Nickelback - Hero Lyrics

I am so high, I can hear heaven
I am so high, I can hear heaven
Whoa, but heaven, no, heaven don't hear me

And they say that a hero could save us
I'm not gonna stand here and wait
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away

Someone told me love would all save us
But, how can that be, look what love gave us
A world full of killing and blood spilling
That world never came

And they say that a hero could save us
I'm not gonna stand here and wait
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away, Ahhaaaa

Now that the world isn't ending
It's love that I'm sending to you
It isn't the love of a hero
And that's why I fear it won't do

And they say that a hero could save us
I'm not gonna stand here and wait
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away

And they're watching us, (watching us)
They're watching us, (watching us)
As we all fly away

And they're watching us, (watching us)
They're watching us, (watching us)
As we all fly away

And they're watching us, (watching us)
They're watching us, (watching us)
As we all fly away

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Nickelback Hero Comments
  1. David Soares

    O melhor homem aranha e ponto ✍💜🎵 . Brasil 2020 .

  2. Jimmy Hopkins

    Epic song

  3. Steve S

    What a song and movie

  4. WasteLander 2d2

    Toby is still #1

  5. Steve Lavinus

    Chad kroeger is a douchebag but I think his music isn't that bad

  6. Carlos Willian

    Essa música e esse filme me levam ao passado, uma nostalgia fantástica.. melhor filme do miranha

  7. Chris Mendoza

    The good days fuck man

  8. Russell Smith

    My childhood

  9. 16bitstudios

    We...we did it. Raimi is back...and I bet Tobey isn’t far behind...

  10. Emilce Diaz

    I don't like this band but this song is perfect for Spiderman.

  11. TheSenseiNeo

    Summer 2002 such nice memories

  12. SOULcial Life

    Who likes this song even in the year 2020 even though Nickelback gets a bad rep?

    I like this song and was introduced to Nickelback cause of it.

    Spider-Man is my jam and this is the rock anthem of this movie.

  13. Haciendo Cosas

    Nostalgia, this times never come back...

  14. Gilbert John


  15. Shirazi Wine Co.

    Memories. Laying in my bed. It’s a nice, calm, and cool night in Late May, Early June 2018. My freshman year of high school was coming to an end. I remember watching this movie in the middle of the night, finishing it. First time I saw it since I was around 8. The only 2 things on my mind were hanging out with my buddies, my girlfriend, and my awesome gym class. The year was coming to an end. I finished the movie, and the song came on. It made me feel like a I could be greater than I am. It made me feel like I could be a honorable man, it made me want to be like Spider-Man. I wanted to help. But I know I couldn’t, so I lay in my bed as I slowly fall asleep listening to this song. The goddamn memories, if I could just restart high school, believe me, I would,
    I would relive everything. Im a junior now. My life has changed greatly. My gf has cheated on me, and me and my buddies have become closer than ever. But damn do I miss freshman year. Good memories, and I miss being a 5 year old addicted to Spider-Man. Just thought I’d share that.

  16. Daniela Oliveira

    03/02/2020 perfeição para todo o sempre 🇧🇷

  17. Paul Taylor

    January 2020 rockin' hard!!

  18. RO-z

    This video alone is better than the amazing spiderman. They will never be able to top the spirit of this movie.

  19. JG 101

    One word, beautiful

  20. Marcelo Ribeiro

    Tom Holland pode até ser bom.......... mas nunca será melhor que TOBEY!

    *J A M A I S !!*

  21. Rancine Hathcock

    2020 still rocks! Peace

  22. Wanted Traceurs

    The only one real spider man

  23. 10,000 subs con un video?

    We are so oldest

  24. Georgio McCool

    Why does Nickelback have so many "haters"?....I like their music and I'm 59 years old....


    It's just the singer's kind of an assjole irl. Aside from that their stuff is ok. Mostly just average.

  25. BigBearSoulmusiq

    VHS spiderman OG forever

  26. AudioGardenSlave

    Mmmmmmmmmm compression my favorite.

  27. Erken Omarov

    This song can be tribute to KB8/24. R.I.P.

  28. Rubssi R6

    I remember going to the movie theater with my mom to watch this amazing movie when I was 4 and she told me to stay for the end credits (unlike everyone else in the crowd), because she said "it was the best part". Obviously, wasn't the best part but I don't regret one bit staying for this song xD

  29. Mark Clotworthy

    It is weird.. why is this song talking about how he is AGAINST a hero??
    Also, he says that love bought us killing and blood spilling lol. Does this guy know what the meaning of love is??
    Song sounds awesome though, I have to admit.


    Hes singing about how he needs to be his own hero and that waiting for something to fix all his problems. Whether be savior or love.
    'I'm not gonna stand here and wait', 'they said "love would always save us' but Look what love gave us" etc.

  30. Doni Pantoja

    Yo hablo español


    I have a place in my heart for tobi but tom Holland is the perfect spiderman

  32. Mohamed Suhail Irfan Khazi

    I remember getting introduced to Nickleback after this movie. I had the video cassette of this movie, and I got hooked to this band after watching the movie.

  33. Dubista D

    Still on my playlist

  34. Zer0_0Kidd

    Why isn’t this song Apple Music ?

  35. Oisin Ml

    Did you know , the drums on this song are wrote and recorded by Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam and Soundgarden

  36. Patrick Star

    R.I.P Steve Ditko the true designer of Spider Man

  37. ultimate spiderman

    Lembre-se Peter com grandes poderes vem grandes responsabilidades

    Ben parker 2001

  38. BigBird Loc

    I remember I had the VHS of Spider man and at the end of the movie and credits, this song would come on. I miss being a kid.

  39. Mimi Lock

    One of my fav songs that were made for movies. It gives me that nostalgia + this movie will always be one of THE BEST FUCKING MOVIES EVER! Willem Dafoe is one of the best actors ever!

  40. Hudt Majjic

    18 years ago Spider-Man came out

  41. adeniyi marcus

    I'll play this song at Trumps funeral

  42. Matias Severichz bustamante


  43. Mizzy Bones

    I remember being a kid and this being stuck in my head after.. this was my first Nickelback song.

  44. Matrix

    Great song

  45. Vera Lucia De Faria

    I love you Nickelback

  46. Вадим Брок

    Tobey - the Best. Holland - Sucker

  47. Javi943

    Best SPIDERMAN ever!!!

  48. Vince Dillon


  49. Jhoselyn rcs

    2020 presente

  50. Dimooon 101

    Прощай Стенли... Мы будем помнить тебя...

  51. Joshua Ingram

    this is not one of their best songs but it still gets a thumbs up

  52. Sophie Kowal

    Hello listeners in 2020 :)

  53. stalker империи


  54. Stark Knight


  55. Awesome Person

    Morbius anyone

  56. Yalisson Tuck

    18 anos atrás eu tava no cinema assistindo esse filme.
    Caralho! Como passa rápido


    With great power come great electricity bill 😌

  58. Freddy McShreddy

    “Are you playing six simultaneous clips of hero by nickleback?”

  59. Dtac Callcenter

    ตัวเหี้ย แมว หมา มากันครบคณะ 🤣

  60. Dtac Callcenter

    ร้ายกาจ 💕

  61. Dtac Callcenter

    อินทรีย์ก็มา จระเข้ ก็มี ซ้ายขวา
    วิเศษ 💕

  62. WORTHY ONE 96

    Chris Redfields theme song

  63. Whysoserious234

    My childhood 😭

  64. helle

    Listen maria ( now in heaven) ❤
    This is for YOU

  65. Pablo Escalante

    Fuck dude. This makes me so sad, back when I was a kid and I had the VHS Spiderman. And Tobey macguire was the first ever Spiderman for me. I remember being so extremely hype for Spiderman 3 with Venom. Damn....time shows no mercy.

  66. Nick

    I just love this song...

  67. Lloyd Velture

    Tobey Maguire will always be the true Spiderman

  68. 918 Wish

    2020 🗣️🦅💯🙏🏾

  69. ielya tehrani

    Guys Imagine if this video in music video of Spider-Man 4 but everytime when Green Goblin was shown Fruitcake Goblin was shown

  70. Jota Teixeira . ' .

    ..saudade dessa epoca

  71. Danny Yapp

    2020 and still here with the memories of Spiderman.


    Danny Yapp agreed

    Daniel Villarreal

    The new ones aint got nothing on these man so good

    do bi

    Me too Danny me too

    Adam Vx

    the best spiderman movies saga

    Emilce Diaz

    I LOVE Tobey's Spiderman he was totally relatable.

  72. josephaponte76

    tha good music💪

  73. Mr. DickButt

    As a kid I use to have Spiderman on DVD and i use to put in my DVD play just to listen to this

  74. Bren


  75. SeaCrezt

    Only OGs remember this. God bless you all.

  76. 6JaCoLbYReIgN9

    No wonder, for satan's servants masquerade as angelz of light

  77. 6JaCoLbYReIgN9

    Cum you blessed of my father, I was in prison and you visited me

  78. // carlitosrtapia //

    Game Grumps?

  79. Michele Barbieri

    Still listening in genuary 03...still lovin' it😍

  80. WHIRL

    Who’s here because because of game grumps?

  81. You're the man now Dog

    Normally I cant stand Nickelback, but this is a really good song.

  82. Morning Song Stewart-Rabbit


  83. Λrio

    Who in 2020?

    Josue Garcia

    How times have changed but the memories still stay the same.

  84. Alex McCandless


  85. JIGGY

    Only 2000s babies know this!!! 🤘🏽

  86. Sage of Six Fats

    Ichigo vs. Byakuya AMV anyone

  87. Isaac Reed

    RIP Stanley lee

  88. Daniel Avram

    I want 2007-2010 back again :(

  89. gene waltham

    started listening to this again just this year, for very specific personal reasons.
    but this uploaded version has been around for years
    wondeing.... did anyone else notice a very specific change in the video of this particular upload? like maybe in the last month or 2? i get that it "fixed the issue" so to speak, but its been that way for years, why change it now? maybe im asking too many questions, or maybe my friend is paranoid... the friend for whom im asking these questions.... :)

  90. Rayzer

    Gimme that on Spotify 😍😍

  91. Lauro Lobo

    Hero the best

  92. Yusuf Lucis Caelum Akbari III

    Chad's voice reminds me of my uncle whom passed some time ago and everytime I listen to this song especially my eyes drown in tears,, really miss him

  93. Marcelo Henrique

    Fica se referindo repetição

  94. Raphael D'Antona

    Great song! /2019

  95. Warren Peace

    I tried out for my 3rd grade talent show by singing this and I went through but during the audition I got such bad anxiety I got tears and decided to never go back for rehearsals