George jones doesn't best

  71. Brendan Donovan

    I'm sorry savannah

  72. Mysticlight77

    This is the first time I have ever heard this song. I laughed because I think almost everyone has been here in life at one time or another. Totally understand.

  73. Matthew Haddock Jr

    now there's 104. that should of listened

  74. Rosie McLeish

    if I didn't have nickelback I don't think I would of survived. I truly believe music can get you through everything it's gotten me through almost everything especially this band itself

    Laura Jones

    they have got me thru loads

    Patrick Moody

    Amen to that.

    Dr. Eeky is in

    I'd love to see them live someday! I'm in a family that only listens to know, going down the road. My mom and I are the only ones that pay attention to the lyrics of a song, and she still doesn't as much as I do. My ex and my....father, (I get this urge to throw up when I even use that word..), were the worst. Words meant nothing to them..."It's just a stupid song..." 😡 But, then, I picked up a violin and played "Twinkle twinkle little star ", when I was...10. I'd never touched a violin prior to that. Maybe I'm just better at listening...

    Rosie McLeish

    @Dr. Eeky is in some people are just closed minded forget them

    Rachel Stephens

    @Laura Jones v

  75. Melanie Jewel

    I love this song

  76. Pain Zin

    I love this song

  77. Jakubovsky TV

    muzyka z dzieciństwa loveeeeeeee

  78. Matt Bort

    2017, still badass

    Merci Jones

    LesPaulZoso94 damn right

    Eazayy Eazayy

    2018 still badass💯💯😂😂

  79. Angie Bullard

    I Love this song ❤️ I guess you should've [email protected]

  80. HBMC 27

    Beautiful Song.

  81. Matheus Magnum

    Powerfull, melodic and deep, i wish they come back making songs like that, and it probably happened to him

    Video Demon

    Yeah they're good at acoustic songs

  82. Patricia Short

    love song

  83. Ramiewiedrich Ramieh77

    I LISTENED and FOLLOWED the directions! This time........... wont have to!

    Ramiewiedrich Ramieh77

    Sometimes I miss the late night visits to Lake Powell

  84. Jezabel Pascual

    love ♥♡

  85. Jezabel Pascual

    love <3

    Ron Bailey

    country music

  86. Jezabel Pascual

    love ♡

  87. Jezabel Pascual

    love ♥♡

    Breanna Hayes

    I love it to

  88. Natalie Williams

    It's a shame Travis Tritt covered this. Nickelback's version is so much better. I've been a fan of Nickelback since I was 4 too y'all.

    Alex Bellingham

    With all due respect, if you don't care for their version than don't comment! +Robbie Stewart

    Aaron Drake

    Demon Rantz not sure you can show someone how to do their own shit. Just listened to his cover. Gross. Really terrible swampy country garbage that all singers like him sound like. He just sounds a tad manlier otherwise indistinguishable from any other country singer


    So true

    Thomas Conrad

    I gotta say im a nickelback fan through and through but i love travis tritt and country as well they're Definitly equal couldnt give one the edge over another Travis's voice is just so good

  89. Eduard Rekker

    1:20 'My shit's all over the place...' I visualized it, and turned the song off. But then I listened a bit longer... His girlfriend took both sets of keys, he crapped the whole place, and he still doesn't understand why she left. 'I guess I should've listened, when you said you had enough'. Why doesn't he understand? I guess nobody likes a person who shit's the whole place.


    +Eduard Rekker He means his stuff, She trashed the place, took his keys, etc.

    Veit Dalee

    +Lily no i'm 100% sure he means shit literally :)


    @Veit Dalee Can you explain why that would make sense? Like, If his things were all over the place, It would fit the situation described. 

    Video Demon

    He means stuff....

    Connor Byers

    @Lily He was being sarcastic lol

  90. Elvis stephano

    me encanta esta banda Nickelback!!!

  91. Kristi DeHart

    love it

  92. Robbie Stewart

    Travis Tritt Shows Nickelback How To Sing This Song

    Robbie Stewart

    Go Fuck Yourself Jack Everybody Has They're Own Opioin About This Song & That's Mine

    Jack Green

    I agree on the opinion that you prefer this version but your wording isn't the same as your reply you say tritt shows nickel back how to sing it that's disrespectful you can prefer this version by all means I don't but that's your opinion but don't disrespect the orginal artist and writer by saying a cover teaches them how to sing it

    Robbie Stewart

    Ok But I Wasn't Disrespectin Nickelback I Just Prefer Travis Tritt's Verison

    Jack Green

    +Robbie Stewart then state that as a fact not how you said it before I think tritt is a good cover but I prefer nickelback

    Robin Burnette

    Robbie Stewart No. No. No. I just went to Tritt's version and hated it. He can't sing lol.

  93. Justin Adkins

    Great song!

  94. Sean Brittain

    You suck at lyric videos

  95. AgentK200

    28 people should've listened before disliking this video.

    David Dover

    AgentK200 my day sunday

    Irvin Vrana

    it's kind of funny until you've been there you can't really appreciate the song like feel it or I should say I did

    patrick grondines

    or 214 Travis Tritt fans hate this version

    Chad Pleasant

    I luv it

    Naeda Tanner

    Assholes +

  96. Logan McGee

    This is fucking great work I will half to go to a Consett of u guys